The blue Badge Assessment coming up soon.

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Hi all, I have had Crohn’s for 20 years now. Diagnosis, 1, Stricturing small bowel Crohn’s Disease with minimal colonic involvement. 2, seronegative arthropathy. had my work contract terminated on ill health September 2015, I am only taking azathioprine 50mg, as tried all other meds. I have been awarded ESA Support Group & PIP Mobility Daily Standard for 2 years, I am writing to today to ask what may happen at the Assessment? and how everyone got on with them? Thanks for reading, Twiglet

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    I think the Blue badge criteria depends which council you're with. Each council have their own criteria if you don't automatically qualify.

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      The Local Authority assessment is standardised throughout England & Wales. Yes you will have to answer questions, but more importantly you will be assessed, generally by a physio, to demonstrate in front of them how you walk and the distance that you could walk.

      ?It is really demonstrating your mobility along the lines that up to 20 metres is the maximum distance that you can mobilise. 

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      I don't think local authorities use 20m as the standard Les - as far as I know PIP is the only benefit to use less than 50m as the test.

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      Hi Pam, when my wife applied for her first blue badge in 2011, she only needed the GP to certify that she had great difficulty walking any distance. The badge was issued on the strength of that

      ​When she re-applied in 2014 we had to go to the county council offices some 40 miles away for an assessment. She was asked the usual questions, what she did on a daily basis, where she went and how she managed. Then we were taken down a lift to an underground council car park.She was told to walk as far as she comfortably could do so in a straight line past as many of the traffic cones (5) that were laid out until she felt that she had to stop. She managed just before the third cone. It was then that we were told that anything more than 3 cones could have been a fail. Whilst 4 or more would have been an immediate fail. I asked the assessor what was the distance to which she replied that each cone was 6 metres apart.

      The assumption was that up to 20 metres she was OK, beyond that was a fail.

      ​Thinking back now that test was more strict than for a PIP standard mobility award which is up to 50 metres. Looks like they were testing the Enhanced rate being under 20 metres.

      ​Knowing how she got the first badge and what she had to do to get the second one, it seems that the councils are clamping down. 

      ​Doing the maths in my head that worked out that the third cone was 18 metres away.

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    Hi don't worry it will be fine, if you submit your letters that you probably already have and your meds form they will just ask you a few questions,

    I claimed mine originally for RA but I now have numerous things wrong including UC chromed those is much worse, explain how it effects you in that it can be an instant need etc and parking by toilets is very important, explain about the debilitating tiredness it gives you, well you know all these things, good luck and let us know how you get on.

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    Why are you being assessed by your local authority for a blue badge if you are getting standard rate mobility under PIP on grounds of physical problems moving around ?  Under government guidelines issued to councils on the introduction of PIP, an award of standard or enhanced rate PIP mobility means an automatic entitlement to a blue badge, provided the award is solely on the 'moving around' category and not a mixture of cognitive or mental health problems/physical disability.  You need to clarify where you scored points (the points table in your decision letter) and then challenge the council because there's a lot of confusion surrounding this.  In addition, the enhanced rate carries exemption rom road tax, and the standard rate, a 50% reduction.

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      I was just reading that and you saved me writing it :-). It does say that things like crones is not adequate to qualify and that like you said it does need to be a walking disability not just a mental health or physical disability.

      Even with Motability components, I just read my booklet

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    Hi all thanks for the comments, Les, it a new Claim I fill the forms out start of August 2016, and got the Assessment date last week after sending more info after they sent me a letter asking which joints were affected by arthritis? on the letter it says, BLUE BADGE SCHEME:


    Pam, Alexandria, Denise, Tribunal awarded 4 points Planning and following journeys, 4 points Moving Around,, but it also says, Has particularly debilitating conditions, losing weight, low mood significant fatigue and malaise this impacts on his ability to carry out activities repeatedly and within a reasonable time scale.

    I'm just want the blue badge, so I can get out of the house more and see my friends!!!

    Thanks Twiglet,

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      I believe because you don't have an automatic entitlement to the Blue Badge that section 21 is the one that would apply to you. I think it was just over 2 years ago that all councils clamped down on the BB entitlement. If a person doesn't have an autoatic entitlement they will be asked to attend an assessment. Les is right with his advice on the things they ask. I did a little research and then read Les's post. They ask you about what you do daily and ask you to walk as far as you can within a certain distance.

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      Section 21 is the all encompassing regulation relating to Blue Badges. To be issued a BB automatically, you must score a minimum of 8 points in the 'Moving Around' section of PIP Question 14 on the claim form.

      ?If you don't have that then you claim under the consessionary scheme.

      You must fit one of the following:

      (1) you have problems walking that are permanent, or that your doctor says are likely to last at least a year

      (2) you can't use your arms

      ?Having got that far you will then be interviewed and your walking ability will be tested.

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    It's assessment day in 5 hours time!

    Can I ask to see what the assessor has written in assessment before I leave the consultant room?

    If not can I ask for a copy of the assessment report?

    What the chances I will get the same assessors that scored me 0, at my ESA, PIP, Assessment?

    Just want to get this over with now!

    Thanks Twiglet,

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      I have no idea if you are allowed to view the report or get a copy of it.

      But the assessor for a Blue Badge is DEFINITELY not the same as those that carry out the ESA & PIP assessments.

      ?When my wife had hers it was an OT from Social Services who did the test. To be honest it was very similar to what the same person does when you have a needs assessment. However the needs assessment goes a bit further - they watch how you get in and out of bed, how you manage to get to the toilet from the bed, how you manage getting about the home, how you are able to dress, wash and generally look after yourself.

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      I'm thinking you have had your test by now, no I don't think you can ask for a copy of your report, I think you can ask why it was refused if it is.

      There are I think much stricter criteria for blue badges now than there used to be, but I haven't had to go for a medical for a while so can't be sure.

      I'm sure you will let us know when you come back on

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      If you fail the test there is no formal appeal system.

      ?Of course the procedures have been tightened up. At one time (first time my wife appelied) all that was needed was the GP's signature on the form. For her second badge - it was like a mini PIP assessment when looking at mobility only.Questions and then a walking test.

      ?It had to be tightened, Blue Badges were being handed out by councils up and down the country without any real evidence being obtained.

      ?Cutting back on the number of badges in circulation has freed up a lot of spaces in the car parks as has our council's parking rules. In our council run car parks you can park in a disabled bay with your badge for free (3 hours) provided that you are also in receipt of HRM (DLA) or EMR (PIP). If you are not entitled to either of those benefits you can still park in the disabled bays BUT you must pay the full parking charge as well.

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      I very rarely used mine, only on really bad days, but now its a God send.

      Yea I have noticed more spaces seem available even in our local village Car parks

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      Being such a cold and windy day I decided to have a go at driving the car. Off I went the 2 miles to the  supermarket (Sainsburys). It felt wierd as I had not driven for well over 3 months. Arrived and parked in a disabled bay. Sat in the car gathering my thoughts and energy.

      ?Arrived back after 10 mins with some batteries only to find that I had received a ticket for £70. Seems I had forgot to put my Blue Badge up.

      ?Damn that was an expensive shopping trip.- £75 for 8 batteries!!!


      ?So sometimes it can be cheaper to park not in the disabled bay section - you get the first 2 hours free!

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      Le's send in an appeal to Sainsburies, send n copy of badge, info regarding your ilmess and tell them you put badge on seat and just forgot to move it to window,Sainsburies are pretty good, Tesco no chance

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      Thanks but I have already paid the reduced amount to Horizon Parking online this afternoon.Still it was £50 but hey I will learn not to do it again.

      It was completely my fault I just got out of the car and forgot to get it out of the glove box.

      ?I must admit though that they must have been pretty quick to see me and put a ticket on the car all within 10 mins.

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      Shame because Sainsburies would have got ticket cancelled if you had contacted them.

      I would still contact them you might still get it back

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      I know that you are right, but with everything that has been going on this year I cannot cope with anymore fights for justice.

      ?I'm starting a fight on a principle with the DWP  which if I win will be a hollow victory as the next stage will entail starting off from scratch with another benefit claim.

      ?Knowing the reputation of this company (Horizon) and others like them, I think that I would stand a better chance of getting on the next space shot to the international space station than getting money out of them. I do agree I might stand a fair chance if it was Sainsburys that charged me but it wasn't. 

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