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Hi. I'm been prescribed sertraline 100mg and 40 mg of propranolol for a anxiety disorder which I'm had for a year now. It's the first time I'm took the propranolol and the first thing I did was panicked. I'm had this panick for a few hours now and I'm debating whether to take another one. Can anyone giver some guidance as after a year of treatment and still having attacks I'm at my wits end. Thanx

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    Hiya James, I don't know if this reply is too late for you but hey ho anyway... I cannot comment on the sertraline (apart from SSRI's make My anxiety worse, but obviously everyone is different) but I can share my recent experience of taking propranalol for the 1st time, which is actually for migraines BUT I do suffer with anxiety, panic and random adrenaline rushes too and was prescribed beta blockers inthe past and was too scared to take them! Also I can't really advise you as I'm not a doc but maybe sharing with you what happened will help... btw it is a good result.

    For years I have been terrified of taking new meds because I have taken a few that have had very scary side effects and had me in the ER thinking I was dying - although never anything serious and was prob a mix of the drugs I took not quite agreeing with me and my terrible fear and anxiety! Anyway - I was at my wits end about 9 weeks ago with my migraines, they made me so ill - long story short I have had 3 months off work with them - a week per month ish. They were also very frightening because of the intense pain and sickness.

    I was soooo scared to take the beta blockers (I'd been prescribed 80mg per day for migraine), I got my boyfriend to drive me to the hospital car park where I was going to take half a tablet, 5mg. The deal was, I take the tablet in the car and THEN he will drive to the hosp. I made him talk to me all the way about something i was really looking forward to, my favourite things in life etc really positive things. We ended up in Macdonalds where I asked if we could stay for an hour or two (because I thought, any bad reaction is going to happen in that time and they only stay in your system for a few hours).

    Well, NOTHING happened. I am thinking that if you panicked after taking them that is your anxiety (and I get that too, look at my extremes to avoid it!) and certainly before the drug REALLY started working because the most AMAZING thing I have found with taking them is that the have stopped 99% of the adrenaline rushes I had and panic. They block the adrenalin to the brain so your heart rate wont increase and you wont get all the horrible other symtoms of panic attacks, jelly legs, shakes, needin the loo, feeling sick which are all part of the fight or flight response. These drugs are not reactive drugs where you will feel a rush of something taking over your body (which is what I expected) - they are so subtle and do the opposite of reacting and exciting your body- they calm you - that is why they are given to people with heart problems, it helps keep their body calm. So the panic you felt after taking them I reckon was before the drugs actually started working.

    As I increased the dose, which I did like this - 5mg for 3 days, 10mg for 3 days, 15mg 3 days and by the time I got to 20 mg I started to have side effects such as a very mild pscychosis. I didn't feel myself and it was unnerving - was it me? Was I going mad? Is it just anxiety? Who knows, but because I was enjoying sleeping through the night for the first time in 2 years (I used to wake EVERY night with heart racing and never slept through, now I do its a miracle) - I decided to cut down the dose again. I wanted to give up but I was scared of my migraines coming back, I took 5mg - yes just half a tablet - for a couple of days whilst I decided what to do. I knew that my body was taking time to adjust. In those couple of days I felt fine again on such a tiny dose, a REALLY tiny dose and I can't believe it myself, but even 5mg a day is helping me have a much more normal life again, it has given me confidence to go out and do things where I was scared before, because now I can do them without the adrenalin pumping around my body!

    So I can't advise you what to do, but maybe start of on small doses until you get confident and stick at a dose that suits you. Also there are different types of beta blockers. Propranalol is one of the safest available and has been around for many many years, you can read up about this on the net. Also there are types that pass into the brain (propranalol being one of them) which may cause some depresssion and psychosis, and there are other ones that don't. Speak to your doctor about this if you have concerns. I have to take the ones that cross into the brain because it is for migraines. Whether or not this small dose will help with my migraines I don't know yet, but fingers crossed.

    Sorry this is a long reply! I really hope it helps. I am a total phobic freak but these REALLY have helped me. I hope my story helps put your mind at rest a bit. x

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      Hi just reading your post and Iv tock one today 40mg and feel horrible Iv a Realy scared feeling of dieing of this any advice
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    Hi there x. Ive just taken my first approx 5mg of propanolol, first time ever with any meds and i worked myself up into a frenzy over it. After about 15 mins i made myself sick (disgusting i know) but i didnt see the tablet there. Im not sure if i absorbed it or not, i still have head pressure but i feel calm?? Do you have any indication of how long it takes to enter your system? I keep getting random bouts of panic/head & ear pressure, but i "feel" different if that makes sense?

    So terrifie right now xx

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      Hi Iv been going threw the same thing today

      I tock 40mg and so scared how did you get in ta

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    The way I tell whether my Beta-blocker is working is literally by ear, if my ears are pulsing (Tinitus wise) it's not working but alternatively if my ears are rumbling it is working. 5 mg of Propanolol isn't anything much, if you've been sick maybe take another as even 10 mg is a tiny dose...

    Take care smile

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    Im honestly a complete wuss sad. Ive had a bath and the best way to describe myself is feeling "weird". I feel like i still have all my notmal anxiety symptoms but not so much head pressure? Ive had that constant for 12 weeks so its bonus! I have mild asthma, so im now working myself into a tizzy over that! Cant tell if my breathings worse or just slowing down? Probs be up all night at this rate which kinda defeats the purpose! Lol

    Do you think it even got into my system after only 10mins? Cant believe i made myself sick tbh! sad x

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    Maybe it did or maybe it didn't it's hard to say, maybe if you check your pulse now and then check your pulse again in half an hour you'll notice you've lost 5 or 10 beats, this could indicate that it's been absorbed smile
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    Pulse was 92/60 right after i took it, an hour later it was 63 now 3 hrs later its at 89 so im thinking it hasnt worked boo lol. Thats what i get for panicing and making myself sick sad

    Like a child instead of a 34yr old!! Need to get a grip and try again tomorrow maybe

    Thanks for all your help xx

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    5 mg is hardly worth taking to be honest, I mean 40 mg yeah OK but 5 mg I'd be like why are you wasting my time and money with this cheesygrin Anyway give it a go and see, your GP is probably just being cautious :[
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    He prescribed 40mg 3 times a day, said take it for a week then drop it to as and when needed. He said i could half the tablet if i wanted to, so me being me quatered it sad

    Wuss is an understatment actually! I wonder why im bothering! Lol

    I went in for pregabalin to help with anxiety and head pressure that just hit me 12 weeks ago in the middle of a sinus infection. Walked out with amatryptline the first time which i was too terrifed to take, then doc said to try this, came out, googled it and realised it was a beta blocker! Ive had it for over a week an finally plucked up the courage to take it tonight, then managed to screw it up sad

    Im gonna end up getting a friend to slip it into my tea one day & not tell me until 3hrs have passed! Then i cant have a panic attack over something thats been in my system for 3 hrs! Lol

    You should see me taking paracetamol and ibrupforen .... Concived im overdosing with the buzz off it lol x

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    Oh you plonker !!! wink :D Give it a go, seriously it isn't terrible smile
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    Is it rude to ask what you take it for and how much do you take? X
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    I've taken Propranolol in the past for Anxiety, I can't remember how much, loads, now I take 5 mg Bisoprolol for Coronary Heart Disease. It doesn't sound much (5 mg) I know but it's very effective smile
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    Okay ... Now i feel like a total wimp for whinging about some head pressure and acting like a barbie doll over 5mg of something that could help me & your dealing with that!!

    Takesmyselfofftobedforagoodtalktomyselfandaslap :p

    Thanks for taking the time to pull my nappy up tonight. Your no nonsense humour stopped the inevitable panic attack from kicking in 😚. Much appreciated x

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    Don't worry about it, it ain't nuffin' smile

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