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I know there are no meds you /we can take for Tinnitus. but has anyone

noticed a difference to the reaction of  TT  when ta king meds for other problems  ?

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    I'm on blood pressure tabs ,odd me and husband with tinnitus were only saying about meds and Tinnitus  this morning ,how weird is that .

       I think mines got worse over past 2 yrs ,is it BP tabs ,I've wondered about that over past year ,I'm not on anything else .

      One lady on the TT site said hers got worse after put on BP tabs .So I say yes .

    im sat here now and it's the pits ,my husband said his T been loud for days now ,he's asthmatic ,so he's on inhaler daily ,but he's been on that for yrs now.So not sure about his T .

      What meds are you on ,be wary of ear drops that changes T ,anything Mycin at end of it ,that's caused grief to T .

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      Hello Marlene ,yes, Thinking about it caused me to ask about It

      My blood pressure tab Ramipril ,dosage was doubled and thinking back my Tinnitus started about the same time .Will have to speak to my doctor about the connection.

      Awful unbearable at times  

      i listen to radio 4 at night in bed , helps to send me to sleep

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      Hi I was on Ramipril in the beginning ,gave me a cough so I stopped them smartish ,now on Losartan 50 mgs ,but my T is playing havoc since last November ,never know if your doing right from wrong with meds .

         I've always slept fine with T Feels sorry for people who have to go to a job having T and hardly any sleep .

        I've got a balance problem with my T ,think Eustachian tubes doing it.

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      Aren't we lucky!!!  having a disease with no cure . I have to take a low dose

      sleeping tab, just to send me off If I don't get any sleep .I am areal rat bag

      Iv'e kicked most of the tabs they said I needed, and I am still here, so ,

      who is right ?I use a few herbal remedies for my probs, at least there are  no side effects


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    I am so sorry to hear about your T trouble with your meds. All I can recommend is to try and avoid salt, salty foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and I believe 'Ginger' as they stimulate T (in my opinion).

    I'm sure you practice 'masking' already but if not, try and use that. I do at night time. Another piece of advice, which I'm sure you practice, is to try and avoid loud areas or wear ear plugs when you are in crowded areas or on the subway.

    I pray they find a cure for T some time soon.

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      Hello.would love to know how you came by your""handle"

      T is just one of those things , as I have lived most of my life in the country.

      the noise reasoning is definitely not the cause.

      I guess by the use of the word subway ,that you are not in the U.K 

      I never associated foods with  T . Have you found that it does help?

      No one here offers any advice as there is Supposedly no cure. 

      I do have a white noise ear piece, thatis practically useless ,because

      tuning it to the right pitch  is almost impossible  


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    I had unsafe work accident Employer responsible Injuries dislocated law, neck,epilepsy, and tinnitus for tinnitus I try all treatments for 15 years now Masker 6 years wont cure but is the best for me
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    Hi Jacqueline, I find that foods do help. I don't pour any loose salt on my meals anymore however there will always be sodium within the actual ingredients. By avoiding alcohol and also caffeine, I definitely can see the difference.

    I think it might be worthwhile for you to ask your GP to refer you to a dietician. With them, they can advise you of everything to try and avoid.

    I also find that keeping fit helps a lot. When you're fit, your blood flow is a bit more acomplished if that makes sense. I certainly see a lowering in the volume.

    I used the word subway as I find most users are from North America on here. I like in the UK. Subway, I mean the underground.

    My handle. It's a weird way it came about. Around 20 years ago when at work I remember going into a warehouse in the fact that I was working in and someone had written the words "scank tank" on a box. The word "scank" stuck with me then somehow the word Kangaroo came into my head. I combined them to make scankaroo.

    Weirdly, around 7 years ago I seen someone with the ebay username of scankeroo. I had to message them asking where they got it from as I thought mine was unique. Just just somehow dreamed it up they said.

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      Hello .would you mind if I subdivide you and call you Roo ??

      I consider my self fitter than average , I ride .walk, and sadly do shed  loads of  housework, YUK. and gardening   in fact I rarely sit down during the day. just had a couple of hours in the garden, and thought I would see

      if anyone was around

      The practise I "belong To " does not have a dietician.I asked the 

      DD man if there was one we could use . NO was the answer

       I do however eat proper food, and my diet is good and Most

      importantly I AM NOT FAT

      Don't use the underground,smoke or drink So you see ,I am just 

      a boring old fart with No  bad habitscheesygrin

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      Have you looked into allergy related T ,I'm positive that's been my hassle to doing mine ,I was looking on the TT site and the thread and allergies came up ,as for diet smoking ,drinking ,my verdicts out on all of that ,only way is to keep a diary on what you do on a daily basis to see how ones tinnitus reacts ,everyone's body make up different .

         I'm sat with blocked sinuses ,and ears are full ,my balance is C.......p today .Ive been busy inside and out ,but when it's low it stays low all day .

        When high I can get it regulated if I'm lucky .

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      Chemicals are the things that I react, And the guilty ones are avoided

      Chemicals that are used by farming methods I have no control over 

      Animal ,vegetable, or mineral and water all are treated with the damned stuff

      so, unless you are a bio chemist able to check everything before you put it in your mouth, you don't stand a cat in hell' s chance of knowing

      what you are allergic to

      your mouth 

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      My aunt has my problems ,tinnitus ,rhinitis and balance ,I often get a sore mouth ,again I know is allergies .

        My aunt says it's farming ,the cause of lots ,what they spray foods with ,what farm animals are fed ,to the farm slurry getting into the water table ,which is illegal to do ,see how many kids with asthma and adults getting it later on in life out of no where .Got to ask why? Chemicals.? 

        Don't know how these can get found out and sorted ,short of no eating ,drinking or breathing .Great hey .

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      Hi, no worries, you can call me Roo.  In that case, re: dietician, do a few google searches for foods to avoid for tinnitus sufferers.  Also Google Tinnitus Cookbook.  I might buy it, dunno:

      Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the link as it was to a site unsuitable for inclusion in the forums. If users want this information please use the Private Message service to request the details.



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    what  do    you  mean  tt
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      Have a look on Tinnitustalk .com they talk about tinnitus and allergies ,plus the Eustachian tubes getting blocked up ,giving you problems with the tinnitus ,they know so much on the site . Today my tinnitus bad ,ears hissing like crazy ,plus facial allergy pain ,and blocked up ears ,the weather here is damp ,so I think today is a bad air pressure day ,hence why I'm not  having a good day ,not that I do any day with all I get going on ,blinking nightmare of a time .
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