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Hey guys. Just trying to figure out if all my health issues over the past year have been down to mono or if there may be something else going on.

Can I ask what your symptoms were from the beginning until now or ongoing problems?

My doctor is currently arranging a ton of tests and he's raising more questions than answers and starting to freak me out.

Thanks guys x

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    Hi backtome,

    i started red off with yawning and tiredness 4-6 weeks

    then I ended up in bed for weeks. Totally fatigued, exhausted. I had 'air hunger' hot and cold.

    good and bad days followed

    my whole body tingled, couldn't do sharp noises, stressful situations

    sometimes I felt my blood sugars were low, felt spacey.

    really thirsty

    very emotional, lots and lots of crying.

    i am now about 11 months in and feeling so much better.

    i had a test for Addison's disease (had low cortisol reading) but all clear x

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    Hi Backtome,

     Tinnitus and a weird whooshing noise in my left ear.

    Weakness and feeling of off balance at times.


    Muscle aches

    Flu like symptoms

    Sore throat 

    Shakiness, weakness in arms and legs

    Heart palpatations

    Low/depressed mood/brain fog

    Yawning also.

    I have had many tests to for autoimmune diseases, thyroid and they want to do cortisol also. I feel much better a year later and personally would be happy to never see the inside of a doctors office again.


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      Thank you.

      Omg I had all those crazy symptoms too. The whoosing in the war! Like what the hell is that about?

      Did you have any problems with eyes? Or tingling in hands/feet etc?

      Cold feet?

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      Tingling all over body, not so much in feet, but it was scary when it started, I was worried for a while. It gradually died down.

      ive had no problems with eyes but that doesn't mean others haven't.

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      Hi Backtome,

      Dark circles under the eyes for awhile and a little puffiness above, not so much tingling. I did have very cod feet in the beginning. My temperature has also been low through out the process. A friend said the whooshing may have been due to an inflammation in the inner ear. Doctors didn't have a clue.

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    If you're concerned, I would arrange for a blood test to be carried out to check for the EBV virius. It's hard to diagnose yourself, because everyone's symptoms are different from what I've read. 

    For me, it was pregnancy like symptoms. Missed a period, felt sick every day and night. Also, it  felt like something was stuck at the back of my throat, urine was so dark it looked like it had been mixed with bleach. Finally, extreme tiredness, loss of appetite, loss of weight, and confusion. 

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      I actually had to take a test just in case hahaha, even my manager and boss were asking me if i was pregnant 😂 Some strange symptoms, I tell you. 

      A week before diagnosis, I was diagnosed and treated with antibiotics for a kidney infection, which I never had. Then given penicillin for tonsilitis, then a rash appeared. People thought I was allergic to the penicillin, until blood results came back positive for GF. 

      One strange, but scary illness. 

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      Thank you. Doctor confirmed I had the virus last November but I've been sick long after I thought the virus was gone.. so I'm just curious what others went through like 3 9months, 6months, 12months later etc coz I'm honestly getting worried and so is my doctor but this forum is helping as I realise I have had all of the above symptoms at different times and it's continued for 12months nearly. I have been better though recently. Still bad days. I'm just hoping theres nothing more serious going on

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      I had that feeling of something being stuck in my throat and also further down in my chest for a long time. It was very uncomfortable and scary. Doctor ordered a ton of tests at the time and I started pro-biotics. That feeling has finally gone but I still get stomach discomfort or pain and occasional nausea rolleyes
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    Hi Backtome I experienced 

    Extreme fatigue 

    Sometimes lightheaded 

    Feeling of "low blood sugar" although they were fine 

    Racing heart 

    Trouble staying asleep 

    Loss of appetite

    Crying spells (emotional toll lol) 

    Trouble standing (showers were really a toll)

    And just an overall exhausting, down feeling 

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    Let's see....

    I had:


    Night sweats

    Neck pain

    Sore muscles

    Swollen lymph nodes

    Sore throat (white patches all over my tonsils, which according to my pharyngeal exudate culture, it was "normal flora with no fungal growth"wink



    Weight loss


    Ear pain

    Jaw pain


    Chest pain under my lower right ribs

    Taste change (food tasting very bad/weird)

    Excessive salivation

    Brain fog




    Loss of appetite

    Red patches on the back of my throat and on my palate

    Pins and needles on my feet, legs and arms

    Muscle twitching 


    Body aches


    Gum swelling (with tiny red dots aroung my teeth)

    Severe anxiety


    I've recovered from most of the symptoms but I'm in the 4th week of the disease and I'm suffering from pain on the right side of the Adam's apple and on the base of my neck. I also have burning pain on what seems to be my right vocal cord, trachea and epiglottis. eek

    When I eat food it tastes very odd/sour.... I brush my teeth but I can't get rid of the taste. I had a nasty staph lung infection back in June, but I recovered from it after 2 weeks of antibiotics. I hope that doesn't have anything to do with this. 

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      I also had a huge cold sore on my lower lip in the first week. I'd never ever had one before. When I woke up and saw it I got very upset. frown

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    Oh all sorts of symptoms Back to me.....

    For me I had a constant low grade running fever in my body, which felt like it was draining me and tiring me out all the time and causing more sweating that usual....also painful lymph nodes in different parts of my body including my neck, armpits, chest and groin....and just this general feeling of not being well or having the body resilience to cope with things. I tend to liken the experience I went through to like a 'physical breakdown', a bit like the body's equivalent of a 'mental breakdown', where you just couldn't cope with the simple tasks any more and needed constant rest and recovery time.

    I know it's different for everyone though, and remember you are going to get better I truly believe that for everyone on this site and reading the messages thanks to God's grace and mercy and healing!


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