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so im interested to see what factors affect svt heart rate and i was going to share what my idea is on it.

i have undiagnosed svt (cardiologist thinks i have it but has not captured it yet ) and ive had some episodes were i was super anxious when it happened and within about 5 seconds of my heart going funny it was up to about 230 bpm. However, i had one today completely out the blue and it started a bit irregular then went into an svt episode, i sat down and just chilled out and my heart rate stayed at about 165 but i could still feel it was "stuck" in that cycle.

My question: is the svt heart rate fundamentally determined by the physcial location of the extra pathway in your heart and then whenever it goes faster than the base rate (in my case 165 bpm ish) it usually caused by external factors such as adrenaline, exercise or stimulants etc?

i would like to add i can terminate my episodes within about 5-10 seconds by lying in fetal position on my right side.

just wanted to hear peoples views on this.

thank you,


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    I have occasional usually brief episodes (I do take Bisoprolol) invariably along with indigestion(burping). My theory is that the SVT is caused by the vagus nerve which runs to both the stomach and the heart.

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    Age is a major factor, Matthew. In my 30's, I'd reach the 200s. By my late 60s, and before my successful ablation, my maximum was mid 140s. Individuals' aerobic fitness will also effect maximum heart rates, but I can't offer confident help with that one.

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      okay yes that makes sense, regarding your successful ablation do you recommend it if it ever becomes and option for me in the future?

      im only 21 and i get periods of lots of episodes then none for long while

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      I previously forgot to comment on your ability to stop your SVT, Matthew. I'm pleased for you. I could do so, most of the time, for decades, and it was comforting. I gradually lost that capability, and ablation became my best option.

      My typical advice for a fellow SVT person is to seek medical people you trust and have confidence in, listen carefully to their recommendations, ask appropriate questions, and make your decision. Many of us never learn to deal well with the emotional impacts of our monster, and leaving it behind has been one of my life's best experiences.

      I deeply understand much of what you're experiencing. I wish the very best for you.

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      okay ill definitely keep that in mind, i hope it just goes away but realistically its here to stay for now.

      yes i can relste to that alresdy its only been a year and a half since it started and it took over my life, emotionally. i couldn't handle it and caused me severe health anxiety 24/7 its been a rough year or so. especially when the dr tells you its nothing.

      i can almost imagine that feeling of being free from this unfortunate health condition, i just wish i was.

      any last tips on hoe to deal with this mentally?

      as ive found although the physical symptoms may only last a short while and happen infrequently, the emotional strain can be unbearable at times.


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      The ideal physician for me, Matthew, would say something of the following: "Matthew, this stuff can be extremely difficult to deal with emotionally. I've had many patients tell me so, and I believe them. We'll come up with a plan to help you deal with that. Now here's the better news. An otherwise healthy heart handles SVT, for hours, very well and is not damaged by a typical episode. We can try some drugs with acceptable side effects that might reduce SVT's frequency. We can try exercise. We can adjust your diet a bit. We can teach you some breathing and body positioning techniques that can help you stop an episode. At an appropriate time, I might recommend ablation. It has a high success rate, low risk, and might well give you a cure. You're not in this mess by yourself. There are lots of SVT people out there. That said, I'm focused on you right now, and I'm going to bust my behind to help you. Work with me, please, and we'll get on top of this mess."

      Wow! I just wrote a movie script for Dr. Feelgood, but I do believe what I wrote. I wish the current knowledge base on SVT had existed 55 years ago when my SVT began. I would have had a much more enjoyable life. That might be the situation for you. That's what I want for you. Take care.

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      Oh my goodness, where's that specialist??????

      My Ep is so not like that.He is a different breed of animal.

      He talked me into starting a calcium channel blocker, I started Jan 22. Since that time, my episodes have increased a great deal. I phoned his office, They emailed him, and called me back.

      His recommendation was to contact my family doctor.

      Really???? I was so annoyed. He was the one who prescribed them and would not even suggest something else to me.

      So disheartening

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      hey gene thanks for the reply! yes that would he very nice to hear that. Dr feelgood thats brilliant haha.

      thankyou very much i appreciate it, i hope things get easier for everyone who suffers with this its truly a nightmare

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      I, too, haven't found that ideal physician, Lolasmom. Sometimes I think that many of us would fare better if we stayed away from the health care industry. I've had (and have) some health care people I respect and trust, though, and I wish that for you, too. Here's some potential help for you. A few years back, I discovered a U.S. physician (at the University of Kentucky) who thought and wrote in ways that worked very well for me, You can access him at He's becoming better known and is probably trying to accomplish too much, but you might benefit from reading some of his older work. He's an unconventional thinker. As always, I wish the very best for you.

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      Thank you Gene for the information. I did some time scrolling through some of his articles.

      I remember back when I was going for my third ablation attempt, you were so very kind.

      Still going through the episodes.........

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      Thanks for your kind words, Lolasmom. I'm hoping that persistence will eventually pay well for you, just as it eventually did so for me. I was extremely frustrated (and sometimes angry) when my SVT worsened after my 1st ablation. It took two years for me to convince myself to try again, and I'll be (for my forever) grateful that I did so. Lots of us out here deeply understand what you're going through. I'm confident that better times are coming for you. Please take the best of care of yourself.

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    Hello Matt, I am unable to help regarding causation factors and pathways. However, when I was 68 my svt rate was 160 and it always started when I was at rest.It never ever started when I was playing badminton or doing other exercise. My successful ablation was in December 2014. I am now 73.

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      mines opposite it happen through sudden movement, overly large deep breathes (breaths that are more likely shallow into my chest than actually deep) . did yours show up in your twenties ?

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      Strangely it did and only on one occasion. and I was 21 I think. It was at a time of a flu outbreak and just once I felt my heart going too fast for a minute at the most and the next time I had what I would term a real episode was nearly 50 years later. Most odd!

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      My tachycardia started 4 years ago. At that time, I was 61 years old. Never had a problem before that.

      I truly think the cold virus I had at that time triggered mine.

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