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charles40613 charles40613

The Urolift procedure; patient views and questions

Would it be possible to keep this thread purely about Urolift and a means of sharing experiences from those who have undergone the process and invite debate from those considering it.

The Urolift process plus pros and cons are accurately described at many a website. Other very long threads discuss in detail BPH and other treatments such as TURPS, laser tend to overshadow people looking for advice on Urolift.

So for me, tired of getting up in the night. Tired of the medication and its side effects, tiredness and ED. Quality of life getting me down. I am 60 and reckon to be pretty fit and active.

I underwent this treatment (as an alternative to TURPS) 2 weeks ago at one of the 5 or 6 clinics/hospitals that appear to offer this treatment in the UK. It really was as simple as described on the web.

I had a 30 minute consultation with the consultant whereby he explained the procedure.

The treatment was booked for 10 am., it took about 15 minutes. I had it done under a local anaesthetic. To be frank if you are used to having your prostate and other bits probed there is no pain. It is just the thought of it you have to come to terms with. After the treatment you have to drink a lot of water to flush your system but I was allowed to drive home by dinner time.

First warning here. I did have to stop probably every 15 minutes with a sudden need to urinate. Fortunately I took a urine bottle from the clinic !

I could write for ages but will see what response I get to this post. I know on the day I was there, 4 other blokes were having the procedure and I sensed there was a regular flow of patients.

I’m now going through the period whereby I’m asking myself is there any improvement? It’s only 2 weeks in. I’m not sure is the answer at the moment. We are all different and recovery and improvement I am told does take time anything from 2/3 weeks to 2/3 months maybe longer. Your system needs time to readjust, I understand that, I don’t know how much time but I’m due for a follow up next week. I'm remaining positive.Would welcome comments from others.

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  • Albin Albin charles40613

    Hi Charles, I'm getting the Urolift procedure next week and I, and others, would appreciate if you could describe, say, how long before you were able to do everything you did before, how soon could you go back to exercising, etc. Were you in pain the first week? Any info along this line would be helpful to a lot of us.

    • charles40613 charles40613 Albin

      Good evening Albin. It really is as the websites say a minimally invasive procedure. You walk out of the treatment room, cup of tea, drink a lot of water, and when all OK with regard passing water in my case get in the car and find my way home.

      You are tired through the stress of thinking about it more than anything. You feel a bit battered and bruised "down there" obviously. I had a local anaesthetic, some may join this thread hopefully with views from those who had a general, the consultant said most do. There is a little sharp pain when you urinate but that only lasts a few days.

      There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t go back to work the following day or get out on the golf course, swim, jog etc. The only thing I would say is I had this sudden need to urinate from time to time and I was careful to ensure whatever I did for a few days was mindful of that fact. It wasn’t a problem really but worth bearing in mind. I took it easy that weekend just because I was tired and your are conscious that somebody has been poking about inside you but was back to normal on the Monday.

    • Albin Albin charles40613

      Thank you Charles for that info. I think a lot of people will benefit from what you said and I probably will post my first week results so we can add to the knowledge base.

    • neil02627 neil02627 charles40613

      Hi Charles,

      Am I correct that you live in the UK.

      I live in South Africa and the procedure is not yet performed here to my knowledge.

      You mention 4 hospitals. Can you please provide me their names soI can follow up as to the possibilty of travelling to the UK.

      Kind regards,

      Neil Rex.

    • peteratukhot peteratukhot neil02627

      Hi Neil.

      There are now many more hospitals in the UK which can offer the Urolift procedure. If you find the Urolift website there is a tab marked "find a doctor" on this page there is quite a long list of UK hospitals and clinics offering the procedure complete with contact details. Make sure you are on the UK site a

    • john73896 john73896 graham12640

      Graham, I have found NO NHS centres that carry out the Urolift procedure. And I made a thorough search. Also consulted my GP. In fact I was quoted a price of £5,800 to have the operation done privately.


    • bill76612 bill76612 Rayluca10


      I had the Urolift in July this year and am now 6-7 weeks past it. It has worked out very well. From what I've gathered, and in my my opinion, one should make sure you're a good candidate. There are some factors that preclude its use or, in my opinion, lessen the perceived 'success' of the procedure. The size of the prostate as well as the configuration in regard to what's called a 'median lobe' are two of these considerations.  A urologist that performs the procedure will do a cystocopy to assess the prostate and bladder to determine if your a candidate.  If you are,  It may be a good choice. I'm very happy with mine.  As many here will tell you, do your best to 'avoid the knife'. Get second opinions if you feel you're being 'steered' too hard in the surgical direction.  

      Somewhere in this thread is an account of my first few days post procedure. 

    • james87669 james87669 Rayluca10

      Good thing to remember is that this is a temporary fix. The prostate will continue to grow and somewhere down the line a surgical intervention will be your only choice. I suggest you look into the HoLEP procedure for permanent solution now.

    • bill76612 bill76612 james87669

      "Good thing to remember is that this is a temporary fix."

      Another 'good' thing to remember is that more elegant solutions than the 'stone knives and bear skins' approaches are constantly being designed and tested. My approach to the the issue was that if  Urolift could give me five years of relief, I'd take it and so I did. 

      Remembering that having any particular procedure should be based on research and assessing of the entire urological state, the  data currently suggests that in a properly identified candidate, Urolift will bridge the time to more mature next generation solutions if not an actual permanent one. 


    • frank74205 frank74205 james87669

      Hi James, At almost 87 years old a temporary fix maybe 3 to 5 years of living again would be great. I have urine retention,and  my cystoscopy show my enlarged pristate is around 4 cm long,whatever that means i don't know.

      Does anynone know if having a catherter in would make your  feet and ankles numb?

    • alan1951 alan1951 bill76612

      bill76612 ... "Urolift will bridge the time to more mature next generation solutions if not an actual permanent one"  That is a very good point.  I'm wondering if you or anyone else knows if this procedure is reversible, either because of complications or, as you say, better, future alternatives that could possibly necessitate the removal of the Urolift staples.  Thanks.

    • bill76612 bill76612 alan1951

      [Is] "this procedure is reversible, either because of complications or, as you say, better, future alternatives that could possibly necessitate the removal of the Urolift staples. "

      It is my understanding that they are removable. There are others here that have had implant adjustments due to prostate size changes that introduced 'slack' with the result being the constricting of the urethral path so I know they can go back in. The procedure is certainly uncomfortable when done 'in office' like I had so I would not look forward to it but it could be done. 

      But the advancements you read about these days are promising and give hope that even if my procedure is not permanent  the advancements in choices in 5 years or so will be ready to go. 

    • paul96555 paul96555 alan1951

      The innermost metal tabs can be removed, but not the sutures through the prostate or the outermost metal tabs that are outside the prostate – the sutures and outer tabs get left behind.  I heard of one case on one of these boards, where the outermost metal tabs had “grown in” as the prostate grew larger after the urolift (outer tab is set distance from inner tab, distance between them = length of suture...) and the subsequent HOLEP operation was messed up when the sliced inner piece of prostate tissue was caught with a tab (that used to be outside the prostate) in it.  Contemplating urolift, I was also worried that (a) the sutures (held in place by nothing much, just tissue friction I guess) after such a partial removal could work loose leaving the outer tabs loose to potentially re-orient and poke me in the bladder or prostate after vigorous exercise, (b) it is acknowledged (see UROLIFT official website) that the metal tabs create a dead zone of 16mm around which MRIs cannot see, so if you later need an MRI because of a high PSA reading you are in bother.  It also worried me, I didn’t get round to asking the uro, that radiology might make the tabs hot (but it is not RF so it shouldn’t be able to do that) or more likely be partly blocked by them.  Also RF-type treatments like REZUM are presumably hazardous as the RF, although the left-behind tabs are not that close to the inner prostate tissue, would be very susceptible, I’d have thought, to induced-current heating from the RF/microwave energy from the REZUM needle/probe.  Whether that matters – presumably the tissue around the outer tabs would get slightly cooked – I don’t know.  I went with Holep, instead. 

    • bob75564 bob75564 paul96555

      Paul, I was sitting in the Imaging Lab this morning when your post came through on my cellphone.  I was scheduled for an MRI at 7:00am.  I disclosed, to the Imaging Lab, that I had had the Urolift in February of 2016.  The MRI tech was not certain about the Urolift proceedure and made me wait while he researched the Urolift.  After about 15 minutes, he let me know thathe would not perform the MRI due to the uncertainty of the compatibility of Urolift + MRI.  Later today I received a call from that Imaging Lab that after further research and discussion with radiologist, it was okay to have the MRI with the Urolift. I also got a callback from my urologist, I placed a call to him earlier that day, who also confirmed that it was okay to have the MRI after Urolift.  Just FYI.  Bob

    • bill76612 bill76612 bob75564

      Interesting. After my Urolift procedure I was handed a card with device information including specific, lot number etc, device information for my implants. On the back are detailed instructions for MRI technicians about maximum settings etc. 

    • bob75564 bob75564 bill76612

      Bill, that would be helpful. I am checking with my urologist. The MRI technician initially went to the Urolift website to research compatibility with MRI. He said it stated it was not determined. That was why he would not go forward without more research. I don't know when the urolift website was last updated. I have been rescheduled for later this week. Thanks again for the info. Bob

    • steve27990 steve27990 graham12640


      I was quoted the best part of £10,000 for the proceedure but I discovered that the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital perform this proceedure. I have therefore asked to be refered and am awaiting to hear back. I will up date when i know more.


    • paul96555 paul96555 steve27990

      >>I was quoted the best part of £10,000 for the Urolift procedure

      ​ - What the heck, if I can get a HOLEP done under GENERAL ANAESTHETIC with a catheterised overnight stay for £3400 all up including cost of cystoscopy and consultation beforehand and surgeon and private hospital / room including anaesthetist fee all private, how can you have been quoted three times as much for something supposed to be (and is) much SIMPLER and quicker with less risk ?? (albeit I question if endurance long term or effectiveness re : frequency as good as HOLEP)  Uro-ripoff ?

    • steve27990 steve27990 paul96555

      I think it is because I live in Cambridge and everything is twice as expensive as almost anywhere else. The Urologist is £6,200 alone, consultation £250 and then they do a load of tests first which all adds up to over £9,000.

      You can see why I want to go to Norwich. The anoying thing was that i was told that Urolift was NOT avaliable on the NHS, not that it wasnt avaliable on the NHS at Addenbrookes. I was lucky that i found out otherwise befor I committed to spending all my beer tokens.


    • paul96555 paul96555 steve27990

      My urologist charged £750 for his part of my HOLEP.  Urolift meant to be quicker to do, I know from the video he gave me that HOLEP took him 40 minutes to actually perform - I can see the duration of the video.  I was out for the count.  Isn't urolift done under local ??

    • steve27990 steve27990 paul96555

      Yes, it is done under local and is a shorter proceedure. You would have thought that there would been a bit of standardisation with regard to pricing of these proceedures. Also, if NICE have approved the proceedure why is it not been rolled out to all Urology units as the new proceedure will not impinch on time or finnaces, just a training issure.


    • john75981 john75981 steve27990

      This not accurate in every case. My Urolift performed in Chelmsford/Essex Urology, covered by BUPA. General anaesthetic, takes about 15/20 minutes. Nice approved. Some hospitals performing on NHS some not depending on both funding and availability of trained surgeon. According to recent article in Daily Mail NHS funding concerning new treatments changing as they consider may save the service money in the long run. Still need to have right surgeon in place though.  Costs going private seems to be around £7/8,000.  I avoided Holep/Green Light as both not without risk of side effects which almost absent with urolift.

    • mcgillvn mcgillvn richard11472

      Check my posts on this forum for my experience with urolift.  As a minor upddate--I've noticed the stream slowing down, longer times to void, but nothing that's more than a minor annoyance.  It's been a huge improvement, very little discomfort/pain involved, and most of that resolving within a few days.  If you're researching this topic, you'll find that each case is unique, experiences vary, and you need to have confidence in the advice you're getting from your urologist.  Best wishes.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 richard11472

      Richard.  I had the urolift done April of 2015 and within a week I was peeing fine.  Very little pain.  Off all meds and sleep through the night.  I went in at 9AM had it at 11AM and I went home at 1PM.  I did have a catheter because I have a problem peeing on demand.  Had it for 3 days.  It came out had no problem.  Burning the first 24 hour.  Had sex 5 days later no change at all same feeling  Ken

    • gipsy gipsy kenneth1955

      Hi guys, I have a sad tale, april26 2017 urinary retention and kidney failure, catheter and book in to urologist. After avocado for 8 months, had utility on 08dec 16 and still with Cath and now infection. I had 11stents put in but not looking good. I know you say only the failures might report on this thread but that should be of interest to all should it not?

    • gipsy gipsy

      Oops some self correcting typos. Catheter for 8 months, urolift 3weeks ago now still have catheter and now infection. Not sure if I did the right thing now.

    • gipsy gipsy

      Started with 135cc prostate and after 8 months of avodart ended with 93cc so urologist did urolift using 11 implants. Hope it improves or I did make a mistake.

    • bill76612 bill76612 gipsy


      reading your post the first thing I would ask is was there a manufacturer rep from NeoTract at your procedure. The reason I ask is that, based on what you're saying, it seems that your situation would be outside the parameters of recommended usage.  Was that discussed?

    • gipsy gipsy bill76612

      Yes it was discussed but that is why the avodart med for 8 months and as I was anesthetized I was not aware who was present. My urologist is one of the most experienced in Australia with the procedure so I'm not convinced that is an issue. He has performed many urolift procedures and told me that I was on the limits of the procedure. Still maybe there are some experiments happening so I would expect that if I was an experiment then why did I pay $10k for the procedure/experiment? Will see the urologist after the new year so I will have a few questions for him. Cheers Gipsy

    • gipsy gipsy mal7896

      Mal, in Sydney at Macquarie private hospital, not sure if I can mention the urologist here but he is the leading urologist in Australia with the honour of being the first to conduct robotics on prostate in Australia.

    • jed111 jed111 paul96555

      Hi Paul- How are you doing now that you have had the HOLEP procedure..? I don't know when you had it. Are you experiencing any retrograde or ED. Any pain, or difficult urination..? [Sorry if you have answered this question elsewhere.] Cheers- Jed

    • paul96555 paul96555 jed111

      Holep done 6th june age 49 on small prostate about 33cc.  Flow before had been poor for a few years, liveable with, frequency 2 or 3 times a night.   A bout of prostatitis (really acute and annoying LUTS for a week, gradually tailing off but not entirely back to my poor "baseline"wink took me to a uro and he offered to fix with urolift or holep, which are the two that he does.  After holep (catheter out the day after) I had two weeks of painful peeing, no incontinence but some urgency (I never needed any "depends"wink, then some bleeding/one day of what seemed big clots, rested after that day for a day, that stopped, at week 4 or so I tested functionality and found, no ED and normal sensations prior to the ending but felt almost nothing at that moment (and was RE as expected), gradually the sensation came back over time.  9 months on there seems to have been further improvement month by month but my memory is not objective enough to make a good comparison ... I think the peak sensation is marginally abated compared to pre-holep but not a lot in it.  Doesn't bother me.  Flow rate strong compared to pre-holep (sometimes a little lower in the morning though) and frequency good (infrequent), last night I slept from 01:00 to 07:00 before waking up for a pee.  Daytimes I usually go many hours between pees.  I do still find frequency will gradually creep up (not bothersomely) if I humour my bladder and pee too often, sometimes making the effort to hold back is a good idea to keep everything well calibrated I think.  And I occasionally do a few seconds of the pelvic floor exercise. 

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 paul96555

      Paul  I am happy that things are doing well for you.  I have read up on some of the things you said but why did you give up on your prostate.  Your 49 and you have retro.  You could have tryed the urolift first.  You had a small prostate and small lobe going into the bladder it would have worked for you. My urologist have done the urolift on men that have a 80cc prostate with a large lobe and they did fine.  Im 61 and there is no way I'm giving up anything to just pee better.  Was on flomax and rapaflo  Had retro and it was very disapointing.  The first time I had one the built up was good but when the orgasm hit I felt nothing and with no ejaculation it was like I did nothing no after feeling  My orgasm are very intence and they do last for 2 to 3 minutes with after glow.  They were never like that when I was younger.  Don't know if the urolift did that or not.  My prostate was the size of a lemon now 2 years later it is half that size.   My urologist know me and the way I feel he would never talk to me about any procedure that will take any function away.  But we are all diffirent and we all have the right to pick what we want to try.  We are the ones that have to deal with the side effect and anything that goes wrong.  In reality a doctor can only suggest a treatment or procedure because they do not know if it will work until it done.  Take care and have a great day  Ken

    • paul96555 paul96555 kenneth1955

      I knew I could have had urolift but was aware it creates an area where MRI can't "see" of 16mm around each tab, it often only improves flow not frequency issue as doesn't stop prostate pushing up on bladder neck like mine was, you sometimes have to muck about going back to have bands tightened, and if you later have to have a HOLEP they can only cut off innermost tabs not get rid of outer tabs or the now-could-work-loose suture holding the outer tabs in place, and HOLEP can end up slicing the outer tabs that have "grown in".  I decided to go for the most enduring and permanent solution, I had PSA 16.92 at this time so this also gave me more samples of prostate tissue to check on top of the biopsy, giving me peace of mind as well 'cos that seemed a highish PSA.  PSA now 0.66 and I have less prostate tissue left (60% gone) to get cancer in.  Unlike greenlight (no cancer sampling) or even some TURP, even if my little prostate grows I should have no bother now for rest of life.  He removed 12 cc of 22cc.  NB above in error I wrote 33cc, it wasn't it was a 22cc tiddler .

      ​You could say I had them take a laser-powered sledgehammer to crack a walnut, maybe they did but I have peace of mind that peeing problems are gone and won't ever come back.  Shouldn't anyway.  Any effects on sensations at peak are now so small I can't even be sure there is any effect any more.  This is consistent with the only 2 studies of this I could find (see earlier posts by me for references to find them) saying the adverse effect is early on for both HOLEP and TURP and THULEP, and you on average get most of the way back to baseline by one year on. Within that I guess some fully back, some less so.  I would have worried about it had I had urolift as it is not always permanent.  I wanted it done for good.   

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 paul96555

      I just wonder.  You had a small prostatedoctr tell you that you had cancer is that is why you were worry about it.  I had the urolift done 2 years ago and they have been fine I never feel them.  I did have a problem when one got loose.  Had to have it replace.  When he went in to replace the one he had to tightenther 3 because my prostate got smaller.  I have a stricture and have a scope done ever 3 or 4 month to check it he also checks the implants they have not moved.  I was also told by my urologist that he can take them out at any time if I want but they work well so they are staying.  I just feel sorry for men that have to give up that function because doctor don't feel it is important.  Well you are the one that has to deal with the outcome and you were aware of the out come.  You did your reseach and  you are happy.  That is all that matters.  We are all different and we all look at things differently and we have our priorities what we feel is important to us.  Hads all as we get the information.  At 47 I ad a cancer scare.  I new very little what did what.  Now I know maybe  mch  Take care  enjoy life  Ken 

    • bruce74642 bruce74642 Albin

      Hi, Albin,  I had the procedure Friday.  It went easily enough.  Afterwards, i felt an urgent need to pee, but passed mostle blood  and little urine. That was somewhat uncomfortable, but I wore guards and even disposable underwear Saturday night.  i didn't sleep well, and about 2;30am I said a prayer for some relief.  About 3:00am a big splotch of blood passed, followed by a stream of urine.  I feel almost normal this afternoon.  I'm still passing some blood, but now mostly urine.  I do feel better.   The doctor told me to refrain from my exercise class for a week, but nothing after that.  I have a follow-up appointment on 1 June that I will have to make earlier or delay a few days.

    • mark02906 mark02906 bruce74642

      Based on my experience (small sample, I know), you might delay the exercise until June.  I took a spinning class for 30 min a couple of weeks after the procedure (the class is usually an hour).  As I got quickly to the locker room, I started to pee.  It's gotten better in the last couple of months, but take it slow on the exercise.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 frank74205

      Hey Frank  Remember my doctor told you that it may help your retention ( He has had good results with some of his patents wink  but if it does not work  the urolift would make CIC easier for you because it will open up the prostate.  Don't let them talk you into anything else.  At you age I don't want you to have anymore problems or trama I think of what I would tell my father.  If he would have lived he would have been 100 at the end of the month.   Please promise me that  Ken

    • Libero Libero kenneth1955

      $200 for the Urolift procedure just means you have good insurance, I have Cigna with a $4000 deductible and I just had the exploratory procdure to determine what is causing my issue and the cost is ~$4500. It was done in outpatient but I was anesthetized. I expect the urolift will come out about the same so given the exhange rate that is not far of 10000 pounds.

    • gino16935 gino16935 kenneth1955

      Hi Ken, Gino here.  Had the Uro-Lift one week ago and peeing fine.  Wakeing up in morning with wood.  Doc says to wait for four weeks.  Naturally I asked why, he said may cause bleeding.  Good to hear of your five days later experience.  Way to go!! I'm 85 and thrity years ago had the Microwave proceedure that left me with RE.  At that time Doctor never even warned me that might happen. It left me with dry uncomfortable ejaculations and in the last few years very painful ones, always dry and never any pre-cum.  Now after only a week when I pleasure myself, never have gone all the way since may cause bleeding, my penis exudes copius slippery precum. 

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 gino16935

      When to go.  I think you would be fine at the 2 week post.  When I had mine the urologist told me 2 weeks but could not wait.  What I think is going on is that it fix it self andyou  may get some when you go all the way.  I will sent a email to my urologist and ask him what he thinks.  Years ago doctor neverto ld youev erything and when it happen they go I don't know  Just drink alot of water and juice  Take care  Ken

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 gino16935

      It's no problem  I like to help.  Men have to stick together and help each other.  I see no problem with you having fun at your age.  If your in the mood why not.  i would wait for at least 2 weeks but wait till I hear back from my doctor.  Has your doctors told you anything.  You ejaculatory duct may have healed or your bladder neck may be closing normal were you will have a regular ejaculation.  Would that be something after 30 years of dry orgasm.  Well good night my friend  Have a long day tomorrow  If I hear anything I will let you know when I get home ( 11PM ) God bless and happy healing  Ken       

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 gino16935

      Hey Gino.  Got a reply for my doctor.  This is what he said.  He said that there may be a discharge from the placements of the sutures.  He also said that it is a good idea to wait for 1 or 2 weeks to have sex or have a orgasm.  You want the sutures to a hear to the prostate before you contract it.  He also said that stranger things have happy.  He told me to let him know what happen.  Good luck had have fun  Ken

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 david38025

      Good morning David.  Yes I had the Urolift procedure.  It has been over 2 1/2 years.  I had 4 implants put in.  All has be great.  I would do it again.  that is the only procedure I would ever do.  No side effects.  Have a great day  Ken.  I'm 62 now

    • david38025 david38025 kenneth1955

      thanks for the quck reply, i had a TURP 3 yrs ago and its closing up again, it was good for me until recently.  new doc thinks its scar tissue, looking next week, after that i will check with local dr in tenn about the lift. at 69 it is enlarged but dont know how much,, during the day i have little or no probs unless i set for a long time. at night i feel inflamed sometimes but prob not prostatis.  i have had issues with FUNGUS however that casues a problem .  also i think lost of guys have that and dont know it.

      regards -david

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 paul96555

      Good evening Paul.  You can get a stricture from any surgery that they stick tubes in you.  I got a stricture from kidney stone surgery when I was 47  I did not even know I had one until 11 years later.  I think the Urolift surgery helped mine.  Because the tube they use for the gun is a little bigger so it opened up the stricture take care  Ken   

    • mitchell97639 mitchell97639 kenneth1955

      With Dr. Sujka at Orlando Urology. My daughter in law is a PA and a very smart woman and knows many physicians in Orlando. I have her recommend all the specialists I use and so far she has done very well for me. I also went to the Eurolift website and he is one of a very few they have listed is this area. I am a Medicare specialist and since I know all the plans, I have an "F" supplement which pays for everything. I was on tamulosin for quite a while but it did not seem to make a difference but it did make me dizzy. right now he has me trying Myrbetriq to see if it does anything. I go back in two weeks with a page of questions I got from this forum. I thank everyone who contributed and will add my experience when it happens.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 mitchell97639

      Yes it is nice to have a doctor that you like they will all ways to the best for you.   I have had my doctor for almost 4 years.  I consider him a friend and my doctor.  He is very well likes in orlando and he has dome many speeches on Urolift.  Some things to ask him.  If he will do a catheter after for you.  I did.  It was much easier.  Sometime the prostate will be swollen and  you may not be able to pee and it's better to have the catheter put in while your asleep then have to rush to the hospital after you go home.  Take care  Ken

  • RonTexan RonTexan charles40613

    Hi Charles, above all considerations, avoid the BPH meds like the plague. They are eventually just medical castration. Urolift is a stop gap measure, a means to stay off the meds and it should help you for years but most prostates continue to grow and eventually you'll probably need some sort of prostate tissue removal.

    My advice to anyone offered the first prescription for Flomax or any of the other meds is to find a Holep surgeon and take care of the problem once and for all. I may be a bit premature as I had the procedure just five days a go but so far it has been excellent. I wish i had done it at least five years ago.   Good luck! 

    • gene61250 gene61250 RonTexan

      Hi Ron, just wanted to follow-up and see how you are doing after a year. I did the Urolift procedure a year and a half ago. The Dr said it was temporary at best maybe a few years. I had BPH and unfortunately it kept growing so I did my due diligence and decided on the Holep procedure here in Phoenix at Mayo with Dr Humphreys and Dr Martin. Just had it done this week. Have to do a catheter for a few days, after 3 days the urine is getting cleaner. The Urolift caused a couple of issues with the procedure, but everything seems to have worked our.  Just wondering if your are still doing ok.


    • gene61250 gene61250 michael72708

      Hi Michael,

      I had 2 bands. The bands ate up the enucleater (spelling) this is the device used to remove the prostrate. Doc said he had to change the device 4 times to get it all cut up and out. My prostrate had grown around the bands. He Holep was successful, but he said the area where the bands were thinner and would take a little longer to heal. I just had the Helop on Tuesday and have a catheter in. After 3 days the fluid is getting clearer, just a light pink now. I get the catheter out on Monday. Not sure where you live, but Mayo folks were very attentive. Everything was explained. The surgery is about an hour (to cut up the prostrate) and then about 20 minutes to remove it. I feel good. My sleep (even with the catheter) has been great. Hope this is helpful. Just let me know if you would like any other info. Gene

    • michael72708 michael72708 gene61250

      Thanks for the details Gene. I didn't realize the Urolift would cause those problems.I'm not sure what you mean when you say grea around the "bands". Do you mean the prostate grew around the metal clips in the ureathra. I assume you mean the tether cords that go through the prostate. Or do you mean the metal clips on the outside of the prostate?

    • vacationterry vacationterry RonTexan

      Hi Ron,  My prostate is too large for the Urolift.  I am considering the Holep procedure.  How has this surgery worked out for you since it's been about a year I think since you had it done?  Have you had any sexual or other side effects?  How long did it take after the procedure for you to get some decent results?

      Thanks,  Terry

    • gene61250 gene61250 michael72708

      Hi Michael, Had the catheter removed (what a relief wink) checked with the Dr on the Eurolift. I had 2 bands/staples in from my Urolift, I guess the bands caused some issues with the morcelator which is the devise which cuts everything up so they can pull the material back out. He said he had to replace the blades several times but all is well.   I can say the procedure went well and my x-rays were clean. First day off the catheter and I have had no issues. If I can provide any other info for you, please let me know. I am happy I did it. Good luck. Gene

    • Beachboy1 Beachboy1 RonTexan

      I am awaiting the TURP op and just found out about the Euro lift proceedure . With regards to tissue growth .I have been told by my specialist that the turps op will normally have to be repeated every 10 years. How long term is the Eurolift ? After reading the Nice report on the Eurocel proceedure I cannot understand why the N H S is not providing this treatment .I f anyone does know differently please let us all know..On what I have seen so far it would be a no brainier not to have the Eurolift when you consider the after effects of the TURPS op.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 Beachboy1

      One of the other men on this site had to have 2 Geen Lights and a turp in 4 years he still has a problem.  Why put yourself through that. No doctor will ever do that barbaric procedure to me.  That is why I had a Uro-lift over a year ago still going great. Some doctors will push it because they sell the equipment so they make money both way.  Repeat and Repeat  Have a good day  Ken

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 jjjj57989

      I have to repeat it because I am trying to stop some men form making a bad decision.  Here are some other facts I just read which may help.  When having a turp.  40% of men will not be able to get a erection sufficient for intercourse.  20% to 25% have relief from BPH symtoms and 15% to 20%  have to have another treatment in under 10 years or sooner I read that one man had to have 2 GL and 1 turp in 4 years . There is also a 5% to 10% of being incontinence and 10% to 20% become impotent.  It sometime take up to a month for you  go back to driving.  To me way would you put yourself through all of this. You may solve one problem but you end up with many.  Most urologist will never give you all the information.  They just tell you  all will be the same.  All I am saying before you pick a procedure get all the information you can.  Because you have to deal with the out come. JJ this is just by opinion   Have a great day..Ken  

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 Rayluca10

      Ray  Done have the holep its just as bad has a turp.  Have the urolift firt lest side effect and you will be much better off.  I have mine a year in a half ago all is great  and no retro or incotinence....Ken

    • bob75564 bob75564 Rayluca10

      Ray, Hi. I had the urolift in Feb. 2016, so 7 months. I will be 59 years old this year. As you will read, all men have differing experiences with urolift. So, I can only give you mine. My enlarged prostate symptoms were severe urgency and increased frequency. I took tamsulosin for many years and did get relief until about a year ago. I decided on urolift after much research and discussions with urologist. I was told I was a good candidate and it was recommended that I not wait. As mentioned, I had it in February. The procedure was very uncomfortable, almost painful, to me but recovery very fast. Saw improvements after a couple weeks. As of now I can sleep through the night easily and both urgency and frequency are much improved. I am glad I had the urolift. I do have concerns, because the prostate continues to grow, just how long the improvement will be felt. If I could get 7 to 10 years, I would be thankful. Hope that helps. Good luck.

    • frank74205 frank74205 kenneth1955

      Hi Ken, I/m almost 87 years old with urine retention. Do you know of anyone at this age that had a Uro Lift ? I want to relate this info.Today i talked with Dr Sterling nurse  about "THE FOCUSED LASER ABLATION" for BPH. It turns out the they will not accept insurance,medicare does not pay for this .This is done in Florida,and New York. It"s around $22,0000.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 frank74205

      Good evening Frank  Sorry I'm so late getting you a reply but was out with some friends.  Here is the reply I got from my Urologist.  It would depend on your median lobe.  But you did not say anything about that. This is what he said.  Honestly I've had very good success in men that have had a mild median lobe in the past. And would pursue it at your age..Have a good day hope this helps.  Ken 

    • frank74205 frank74205 kenneth1955

      HI KEN, Thank you so much for this information. I have an appoint on Oct 4 with a urologist that does uro- lift. He's 39 years old ,been inpractice 7 years,i hope he has enough experience to do this.Do you know what kind of test they do,  to know  about the median lobe?

      Thank you so much.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 frank74205

      That's great.  My urologist is about 45 if that had him for 2 years I think the younger guys treat the older guys better.  Your prostate cums in lobes.  Sometime the median lobe get to big and gets stuck in the bladder.  You did not mantion that I just think your whole prostate is a little big.  My doctor said your a good candiate for a uro-lift  He may just do another scope so he can see it himself.  You just need it pulled apart.  Good luck and let me know what happen..Ken

    • paul96555 paul96555 Rayluca10

      I had it, in for one night, got some sleep with the stupid catheter in and the machine massaging my legs against DVT (half way thro' they switched it off at my request), next day removal of catheter was a painful part (few seconds), some pee pain (but no bleeding) for 2 weeks but nothing too awful, no incontinence, third week =  pee pain all gone but 1 week with blood in pee (you get this with urolift too I believe for a day or two only), within that 3 week was one day of clot-passing (right at end of week 3 then stopped abruptly), then improved flow rate, frequency issue depleting day by day, no ED, first ejaculation at 7 weeks was insensate (no feeling) but by week 14 all sensations back to normal or suitably close (improvement was progressive), PSA measured 0.7, repeat test 0.66 at week 20 (not by uro, just a freebie with my bi-annual company medical as I am now 50), and I didn’t get the 2% stricture risk (that also exists with all other procedures, including REZUM and, to a smaller degree, Urolift).  Well, textbook says stricture risk lasts a year,  uro said after HOLEP it will generally manifest in first 2 months, if not got it then (my flow rate week 9 or so was 36 ml/second), then you’re safe.  I chose holep to avoid meds (never took any) and because I felt urolift was just a stop-gap with drawbacks as per post higher up in this thread.  I am someone who likes long-term fixes !

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 frank74205

      Frank my urologist said that he has had good result with me with retention.  And he also said that if it does not work  It will make CIC easier for you.  The catheter would go through the prostate better.  Your doctor is trying to have you do surgery Like a turp  Tell him no.  You what a Urolift if anything.  And get it in writing.and have him sign it no turp only urolift  Ken

    • Evdilos Evdilos frank74205

      I had the uro lift six weeks ago. Had a terrible five days after procedure. A lot of clotting - four visits to the emergency room. Now I am maybe a little better than before the procedure. Still get up four or five times a night to urinate but I no longer take max flow. But maybe I should be.

      Tony (Evdilos) 

    • frank74205 frank74205 Evdilos

      Hi,Evdilos, Did you have complete urine retention?Cannot pee at all?

      I have this and my uroologist says Uro Lift

      frank,won't work for me? It would help me to know if you had my problem before you had uro lift?

      Thanks very much my friend!!


    • Evdilos Evdilos frank74205

      Hi Frank,

      ​    Before the Uro-lift I had frequent urination problems and poor evacuation. Got up  4 or 5 tims despite taking Tamsulosin. I did not have total urintde retention except for a few days after the procedure as a result of blood clottkng. I had to rush to emergency 4 times

         At this point I urinate about every hour and a half and even more if I have had a couple of beverages.

      ​   I am flying to Florida next week. I will be wearing special underwear just in case the toilet on the plane is not available when I need it.


    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 eric29213

      I was back to normal withing a week.  It take about a month for most.  I had a little burning for the catheter the first day it came out but all went well  Take it easy  when are you going for iy.  Ken

    • mcgillvn mcgillvn eric29213

      I've noticed a sensation of increased pressure before defecating, and I interpret that as possible pressure from the rectum on the prostate and staples.  I wouldn't call it pain, and I've only noticed it a couple of times.  Urine flow showed immediate improvement after the procedure, far better.  It's apparently slowing now, but still better than it was, and not interfering with normal life.  Best wishes.

    • bob75564 bob75564 eric29213

      Eric,  I did not have any catheter after procedure but had extreme burning and pain with urination, for about 3 or 4 days, after the urolift.  My flow was never much of a problem with BPH.  I did have severe problems with urgency and frequency.  These symptoms improved greatly after the procedure and continue to be improved a year later.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 eric29213

      Eric.  I had a catheter for 3 days.  It is up to you and the doctor if one is used.  I have a problem peeing on demand so he felt it was right for me.  Also I would reather have one put in while am out they one put in when i'm awake.  The prostate get swollen so it gives the urethra time to heal.  Take care  Ken

    • Evdilos Evdilos eric29213


      ​    I can't feel any staples but I do wonder if the staples were properly inserted. Is it possible that the prostate has slipped away from the staples and is again blocking off much of the passage through which the urine flows. I do not have total retention by any means but very frequent  urination.

      ​   The uro-lift was not a success. I am about where I was before the procedure. 

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 Evdilos

      They may have to go in and put more in.  I had 4 implants and they worked for me.  Chuck P had it done and  the 4 were not enough.  He went in and had another 4  he pees like he was in his teens.  The urologist jsut does not know how many to put in they start with 4.  Take care  Ken

    • alan1951 alan1951 jjjj57989

      No disrespect, jjjj57989, but you need to lighten up.  If kenneth1955 is repeating himself, that's actually a GOOD thing.  His posts have the potential to save a lot of guys from making bad decisions.  Just sayin'

    • brianric brianric kenneth1955

      Has anyone who was on tamsulosin (Flomax) prior to having the UroLift procedure have problems going off on tamsulosin after having the UroLift procedure performed? I had UroLift procedure done on July 11. It took roughly nine days to have total bladder control. Life was good, waking up at most two times a night to urinate. Saw the urologist on August 15 and he told me to stop taking tamsulosin, then in two weeks stop taking Myrbetriq. Since then I'm getting up four to five times a night. The urologist said I may have to go back on tamsulosin. I have no problem  maintaining a steady stream when urinating, but I'm going too frequent and I'm wondering if the problem could be an overactive bladder. Should I stay the course for a couple weeks and stay off on tamsulosin for a couple more weeks in hopes the bladder calms down.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 brianric

      Hello Brian.  Sorry your still having a problem.  after I had mine done I was off all meds.  I would not take Tamsulosin because of the side effect.  Try taking Myrbetriq every other day.  Maybe your bladder is to relax.  Stay away from coffee and tea.  KEN

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 brianric

      Hello Brian.  Sorry your still having a problem.  after I had mine done I was off all meds.  I would not take Tamsulosin because of the side effect.  Try taking Myrbetriq every other day.  Maybe your bladder is to relax.  Stay away from coffee and tea.  KEN

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 brianric

      Hello Brian.  Sorry your still having a problem.  after I had mine done I was off all meds.  I would not take Tamsulosin because of the side effect.  Try taking Myrbetriq every other day.  Maybe your bladder is to relax.  Stay away from coffee and tea.  KEN

    • mark02906 mark02906 Evdilos

      My Urolift was the second procedure I had done on my prostate (TUNA first 10 years ago).  Since the TUNA, my nocturia increased back to a 2-5 times a night.  First my urologist tried tamsulosin.  I reacted badly to it.  It zapped my energy. I couldn't do recreational running or light weights.  Perhaps its the combination with blood pressure medicine (which I reduced the dosage).  Finally, the doc and I agreed to the Urolift (Feb 2017) and stop the tamsulosin.  I am averaging 0-1 time a night.  My energy level is better and I am slowly getting my conditioning back.  I have some minor bladder control issues, but they seem to be getting a little better.  Tamsulosin works for some people.  I was not one.

    • brianric brianric kenneth1955

      I'm still on the Myrbetriq, not suppose to go off on that for another two weeks. Hard to tell if there is starting to be some improvement being off of Tamsulosin, as it is only been six days since going off on it. I'll give it another eight days to see if my frequent urine problems improve before deciding to go back on Tamsuloin. As soon as my frequency to urinate decreases I will then try and go off on Mybetriq. To be thruthful, it is no big deal deal to me if I have to stay on either one of the meds or both. I have no regrets getting UroLift done. Nine days after getting UroLift done but before going off on Tamsuloin I went from getting up six to eight or more times a night to urinate to one to two times at most. Count me in as being very pleased at having UroLift done. Now that I'm off of Finasteride I'll be able to go back donating blood and platelets in another 22 days. I've donated 167 pints in my lifetime and I really want to go back being a platelet donor.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 Evdilos

      Sorry that your still having a problem.  Some of the side effects are Chest pain, you feel like you want to pass out, dizzy and also dry ejaculation and a few others. I was good in a  week.  Remember we all heal at different rates.  Try to relax if you can  Ken

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 brianric

      Brian  you have to watch the Myrbetriq.  I through that I was going to much so my urologist told me to try it.   I was only going once a day and had no feel to go the rest of the day.  I'm doing great now It was just some form of prostatitis.  I will deal with it.  Other then that it's 2 1/2 years for me.  I would not have any other procedure.  Glad your off the finasteride.  I use to give plasma years ago when my kids were little.  Take care  Ken 

    • brianric brianric

      One thing that's compounding my problem with frequent urinating is that I have Parkinson's. I'm still in the early stages of Parkinson's and it hasn't affected my photography hobby.

    • brianric brianric kenneth1955

      I'm on the generic version of Sinemet. There are a lot of side effects, but without taking Sinemet I wouldn't be able to walk or stand because I'd lose my sense of balance. My neurologist figures it will be 10 to 15 years before I will need more dramatic steps. I'm 67. I did tell my primary care back in December that one of the side effects of Sinemet was hallucinations, then I said that I'm suffering hallucinations, someone told me Trump was President. Primary care noted "patient has not lost his sense of humor". :-)

    • brianric brianric kenneth1955

      Went back on Tamsulosin this morning. I'm just starting off at one pill a day, 0.4 mg, and see if I can get by with that dose. If necessary I'll go to two pills a day, 0.8 mg, my old dose. Hard to explain, but I felt like my urethra was irritated. The frequent urinating at night time was driving me up a wall, especially when I wasn't urinating that much volume wise. I'll wait until my bladder calms down and see if I can wean myself off of Myrbetriq. I'll give a call to talk to my urologist nurse to schedule a follow up appointment in six months per my urologist instructions.

    • steve52719 steve52719 bob75564

      Hi All, I had 4 bands put in 6 weeks ago...After a few weeks of pain and worry..All is working well , better flow, less urgency...2-3 times/night. I am very happy with the far.  I hope it is not a temporary fix! Best of luck.  Steve 

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 steve52719

      Hey Steve  Going on 3 years for me..  All is well.  There are men that had it done in the trail 7 years ago and they are still good to go..  I am good with it If I have to have a couple more clips put in every 5 years.  That would work for me  Ken

    • bob75564 bob75564 steve52719

      Steve, that's good news. I'm at two years with no diminishing of benefits and I know Ken, on the forum, is at three years. I asked my urologist, this past Monday, about long-term success with urolift and he said the initial study showed 85% success rate to five years. Good luck. Bob

    • steve52719 steve52719 bob75564

      Thanks Bob and Ken. That is what I have read as well.Good results to 5 years. I would not be in favor of repeating the procedure..Once is enough. 

      This forum has been great to read and share about others experience with

      Urolift. Steve.

    • den-48442 den-48442 kenneth1955

      Not sure how to get a post into this forum, but I'll see if this works.


      I had Uro-Lift surgery just over a year ago (12-2217) & man do I regret that decision. It has completely ruined my sex life and rendered erections impossible.

      Sure, I can p**s now, though not as well as expected, but before surgery I had to self-cath just to have relief.

      I was told & assured that the Uro-Lift procedure would not affect sexual function. BULLS**T! 

      In addition, after doing a lot of self research prior to surgery, I was told that I would be able to come off the meds (Rapaflo & Jalyn) post surgery. My urologist  took me off the Rapaflo 2 months post surgery at my insistence, but still has me on Jalyn. I'm deflated & feel useless. 

      I go in to see my Urologist tomorrow morning (1-8-18) for my one year post surgery check-up. It will be the first time I've seen the Urologist since March 2017.

      Needless to say, I have a lot to get off my chest when I see him tomorrow, and though it won't change anything, hopefully I'll feel better.

      Moral here, truly think long & hard before believing the hype about Uro-Lift!  I'm 53 and unable to perform sexually.  The toll it has taken on my marriage is significant. Sorry to vent so much, but I'm so regretful of my decision.  Anyone else having this issue after Uro-Lift surgery? 




    • bruce74642 bruce74642 den-48442

      Den, I was on Jayln for a few years, and it rendered me impotent.  I had the Urolift in May '17 and got off the Jayln.  I can donate blood again, I don't have the urgency to pee anymore, but I still only get half an erection; nothing like before.  I can masturbate and ejaculate, but sex hasn't been an option.  If you find a solution, please let me know!

    • george18730 george18730 den-48442

      Hello Den:

      Jalyn side effects according to and most other drug reference websites:

      More common

      -Change or problem with discharge of semen

      -decreased interest in sexual intercourse


      -enlarged and painful breasts

      -inability to have or keep an erection

      -loss in sexual ability, desire, drive, or performance

      Unless your Urologist is keeping you on Jayln for some other reason, I would get off of it before I blamed the Urolift for my sexual issues.  If your sexual problems improve (or not) after stopping Jayln, report back and let everyone know.


    • den-48442 den-48442 george18730

      Thanks George,

      I guess it is somewhat unfair to blame Uro-Lift, so I apologize for that.  All I can say is that before the surgery, all sexual function was fine.  I've been on Jalyn since 2010, as well as Rapaflo.  Sexual function wasn't an issue.  I've been off Rapaflo for 10 months now & today my doctor said i can discontinue the Jalyn.  He kept me on it to keep my prostrate from continuing to enlarge.

      Thanks agin for the advice, it is appreciated.


    • den-48442 den-48442

      I will keep the forum updated as to any changes now that I am off all the meds.  Things hopefully will improve over the course of the next few weeks.  I am hopeful that the meds were the culprit, but we are all different.

      As I've been reading through this forum, I realize that I am not the only one who has concerns as to the long term post surgery.

      I appreciatye all the encouragement and advice.

    • chris73717 chris73717 nealpros

      Hi Neal.....I'm seeing another urologist at the end of February as I'm far from happy with the Urolift done locally a few months ago......I'm still waiting for him to give me info on how many clips he used and should I still be on Tamsulosin.....He wanted to do a bladder neck incision which I refused as I could kiss any kind of a sex life goodbye I'm informed. So now I have to self catheterise in order to get a few hours sleep!....I can get some sort of erection but it fades away quite quickly with limited penetration, so I was interested in what are these 3 part penile implants you mention?.....Any info gratefully received.

      Regards,   Chris.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 chris73717

      First of all you need to get off the Tamsulosin that is the sexual problem.  Doctors do not care about that.  I hope he only did the regular Urolift The Urolift should have open you up.  He should have giving you a card with the date and how many clips were put in. I got mine done 3 years ago.  I got the card when I left the hospital.  I hope he did not put any clips on your bladder neck.  I had a long talk the other day.  A 3 way call with the inventor of the Urolift.  They will not stand by the Urolift if the doctor add to the procedure.  The Urolift stand alone.  He will be talking with the doctors in the UK and a Dr. Peter Chin in Australia.  They will be telling them they will not be able to use the Urolift name if they add anything.  These doctor to not have the permission from the Urolift company.    Ken

    •  nealpros nealpros chris73717

      Hi Chris,

      I know this sounds crazy, but remember that this really works. In your penis are two long "balloons", one on each side. When you have a normal erection, they actually fill up with blood, then a valve closes and keeps the blood in there, and keeps your penis erect. As you might expect, this is a complex process, and a lot can go wrong. Your nerves might not be sending the right messages, for example, if you have diabetes. Your valves may leak, etc. The cause, it turns out, is not important, because the implant works anyway.

      When you get an implant, they place specialized plastic balloons inside the balloons already in your penis. They also place a pump, about the size of a testicle inside your scrotum, and place a reservoir inside your abdomen. All of those things are connected by tiny hoses, and the reservoir is filled with sterile saline solution.

      When you want to have an erection, you pump the pump which pumps saline from the reservoir into the balloons, and blows them up, giving you a strong erection. When you want the erection to go away, you press a button on the pump, which opens a valve, and squeeze your penis with your other hand to squeeze the saline from your penis back to the reservoir.

      Dr. Eid in New York City did my implant. Look him up on the web.

      There are also videos of the actual surgery there. Don't let it scare you. You sleep through the surgery. Dr Eid, who did my surgery is in a couple of them. He is absolutely great.

      It is best viewed on a computer, not a phone.

      And yes, with one of these implants, you have normal orgasms, and the sensations are the same! Outside of marrying my wife, that surgery is the best thing I ever did for myself. It solved a problem I had for most of 50 years. If you have problems with finding him, send me a private IM. Click on the envelope near my name at the top of this message, and ask additional questions here.


    • chris73717 chris73717 nealpros

      Hi Neal,

      Thank you for that superb description of the erection system you describe.....I guess it was quite expensive and as I live in the UK maybe difficult to get here.Thanks again and I will now try to find Dr Eid's site.

      Kind regards....Chris.

  • JDinNC JDinNC charles40613

    I am exactly 2 weeks post Urolift, put 2 clips in  - was every 15 min at first just like you, still going 3x per night and hourly during the day, was painful at first but getting better - still not an improvment from pre-op but as they told you too, doc says 2-3 weeks before noticeable improvement, at first hurt to sit in a car for long stretches but could jog and exercise OK.  as Charles said, for the first 7-10 days would get immediate and urgent need to go every 15-30 min, will keep you posted


    • charles40613 charles40613 Albin

      If you choose to have a local anasthetic then there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't drive to and from the hospital/clinic bar be mindful that you may well experience a sudden need to urinate, so be prepared ! I drove and am glad I did.

    • Albin Albin charles40613

      Thanks for that info. They told me that I should have someone drive me to the hospital but they didn't give me any logical reason for doing that. I don't want to have someone drive me home when I might have to pee in a bottle.

    • Dudley71081 Dudley71081 Albin

      Hello Albin,

      Although it is a male thing to want to be independant and self-sufficient,  as well as to hide,  any perceivable shortcomings about ourselves;  I would nevertheless counsel you to accept a lift to and from hospital rather than drive yourself.

      Why ?   Well,  despite being residually independant and like

      -minded to yourself about driving,  back in March I had to have a mini-TURP and BNI so that I could go on to have 42 sessions of EBRT for T2b,  P.C.  

      Next day I was discharged early p.m.  My Partner and a male friend from Church were adamant to drive me and carry my bag respectively.  Just as well !   Because although voiding satisfactorily I had been  encouraged to continue drinking plenty and because I had started ambulating,  and with no warning at all,  my bladder let go before I'd even left the hospital.

      I was padded up but,  even so,  I soaked an entire trouser leg.  At that early stage,  I had no sensation of ' going '  and no power to stop it.  My companions found the towels and plastic bags I had for swimming gear in the trunk and I made it home without further incident.  

      Just to let you know that psychologically,  when something is unavoidable like that,  you don't actually feel embarrassed.  There is a dignity in the Human psyche that through compassion,  both shown and received,  transcends these conditions whether they be temporary or permanent.  

      I have gone on to develop a metastasis in the urethra and this causes all manner of flow issues and difficult situations.  I have sanitized capped bottles placed discreetly and strategically in both my home and car.  If I have to use one,  I absent myself and do with as much privacy as I can find.    

      And,  whilst observing all hygienic requirements,  normal life goes on with dignity,  without embarrassment and without mishap.

      If I had been on my own my situation would quite obviously, have been far more difficult.

      So why not have a ride ?   By then,  you will have earned it.


    • charles40613 charles40613 Dudley71081

      Good morning Dudley

      I think the reason I wanted to post this discussion is to focus very much on Urolift (and experiences of)…………which is classified by the British Association of Urologists as a minimally invasive procedure i.e. no cutting, removing etc. The consultant was quite clear that if I was to have a general anaesthetic then clearly you are advised not to drive for 24 hours under some insurance policies 48 but under a local it really was no different from going to a dentist really. If I was tired after the procedure, it was stress and nothing else. Whatever Albin does do I would always advise follow the professional advice because we are all different and one has to hope they know best.

    • Albin Albin amie30213

      Actually, I'm in Miami so I'm sorry that I can't help you.

      However, I'm sure that you can find a way to find a good doctor in San Diego through the internet or other means.

    • david23715 david23715 amie30213

      Amie, I am 71. I have been using  catheters for about 3 years now. I have to insert one 5-6 times a day. his often irritates my urinary tract, but I cannot urinate if I do not insert a catheter. I have been told that I am a good candidate for the Urolift. I have an appointment tomorrow, 10/06/16, with Dr. Cohn, at Scripps Encinitas, CA., to discuss the details. I am very apprehensive about the procedure, but the thought of using a catheter for the rest of my life is taking its toll on my outlook on life. I am extremely active and work out every day. I'm hoping that this works for me.


    • steven07153 steven07153 Albin

      I had the urolyft in October and I remember all too well the discomfort I felt plus the intoxication from the meds they gave me at Kaiser in San Diego so that there was no way I was competent to drive.  I'd suggest a driver no matter what since you may not be too coherent after the procedure.  I can tell you in my case it was at least another day before the meds wore off. Good luck with your procedure.

  • ChuckP ChuckP charles40613

    Hi; Iam here in the USA.  Do you happen to know if anyone in the US does this procedure?  Its sounds very interesting and I hope you will keep this discussion going so we all can learn by it.  I agree the meds are terrible.  Iam on Tamsulosin and Avodart and they absolutely kill your sex life.  Iam only 64 and too young to give that up.  Iam also getting up on average 4 times a night which is very frustrating. 

    • RonTexan RonTexan ChuckP

      Chuck, there is another alternative, a better one. My prostate was 114mg, too large for urolift and my prostate had a third lobe besides. No Urolift for me on both counts. So I sought another solution, found HOlep,(Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate),  studied it extensively and found a surgeon to do it last week at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, October 31st. Today, a week later I have experienced no pain, with no pain medication, very little blood, and I am, one week later, living my life very normally daily.  I'm not supposed to lift anything heavy for a while but I do so without problems. My third lobe was pushed up into my bladder and when cored out it left my bladder neck stretched out to the point that I was incontinent totally last week. I have had to wear Depend Real Fit underwear since leaving the hospital but it's getting much better every day. In another week, maybe two, I'll be able to hold my urine normally. But you know what, I don't really care. I'm off any medications of any kind, I'm going to get my sex life back by taking testosterone shots and Cialis. Already I'm seeing an improvement in that area with no pills at all. If I have to wear the undies for the rest of my life changing twice a day, what the heck?  The long term prognosis is that my prostate will not grow anymore forever. A one-stop shop.  The HOlep procedure is done in the Mayo clinics and a few Universtity teaching hospitals around the country. The reason so few do it is because TURP , Green Light Laser a a few other butchery methods are so much easier for the surgeon to perform. HOlep requires a very steep learning curve for the surgeon and not many want to train at the side of an accomplished HOlep surgeon. They would rather just roto-rooter your prostate and if you are in intense pain for months and have more procedures in the future as your prostate grows then that's just too bad, they can't be bothered to learn a procedure that is truly minimally-invasive. Urolift is a stop-gap measure and if it works for you to keep you off the castrating meds for a few years, then great. Just keep in mind that HOlep can be done on a prostate of any size and configuration and it is at least a very long-term solution. Be aware that the Mayo Clinics do not accept Medicare Advantage plans althought some of the Universities may, I don't know.

      I'll be glad to offer more of my experience if you are interested. Good luck. 


    • ChuckP ChuckP RonTexan

      Ron;  THANK YOU very much for your reply and the very good info.  May I ask who your Doctor was at the Mayo???   Please let me know after you completely heal up how the sex life goes???  My biggest "fear" at age 64 is losing that and that would be devastating emotionally to me.  I truly appreciate hearing from you. 

    • RonTexan RonTexan ChuckP

      Dr Humphreys at the Phoenix Mayo was my surgeon.  He trained under Dr Lingaman at Indiana University Hospital. Dr Lingaman brought the procedure to the US during the 90's and most Drs employing the technique in the US trained with him. There are HOlep surgeons in Boston, Indianapolis, Nashville,  at the Mayo Clinics in Minnesota, Florida and Arizona, and I am sure there are others although I could find none in Texas.

      I expected the procedure to be superior to TURP, TUVP, Green Light Laser, open prostatectomy (horror) and a host of other techniques but I had no idea how painless it would be. The whole Mayo Clinic experience was one of utmost care and concern. I met two anesthesiologists and one of his Urologist understudies in extensive private interviews. They and the numerous nursing staff all just exude professionalism, caring and competence. I knew that the Mayo Clinics are rated as the best in the US but the whole experience exceeded my expectations.  Somehow the Drs have found a way to clean out the interior (enucleation) of a prostate of any size and configuration, leaving mostly just the outer capsule and a painless result. How in the world they can do this is beyond me but I'll take it. The only pain I experienced was really just discomfort during urination and that was gone by the 7th day, yesterday. I believe that my experience has been less painful than what I hear about urolift for many patients and the HOlep result for most patients is permanent, not a stop-gap. I'm sure that there is variation among patients but my prostae was very large with a third lobe protruding into the bladder and I am 76 years old.

      As far as your sex life goes the sooner you get off the meds the better. If your sex life is ok before Holep it will be better afterwards, I think you can count on that. I'm 76 but losing my sex life is a large fear for me too and after twelve years or so on the meds I have some work to do in that regard but I'm already seeing some indications that it will be ok before long. There will be dry ejaculation as a result of Holep and any other routine that removes prostate tissue. Only urolift avoids this result but urolift  won't last forever. The meds caused that for me years ago but I really don't mind.

      i know my experience may not be replicated with many other patients but I went into this with the idea of giving myself the absolutely best chance available for a successful result.  I am certain that I accomplished that and I thank God for the Mayo Clinic, Drs Humphrey and Lingaman and the information available on the internet.

      I will continue to advise my experience as it develops and best wishes to you!


    • RonTexan RonTexan ChuckP

      Chuck, I'm now at 17 days post-HOlep and my conditions continue to improve. The pink urine stopped at 7 days, any discomfort ended at 8 days and I'm now holding my urine fairly well for four hours at a time including overnight. My stream improved daily for about 14 days and is now stable at peeing like a fire-hose every four hours or so around the clock. I wear one depends in 24 hours, changing it every morning and it is practically dry every time.  If my condition never gets any better I'll be happy. I've done none of the kegel exercises and that would probably make me 100%, I just think I'll get to 100% continent eventually anyway.

      It's really ironic that when it became obvious that something had to be done as the meds had just run out I really wanted to have the urolift procedure as it was so minimally invasive, quick and easy etc. I was really disappointed when I didn't qualify for urolift and had to seek something else. When I discovered Holep I didn't really expect it to be as minimally-invasive as urolift. Instead, now I read about all the urolift patients with no help from the procedure, symptoms worse than before the procedure, pain and bleeding etc and my experience has been superior to urolift in every way. I'm just simply amazed.

      I should comment about my sex life post-Holep and I can say that it is better than before.  Not like 20 years ago but I think the prognosis is good, I'm very encouraged that all systems are improved and getting better.

      Chuck, the future is here, Turp is no longer the "Gold Standard" in BPH surgery, especially not for the patient. Urolift is a good stop-gap to get you off the meds and in my view anything that will stop the pharma-cological castration is a viable procedure. But I no longer believe that Urolift is preferable. My experience proves to me that HOlep is the best way to go for an enlarged prostate of any size and configuration and it would be so if it only lasted a few years like all of the other procedures do. But it is not just for a few years, my surgeon said that less than 1% of his patients have any further problems, ever.

      For all of these reasons I feel that HOlep, at least as done by my surgeon at the Mayo is the new "Gold Standard".

      There are some caveats with Holep, it does cause retrograde ejaculation like all of the other procedures except for urolift.

      It is also expensive, I don't have all of the billing and reimbusements yet but it  appears that Medicare and a supplement policy will pay for almost all of the expense for HOlep done at the Mayo clinics. I don't know about private insurance or the actual cost if paid out of pocket. I'll know for sure soon.  

      If you anticipate a HOlep procedure, the Medicare enrollment period, done once per year,  is happening right now. I would avoid Medicare Advantage Plans as they pay less than the traditional Medicare and for this reason the Mayo Clinics do not accept Medicare Advantage and probably other Drs do the same.   

      I first learned about urolift in on-line BPH forums. Then I learned about HOlep the same way. My life has been greatly improved by these forums and further research on the web.  I am very grateful to the dozens of BPH sufferers who have chimed in their experiences, some favorable to a certain procedure and others not so much. I intend to give back as best I can and I will continue to relate my experience post-op. I can't really talk about a "recovery" as I haven't really had to recover from the surgery at all.  .  

      Best wishes to you and to all those who seek to gather information from these forums, they are truly a wonderful resource!

      Ron in Texas


    • ChuckP ChuckP RonTexan

      Ron;  Thank You for the update.  It sounds like "HOLEP" did the trick for you.  I don't like the reverse ejaculation but I could live with it.  How many times during the night are you getting up to go to the bathroom????   Iam averaging 4 times a night even though I had "PAE" surgery back on September 10th of this year.  Lets keep in touch.  I can tell that you are a very good man.    ChuckP

    • RonTexan RonTexan ChuckP

      Thanks, Chuck. My bathroom visits are just about normal, every 2 to 4 hours around the clock including before bedtime at 11:30, up to pee about 3 and again around 7 or so. I haven't tried a six-pack before bedtime but I think i could handle that ok. Before HOlep I had to dry out taking no liquid after 8PM to avoid being up so much. if I did that now I don't believe I would be up at all.

    • Jwb43 Jwb43 RonTexan

      Big difference between euro lift and holep is retrograde ejaculation. I wish I had had urolift because I really despise RE. Dr. Humphreys did mine at the Mayo in Phoenix.  He did an excellent job but I would've rather not had it then to deal with the RE which I find to be very unsatisfactory.

    • RonTexan RonTexan Jwb43

      Hi JWB,  you're forgetting another major difference, urolift is probably a few years solution while Holep may be once-and-done for the rest of your life. Dr Humphreys told me that no more than 1% have problems in the future. I don't like RE either but I already had it from the meds and got used to it. It may go away, though, I don't know the liklihood of that.

      If you don't mind would you share with me the cost of your procedure? I'm negotiating but at this point it was about $19,500 and I'm on the hook for the $1500 not paid so far by my Medicare and Supplement. Were you on Medicare or private? (or out of pocket, of course, hope not). 

      I'm sure you have read about how easy my procedure was, sounds like yours was good also. I'm still amazed at how they can expose all of the inside of the capsule to raw salty urine without any pain and very little blood! Truly amazing. 

      Nice to hear from you


    • Jwb43 Jwb43 RonTexan

      Your was very easy and I recovered quickly it is the premium gold standard in tissue removal prostate surgery. I don't argue that point and my cost was approximately $20,000. I have insurance through work that covered 80% of it.I just have been really unhappy with the retrograde ejaculation. I had some special complications afterwards that basically have given me a very poor orgasmic experience. So I would not do it over again if I had the chance. I would try the Urolift first.  

    • RonTexan RonTexan Jwb43

      I'm sure you regret the RE as you're considerably younger. There's still some settling-out time for both of us. Hopefully, your situation will improve. best of luck.


    • hondo1 hondo1 RonTexan

      Im. Trying to decide between holep & bipolar turp. Would appreciate any insight from anyone who has had either of these 2 surgeries & how pleased you are with your results/ side effects. Etc.............

    •  nealpros nealpros hondo1

      I am also in this. Also, I have read all the posts and don't remember anyone saying, "I had the urolift procedure, and after I healed up, my stream was much stronger and I only get up to urinate once per night now, and only urinate once every 4 hours during the day. " Have I missed it, or does the urolift procedure just not work very well?

    • roland89296 roland89296 nealpros

      Hi Nealpros

      I just read your post. I actually had my Urolift done three months ago, 4 stiches. The first couple of weeks were a bit tough, toilet all the time, but gradually got better. I have no issues now, feel well, no problem. At night, sometimes I sleep through, sometimes wake up once, few times twice. I would say for me the Urolift worked very well, I am very happy with the results. Cheers, Roland

    • mal7896 mal7896 nealpros

      I've done a fair bit of research on Urolift and I think many of the failures could be due to a poor selection on patients

      If you meet the following criteria, you'd have a good chance of success from what I've read

      1) Prostate size <80g

      2) No protruding median lobe

      3) No evidence of a high bladder neck, or decompensated (overstretched) bladder

      I have a cystoscopy next week and if I qualify on all points will give Urolift a go I think


    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 mal7896

      Mal  I think you will be very please with it.  I have mine done 4 month's ago and very happy with it.  I had my doctor put a cathether in after to be safe.  Not a fan of them.  I have a problem peeing on demand so I told my doctor about it.  He know how I am It was in for only 2 day was gret in a week no meds and doing fine.  He told me that it is up to the doctor and the patient.  If you have read some of the other post some of the men that had it done ended up back in the hospital 4 to 10 hours after because they could not pee.  Had to have a catheter put in.  If the doctor does it after the procedure you are still out and you don't feel it.  It save time and money  Ken   Good luck 

    • mal7896 mal7896 kenneth1955

      good point Kenneth. Luckily my Urologist prefers to use a catheter and an overnight hospital stay, to be on the safe side. I wouldn't fancy rushing to A and E soon after I got home from Urolift,  and had the thing inserted while I was awake :-(

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 mal7896

      That is good.  Like I said not a fan but it was the best thing at the time.  Just drink a lot of water to clear the blood.  Had mine done at 9AM was home by 11:30AM  At the end of the day the urine in the bag was almost clear.  Also a good thing to do it Stop and get a few male pads.  The day I had my catheter out.  I never had one but I was ready for it.  I was suppose to go home and rest after but I went and met some friends.  It only took me 15 minutes to get there but I felt I had to pee and getting out of the car I could not hold it.  I peed it seemed like 5 minutes and it felt great.  The pad held it all.  That was the only time that happen.  I just didn't what to pee my pants.  It's better to be prepared  Ken

    • paul96555 paul96555 mal7896

      A few completely amateur thoughts on suitability for Urolift : I am 49, my prostate size is only 22cc, but it's grown inwards (so, BPH even tho' not large) giving poor flow for years, and a need to pee 2 or 3 times per night.  All quite bearable and once voided, bladder felt empty.  From April, something changed overnight - prostatitis ? - and I felt a need to pee all the time, bladder didn't feel empty after, and I was only peeing a few drops; no longer possible to ignore.  I would say prostatitis (even tho' no temperature or UTI), and if I was my private uro', I'd have given me antibiotics as first line, but he didn't.  He did offer alpha blockers, but as both parents have had cataracts so I may do one day, I declined (google "floppy iris syndrome"wink.  He suggested urolift or holep - he does both - but on asking a few questions about urolift, I had uncertainties.  Cystoscopy indicated prostate pressing up on bladder, causing the irritation to it, and I don't see that urolift would help with that at all - might make it worse ?  Urolift impedes MRI scanning (16mm dead zone around the tabs), partly mucking up later attempts at cancer diagnosis (MRI first, used to guide a transperineal biopsy) if needed, and in my case that 22cc prostate may double by the time I'm 60 ; so the outer tabs might seem likely to grow in as the prostate expands, causing complications with a holep (see post above).  He couldn't give a good answer on that, noting that there is limited long term experience with urolifts and moved the topic on to holep, which I later had.  A question I didn't ask is, if you have a needle biopsy, mightn't the needles cut through a urolift thread, leaving outer tabs if not ingrown, held on insecurely - might they work loose during exercise and change position outside of the prostate, the ends poking you in bladder/prostate ?  Same if have to remove inner tabs prior to HOLEP/PVP/TURP - outer tabs only held on then by static friction of thread inside prostate ?  He perhaps pushed urolift a little at first as he may have expected me to fear RE, being 49 - but unlike some, I didn't.

    • frank74205 frank74205 RonTexan

      Hi Ron, I'm Almost 87 years old.with urine retention.Are Their any doctors in Chicago the do the Holep procedure? Was their a lot of isde effects. I "m afraid to have the Turp they want to do on me. Thanks for the info??

  • charles40613 charles40613

    I thought I would report on my progress after 3 weeks and hope others do the same. There are 5 or 6 clinics offering Urolift with a steady throughput I believe. I’m aware that improvements can take between 2/3 weeks and some months. The initial problems I reported above of sudden urination and slight pain when urinating disappeared within a few days of the Urolift and were insignificant really.

    3 weeks on I still get up in the night to urinate, no real change. My urine stream/ flow rate may be a touch improved, it’s difficult to say. I still go to the loo during the day more times than one should I think. So a 3 week report would say no change really, as yet. I’m remaining positive but there is so little information available as to what is reasonable to expect or hope for.

    Not really sure on the logic here either. BPH is an enlarged prostate which basically causes a blockage. That blockage has been freed up so I kind of expect more to be happening. I’ll post again in 3 weeks by which time I will have had a follow up with the urologist.

    • jimjames jimjames charles40613

      Prior to the Urolift, you mentioned taking meds and getting up at night, etc. How about retention? Did you have a retention problem, and did they measure your postvoid residual urine volume (PVR) via ultrasound or catherization prior to urolift? If you had a retention problem, has it improved since the urolift?

    • charles40613 charles40613 jimjames

      Good Morning

      Yes I understand the point. Whenever I have gone to see my Urologist over the recent years , they always take a flow rate and measure a residual volume after a pee. I’ve never apparently had a problem with the latter. I’ve done the test and the nurse has always said more or less that’s OK. If I was looking at a plus at the moment from my Urolift I do sense that my bladder is cleared a little better with a little less of the straining and tweaking that sometimes you need to do. It’s a slightly more fluent process. The problem is you can only really measure with a gut feeling.

    • JDinNC JDinNC charles40613

      I am about in the same boat charles - 3 wks post op and very similar outcome so far. Still up 3x a night and every hr or so during the day, slight increase in stream but no signif improvement versus pre-op. I too expected a bit more progress so far - especially since my doc took some endoscopic pics before/after that appear to show it opened up a lot. it hurt to go for about 10 days but stopped a few days ago, s_x is OK but did hurt at first a little. I was under general anesth and was not given option for local. Hope it soon gets better for both of us, mate.


    • Albin Albin charles40613

      Hello All,

      It is a week since I had my Urolift and yesterday the urine color was normal again. I did have some discomfort the first 6 days but that has disapearred. Instead of getting up 6 times a night, it is now down to 3 or 4 and the volume is better. I am pleased with the progress so far and hope that it continues to get better. The only thing that I wasn't happy with is that they used a general anesthesia instead of a Mac. I am going to the gym today for the first time in a week but I will work out lightly. I'm 86 and otherwise in good health. The procedure was done in Miami, Florida and this is only the 3rd time that this doctor has done the Urolift. I will keep you posted with my experience.

    • RonTexan RonTexan Albin

      Your experience is the way Urolift is supposed to work. Your surgeon having so little experience and still doing a really good job is a testament to the simplicity of the procedure and the minimal training required. Urolift is proven in case studies to be as effective after three years as after three months which indicates that it will be effective far longer. Be sure to continue to relate your experience here as Urolift is still not widely known and there's a lot of guys world-wide suffering from BPH. 

    • michael72708 michael72708 RonTexan

      Hi Ron,

      I posted below about my disastrous results with the Urolift. Bottom line is I have a barely functiong bladder an am forced to cath 2 or 3 times a day. Seems like Holep generally overcomes the bladder issues. Thanks to you I contacted Dr Humphreys office at Mayo and other people highly praised Dr Miller at Vanderbilt U so I contactd her as well. Mayo adds 15% on top  of Medicare reimbursement while Vanderbilt accepts Medicare. Not sure where I'll end up but what I'm trying to find out now is whether I need to have the Urolift staples/sutures removed since they leave metal pieces in the urethra. I'm not sure how they will react with the laser. I'm wondering if it all can be done at one time or as two parts. They tout the fact that the Urolift is reversible but at this point I'm a little gun shy! Happy Healing.  

    • RonTexan RonTexan michael72708

      Hi Mike, I'm now five months post- op with Holep and Dr Humphreys at the Phoenix Mayo. Any recovery I needed was done in the first week and it did not amount to much. I have RE as before Holep. The only problem i have with urination is that the stream is really a flood and sometimes hard to point accurately. It's just all normal or better than normal. I had a melanoma removed on my forehead four days ago and it's a lot more painful and more trouble than Holep was. I remain the largest fan of holep, the Mayo and Dr Humphreys and his incredible staff. Just amazing.  

    • RonTexan RonTexan

      I forgot to say that after all was said and done my total out of pocket cost for the Holep was about $650 with medicare and a supplement policy. And there is the cost of getting there, hotel bills for four days and flight back. I would have paid many times this cost for the complete elimination of prostate concern in a pain-free method. 

    • frank74205 frank74205 Albin

      Hi Albin, I'm also 86 years old.i have urine retention.You said they gave you

      general anesthesia instead of a Mac. What is a Mac?

      Did you have urine retention also?I'm hoping i can quailfy for the Urolift.

    • frank74205 frank74205 jimjames

      HI jim. I have retention,  have been on medicine for 3 months ,they do a {PVR} every 4 to 5 weeks and a ultrsound.,so far i  still have rentention

      Do you know of someone who had a Uro Lift  and had urine rentention?


    • frank74205 frank74205 Albin

      Hi Albin, Very nice and interesting post. Did you have urine rentention also?

      I am almost 87 and otherwise id say pretty good shape. I have urine rentention. I don't know if uro lift will work with??

  • charles40613 charles40613

    Well here are my thoughts 2 months into Urolift. I have been back to see my Uroligist for a review and explained that improvements were not significant but he remained confident and said be patient, give it 3 or 4 months. I’ve no problem with that.

    It’s fair to say my flow rate has improved a little. I think it also fair to say that something in my urinary system/waterworks has changed and is perhaps and hopefully still trying to change. You just sense that it is different and maybe moving in a better direction.

    During the day there might be a slight improvement in frequency I need to start doing some charts to prove its not wishful thinking.

    As it is I still get up in the night to pee which is really annoying. From a steady 3 times a night I think I can say that has sometimes moved to 2 now but by and large I’m hoping Urolift will remove the problem to certainly better than that.

    The problem I have is this. Urolift has removed the blockage. The muscles/sensors or whatever in my urinary system have been used to forcing urine through a blockage for 7 years. I guess they have to adapt but its slow progress. Another problem is my body clock/sleep clock has for 7 years woken me at 1, 3 and 5.30 am. I sense sometimes I’m waking up as per usual but not necessarily because I need a pee but then I start thinking do I need a pee and the thought process brings one on !

    So 2 months in the jury remains out. I’m still hopeful though. There is a plus side in that I have come off those dreadful drugs/ medication that I sense are standard supply. There is no retrograde. I can also repeat the procedure is really easy and quick.

    Hope this helps but had hoped more would share experiences. Will post in another 4 weeks.

    • arthur48393 arthur48393 charles40613

      Really appreciated your comments. I am plucking up courage only for the Urolift. I am 79 years old.

      My amateur thoughts are that because the narrowing has been there for so long the surrounding tissues etc will take time to react despite being pulled back. So the older you are results may not be as good as a younger man. Hope once the inflammation settles and the flow improves dramatically.

    • RonTexan RonTexan arthur48393

      I know you are right about age being a factor. There are accounts of the prostate being so hard that urolift would not be possible and also size of the prostate and a third lobe can eliminate urolift also. 

      You can read a lot above in this thread about my choice, Holep, that I had done in October, 2014. it can't be much more invasive than urolift as far as pain and blood are concerned.  I'm 76 and have had no "recovery" at all, simply amazing.   


  • Ozchilly Ozchilly charles40613

    Hi Charles,

    the influence of ADH (anti-diuretic hormone) secretion is often overlooked with regard to nocturia (night time urination). It is secreted from the posterior pituitary gland and is subject to a negative feedback cycle. There is a default pattern of increased secretion at night to enable us to sleep through the night without being disturbed by the need to urinate - unfortunately when this is overridden chronically by a patient with LETS, the body gets the message that the ADH surge in the evening isn't required and bingo, a vicious feedback cycle becomes established. 

    I had this vividly illustrated to me after my marriage. I'm a light sleeper and was awoken every night when my wife went to the bathroom. I started getting up, as it was always my wont to empty my bladder before going to sleep. Within weeks, I was getting up 3-4 times per night and the volume of urine I passed at night increased exponentially. It required about 10 nights of hell, literally lying in bed sweating with a growing bladder volume,, to convince my body that the ADH was once again required.

    Pi wouldn't be surprised if a lack of nocturnal ADH were playing a role in your nocturia. 

    Thanks for all the info - I'm mid - 50's and require some sort of intervention for LETS soon, having had 3 UTI's in 2 years. 

    • charles40613 charles40613 Ozchilly

      Thanks Ozchilly. I'm no medical person but  understand your medical interpretation of my layman's description. I'll continue to research via Google etc. Fascinating stuff. I kind of think it's the sort of discussion I'm hoping a urologist might raise but I'm beginning to realise there is so much unknown territory here and not least expertise and training. Just one thing at the moment what is LETS ?

    • jimjames jimjames Ozchilly

      @Ozchilly: "...unfortunately when (increased ADH nightime secretion) is overridden chronically by a patient with LETS, the body gets the message that the ADH surge in the evening isn't required and bingo, a vicious feedback cycle becomes established."


      Hi Ozchilly,

      This is an interesting topic, but do you have any studies to back up that the increased ADH nighttime secretions are overriden by a patient with LUTS (lower urinary tract symptons), or is this just a theory based on what happened with your wife? Same question regarding the way you treated the condition by holding back urination.

      I have done a brief search of the literature, and there is an association between nocturia (waking up during the night to urinate) and LUTS. This makes sense because many of us with LUTS have retention issues and therefore only empty our bladder incompletely.

      That said, I think what we're talking about her is not nocturia, but "nocturnal polyuria", where it's not just frequency that is increased, but where nightime urine output is also increased and that could be caused by lack of ADH as I understand it.

      I believe noctural polyuria is sometimes treated with desmopressin,

      but again, haven't heard or read anything about the condition having to do with LUTS per say, nor able to find anything about how to correct diminished ADH production without desmopressin.

      Not saying you're not correct, just trying to figure out if this is just a theory based on the anecdotal evidence you've mentioned or if there are some studies out there that we could read and learn more about the topic.

      Personally, I also tend to urinate more let's say from 5PM to 9AM, then during the daytime. Not sure if this is technically noctural polyuria or not, but a definite switch from years ago when i urinated more during the day. I asked my urologist about this and his response was that everyone has their own cycles. Not much help there but that may be part of it.


    • Ozchilly Ozchilly jimjames

      Oops, LUTS, not LETS as pointed out. Brain freeze.... My apologies.

      I don't have studies specifically with regard to LUTS and ADH.

      This abstract is interesting, didn't pursue the full article:

      My bold type...

      What came first, the chicken or the egg? Are they able to avoid nocturia because of a high ADH, or is the high ADH as a result of them avoiding the negative feedback cycle by ensuring that they don't get up at night as a priority?

      This small trial - duplicated in another trial with a few more subjects - may support my position indirectly:


      Here is the link for the second trial:[show] Article Info

      I was basing my post on normal physiology and my anecdotal case, though in my defence, I did receive positive reports from a few patients in my General Practice when I was still doing it some years ago with whom I discussed my understanding and anecdotal experience of the physiology. 


      Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the article abstracts that were pasted in full here and replaced with links to the articles. Please do not paste whole articles in posts as there may be copyright issues. You can add links to articles and they will be approved as long as they comply with rules for posting links. NCBI Pubmed links will always get approved. If any links do not comply with the rules they can be exchanged via the Private Message service.

    • bob120 bob120 Ozchilly

      There's two reasons for getting up at night. The first in incomplete emptying of the bladder. The kidneys keep topping off the bladder and the person needs to keep urinating.

      I agree with your assessment of ADH. In fact many doctors are now prescribing ADH for seniors with nocturia. I had my LUTS taken care of with a GL laser and a Bladder neck resection a year later. Both were restricting my urine flow and causing retention. But for the past 6 months I have had really bad nocturia about 8 nights a month. This sporadic nature would seem to rule out most things like coffee, food, drink, exercise, etc. which doesn't change much from day to day. On my bad nights I get up 10 to 15 times in 7 hours and pass about 2-1/2 liters, and get no sleeep. On the rest of the nights I get up anywhere from zero to 5 or 6 times and pass anywhere from zero to 1000cc, but get right back to sleep and get a good 7 hours of sleep. My PVR was tested at only 7cc and my urologist said he can't help me as they only deal with obstructions or infections. I've asked my regular doctor for a trial of desmopressin but she insisted I see a nephrologist and cardiologist first, which I will be doing over the next month or so. Your experiment of refusing to get up raises a good point. Does the act of getting up increase the production of urine? I'm not sure it does, but it seems getting up often results in the inability to sleep and being awake would certainly cause anxiety which would increase urine production.

    • Ozchilly Ozchilly bob120

      I'll be very interested to find out how you do once you are able to access the Desmopressin, Bob. I'm still convinced that getting up frequently interrupts the feedback cycle that encourages the body to produce ADH. I don't believe that the Desmopressin will, of itself, increase the ADH secretion long-term, as the level in the bloodstream is likely to have a negative feedback effect on endogenous production of ADH, but it may well help to identify the issue a bit better. Good luck in getting someone to buy into it and provide the Des for you.

    • bob120 bob120 Ozchilly


      Thanks for your reply. My next appointments are in mid and late April, but I'll follow up my post when I know something. In the meantime I will follow your lead and see if holding my water and getting up less will reverse the trend. Des either works or it doesn't so if I get it, I'll know within a week or so if it works. One felow posted on the ic-network that des solved ghis problem completely, going from several times up at night for years to sleeping the night every night for the previous 10 months. But he never responded to my posts or follow up questions. It seems like medicine is a very much do it yourself project for people who can't get answers from their doctors.

      Best of luck with finding a solution for your LUTS.


    • bob120 bob120 Ozchilly


      I still get updates from this thread and I thought I'd provide an update of my own. I wasn't a candidate for urolift because of a massive prostate and middle lobe protruding into my bladder, but follow these posts with interest.

      Since my turp in April which was prompted by hematuria, followed by a second surgery to stop the bleeding, I've been to a cardiologist and a kidney specialist to try to find some help with my nocturia. Neither one, nor previously my GP or urologist, would give me a prescription for desmopressin. I thought this rather odd because it either works or it doesn't, and a week's supply would have answered the question. Also odd because it's routinely prescribed for children for bed wetting. Apparently 4 surgeries with anasthetic in 4 years is considered safe, but a week's worth of des was too much of a risk for all these medical people.

      To recap, after 2 GL's and a standard turp, my stream is fine, I'm urinating larger volumes (200-300cc's), but my nocturia remains. I'm going for a checkup next month and will have a sonogram to check my PVR, but I suspect there's no blockage or retention.

      My nocturia is of a strange sort. Since I use a bedside urinal and void in the dark, I generally get back to sleep almost immediately after a void. Also I often wake up on the hour for several hours into my sleep whether I have to pee or not, but I just note the time and go back to sleep almost immediately.

      The strange part of my nocturia is that on many nights I have a very large volume of urine and so get up every half hour or more often and about 2 to 3 liters total until 6 or 7 or 8 in the morning. The following night I will only get up once or twice with a small total quantity.

      I keep a journal which I fill out in the morning. Here's the total nightly quantities (measured in my urinals - I keep two by my bed) for the past two weeks in cc's. 950, 1850, 650, 850, 3000, 420, 3300, 250, 1875, 975, 2600, 500, 2100, 350.

      Since I go about 250-300cc per void, anything over 1800 represents getting up 6 or more times, basically a lost night's sleep.

      The cause is still a mystery and I think is likely to remain one. There's no correlation with what I eat or drink as far as I can tell. On the bad nights I porbably void more than I took in for the previous day. On good nights, it's far less. There's some mechanism (either mental and/or physical) that just creates and expels more urine on some nights than others. I basically have learned to accept it and live with it, which at least has given me peace of mind regarding this annoying condition.

      Luckily for me, I'm retired, so I have the luxury of getting to sleep at 6AM to 8AM after a bad night and sleeping until noon. Also using the urinals allows me to sleep a full 8 hours on the nights when I do get up 2 to 5 times and get right back to sleep.

      I noticed that about half the posters in this thread didn't have the results they wanted with the urolift. Probably not a lot different than posters for every other type of procedure. 


    • jimjames jimjames bob120

      Hi Bob,

      Did you ever play around with the sodium in your diet as we once discussed? As I mentioned, if I have a high sodium meal I notice that my urine output will decrease afterwards (water retention) however if I eat normally the next day the urine output will increase about double making up for what was retained. To test this on yourself, you would probably want to go on a relatively low sodium diet for about a week -- say 1500mg -- and see if it makes any difference. Understand that most sodium is not table salt but "hidden" in foods, especially processed foods, so it takes a little research but not much. 

      While not nearly as bad as yours, my nightly output for some time was at least 1000cc which meant at least 4 trips to the bathroom. Lately, this has decreased to only one trip at night but not sure why.

      Other than the sodium,  one thought is that I have been taking afternoon naps. An afternoon nap puts you in the prone position during the day and therefore can stimulate urine production just like the prone position at night might do. It also might have changed my internal clock with a later bed time. 

      So, if I go to bed at 1AM, I will usually wake up at 5:30 or so to the bathroom, and then go back to sleep until around 9. 

      Again, I'm just guessing at what changed with me, but I think changing things up, be it diet, bed time, etc., is worth trying. 


    • bob120 bob120 jimjames

      Hi Jim,

      Honestly I didn't change my diet. Whatever function that is supposed to suppress urine production and concentrate the volume at night doesn't work for me. I'll have normal nights (up 3-5 times and passing a liter +- 400cc) most of the time, and nights when I pass 2-3 liters occasionally, and am up to 6 or 8 in the morning before going to sleep until noon. There's no rhyme or reason. My kidney specialist said things loosen up at night when you are older, and what comes in must go out, but had no clue as to the sporadic nature of it. My cardiologist said pretty much the same. I have done my best with the bedside urinal of just learning to live with it.  One thing I have done recently is to have a couple of glasses of wine before bed. That does seem to help me sleep sounder. I get to sleep anywhere from 1AM to 3AM. Even though I still get up to void, it's more of a blur to me and I sleep very soundly in the morning from about 6AM to 9:45 AM or so.


    • jimjames jimjames bob120

      Sounds like things are starting to work out better but have you ever done a void diary with time and amounts of each void, also logging how much fluid you take in and what time? If you haven't, it might give you some useful information. 

      You will probably find out that what goes in does go out (less perspiration) but the patterns might be interesting. Also, unless you exercise a lot, if you're drinking more than 6-8 glasses of fluid a day (counting coffee, wine, etc,) then cutting back also may help the nocturia. 

      As to the sodium thing, it won't alter the "in/out" equation but it might even it out which might make it easier on you. Also, cutting back on sodium also cuts down on thirst and you drink less.


    • bob120 bob120 jimjames

      Hi JimJames,

      Yes I kept a void diary including daily input and day and night voids and amounts for about 6 weeks which I presented on a spreadsheet to my GP and kidney specialist. They had no comment on it. I now just enter the amount in my bedside urinals when I empty them each morning. Bear in mind my daily exercise, diet and input vary very little, but the outputs are quite sporadic. The only consistency is that after a bad night I'll usually (but not always) have little output the next day and night. Here's the last 30 days of night time voids in cc's.

      2200, 1650, 1150, 850, 250, 250, 1075, 975, 650, 950, 1000, 775, 1075, 950, 1850, 650, 850, 3000, 420, 3300, 250, 1875, 975, 2600, 500, 2100, 350, 850, 1000, 1300.

      My strategy has been to minimize the inconvenience and forget about it during the day. 



    • bob120 bob120

      One other thing is that a few years ago I thought I might have Interstitial Cystitis. My Mom had it. It's rare in men but possible. For a year I followed the IC diet. Every time I had a bad night I tried to remember what I ate and drank that day and eliminated it from my diet. After a year I was down 20 lbs. but no better. I went back to eating and drinking whatever I wanted. I gained back the 20 lbs and the nocturia was still unchanged. I came to the conclusion,which I still hold, that whtever is causing the nocturia has very little to do with my diet or habits, and is due to some metabolic or biological or mental disorder. The main thing is I can live with it. It's only a minor inconvenience for a retired person of 69. So many people I know have it much worse.


  • Ozchilly Ozchilly charles40613

    Hi Charles,

    It's been 2 months since your last report on your "recovery" after Urolift. 

    I'm sure I'm not the only one that would appreciate a further update...


    • charles40613 charles40613 Ozchilly

      Yes I will do. I need to gather my thoughts. At the moment I would say progress is erratic ! That's the reason I didn't do a 3 month post because could be good, could be little change. Look out for post in next day or two.

    • charles40613 charles40613 Ozchilly

      4 months into Urolift now. I posted above thoughts after only 2 months. If you are involved in TURPS, BPH and Urolift issues you may have been asked to complete a questionnaire to give you your i-pss score. A series of 8 questions which you score 0 to 5 and in one case 6. Easily Googled. Roughly like this.

      On 5 of the issues/questions - Incomplete emptying of bladder? Intermittency, stopping and starting during urination? Urgency, how difficult to postpone urination? Do you have a weak stream? Straining do you have to push / strain to get started?

      I have no problems at all

      Frequency, do you ever have to urinate within two hours of the previous one?

      I would say some days absolutely no problem at all and I tend to want to say Urolift has done the trick until you go to bed when I am still urinating 3 times a night.

      Some days it is just plain erratic. You sense you need to urinate far too soon after the previous one and even again and wonder why your system wants you to, then you go the whole of the rest of the day with no problem at all.

      Nocturia, how often do you urinate at night ? 3 times. That is too many.

      Quality of life ? This will remain poor as long as Nocturia remains.

      In summary. The procedure is easy. I’m off the medication which is a relief. I can tell there is not a blockage and what were always lesser issues are better or gone.

      The problem at night remains and inconsistency during the day. There seems to be something wrong with the signaling that goes on between bladder , brain and all the muscles involved. I know signals are being sent when my bladder is capable of holding more. I read extensively re Ozchillys points and it seems something at night should shut down to stop nocturia. Another part of your system should stop producing urine at night and so on. Bladder control, over active bladder I’ve done all the reading. I sense things may still improve so I remain positive. Bigger questions are would TURPS, laser surgery been any better. I’m no expert but I feel not and with real side effects. After all these procedures you have to retrain your bladder it seems. I don’t know but I’ll stick with it and see where it goes!

  • amie30213 amie30213 charles40613

    Hi Charles, I'm still waiting for my schedule for Urolift procedure.Were you under anesthesia during the procedure?One other question is, Did you go back to work after a week?Thanks and I will appreciate if you give more info about the procedure since Im scared.

    • amie30213 amie30213 charles40613

      Charles, thanks for your feedback. Hopefully, My uro will schedule me soon. He said he needs at least 2 more patients so He can do 3 people in one day. I guess they have to rent the equipment and room.

  • peete peete charles40613

    First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has posted here, as it has helped me quite a bit. I am five days post op for my urolift. I am 60 years old,and have been seeing urologists for ten years for LUTS due to BPH. I have had two TUMT microwave procedures which really did not do much for the condition. My situation is that my bladder grew overly large as a result of restriction of the prostate, which is not that big, but I guess the internal passage is rather tight. I should say I do try to keep fit, and do a lot of aerobic exercise, and watch my diet, so I look and feel a lot younger than what people in my Dad's era expected a 60 year old to look like. Here in the US, urolift is extremely rare. It was only just approved in the last two years. I found it by googling new procedures for bph. I was surprised on my last visit to the uro to learn that he does it, and we made the arrangements for the procedure only to learn that my health insurance would not cover it. I decided to go ahead and have the procedure anyway, even though Iwill probably get a bill for several thousand dollars. My biggest problem was retention. I would pee, and the urologist would take a sonogram of my lower belly and tell me I still had 400 ccs of urine inside my bladder. If you look at a bottle of wine, and see how big 750 ccs is, having half of that inside of me AFTER peeing is quite a lot. I was on proscar for a while, but I felt depresed and fat while taking it. Eventually I went on just flomax, which only helps slightly and has an annoying side effect of a constantly runny nose, and some faintness on standing after sitting a while. My uros (I have been through three through the years) were always after me to have either a green light or TURP procedure, but the thought of losing the ability to ejaculate was a turn off for me. Then I found the urolift. Five days post op, for which I underwent general anesthesia, I am still a bit sore in the pelvis, but seem to be urinating slightly better. very little bleeding, immediately post op. I had sex with my wife yesterday which seemed to help the pelvic soreness for a while. One thing I should say is that since I was a young lad, I have always been a big coffee drinker, and caffeine tolerance is quite high. However you pay a price with too much caffeine, since it increases the urge to pee while tightening the sphincter thereby making it harder to empty. I read that one of the big urology departments in New York City, Columbia Prespbyterian, has a program where they wean BPH patients off coffee. I have tried to cut back, but I work long hours in an office where I need to be alert, so must have some coffee during the day.  I'll continue to post here my progress as the post op healing goes on. 

    The reason my health insurance won't pay for the procedure is they say it is too new and the durability has not been proven despite the success overseas. I plan on appeaing their decision.

    • william65914 william65914 peete

      I am in the US.  My Medicare Advantage denied it and I appealed and won.  Logically, if durability is the issue, then they shouldn't pay for any procedure approved the the FDA  at the same time it approved Urolft. I am awaiting word from physician when the procedure will be scheduled.  

    • peete peete Ozchilly

      Ok, it has been nearly five weeks, and I have noticed some improvement. Te difference was as dramatic as I would have thought, instead it was much more gradual. However I would definitely say that I am probably getting my bladder much closer to empty than it used to. My first post-op visit to my uro was  last week. He was pleased with the results and said they will continue to improve. I seem to have a stronger stream, not dramatically different but noticeable. A little less dribbling, and less of a need to double urinate. so overall, I would say the procedure has been a success.

    • amie30213 amie30213 peete

      Nice peete. Did your insurance pay for the surgery? My insurance CIGNA declined my claim so I guess I have to pay it on my own. At least, you are giving us a positive feedback. I still dont have an schedule but the last time I spoke with my uro, he said sometime this month. Anyway, keep feeding us with good news. Thanks.

    • william65914 william65914 amie30213

      My insurance (Humana) originally denied but i appealed it.  I advise that every denial be appealed.  I would be happy to share my appeal letter if you are interested.  Ley me know and I will send it to you privately.. 

    • peete peete Ozchilly

      New update two months on. I am getting used to the idea that my improvements have maximized. I feel much more confident that when I urinate, I am getting much closer to empty than I did pre procedure. I still have moments when I seem to need to pee  a lot, and I would say that some of that is caffeine related. I still try not to drink too much caffeine, which is difficult because I am sort of an obsessive coffee drinker, but I now mix in quite a bit of decaf. My sex life has gotten back to normal, and I can still ejaculate, for which I am grateful. I still think most urologists don't realize the importance of that for most men. Of course since I had two microwave procedures to my prostate, the amount of semen for each climax is much less than it used to be. I am still taking flomax, but I feel as if I miss a day on it, it doesn't make all that much difference. I still don't have a robust stream like a teenager, but overall I would say the urolift procedure has been a success. 

      ON the insurance company fight, well it has been interesting. I filed two different appeals, an internal and an external, meaning one is to the state, and the other is to the insurance company. I've been getting back all sorts of ridiculous bureaucratic responses, so who knows what will happen. Oddly, my insurance company is now telling me that the clinic where the procedure took place should never have allowed me to have the procedure, so I will not be responsible. That is great news, but who knows if the clinic will agree to that? I have filed all the papers I could, and so has my doctor so I have to trust the system such as it is. Good luck to all of my mates here. 

    • brooke40780 brooke40780 william65914

      William, I would really appreciate your appeal letter.  After finding a very qualified doctor who qualified me for UroLift, I am about to schedule UroLift (at age 47, after 5 years of battling LUTS and multiple Uros suggesting TURP or GL).  I am anticipating push back from BCBS on the insurance side (but perhaps will be surprised).  I will see if I can figure out the private message function (I do have it enabled in my profile).  Many thanks!  Brooke

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 brooke40780

      Brooke you should feel much better after it is done I live in Orlando and hasd it done in April.  It's up to the doctor if they put a catheter in for a few days.  I have a problem peeing on demand.  Don't care for it but it was the best thing I had done. Urine was clear within 24 hours and there is just some burning when it come out just rest the first week anddrink aslot of water.  No sex for at least 10 days  Good luck  Ken

  • michael72708 michael72708 charles40613

    Just wanted to give my experience with Urolift which was basically disastrous. I had the procedure in Oct 2014. I had a prostate about 85gms and retention of up to 700 cc. For a couple of months I had a very slight improvement in symptoms ie frequency, urgency etc. However about a month ago my kidney functions started to decline (rising BUN & Creatinine). Kidney sonogram showed mild hydronephroisis  (swelling of kidneys). Aparantly before the Urolift I had chronic urinary retention. The trauma to the urethra put me into acute urinary retention, my bladder completely stopped functioning. I'm now cathing 3 x a day and taking advodart &flomax hoping that my bladder will regain function. It seems to have been really stretched out. I'm now investigating the Holep which seems to generally overcome the non working bladder. Needless to say the Urolift, which I saw as benign, a temporary way to avoid the bph drugs, was one of the worst decisions of my life.

    • RonTexan RonTexan michael72708

      Michael, apparently the Urolift didn't open up the urethra adequately. I question whether a patient with 700 cc retention should have had  urolift anyway.

      I think the best advice I (or anyone) can give you is to contact a surgeon at one of the renowned hospitals in our country. I had Holep done on my 114 gram prostate with three lobes at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix in October 2014 by Dr Humphreys. I never had any pain, all pink urine stopped after seven days and I now have all urinary function like a teenager. Your situation is very serious and I would not fool around with any surgical care other than the very best. All of the Mayo Clinics and Johns Hopkins as well are the best in the country. I would get on the phone to the all of the Mayo Clinics Monday morning, state the severity of your case and get the earliest appointment available. If you can get an appointment with Dr Humphreys in Phoenix you should consider yourself to be in the best hands possible. Don't fool around, you can lose a kidney. Best of luck to you and keep us posted. Thousands of sufferers will read your case and learn from it.  

    • peete peete michael72708

      Michael, I am sorry to hear of your difficulties. One thing that seems apparent is that the whole urinary system seems to be interrelated. I noticed  pain in my penis and redness that seemed to be a result of the whole  surgical insult. I hope that your symptoms subside and wish you improved health

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 michael72708

      Michael I am very sorry for the problems your having.  Your doctor should have caught that before it was done.  I know I had a urolift 2 months ago and had many test before it was done.  I have had no problem with mine.  My doctor was great.  Hope all works out for you.  August I was in acute kidney failure sepsis and had 5 bladder infection in the first part of the year.  Ken

  • kev68f kev68f charles40613

    Hi Charles

    Well I am 47 and am just 3 days post Urolift. 

    I have had flow and retention issues for around 8 years. I have been on finasteride and although that helped at first, things did not improve. My Urologist advised TURP some 3 years ago, but the possible side affects put me off and I struggled on. I eventually resigned myself to TURP, but was offered the new Urolift procedure at my next consultation.

    I was given a general and also had a cystoscopy. I had two implants on the upper prostrate. I was given Diclofenac at the surgery and was sent home with Ibuprofen once I had passed urine.

    Once home I spent the next 24 hrs passing blood and urine almost every 30 mins and each visit was excruciating. Three days in and the bleeding is now only slight, but I am still  visiting the toilet every hour and my symptoms are far worse than pre-op. I am hardly passing any volume and the pain remains albeit not as severe. 

    As it's early days I am not concerned. I have been told symptoms will ease in a couple of weeks. I will update as things change.

    • kev68f kev68f amie30213

      Well I'm two months post Urolift now and I can say that it has made the world of difference!

      At first I was a little sceptical as in the first week or so my symptoms were definitely worse, but my consultant assured me that my bladder muscles etc. would need time to re-adjust.

      After two weeks I was going through the night without a bathroom visit and in the morning my flow and volume were glorious (well to me they were)! Flow and volume dipped slightly during the day, but my visits were almost back to normal.

      Two months on I can say I am almost back to normal. Gone are days of standing there for what felt like an eternity only for me to have the urge again a minute later.

      If I were to need another clamp in the future, so be it - I wouldn't hesitate. I have also had no side affects whatsoever.

      hope this helps, Kev.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 kev68f

      Hi Charles.  Had mine done 4 days ago and had a catheter put in for my own good.  Had it out yesterday.  did very well forced it out when I had to pee..  I still go ever hour or so and it hurst but been told it will be like that for a week or 2  Not taking any pill  Once by bladder get use to everything I think it going to do well  I go in a week for follow up  Take care and feel better ken 

  • executive1 executive1 charles40613

    has anyone with a middle lobe gone through the Urolift procedure? I have heard they are doing it in combination with a laser procedure.


    • jerry 06786 jerry 06786 executive1

      I had the UROLIFT done 2 weeks ago so far so good dr said My median lobe is enlarged but was hopeful the procedure would work worse case senario go back and laser the median lobe at a later time so yes they are doing both when needed 

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 jerry 06786

      Hello Jerry.  If you have any concerns about retro ejaculation or sexual function.  Do not let them touch your median lobe.  They should have clip it to the side.  They have been doing that for a couple of years.I had a long talk with a women from Neotect she wrote me back.  The company does not  regulate the doctors or the procedure techniques they perform.  They are letting the doctors do what they want.  laser clip the bladder neck open and laser bladder neck incision.  They have change the Urolift to be just like all the rest.  You will end up with retro and other side effect.  The procedures time is longer and also the healing time.   it will cause more problems.  There is a man that had the urolift done and just before he went into surgery the doctor told him he learned something new he was going to be the first.  They cliped his bladder neck open.  Now this man was able to pee before he had it done.  3 months later he is still he pain and can't pee on his own.  This is not right.  This is going on in the UK and Australia.  The Urolift is a very good procedure and it is the only one that does not cause any side effects.  I live in Orlando and my urologist said he will never do it that way.  Good luck and I hope you make the right decision.  I told her if I have to I will start a petition against the company and the doctors if they don't stop and start doing the procedure the way the manual said it has to be done.  Ken   

  • executive1 executive1 charles40613

    I am 61 started meds for BPH in 2010, they don't work any more.

    I am scheduled for Urolift in 10 days. I have a middle lobe also. Two doctors involved. One said he would do a resection of the middle lobe and then insert the Urolift. I undrestand that is what is being done now in some cases succesfully.

    The other doctor says they will put the Urolift in first and see if the openning is large enough and if so they will nopt resect the middle lobe.

    I should retain some ejaculation.

    Also, ejaculation appears important in the long run for erection.

    Also I heard Turp ends up putting to much presure on the esfinter in the long run and can cause incontinece later on.

    I am going to a University hospital.

    I also heard from rep in Austrialia that they can do Urolift with middle lobe as long as they know how to position it.

    Has anyone had urolift with a middle lobe?


  • executive1 executive1 charles40613

    I am scheduled for Urolift next Monday. I asked the doctor about the meds and if the prostate grew back after dropping the meds and he said 'you migth need to stay on them".

    Was that a concern for you? that the growth of the prostate after dropping the meds?


    • charles40613 charles40613 executive1

      You have stumped me there ! One of the disappointing things in my own case has been the follow up to the procedure by the medical people. It's been very much, job done that's it. One of my reasons for Urolift was to see the back of those awful medications. I came off them the week before the procedure and have chucked the lot out. The reason I'm stumped is now I think about it nobody actually told me to come of them I just did, I assume that's a given.

    • RezaARaz RezaARaz charles40613

      Hi Charles, I am seriously considering the Urolift for myself, and have been watching the posts here by yourself and others.  Would appreciate if you would please post your latest conditions and thoughts as to the effectiveness of the procedure in your case.   Thanks.   

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 RezaARaz

      Hello Reza saw your post  I had mine done in April of this year.  Had 4 implants put in.  I also had a catheter put in because I don't pee on demand and I knew I would have a problem in the hospital voiding.  I talked with my doctor and he felt it would be best.  Which it was. Don't like him but..It is up to your doctor.  The fist week is the worst Burning after the catheter is taking out but peed great.  I don't get up anymore during the night and off all meds..Take care  Ken

    • RezaARaz RezaARaz kenneth1955

      Hi Kenneth,  

      I had my Urolift done 5 weeks ago (December 4, 2015). Four stents inserted on lateral lobes (no median lobes), 40 mg. Prostate. 

      No catheter used.

      Post-operation conditions:

        1st week was terrible: too frequent urination, burning pain, bloods in     urine.

        2nd week, as in 1st week, but too a lesser extent.  

        3rd week, slightly better - no more blood or blood clots, reduced burning pain during urination.

        After 5 weeks pot-op:  no blood, stiil some burning pain.  Flow is about same as pre-op (with same Cardura, as before). I still don't see any improvement in frequency (still have to wake up 3 to 4 times at night).

      I am still taking Cardura (6 mg tab, once a day, same as pre-op).

      Is it still too early to conclude that Urolift did not work for me?

      Any comments?

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 RezaARaz

      I would have had the catheter put in.  My urine was clear within the first 24 hours.  Did have some pain that day and some blood around the tip but no other problem.  Did get tired of emptying the bag.  It was taking out 2 days later had no trouble peeing but it did burn.  I would give it a few more week.  Every men heals in there own time..  Take care and drink alot of water    Ken    

    • john 03161 john 03161 RezaARaz

      One week after second Urolift. Had the first one Jan. of 2014, paid out of pocket ($2,500 USD) since FDA approval in US only since Oct. 2013. Me and another guy were the first ones that the Uro did. I was underwhelmed by the results. Sight improvement in flow but even after some months afterward no change in urgency, number of trips and PVR. Went two years and decided to re-do. Second time around different doctor, covered by insurance and different post op experience. After the first procedure there was no pain, no blood and no difficulty in going with mild improvement in flow. After the second Urolift, pain level a lot higher, could not go after 4 hours drinking liquids so had to be catheterized. Wore a foley catch for two days (sucks),

      but on first trip the flow was outstanding! The second time around produced the results I had been expecting but never got from the first Uro. Which doctor you pick and level of experience apparently applies even for simple

      procedures. I have a 40 gram prostate with no middle lobe. 

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 john 03161

      I think the doctor makes the diffrence. My doctor has done over a 100 since 2013.  Had mine done april 2015 after a week was great. Yes the catheter sucks but I had mine put in while I was out.  I have a problem peeing on demand.  So my doctor throught it was best and it was.  Yesterday had to have one fix .  Had a prostate infection and one of the implants was messed up.  He checked and tighting all of them while he was in there .  He told me my prostate has gotten smaller.  I can't wait till monday to have the catheter out.  I hate it but that's life Good health to you  Ken   PS He also informed the urolift company so they would know that they can sometime mess up.  I was the only one he had to fix.

    • RezaARaz RezaARaz kenneth1955

      Just to let you know, I did not get any benefit at all from the urolift stents inserted on my prostate December 2015.  From August 10, (eight months after the urolift), I started getting blood with my urine.  It happened a few times in August, and agian twice in late September.  But the cystoscope did not show any blood, althougth the urine tests confirmed the blood.  My urologistthen ordered colonscopy and a CT scan (Urogram) of the abdomen, and the pelvic area.  But both the colonoscopy and the CT scan urogram results were negative.

      By the way, the cystoscopy showed the prostates have become larger, probably from the burried stents.

       I am really frustrated.   When I signed up for the urolift, I was assured that my prostate was exactlyof  the right kind (lateral lobes).  Not only did I get any benefit from it, and now I having the hematuria problem.

      Any comments?

    • mcgillvn mcgillvn RezaARaz

      My urolift was done in early June 2016, and after initial great results, symptoms of weak stream are definitely returning, in October of the same year.  However I've had no other complications, and I'm plannning on getting a 2nd procedure, if so advised by my urologist.  I haven't any diagnostic info yet, on what's causing the return of the weak stream.  Clinical experience is just being assembled, since the procedure is pretty new.  Best wishes 

    • bob75564 bob75564 RezaARaz

      February 2016 was my urolift.  My symptoms were extreme urgency and frequency.  Had the proceedure after many years of tamsulosin. Meds work well for years then were ineffective and symptoms impacted everyday life.  Had 5 "staples" with immediate relief.  Still feeling the relief with no degredation, thank goodness.  Best of luck to you, RezaARaz

    • mal7896 mal7896 RezaARaz

      I had Urolift done just over 12 moonths ago (13/9/15) My main symptoms at the time were retention and frequency. Was getting up 5-6 times a night to pee. My urologist said i was a good candidate as my prostate was 60g and no high bladder neck or enlarged middle lobe. It took several weeks to settle but eventually i declared it a success as retention improved markedly, and I was only getting up on average twice a night

      Unfortunately this did not last. About 6 weeks ago (early Sept) I started peeing some small blood clots, and the flow reduced a lot. Also went back to frequency at night. Returned to urologist who gave me a cystoscopy  mainly to check where bleeding was coming from. He said my bladder was clear of anything nasty, also did a check of ureters up as far as kidneys.  All good in that area.

      he said the bleeding and retention/frequency were probably caused by prostate growing around the Urolift bands, and it had "prolapsed" in parts. He gave me the choice of laser or 4 more Urolift bands. I decided on the latter, so I now have 8 bands. The procedure was done on 13/9/16, exactly 12 months since first Urolift. Back to peeing only a couple of times a night now, however it seems like Urolift is only a stop gap measure for some, and eventually I will possibly need laser. Hopep would be my choice if this happens. At least i am no longer on Flomaxtra, and it has bought me some time.

      Apparently in the past 12 months my prostate has gone from 60g to 73g, I also point out that I have been on testosterone therapy, and I suspect this is the reason for the rapid growth. Needless to say I have stopped TRT 

    • bob75564 bob75564 mal7896

      Thank you for posting. The long term effectiveness of urolift has been one of my concerns. Since I am at 8 months on my urolift, and I know the prostate keeps growing, it is a topic of discussion whenever I visit my urologist. I have posted questions here previously asking for longterm experience, but I did not get much feedback. I always hoped to hear positive results after several years of having the procedure. Since all prostate grow differently I know longterm results will vary. Best of luck with the 2nd urolift and please keep posting.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 mal7896

      Sorry Mal fo your problem.  I had a Urolift done April of 2015.  I have not taking any meds after the procedure and I don't get up at night.  I have only had one problem.  I got a prostate infection december of 2015.  I was on cispro 1000 mg for a month.  In january I had a scope done to check my stricture.  When he put the scope in the stricture was fine but one of the implates was free.  He try to put it back but it hurt so he stop peed blood for a few times and he said that he had to do a repair.  4 weeks later went in for it.  He put in a new implate and had to tighted the other 3 For some reason my prostate got smaller.  Which is good for me.  Just had everthing checked a few weeks ago.  The implate are were he put them prostate is fine and bladder is clear.  PSA is 0.7.  So I'm good for another year.  We all have to remember that we all heal diffrent I hope all works out for you  Take care  Ken    

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 bob75564

      Bob don't know if this will help you.  Yes all men heal at there own way and time I had mine 19 month's ago.  My doctor told me that I am doing good.  He has done over 200 in the last 3 years.  He as a few man that are over 3 years and are having good results.  My urologist is a very nice guy.  Anytime I have a question.  I send him a e-mail and by the ending of the day I get the answer.  Take care  Ken .    

    • bob75564 bob75564 kenneth1955

      Ken, Thanks. Yes, that helps. I've followed your posts and you seem to be the most longterm, active poster. I do use my urologists' portal to post questions and concerns and responses are quick. Right now I am still seeing very positive results from my urolift in Feb. 2016. I am hoping I get many years trouble-free. Thanks again. Bob

  • executive1 executive1 charles40613

    Today is Thursday and my Urolift was done Monday. They put in 5 clips and left my middle lobe alone. They said it was small enough they didn't need to shave it which they were not sure until after they installed the Urolift. They left me over nigth in hospital with a Cath. Next day they took it out and had me void. Stronger stream, but a lot of stining.

    Today Thursday the stinging is gone. The blood in the urine was gone Wednesday.

    I still have some pain today. I took two tylenol extra strength this morning and tow this afternoon. I suspect I will need tow more tonigh.

    I have been told not to excercise or lift anything ofr  3 weeks.

    So far I am happy I did the procedure. I still suspect like a lot of what I read in this blog that my system will have to adapt to suddenly function without obstruction after functioning that way for many years. I will  also be a better judge of this process after the pain has gone.

    I  the over nigth with the cath was a mistake or mis undersatnding. Since I had gone to see a doctor out of town  he kept me in the hospital over nigth as a favor but with the cath. I didn't inist in leaving since I didn't know (was afraid) of how I would do that nigth alone in the hotel and figured I would be better off staying in the hospital.

    I will keep you all posted goingfoward.


    • vacationterry vacationterry executive1

      Hi Executive1,  I know it's been over 7 months since you had your Urolift procedure.  Just want to find out how you are doing and if you still have any BPH symptoms this long after the procedure.  I have the same anatomy as you with a small middle lobe.  I am considering the Urolift and am going in for an evaluation in about a week to deteremine if the middle lobe needs to be resected.  I also understand that it take a while after the procedure to retrain your bladder to not feel like it has to empty all the time.   Thanks,  Terry

  • Phil77382 Phil77382 charles40613

    Hey Charles,

    Just read your article. I am scheduled for a Urolift procedure and I had never heard about the procedure you had. I live in Texas , Houston ..

    Can you give me the name of your doctor? I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks Phil

  • peete peete charles40613

    Just wanted to check in. It has now been about 11 weeks post Urolift and I have decided to try and wean myself off flomax. I am so tired of having a runny nose and lightheadedness. 

    The principal effect of going off the flomax is that there is definitely a weaker stream and I am going back to double urinating. I also experienced slight headache the first day I can't remember how long I have been on flomax, probably about ten years, so my body does have to adapt. Unfortunately, I have been very busy at work so I have been grabbing extra coffee, which does not help, since it both clamps down on the sphincter and increases the need to go. But I overall feel fine. slept throught the night and I think that I will be able to stay off the flomax. My next appointment with the uro isn't until July so I will see what happens when they do a sonogram of my bladder. 

  • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 charles40613

    Hello Charles.  I'm 59 and I had it done on monday the 27th of april.  I was also tired of the pill and the side effect.  My doctor was great.  I went in at 7:15am and was home by 11:30am. For my own good I had a catheter put in. I have a problem with peeing on demand. So he felt it was best for me and I agreed.  Never had a catheter in before.  It was put in after he did the urolift. I also have a stricture so I'm glad they put it in when i was out.  I felt fine when I woke up  did not feel the inplants. but when I peed it hurt.  Also had bleeding out of the penis by the  catheter.  It does hurt but have to rest.  Went on wed to have the catheter removed had to do a voiding test.  I had the nurse do it all at one time  He put in 200 cc of liquid and told me to hold it has long has I could. He put in another 50cc and I told him to take the catheter out.  well he did not take it out fast enough  I could not wait I shot it out and peed on the floor and the nurse also the bottle.  He told me I past.  I was prepared I had a maik pad that I put in my underware just incase I leaked.  I was glad.  I was going out and when I goto to the place I had to pee so bad that I could not wait and peed in the pants.  The pant got it all.  When I went inside I took another pad and changed.  Been told the pain That I am getting is from the catheter.  The blood should only last a week and the pain from peeing can lasy for a month.  I think it a good thing.  can't wait to get back to normal and have some fun.  no more pills or side effect  I go in a week for my follow up Ken   

    • ChuckP ChuckP kenneth1955

      Kenneth;  Can I ask where you live???   Sounds like you did the right thing.  My uro talked me out of the Urolift as he says it concerns him over the years what the pee will do to the clamps that surround your prostate.  He thinks they may get encrusted and cause infections.  He wants me to do a "Turis"- whatever that is.  I know its not good.

  • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 charles40613

    Good Morning Charles.  I look it up quick to see what it is.  Turis Vaporization is cutting away some of the prostate.  I watch a vidio of it being done.  It shows them cutting the prostate away from the urathra I would not let them do that to me.  I live in orlando Fl.  My doctor is great.  I'm 59 and don't have sex has much has I did when I was younger but still would like to have fun sometimes anyway I can.  With the urolift there is no cutting of the prostate  I had 4 implants put in on monday  3 day it was uncomtable but this morning I feel much better.  My moring pee was great  It should get better.  Still have a little stinging from the catheter but it fine.  Most of the time they do not use a catheter with the urolift but my doctor felt it was best.  I have always had a problem peeing on demand and we were worried that I would not pee. And this way he was a sured that I would be able to clear the blood up from the surgery.  If you like to chat more feel free to e-mail me.  Please look it up on the computer and watch the video.  I always look everything up what it going to be done to me.  Take care  Ken 

    Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the email address as we do not publish these in the forums. If users wish to exchange contact details please use the Private Message service.

    •  nealpros nealpros kenneth1955

      This is to anyone who gets a catheter. The inside of your urethra (the tube inside your penis ) has no natural lubrication. The catheter moves around slightly as you move around. The catheter therefore rubs on the inside of your urethra. That rubbing causes the pain and blood at the end of your penis. This is easy to prevent and /or solve. As soon as you can after you get the catheter, take a Q-tip and apply a layer of petroleum jelly (Vasoline ) to the catheter on the area where it enters your penis. Then, as the catheter moves around, it will be lubricated by the jelly an be much more comfortable. You may have to apply more jelly several times a day if it rubs off. Also, once or twice a day you should clean the catheter near your penis, and the end of your penis with a solution of 1/2 clean water and 1/2 peroxide, using a Q-tip.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 nealpros

      Thank you for the tip  I did have the catheter in for 2 days.  Most of the time with the Urolift it is not done but I had a problem peeing on demand and my doctor said it would be best and I agreed.  Had that problem cleaned it every time I went pee.  Sting for the next two day but better now was taking out.  First time I had one and I had it's the last. Take care  Ken

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 nealpros

      Neal I do agreed.   By doctor and I agreed on it.  And I knew he could do it.  It was put in after the Uro-lift was done.     I had a very bad experience last year in the hospital. I know sometimes you have to have one. But you  should be informed about it.  This was my first time having a catheter.  I had sepsis last year and was in the hospital emergency room when the doctor came in and ask for a urine sample.  I just pee before I went there I told him that and aksi told him that I do not pee on demand.  My doctors all know that.  Withing 10 minutes I had a male RM and a female RN come into my rook Tell my sone to leave.  And by son heard me ask what was going on. They did not say a word to me.  The male nurse told the female nurse to take my pants off.  Before I could get the hole question out and my pants were not off yet He forced a catherter in me.  I gave up after that. And heforce another one in me.  He was yelling at me asking if I have a prostate problem  They try 3 times and never got it into my bladder.  I pee on my own a hour later.  That was not right.  There is a procedure the nurses are to follow.  I saw a urologist.  He found out I have a urethral stricture and it will make catheterization very hard to do.  My doctor say that the nurse could have done more damaged.  That is way no one will do anything until they get my permission.  And If I can't give it My kids will  Take care  Ken       

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 derek76

      Yes  I live in Orlando Florida.  When I came out of the hospital  I could not sleep.   Took me a while.  The only good thing that cam out of that I met my Urologist.  He is great and his staff is the best.  I take my sample when I go to see him.  The day I had a scope done to see what the problem was I didn't.  The nurse Joele told me he had to cath me I was pist but he informed me that it had to be done to is if I had a infection.  I said ok.  He was very good.  He informed me of the procedure was very gentle and did tell me he was sorry and was going to try not to hurt me.  Even ask for my permission.  He try 2 time never got it in .  Don't let anyone say it don't hurt.  I will let any of my doctors do what they what but ask me first.  I don't know what was up with the male nurse in the hospital that day but it will never happen to me again.  Thank you for your concern  Ken  

    • bob120 bob120 nealpros

      Back in 2013 I had to self cath once or twice a month for a year. They make self lubricating caths called hydrophillic caths. They come packed in a sterile water foil packet, and when they are removed from the packet, interaction with the air for a minute or so causes the surface to become very slick.

      When I first started cathing I used the unlubricated caths with lube and often found my hand would get lubricated, making it difficult to hold onto the cath. I found the self lubricating caths to be much easier to insert.

      The kind I used were  28416 Coloplast® Speedicath® Male Straight Intermittent Catheter 16Fr, 14" L, Pre-Lubricated, Hydrophilic Coated, Sterile. Mine were 16FR width but they also come in smaller sizes like 12FR and 14FR. I found the 14Fr was the smallest size that was rigid enough to be inserted without folding over when it encountered the prostate. These cost me about $1.60 each when purchased over the internet. 

    • paul96555 paul96555 nealpros

      I had this issue too, in my case after my holep.  When I was encouraged to rise from bed onto a chair next to it the day after, although I moved gingerly, it hurt at the urethral tip (meatus) both getting to the chair, and then even when leaning forward slightly to eat.  I noticed that the 3 way 22 gauge Foley catheter left in for irrigation (that's a BIG one), was holding open the part of the meatus adjacent to where the catheter went in, allowing it to dry up, and the catheter was sliding in and out all the time as I moved, with the joint to a larger diameter pipe hitting into the meatus as it was taped too far in (where taped on leg).  I remembered that the uro had used painkilling (it has 2% lidocaine in it) lubricant jelly dispensed from a blunt syringe, when he did cystoscopy on me, so I asked nurse to raid his office and get me one ("Glydo" is one of the brands).  When I put a little on the end it solved the irritation completely.  I had to repeat it two hours later.  I tried to keep hold of the syringe, without success; reason I wanted to keep it was I figured it would come in handy when I did my first post-catheter-removal pee, if I popped a little in the end - the first post-cystoscopic pee didn't hurt at all, it was the one after, that hurt, after the first post-cystoscopic pee washed out the lidocaine.  In truth, the first post-catheter-removal pee (after a panicky 2 hours with nothing coming at all), was no more painful than the second post-cystoscopic pee, because I think some lidocaine remained in there - and because for holep, they gave me oral morphine which is a strong painkiller (but no laxative with it, which 3 days later, is looking like a big mistake...). 

      If you're given oral morphine, by the time constipation becomes apparent it is very hard to shift as your whole gut has slowed right down; and you can't have an enema or suppository after holep or TURP (not sure if this is so for urolift - urolift's far easier and does less prostate damage, so I guess you could actually ?).  3 days on, am taking every conceivable laxative, including the one the hospital gave me belatedly when I said I seemed to have a problem.  Straining's to "poo" is the last thing you need after prostate surgery, but would be less of an issue after Urolift.....

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 paul96555

      I feel sorry for all the men that picked the turp and holep procedures. To many side effects and other problems.  When I had my urolift only had a catheter for 3 days when it came out it did burn to pee that first day but after that I was find.  I was given a stool softner because after you have any prostate surgery they do not want you to force yourself to go to the bathroom.  It will take time for you to get back to normal   Ken   

    •  nealpros nealpros paul96555


      I had an unrelated fecal impaction once. The ER doctor wanted to do a dye assisted CT scan. I had to drink a quart of the dye in 30 minutes. About 30 minutes later, all that liquid blew me loose. I'm not sure if it would help since you have the morphine on board, but it's bound to soften you up, and shouldn't be any problem. Let us know how this "comes out". Always take stool softeners starting 3 days before anesthesia. I too learned that the "hard " way.


    • paul96555 paul96555 nealpros

      Well, at day four post HOLEP (it'd be the same for urolift if done under general and if any oral morphine given - but, maybe less need for oral morphine post urolift ?), I was about to use the home enema kit I'd just got via Amazon prime, or the glycerine suppository, or the mini enema (I got all three to be sure !), but prudently googled and found you're not supposed to after TURP/Holep etc, as the enema probe prods into the prostate via the rectum, and any resulting (low risk, but possible) bowel cramps from enema or suppository would be bad for the prostate operation site. Post urolift, being a more trivial procedure, I imagine that restriction might not exist at all ? - google doesn't say.  Luckily the large amounts of laxative I'd taken - syrup of figs (1 teaspoon a day), henna (1 a day) and something my wife had that you mix with water, plus three cans of prunes and a veg-only diet, worked last night. What came out was the most disgusting smelling stuff ever, and I stopped feeling woozy/sick within 4 hours; I theorise that blocked-up poo going off, may give off toxic things that might be absorbed.  Definitely, a good tip is take something beforehand, or have a little syrup of figs in your bag in case the hospital doesn't give you a laxative.  Stool softener might be better as syrup of figs and henna speed up peristalsis; on the other hand, morphine is said, I now know, to suppress peristalsis (as may, temporarily/less so, general anaesthetic ?), so maybe something to stimulate peristalsis, might make sense. I am not a doctor, so rely on none of this speculation !  To ensure that my gut doesn't become reliant on laxatives, I am eating a lot of veg, and no laxatives, for a few days, to regularise it - bowel can, I read, become "lazy" after laxatives, and easily re-constipate, then you start to get a recurrent problem. 

      Enema would have been easy to do, if not contra-indicated by the surgery, without the wife's help, as it was done to me before my prostate needle biopsy, and I have no fear of it. 

    • james87669 james87669 kenneth1955

      Please understand that all prostates are not the same and as such not all can be "fixed" by Urolift. You are feeding the anxt of those in the process of dealing with the avenues that are open to them. Give us a break!