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Hi, anyone have any personal mantras, hints or tips (or positive vibes) for when the desire to drink is just sudden and overwhelming?... I've been sober a couple of months now and I think maybe I've reached the end of the honeymoon phase. I've had a terrible day at work, to top off an awful week - and I just can't stop thinking 'I know alcohol will not take the problem away but right here right now a bottle of wine will help me escape this feeling for just an hour or two, which is better than nothing'. I'm trying to remind myself that; 1) Sobriety has been like a pearl I've been cultivating recently, enjoying it and feeling proud about it - if I chuck it away all for one drink I might not get it back, and that will just make everything feel worse in the long run. 2) The voice which is telling me to drink is representing a skewed reality, in a sense it's the voice of the addiction that was harming me, now it's trying to call me back. One drink (or four) will de-stress me tonight but in the long run it will represent a victory for my anxiety and stress, won't it? I'm posting on here because I really don't have anyone else to turn to in moments like this (but even writing the reasons down here is helping to stengthen my resolve).

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    WHAT????? Isn't this supposed to help you? Oh dear. I'm so so sorry for you. Please private message me if you need help xxx
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    OMG - see. Here are the effects of alcohol. My fiancée hid my  iPad. ( dunno if he will be My fiancée much longer lol) so I just read something that I thought someone else had written but it was actually me. Ha ha ha.

    what a prat!

    what a knob,

    so stupid.

    at least that thta was something silly and not life affecting!


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    I manage to stop drinking for 29 days by sheer willpower and because of the effects I know it will have on my life if I carry on. The honest truth is that when I was drinking all the time, 3years ago and ended up in hospital after trying to take me own life, I became very very depressed. I was so depressed that I couldn't look after my son ( who was 11 at the time). So he went to stay with his dad ( we were separated by then). I know tHat people will think that I am an awful mother, I know I do, but it was the best thing for my son at that time. He would be safe and secure with his dad. Not subjected to tears and drinking with his mother. Anyway, he still lives with his dad in the week and comes to me every weekend. So I dontdrink unless I'm not seeing him (holidays etc). I won't subject him to that again. Drinking scares him.

    Also I never drink inthe week because I can't afford to lose my job. Work have been amazing and so understanding. Only my boss knows I had a problem and he has been wonderful. He had the foresight to know that it want the real me. That I was really good at my job and with help and understanding and support I could get back to myself. And I did. So I will not let him down. Not ever. Everything is worth far more than a bottle of wine.

    but I do relapse on occasion. I relapsed last night. And now I've got a headache! But I know that I won't do it again for at least a month,


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    Thanks to everyone who responded about this. I was reading them with a lot of interest. Sorry to hear you were also struggling last night Liz, hope your headache gets better and you'll be back on track. I didn't have a drink last night and naturally I'm pleased about that this morning. In the past I definitely would have done. It's such early days for me that I can't really allow myself to entertain the prospect of drinking once a month, or just having a couple of glasses once a week as has been discussed here. I'm not sure if it's even that helpful for me to be reading stuff like that right now as my drinking brain is so devious, it is so eager to leap on any form of excuse to rationalise that first drink and those excuses are what I need to avoid... I need to stay with this course of action as single-mindedly as I can. I was drinking on a daily basis for four years, and every attempt at moderation was a failure. We're all different but moderation can't work for me right now. Ten years ago I was in a much more stressful job and I almost never drank. I like to blame external factors but they are an excuse for what is basically a chemical addiction - the reality is I know I was pursuing a course of behaviour that was worsening each year and whose destination was (sorry to be melodramatic) my early death. For now I have to focus on that I think...
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    HI Peter and you need a small medal for being so honest and not wishing to die. It is actually not melodramatic and my advice is not to drink even once a month or year. It is best to stop completely and remain sober IF you can. Hard but worth it. Do let us know how your weekend is shaping up and lots of sunshine right now. Perhaps get out and about?? Try something different and uplifting and obviously excluding booze. Hope this makes sense    smile
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    Ah, thank you! I was in a gym class at 8 this morning and it felt good. Walked home in the sunshine, now I'm going to clean my place. Sounds a bit boring I know, but it will make me really happy to make it shine. Then I'm going to go out and get a DVD to watch this evening... It's a good day.
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      Peter, you have my utmost admiration.  How proud you must be feeling, well done.
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    Hi, there are a couple of really good books that help ones called 

    don't let the bastards grind you down gives lots of useful tips

    also beat the booze true stories might help.

    you are doing really well just try to keep positive one day at a time, have

    you ever tried meditation it does help to clear your mind and stop the over

    thinking. Good luck stay strong Ann 

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    Hi Peter you may or may not get my previous reply I named a couple

    of good books they could be useful to you.

    stay strong and positive one day at a time Ann

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    Thanks Ann, it says the links are being moderated - hope they'll come through in a bit. I'll let you know. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that though - thanks again!
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      Hi Peter, that's fine it's worth checking out some of the books

      available, I think they can help also meditation is another good route.

      keep strong Ann

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