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Hi there all,

Just thought I would start a new page xxxx

I have been feeling very snappy due to not getting any sleep so I have just been slouching around due to lack of energy!!!!

Tess, I do hope your bundle of Joy Sophie is getting settled and making Molly busy too :lol: x

I do hope you are feeling better Di I blame the weather changing to why I feel like poo!!!! Roll on summer :lol: x

I do hope Helen and Linda are having a pain less day too x

Take care everyone and keep smiling xxxxx

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    Hi Ses, Linda, Di, Helen and Everyone!

    Poor you Ses you do get a lot of pain. Is your hips still messing you up!

    Have you been to see your new doctor at practice yet.

    I am still waiting to hear about my toe! Must be at least six or seven weeks! Going to see doctor again tomorrow. Its not his fault he has written to the hospital twice now. He will get to the bottom of it and I will hopefully get some answers tomorrow afternoon. Don't know if he is going the change my level of thyroxine tomorrow or not. I know if it needs altering it is a good thing! :lol: Just another thing to start hormones playing up all over again lol :cry:

    Well hope everyone else is coping with the damper weather.

    Love Tess x x

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    Hi everyone,

    Hope you are all doing ok.

    I have not been very good with the old pain and sleep thing. It doesn't seem to be getting better. The last flare up I had ended up lasting for 2 1/2 years. I was told they usually don't ever last that long. But i know it did. I just hope it is not the same this time round.

    Well hope you are a keeping your chin up in these dark nights.

    Lisa smile

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    Hi Ses, Di, Helen, Linda and Everyone

    I hope things do settle down a lot quicker for your Lisa and was good to hear from you again.

    Well I have been having cuddles with my new little granddaughter today! She was trying to suck food from my neck bless her. It will be good for Molly to spend more time with her little sister Sophie over the weekend.

    She hasn't seen much of her with being at school.

    Well saw doctor tonight. A very long waiting list to see Podiatrist about toe! Have to be patient. He gave me anti inflammatory cream to use if toe gets bad again. Can't take the tablets as upset my stomach. Got my tablets to regulate my period lol! If they work. :cry:

    He is getting in touch with the consultant at the hospital about my thyroid levels as my tsh level was low. Have to wait and see if my thyroxine levels need to go up or down :cry:

    Hope you are all coping with this horrible cold weather today :cry: Had to get my winter coat out.

    Take care everyone and have a good weekend

    Love Tess x x

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    hello all my good friends..tess, ses and linda

    Well its 3am and im wide awake i have to be up at 7am so take it tomorrow is going to be tiring day..

    im all sore..restless legs are doing my head in.. been reading all ur forums and glad everyone is doing ok.....

    im off on hols on monday for two weeks so dont dispair i have not disappeared lol..

    hope to speak with u all tomorrow xx di xx

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    Hi Di, Ses, Linda, Helen, Lisa & Everyone

    Well Di poor you being up at 3 in the morning :cry: Restless legs is the worse thing imaginable when you are trying to sleep. Nothing for it but to get up and walk about lol :cry:

    Well I really hope you have a good holiday and come back relaxed. :lol: Think of us all here with the cold damp weather won't you.

    I didn't sleep to well today and was going to have a bit longer in bed. I am going shopping with my daughter this morning. I haven't been clothes shopping for a while and bought something for me so should be good. Want to get some more casual and comfortable trousers for doing exercises in when I see physio again next week.

    Muscles and joints feel quite stiff and achy today. Although have managed one lot of exercises! :lol:

    Well take care everyone and keep smiling :lol:

    Look forward to hearing about your holiday when you get back Di :lol:

    Love Tess x x

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    HI there my dear friends xxx

    I had a bad night last night, first of all I was waking up wanting the loo and having tightening in the chest due to Asthma??? and then Ethan decided to wake up around 4 a.m so I didn't have hardly any sleep last night :oops: I was also up with Ethan at 7.30 am and so I was exhausted, I kind of tried to cat nap as obviously I can't sleep due to my son but when I got off my sofa my hip kind of locked and I couldn't walk on it for about half an hour so another pain :cry: anyway I am off to the doctors on Wednesday to set my repeat prescription up due to changing doctors and again I am going to have to explain myself so not looking forward to it!!!!! So I do feel for you Di not having the sleep :sad: I do hope you have a good holiday xx

    Nice to hear from you too Lisa , yes I believe my longest flair up was about nine months, not a nice time at all, do hope you are feeling better now? xx

    Tess, what are we like all of us eh the sleep thing is driving me nuts, I feel the older I get the less sleep I am having of a night as on average I used to sleep (when I was normal) 9 hours and now I am lucky if I get five???? I do hope molly is having fun with her little baby sister Sophie xx and I hope you get your thyroid results shortly? It is like me...... I am waiting to hear about my council tax refund which I have been paying council tax in full since 2002 and my circumstances have more or less the same and I have just found out I am entitled to benefit, so instead of paying £100 I pay £14???? I thought being on working tax credit was not classed as a low income and so I have gone to my MP......... So I am waiting now to hear their decision????? I bet there is thousands of people out there that do not realize they are entitled to this???

    I do hope everyone is having a good day xxxx and hoping we all can sleep well tonight too xxxxx

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    Hi, Ses, Tess, Di and everyone

    Have a good holiday Di, hope you get chance to rest a bit too!!

    Glad little Sophie is doing ok Tess, and enjoy your shopping trip. If you enjoy it as much as I did this week you will have a good time.

    Been a very hectic few day, Flu jabs today!! My daughter always has trouble with her diabetes a few hours afterwards, so an action plan has been put in place, hopefully to prevent her from being admitted with high blood sugars! Oh the joys of this family of mine! Lol So far so good though.

    Still very stiff and aching, but not the intense pain of the prevois weeks, thank goodness. Took GP`s advice and now use a stick, it certainly helps, but if I lean too heavily on it my wrist and arm aches too. Lol

    Well take care everyone and hope you all get a good nights sleep

    Love Linda

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    Hi Ses, Di, Helen, Linda, Lisa & Everyone

    Hi Ses what are we all like with our sleep! You will have to try and get a bit of rest during the day. Its not very easy for you though with a four year old to look after. :cry: I hope you get your repeat medicines sorted out on Wednesday. :lol:

    Hope things have settled down now with your flu injections Linda! I go for mine on Saturday morning. Going to a 50th Party on the Saturday night so hope I feel ok. I was ok last year. :lol: Linda you seem to help one pain with using a stick and then it causes another pains somewhere else :cry:

    I never got out shopping yesterday! The tablets I was taking for my period upset my stomach so didn't feel like going. Did still go help my daughter with decorating. :lol: Going to go on Wed or Thur this week as my daughter is on holiday from work then.

    Didn't sleep to well overnight and woke several times. Had lots of aches and pains in back and legs. Feel liked I have been kicked about today.

    It is really wet here and that explains why I have so much pain today.

    Going to have a quiet day. Stewart at work until 7 tonight so just going to chill out lol :lol:

    Not going to see my little granddaughters today unless Amy needs anything urgently. Thought it would be nice to let them all have a bit of space and family time together with Molly not being at school. Yes Ses Molly is getting use to Sophie now and helps Amy with changing her nappy etc. Poor Amy and Sophie both have colds. She is now 5 days old bless :lol:

    Does anyone have facebook! There are some pictures on my site! Just put in Theresa Squires and go to my profile lol :lol:

    Well all take care.

    Love Tess x x

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    Hi there everyone,

    I am in pain still but not as bad .... a better day than last..... anyway ethan is in his terrible twos and his tantrums are getting worse so it is getting very hard work, he is three in January Tess (sorry hun, if he was nearly 5 I would probably have more sleep :oops: )

    I do hope that we can all go on a shopping sprea to Preston or something soon as I have finished paying for my vouchers?? shame we can't use them at Pr****k as I would like to go there as people have said so much about this store and how good it is :lol: cheap etc....... anyway all depends on \"me\" as you know we cannot plan anything due to this illness!!!!!

    So glad to hear from you Linda too, I use one crutch and I was asked why I don't use both the crutches but my shoulders would be in agony if I used both so for that reason I do not!!!!! and if I goto the shop I use a shopping trolley so at 36 I feel about 70 as I cannot carry things as again my shoulders and neck would be in so much pain for days later........joys of the fibro eh!!!!

    Anyway folks I am going to have a cup off coffee so I will love you and leave you all xxxxx gentle hugs xxxxxx

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    Hi Ses, Di, Linda, Helen, Lisa and Everyone

    Is Preston your nearest shopping centre Ses. That is where my son is living now in a shared house. I have seen the shopping centre briefly when we picked him up from the station. Have you never been to primark before. It is really cheap but gets very busy with queing up to try things on and paying. Its best to fill a basket of things you want to try and then they will let you take a few in at a time. They will let you leave the rest in the basket outside with them until you come out of cubicle.

    I have only been once and that was at Norwich with my daughter. It was the day after boxing day. We got there about dinner time and it was quite busy but soon quietened down about 3ish. I did find it quite tiring but luckily when we queued wasn't many there as it was later in the day. Worth a look though!

    Well hope your hip is not as bad as it was :lol: Hope everyone else is ok.

    My pains have been worse when it has been raining. Stopped in afternoon lol.

    Keep going everyone!

    Love Tess x x

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    HI there Tess, Di, Linda, Helen, Lisa and everyone x

    I have not been to well as my chest has been tightening up and I feel that I am kind of burning in the inside....... I know by past experiences this is a bad flair up I am having so really not in the mood to do anything....... it is my Fibro Support Group meeting today too so I am hoping that others make the effort as I am doing being the group organizer....... I have now however told everyone via phone that we should now meet once every two months due to the bad weather ( I have to phone everyone previously to remind them of the meeting) as we do not want to really want to go out in this nasty weather and besides winter months around the corner, we all know we will probably be at our worse so I do think this is a good idea!!!!

    Yes Tess Preston is one of the most nearest shopping centers so it would be nice to go here, however it is just a thought........ I do not feel I would have the strength at the moment??????

    Later on today I am off to the doctors for my 20 min appointment as I have to explain myself due to changing practice so I am hoping the new doctor will listen to me instead of being patronizing as I have had in the past, fingers crossed as we know that it is a minefield out there when it comes to doctors as \"we\" know that some GP's do not believe fibromyalgia is a condition????

    On a good note one of my members has trouble with her fibro the same as most of causing difficulty walking etc and so my dear member won her appeal for he DLA, High rate mobility, :lol: so hurray to my friend as she had to fight tooth and limb after interrogating questions......... an awful experience but a good result in the end........... again this is not fair for us genuine sufferers........why we have to be unbelieved of our complaint!!!!!

    I do hope everyone is having a better day than me xxxxx

    Take care and see you soon xxxx :oops:

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    Hi Ses, Linda, Di, Helen, Lisa and Everyone

    You may get to do your shopping one day soon Ses! Lets hope sooner rather than later. :cry:

    Its good one of your members got the DLA at last :lol: I do hope you get a good turnout to your meeting as you put so much into organising it for everybody. :lol:

    Good luck at the doctors and will be thinking about you! Hope all goes well.

    I have been feeling worse with aches and pains due to my periods over the last month. But woke up today with a headache that is still lingering on.! Well hope I feel a bit better tomorrow as going shopping with my daughter to get some comfortable trousers to do my exercises in for Friday when I see physio! Going to have flu injection on Saturday! :cry:

    Well hope everyone else is coping ok.

    Love Tess x x

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    Hi there Tess, Linda, Di, Helen, Lisa and everyone else xxx

    Well the doctors appointment went ok I told her about my discs in my spine and she said well yes that's arthritis and then I went on to tell he about the fibro, thyroid, asthma etc and she told me I was too young to be on all the medication I was on...... so I am having a blood test on Tuesday and then she said she will check and then may re-assess my meds later and once they receive my file........ she seemed more re assuring than what i thought so relieved........ she told me I need another inhaler as the present one is not working so I need the brown one also? Get my meds on Friday when I can?

    The group meeting.......... well two people out of nine came and I was feeling like crap so I was very annoyed that no other members came, anyway I have said that the next meeting is in December and to see if they want to go for a meal or something for a change so we will see if I get response????

    Anyway I am still feeling like I have been dragged through a hedge or something and so I am going to love you all and leave you and I do hope everyone is feeling ok......... Headaches Tess I can't abide them and nothing seems to shift them eh???? hope you have been relieved ????

    Take care everyone and I hope we all sleep well xxxxxx :roll:

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    Hi Tess, Ses and everyone,

    What a week I`ve had!! Every day seems to have brought a new set of problems with it. Does anyone else get weeks like that?? My daughter`s diabetes, my husbands Motability car and my Mum, just to name a few! Well, hope things are going to settle down now. Lol!!

    I`m convinced stress plays a big part in this rotten condition we have, cause I`m much more stiff and painful since all the hassle and the exhausted is just impossible. I`ve had a job to stay awake at times, even fallen asleep during a meal!! That must be a first.

    Well enough of my moaning, I`m glad your appointment was positive Tess, I think we feel better if someone just shows they care about our treatment and take us seriously. Instead of making us feel we are imagining it all. Hope you get your meds sorted out, I certainly feel different since mine were reviewed.

    Sorry you are suffering with your periods Tess, I went through an early menopause so l don`t have that problem anymore!

    Well it looks like its time to try and fix a meal so, take care everyone and hope you are not in too much pain etc.

    Love Linda

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    Hi Linda, Ses, Di, Helen, Lisa & Everyone

    Poor you Linda hope things have settled down a bit now for you. Your right stress does make everything worse. Ive not been to bad at the moment with the warmer weather we have been having here. Won't last forever lol. Well got out on my shopping trip today with my daughter. Was good doing a bit of retail therapy. It was the first time I went clothes shopping for myself since day ater boxing day last year. Been saving up for a bit so got what I needed. Especially my casual trousers for physio for tomorrow lol :cry:

    I do hope they get all your meds sorted out for you Ses. It was good you had a positive appointment does make you feel so much better in yourself.

    Its a pity you didn't get more people come to your meeting. You do put so much into it especially when you not feeling well yourself.

    Well hope everyone else is coping today!

    Love Tess x x

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