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Well I am now 4 days post operation on my left T K R had my R T K R in April 2018 I do however remember it's a long journey.

I went in on Wednesday and home Friday.

I was doing good with the walking but after philosophy on the Thursday they got me to go up stairs and down 15 steps and then pushing my knee to 90 degrees and trying straight leg lifts several times before discharging me I now have a knee so swollen I find I struggle to get any bend.

Having gone through this before I am not so concerned as I now know when the swelling goes down the movement increases.

They say not two T K R s are he same this one has been better as I am getting more sleep at night but it's still a brutal operation.

I have to go back in 2 weeks time for physiotherapy and know they will say my lift and bend is not good but this time I know once the swelling subsides it will come back.

at the moment it's like hitting a brick wall

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    ice, ice baby!!! Ice is your friend. Reducing your swelling is the key!

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    Hi Defender, Glad to hear that your op went well and you are safely back home. I had my second knee op on 31st Jan so I am a couple of weeks ahead of you. As other people have said it is important to ice as much as possible.

    When I arrived home, I thought, what have I done as my knee seemed rock hard and solid. However, it has improved a lot already.

    I agree about the physio in hospital. They just seem to push you to walk up the corridor and then do the stairs.I think that is because they can then put their ticks in the boxes. I had a nerve block,which took quite a long time to wear off. The physio just wanted me to carry on and do the exercises, before the nerve block had completely worn off.

    I also bled quite a bit after the operation and was feeling dizzy when I got out of bed. He did not seem to appreciate this.

    My consultant said,that he was not bothered about how much knee bend patients have when they go home as everyone gets there in the end.I found this very re assuring.As you say it is the swelling which is preventing the knee bending at the moment. Hope that you recovery goes well.

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    Great to hear from you. I wondered how you were doing. It's over now and, as you say, you've learnt that ice is your friend and swelling prevents your leg bending. That takes the pressure off worrying so much that our recovery isn't going as it should. Aggressive physiotherapy is not at all helpful to a knee that's been hacked around. Some surgeons are even promoting no formal physio until 6 weeks I heard. Yes, it's important to use it, and trying to do heel slide and straight leg raises, but only the amount our knees can cope with and causes no more than discomfort. Pain and swelling are a sign it's too much for our poor traumatised knees. Mind you, we're all bound to overdo it at some point. I spent too long sitting with my leg bent and foot on the floor yesterday and had my worst night last night - a lesson learned!

    Wishing you all the best for your recovery Defender. Let us know how you get on.

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      My whole leg has been much more swollen this time than last. 4 weeks today and it still looks so much bigger than the other. Gravity will cause the fluid to pool round the ankle. How long are you icing and elevating your leg for? The first couple of weeks I spent most of the time with my leg on 3 pillows icing for an hour at a time and at least 4 times a day. I know some people use those Cryocuffs with the ice machine 24/7 and swear by them. I don't know if you've thought of that.

      I spent most of yesterday resting with my leg elevated and it was much better last night. I hope you have a better day today.

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      I!also meant to say that I've had a strange sensation of numbness around my ankle and foot this time, as if I've fallen asleep with it at a funny angle, I can only assume it's to do with how they position the leg and foot during surgery.

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    I have now ordered an ice bag that you fill with crushed ice.

    I have been using jell packs which is what I used last time but the ice bags look good.

    I do know from last time you need to get that swelling down or the bend just won't happen.

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    Had a good night followed by a very bad day

    feeling faint and sick lots of pain.

    knee really swollen and sore.

    ankle swollen.

    Hope things will settle as I am unable to do my exercises today.

    ( Just having a very low day. )

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      What pain meds are you on? I was taken off oxycodone the day after the op because I fainted and felt so sick I ihad to spend the day in bed on oxygen, IV fluids and anti-sickness meds. Opiates don't agree with me, but oxycodone has been the worst by far.

      Don't worry about exercises while you feel like this. Rest, ice and elevate your leg most of today. Walking to the bathroom as needed and a few very gentle stretches and heel slides in bed if you can, just to keep the knee mobile. Some doctors are advocating no formal exercises for 6 weeks other than doing what you can around the house to give the knee time to heal. Hang on in there, things will improve.

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      I am on co codomol and patches.

      And ibuprofen

      Last time I had tramodol may not have spelt them right.

      Last time I was on tramodol I got depressed.

      My knee is still very swollen and my ankle is which I didn't have last time.

      I have been told I should take my dressing off a week after my op which is tomorrow

      This is the dressing they put on after surgery they gave me two to take home.

      As for exercising I am struggling with the bend and straight leg lifts.

      This is the same pattern as last time.

      I was worried last time but I know it will come.

      My first physio is next Wednesday and I know they will say about the bend and straght leg lift

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      Just a thought, but 11 years ago after major surgery I felt constantly sick, went to GP who thought it might be acid reflux caused by Ibuprofen. I was prescribed a course of Omeprazole, a proton pump inhibitor, and that sorted the problem out. I noticed in hospital this time they automatically dished out Omeprazole with Ibuprofen to protect the stomach. It might also be the patches. Tramadol is another one that makes me very sick. It might be worth consulting a doctor if it continues.

      My whole leg is still more swollen than it ever was last time, although it is gradually diminishing. I had to keep my dressing on for 2 weeks until it was taken off for the staples to be removed. Strange how much advice differs.

      Good luck with the physio. Don't let them do anything that hurts. You have the right to say no. I have my second physio assessment tomorrow. It was my extension this time they were concerned about, but when I pointed out it had been nowhere near 0 for years as my leg was so crooked, he acknowledged it would take time for the tissues at the back of the knee to stretch.

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