Swollen painfull legs & Ankles.

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Hi my friends.Sorry that I have not posted for a while-too busy Drinking of course ! ! Not bothered too have shower for over two weeks.Thown out of restaurants because I'm drunk.Home in a mess etc .You all know what it's like. Every morning I say ' won't drink today-then i don't have the willpower to carry it out-the craving seems to win.I'm in bed now because my legs & ankles are so painfull i'ts difficult to walk.Anyone out there have any idea what is causing this agony(it's probably the wine because it gets blamed for everything unfortunately ! ) Love Susan X

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    Hi susan...not shower for over two weeks....I know that feeling.  I don't post much when I go on those long periods of drinking either...I don't even feel like posting today because I am hungover....drank for 2 days...and YES....my legs are killing me...hard to walk. For me I think it is dehydration...because I threw up last night too...and then stupidly drank 2 more beers.

    ​Our bodies don't like alcohol...and I would bet that your leg and foot problems would vanish if you could manage to stop.  Its not willpower either...Its as soon as we have that first drink in the day...we feel better and we know that...so we say scr*w it...and make promises to ourselves that we will not drink tommorow.


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    "Anyone out there have any idea what is causing this agony"

    Yes, but ignorance is sometimes better.

    Just out of interest, you don't take any medication for hypertension do you.


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    Oh Susan, I know the sh*t, fine well.  I have just thrown up... too much drink , even after the Selincro/Nalmefene medication.  What the heck is the answer?  We all know that we want to beat the Alcohol Demon... but... the repeated failure is torture.

    Are your legs, especially ankle areas, swollen?

    Alonangel 🎇

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      Oh dear yes  my bed is wet because I can't make it 2 the Loo All I want is another slurp of wine  don't bother with a glass anymore I think I would be better off dead than suffer this path anymore
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      Medication and counselling will help, please try and get it.
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      Susan... just hold on... to your inner self...the part of you that is real.

      Alcohol gives us a false" reality", that we prefer to life sh*t.

      If you think you can walk, without falling... try getting up, take the bedding to the washing machine.  Have a shower and get fresh bedding.  Oh please try.

      I hold on to the walls when it is really bad.  Don't have the shower too hot, or you will faint.

      Please reply, my dear friend in torture.

      My heart goes out to you,

      Alonangel 🎇

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      Thank you for replying I will try my best although I think I might just go 2 sleep X
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      Hello again, Susan.  Can you drink some water before you sleep ?

      If you are in the house alone, unsure about walking... just crawl along the floor.  

      I hope to God that you are ok.

      Alonangel  X 🎇

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      Can you let us know when you are sober and OK again.

      I have been through all this, and it is hell.   You need support to get through this. Please talk to someone - anyone - who may be some support, as soon as you can.

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      Susan,  If you are still awake...crawl along the floor, next to the wall.  Pull yourself up at the kitchen sink. Then drink water.  Just slip down... crawl back to bed.  The crawling is demeaning... but you don't fall down and injure yourself.  No bruises to wonder about.  Please take care.

      Love from

      Alonangel 🎇

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      I wish I could get you to understand that your mindset about this 'repeated failure' is wrong.  Every time you drink after the waiting time on Selincro is actually one step closer to the extinguishing of your cravings.  You just can't see it yet! That isn't failure, it's success that you took the pill, you waited... and you are doing what you are supposed to do by drinking.

      Admittedly, being more mindful about your drinking would really help, but that is for you to decide to try and do.  As long as you keep taking the tablet and waiting before you drink, it will work eventually for you. 

      Sometimes we need to move slightly outside of our 'comfort zone' in order to move forwards OR you can stay (metaphorically speaking) where you currently are and have the process be misery. 

      I know that you don't want to talk with me because you perceive me as being too hard, and that is absolutely fine, so instead read more about this to help you understand.  There are so many small things you can do to help yourself make this easier and change your mindset that drinking = failure.  It's your decision as to whether you want to, of course.

      Google the 'Options Save Lives Forum'.  It is a forum just like this, except all of the participants are either doing TSM or have succeeded with the method and now helping others.  You don't need to join to read the threads, so there is no commitment from you - other than asking yourself, do you want to make this more comfortable for yourself, or not?


      The first entry that comes up is the homepage.  Click that and you will find plenty of people taking both naltrexone and Selincro.  Everyone is at different stages of the process, but I really think it will help you to see that what you are experiencing are actually quite common thoughts during the method.  And you will be able to see how others are handling it and dealing with it, and making small changes to their drinking habits by using the medication to their advantage.

      Up to you of course, and from now on, I will offer no further suggestions about how to make this method more comfortable for you.  A little like what people are told in AA, I've given you all the information about where to learn more, and whether you chose to use it is completely up to you.  But I'd love for you to take one very, very small step outside your comfort zone and at least read more from others who are using the medication to their advantage, because I know it would help you in the long run.

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      Thank you, so very much, Joanna.  

      You are not too hard.  I am too weak.  I got the book... "The Cure For Alcoholism"... at least two weeks ago.  I've just picked it up ...open at Page 30.  That is as far as I got.  I just can't get on with things.  

      I did look at the "Options Saves Lives Forum", too. I do need to go back there.  

      Don't close the door on me .... I am still trying to walk into the light.

      I am so sorry that I feel unable for the face to face talking. That is probably what I really need.

      I will let you know how I progress, after the other Forum input.

      I really appreciate you taking the time to communicate with me.

      Kindest Regards,

      Alonangel 🎇

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      The book is great, really useful.... but right now I think you would get more benefit from the small practical things that you can see others doing, rather than the 'theory'.  If you can take one small example from someone else and try it for yourself that would be a million times more positive and beneficial for you as a person.

      The book can come later when you are on more of an even keel and feel ready to take it in.

      That is why forums with people are so bloomin' useful biggrin

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      Angel...you threw up too? I did yesterday and then continued to drink...I felt horrible all day today...but did not drink.  I thank God...I need to get back on the sober bus.


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      Are an are you awake, Susan?

      Are you alone in the house?

      You can phone a N.H.S. Helpline.  You may need medical help.

       They send an ambulance.

      I don't want to scare you.  I am just worried, if you are alone.

      Alonangel 🎇

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      How was the nap? I took one yesterday when I was drinking and felt more like crap when I woke up and then continued drinking...but today I did not drink..it was hard...cause i felt horrible....but I did not drink.  Thank God.

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