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charles40613 charles40613

The Urolift procedure; patient views and questions

Would it be possible to keep this thread purely about Urolift and a means of sharing experiences from those who have undergone the process and invite debate from those considering it.

The Urolift process plus pros and cons are accurately described at many a website. Other very long threads discuss in detail BPH and other treatments such as TURPS, laser tend to overshadow people looking for advice on Urolift.

So for me, tired of getting up in the night. Tired of the medication and its side effects, tiredness and ED. Quality of life getting me down. I am 60 and reckon to be pretty fit and active.

I underwent this treatment (as an alternative to TURPS) 2 weeks ago at one of the 5 or 6 clinics/hospitals that appear to offer this treatment in the UK. It really was as simple as described on the web.

I had a 30 minute consultation with the consultant whereby he explained the procedure.

The treatment was booked for 10 am., it took about 15 minutes. I had it done under a local anaesthetic. To be frank if you are used to having your prostate and other bits probed there is no pain. It is just the thought of it you have to come to terms with. After the treatment you have to drink a lot of water to flush your system but I was allowed to drive home by dinner time.

First warning here. I did have to stop probably every 15 minutes with a sudden need to urinate. Fortunately I took a urine bottle from the clinic !

I could write for ages but will see what response I get to this post. I know on the day I was there, 4 other blokes were having the procedure and I sensed there was a regular flow of patients.

I’m now going through the period whereby I’m asking myself is there any improvement? It’s only 2 weeks in. I’m not sure is the answer at the moment. We are all different and recovery and improvement I am told does take time anything from 2/3 weeks to 2/3 months maybe longer. Your system needs time to readjust, I understand that, I don’t know how much time but I’m due for a follow up next week. I'm remaining positive.Would welcome comments from others.

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  • Albin Albin charles40613

    Hi Charles, I'm getting the Urolift procedure next week and I, and others, would appreciate if you could describe, say, how long before you were able to do everything you did before, how soon could you go back to exercising, etc. Were you in pain the first week? Any info along this line would be helpful to a lot of us.

    • charles40613 charles40613 Albin

      Good evening Albin. It really is as the websites say a minimally invasive procedure. You walk out of the treatment room, cup of tea, drink a lot of water, and when all OK with regard passing water in my case get in the car and find my way home.

      You are tired through the stress of thinking about it more than anything. You feel a bit battered and bruised "down there" obviously. I had a local anaesthetic, some may join this thread hopefully with views from those who had a general, the consultant said most do. There is a little sharp pain when you urinate but that only lasts a few days.

      There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t go back to work the following day or get out on the golf course, swim, jog etc. The only thing I would say is I had this sudden need to urinate from time to time and I was careful to ensure whatever I did for a few days was mindful of that fact. It wasn’t a problem really but worth bearing in mind. I took it easy that weekend just because I was tired and your are conscious that somebody has been poking about inside you but was back to normal on the Monday.

    • Albin Albin charles40613

      Thank you Charles for that info. I think a lot of people will benefit from what you said and I probably will post my first week results so we can add to the knowledge base.

    • neil02627 neil02627 charles40613

      Hi Charles,

      Am I correct that you live in the UK.

      I live in South Africa and the procedure is not yet performed here to my knowledge.

      You mention 4 hospitals. Can you please provide me their names soI can follow up as to the possibilty of travelling to the UK.

      Kind regards,

      Neil Rex.

    • peteratukhot peteratukhot neil02627

      Hi Neil.

      There are now many more hospitals in the UK which can offer the Urolift procedure. If you find the Urolift website there is a tab marked "find a doctor" on this page there is quite a long list of UK hospitals and clinics offering the procedure complete with contact details. Make sure you are on the UK site a

    • john73896 john73896 graham12640

      Graham, I have found NO NHS centres that carry out the Urolift procedure. And I made a thorough search. Also consulted my GP. In fact I was quoted a price of £5,800 to have the operation done privately.


    • bill76612 bill76612 Rayluca10


      I had the Urolift in July this year and am now 6-7 weeks past it. It has worked out very well. From what I've gathered, and in my my opinion, one should make sure you're a good candidate. There are some factors that preclude its use or, in my opinion, lessen the perceived 'success' of the procedure. The size of the prostate as well as the configuration in regard to what's called a 'median lobe' are two of these considerations.  A urologist that performs the procedure will do a cystocopy to assess the prostate and bladder to determine if your a candidate.  If you are,  It may be a good choice. I'm very happy with mine.  As many here will tell you, do your best to 'avoid the knife'. Get second opinions if you feel you're being 'steered' too hard in the surgical direction.  

      Somewhere in this thread is an account of my first few days post procedure. 

    • james87669 james87669 Rayluca10

      Good thing to remember is that this is a temporary fix. The prostate will continue to grow and somewhere down the line a surgical intervention will be your only choice. I suggest you look into the HoLEP procedure for permanent solution now.

    • bill76612 bill76612 james87669

      "Good thing to remember is that this is a temporary fix."

      Another 'good' thing to remember is that more elegant solutions than the 'stone knives and bear skins' approaches are constantly being designed and tested. My approach to the the issue was that if  Urolift could give me five years of relief, I'd take it and so I did. 

      Remembering that having any particular procedure should be based on research and assessing of the entire urological state, the  data currently suggests that in a properly identified candidate, Urolift will bridge the time to more mature next generation solutions if not an actual permanent one. 


    • frank74205 frank74205 james87669

      Hi James, At almost 87 years old a temporary fix maybe 3 to 5 years of living again would be great. I have urine retention,and  my cystoscopy show my enlarged pristate is around 4 cm long,whatever that means i don't know.

      Does anynone know if having a catherter in would make your  feet and ankles numb?

    • alan1951 alan1951 bill76612

      bill76612 ... "Urolift will bridge the time to more mature next generation solutions if not an actual permanent one"  That is a very good point.  I'm wondering if you or anyone else knows if this procedure is reversible, either because of complications or, as you say, better, future alternatives that could possibly necessitate the removal of the Urolift staples.  Thanks.

    • bill76612 bill76612 alan1951

      [Is] "this procedure is reversible, either because of complications or, as you say, better, future alternatives that could possibly necessitate the removal of the Urolift staples. "

      It is my understanding that they are removable. There are others here that have had implant adjustments due to prostate size changes that introduced 'slack' with the result being the constricting of the urethral path so I know they can go back in. The procedure is certainly uncomfortable when done 'in office' like I had so I would not look forward to it but it could be done. 

      But the advancements you read about these days are promising and give hope that even if my procedure is not permanent  the advancements in choices in 5 years or so will be ready to go. 

    • paul96555 paul96555 alan1951

      The innermost metal tabs can be removed, but not the sutures through the prostate or the outermost metal tabs that are outside the prostate – the sutures and outer tabs get left behind.  I heard of one case on one of these boards, where the outermost metal tabs had “grown in” as the prostate grew larger after the urolift (outer tab is set distance from inner tab, distance between them = length of suture...) and the subsequent HOLEP operation was messed up when the sliced inner piece of prostate tissue was caught with a tab (that used to be outside the prostate) in it.  Contemplating urolift, I was also worried that (a) the sutures (held in place by nothing much, just tissue friction I guess) after such a partial removal could work loose leaving the outer tabs loose to potentially re-orient and poke me in the bladder or prostate after vigorous exercise, (b) it is acknowledged (see UROLIFT official website) that the metal tabs create a dead zone of 16mm around which MRIs cannot see, so if you later need an MRI because of a high PSA reading you are in bother.  It also worried me, I didn’t get round to asking the uro, that radiology might make the tabs hot (but it is not RF so it shouldn’t be able to do that) or more likely be partly blocked by them.  Also RF-type treatments like REZUM are presumably hazardous as the RF, although the left-behind tabs are not that close to the inner prostate tissue, would be very susceptible, I’d have thought, to induced-current heating from the RF/microwave energy from the REZUM needle/probe.  Whether that matters – presumably the tissue around the outer tabs would get slightly cooked – I don’t know.  I went with Holep, instead. 

    • bob75564 bob75564 paul96555

      Paul, I was sitting in the Imaging Lab this morning when your post came through on my cellphone.  I was scheduled for an MRI at 7:00am.  I disclosed, to the Imaging Lab, that I had had the Urolift in February of 2016.  The MRI tech was not certain about the Urolift proceedure and made me wait while he researched the Urolift.  After about 15 minutes, he let me know thathe would not perform the MRI due to the uncertainty of the compatibility of Urolift + MRI.  Later today I received a call from that Imaging Lab that after further research and discussion with radiologist, it was okay to have the MRI with the Urolift. I also got a callback from my urologist, I placed a call to him earlier that day, who also confirmed that it was okay to have the MRI after Urolift.  Just FYI.  Bob

    • bill76612 bill76612 bob75564

      Interesting. After my Urolift procedure I was handed a card with device information including specific, lot number etc, device information for my implants. On the back are detailed instructions for MRI technicians about maximum settings etc. 

    • bob75564 bob75564 bill76612

      Bill, that would be helpful. I am checking with my urologist. The MRI technician initially went to the Urolift website to research compatibility with MRI. He said it stated it was not determined. That was why he would not go forward without more research. I don't know when the urolift website was last updated. I have been rescheduled for later this week. Thanks again for the info. Bob

    • steve27990 steve27990 graham12640


      I was quoted the best part of £10,000 for the proceedure but I discovered that the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital perform this proceedure. I have therefore asked to be refered and am awaiting to hear back. I will up date when i know more.


    • paul96555 paul96555 steve27990

      >>I was quoted the best part of £10,000 for the Urolift procedure

      ​ - What the heck, if I can get a HOLEP done under GENERAL ANAESTHETIC with a catheterised overnight stay for £3400 all up including cost of cystoscopy and consultation beforehand and surgeon and private hospital / room including anaesthetist fee all private, how can you have been quoted three times as much for something supposed to be (and is) much SIMPLER and quicker with less risk ?? (albeit I question if endurance long term or effectiveness re : frequency as good as HOLEP)  Uro-ripoff ?

    • steve27990 steve27990 paul96555

      I think it is because I live in Cambridge and everything is twice as expensive as almost anywhere else. The Urologist is £6,200 alone, consultation £250 and then they do a load of tests first which all adds up to over £9,000.

      You can see why I want to go to Norwich. The anoying thing was that i was told that Urolift was NOT avaliable on the NHS, not that it wasnt avaliable on the NHS at Addenbrookes. I was lucky that i found out otherwise befor I committed to spending all my beer tokens.


    • paul96555 paul96555 steve27990

      My urologist charged £750 for his part of my HOLEP.  Urolift meant to be quicker to do, I know from the video he gave me that HOLEP took him 40 minutes to actually perform - I can see the duration of the video.  I was out for the count.  Isn't urolift done under local ??

    • steve27990 steve27990 paul96555

      Yes, it is done under local and is a shorter proceedure. You would have thought that there would been a bit of standardisation with regard to pricing of these proceedures. Also, if NICE have approved the proceedure why is it not been rolled out to all Urology units as the new proceedure will not impinch on time or finnaces, just a training issure.


    • john75981 john75981 steve27990

      This not accurate in every case. My Urolift performed in Chelmsford/Essex Urology, covered by BUPA. General anaesthetic, takes about 15/20 minutes. Nice approved. Some hospitals performing on NHS some not depending on both funding and availability of trained surgeon. According to recent article in Daily Mail NHS funding concerning new treatments changing as they consider may save the service money in the long run. Still need to have right surgeon in place though.  Costs going private seems to be around £7/8,000.  I avoided Holep/Green Light as both not without risk of side effects which almost absent with urolift.

    • mcgillvn mcgillvn richard11472

      Check my posts on this forum for my experience with urolift.  As a minor upddate--I've noticed the stream slowing down, longer times to void, but nothing that's more than a minor annoyance.  It's been a huge improvement, very little discomfort/pain involved, and most of that resolving within a few days.  If you're researching this topic, you'll find that each case is unique, experiences vary, and you need to have confidence in the advice you're getting from your urologist.  Best wishes.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 richard11472

      Richard.  I had the urolift done April of 2015 and within a week I was peeing fine.  Very little pain.  Off all meds and sleep through the night.  I went in at 9AM had it at 11AM and I went home at 1PM.  I did have a catheter because I have a problem peeing on demand.  Had it for 3 days.  It came out had no problem.  Burning the first 24 hour.  Had sex 5 days later no change at all same feeling  Ken

    • gipsy gipsy kenneth1955

      Hi guys, I have a sad tale, april26 2017 urinary retention and kidney failure, catheter and book in to urologist. After avocado for 8 months, had utility on 08dec 16 and still with Cath and now infection. I had 11stents put in but not looking good. I know you say only the failures might report on this thread but that should be of interest to all should it not?

    • gipsy gipsy

      Oops some self correcting typos. Catheter for 8 months, urolift 3weeks ago now still have catheter and now infection. Not sure if I did the right thing now.

    • gipsy gipsy

      Started with 135cc prostate and after 8 months of avodart ended with 93cc so urologist did urolift using 11 implants. Hope it improves or I did make a mistake.

    • bill76612 bill76612 gipsy


      reading your post the first thing I would ask is was there a manufacturer rep from NeoTract at your procedure. The reason I ask is that, based on what you're saying, it seems that your situation would be outside the parameters of recommended usage.  Was that discussed?

    • gipsy gipsy bill76612

      Yes it was discussed but that is why the avodart med for 8 months and as I was anesthetized I was not aware who was present. My urologist is one of the most experienced in Australia with the procedure so I'm not convinced that is an issue. He has performed many urolift procedures and told me that I was on the limits of the procedure. Still maybe there are some experiments happening so I would expect that if I was an experiment then why did I pay $10k for the procedure/experiment? Will see the urologist after the new year so I will have a few questions for him. Cheers Gipsy

    • gipsy gipsy mal7896

      Mal, in Sydney at Macquarie private hospital, not sure if I can mention the urologist here but he is the leading urologist in Australia with the honour of being the first to conduct robotics on prostate in Australia.

    • jed111 jed111 paul96555

      Hi Paul- How are you doing now that you have had the HOLEP procedure..? I don't know when you had it. Are you experiencing any retrograde or ED. Any pain, or difficult urination..? [Sorry if you have answered this question elsewhere.] Cheers- Jed

    • paul96555 paul96555 jed111

      Holep done 6th june age 49 on small prostate about 33cc.  Flow before had been poor for a few years, liveable with, frequency 2 or 3 times a night.   A bout of prostatitis (really acute and annoying LUTS for a week, gradually tailing off but not entirely back to my poor "baseline"wink took me to a uro and he offered to fix with urolift or holep, which are the two that he does.  After holep (catheter out the day after) I had two weeks of painful peeing, no incontinence but some urgency (I never needed any "depends"wink, then some bleeding/one day of what seemed big clots, rested after that day for a day, that stopped, at week 4 or so I tested functionality and found, no ED and normal sensations prior to the ending but felt almost nothing at that moment (and was RE as expected), gradually the sensation came back over time.  9 months on there seems to have been further improvement month by month but my memory is not objective enough to make a good comparison ... I think the peak sensation is marginally abated compared to pre-holep but not a lot in it.  Doesn't bother me.  Flow rate strong compared to pre-holep (sometimes a little lower in the morning though) and frequency good (infrequent), last night I slept from 01:00 to 07:00 before waking up for a pee.  Daytimes I usually go many hours between pees.  I do still find frequency will gradually creep up (not bothersomely) if I humour my bladder and pee too often, sometimes making the effort to hold back is a good idea to keep everything well calibrated I think.  And I occasionally do a few seconds of the pelvic floor exercise. 

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 paul96555

      Paul  I am happy that things are doing well for you.  I have read up on some of the things you said but why did you give up on your prostate.  Your 49 and you have retro.  You could have tryed the urolift first.  You had a small prostate and small lobe going into the bladder it would have worked for you. My urologist have done the urolift on men that have a 80cc prostate with a large lobe and they did fine.  Im 61 and there is no way I'm giving up anything to just pee better.  Was on flomax and rapaflo  Had retro and it was very disapointing.  The first time I had one the built up was good but when the orgasm hit I felt nothing and with no ejaculation it was like I did nothing no after feeling  My orgasm are very intence and they do last for 2 to 3 minutes with after glow.  They were never like that when I was younger.  Don't know if the urolift did that or not.  My prostate was the size of a lemon now 2 years later it is half that size.   My urologist know me and the way I feel he would never talk to me about any procedure that will take any function away.  But we are all diffirent and we all have the right to pick what we want to try.  We are the ones that have to deal with the side effect and anything that goes wrong.  In reality a doctor can only suggest a treatment or procedure because they do not know if it will work until it done.  Take care and have a great day  Ken

    • paul96555 paul96555 kenneth1955

      I knew I could have had urolift but was aware it creates an area where MRI can't "see" of 16mm around each tab, it often only improves flow not frequency issue as doesn't stop prostate pushing up on bladder neck like mine was, you sometimes have to muck about going back to have bands tightened, and if you later have to have a HOLEP they can only cut off innermost tabs not get rid of outer tabs or the now-could-work-loose suture holding the outer tabs in place, and HOLEP can end up slicing the outer tabs that have "grown in".  I decided to go for the most enduring and permanent solution, I had PSA 16.92 at this time so this also gave me more samples of prostate tissue to check on top of the biopsy, giving me peace of mind as well 'cos that seemed a highish PSA.  PSA now 0.66 and I have less prostate tissue left (60% gone) to get cancer in.  Unlike greenlight (no cancer sampling) or even some TURP, even if my little prostate grows I should have no bother now for rest of life.  He removed 12 cc of 22cc.  NB above in error I wrote 33cc, it wasn't it was a 22cc tiddler .

      ​You could say I had them take a laser-powered sledgehammer to crack a walnut, maybe they did but I have peace of mind that peeing problems are gone and won't ever come back.  Shouldn't anyway.  Any effects on sensations at peak are now so small I can't even be sure there is any effect any more.  This is consistent with the only 2 studies of this I could find (see earlier posts by me for references to find them) saying the adverse effect is early on for both HOLEP and TURP and THULEP, and you on average get most of the way back to baseline by one year on. Within that I guess some fully back, some less so.  I would have worried about it had I had urolift as it is not always permanent.  I wanted it done for good.   

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 paul96555

      I just wonder.  You had a small prostatedoctr tell you that you had cancer is that is why you were worry about it.  I had the urolift done 2 years ago and they have been fine I never feel them.  I did have a problem when one got loose.  Had to have it replace.  When he went in to replace the one he had to tightenther 3 because my prostate got smaller.  I have a stricture and have a scope done ever 3 or 4 month to check it he also checks the implants they have not moved.  I was also told by my urologist that he can take them out at any time if I want but they work well so they are staying.  I just feel sorry for men that have to give up that function because doctor don't feel it is important.  Well you are the one that has to deal with the outcome and you were aware of the out come.  You did your reseach and  you are happy.  That is all that matters.  We are all different and we all look at things differently and we have our priorities what we feel is important to us.  Hads all as we get the information.  At 47 I ad a cancer scare.  I new very little what did what.  Now I know maybe  mch  Take care  enjoy life  Ken 

    • bruce74642 bruce74642 Albin

      Hi, Albin,  I had the procedure Friday.  It went easily enough.  Afterwards, i felt an urgent need to pee, but passed mostle blood  and little urine. That was somewhat uncomfortable, but I wore guards and even disposable underwear Saturday night.  i didn't sleep well, and about 2;30am I said a prayer for some relief.  About 3:00am a big splotch of blood passed, followed by a stream of urine.  I feel almost normal this afternoon.  I'm still passing some blood, but now mostly urine.  I do feel better.   The doctor told me to refrain from my exercise class for a week, but nothing after that.  I have a follow-up appointment on 1 June that I will have to make earlier or delay a few days.

    • mark02906 mark02906 bruce74642

      Based on my experience (small sample, I know), you might delay the exercise until June.  I took a spinning class for 30 min a couple of weeks after the procedure (the class is usually an hour).  As I got quickly to the locker room, I started to pee.  It's gotten better in the last couple of months, but take it slow on the exercise.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 frank74205

      Hey Frank  Remember my doctor told you that it may help your retention ( He has had good results with some of his patents wink  but if it does not work  the urolift would make CIC easier for you because it will open up the prostate.  Don't let them talk you into anything else.  At you age I don't want you to have anymore problems or trama I think of what I would tell my father.  If he would have lived he would have been 100 at the end of the month.   Please promise me that  Ken

    • Libero Libero kenneth1955

      $200 for the Urolift procedure just means you have good insurance, I have Cigna with a $4000 deductible and I just had the exploratory procdure to determine what is causing my issue and the cost is ~$4500. It was done in outpatient but I was anesthetized. I expect the urolift will come out about the same so given the exhange rate that is not far of 10000 pounds.

    • gino16935 gino16935 kenneth1955

      Hi Ken, Gino here.  Had the Uro-Lift one week ago and peeing fine.  Wakeing up in morning with wood.  Doc says to wait for four weeks.  Naturally I asked why, he said may cause bleeding.  Good to hear of your five days later experience.  Way to go!! I'm 85 and thrity years ago had the Microwave proceedure that left me with RE.  At that time Doctor never even warned me that might happen. It left me with dry uncomfortable ejaculations and in the last few years very painful ones, always dry and never any pre-cum.  Now after only a week when I pleasure myself, never have gone all the way since may cause bleeding, my penis exudes copius slippery precum. 

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 gino16935

      When to go.  I think you would be fine at the 2 week post.  When I had mine the urologist told me 2 weeks but could not wait.  What I think is going on is that it fix it self andyou  may get some when you go all the way.  I will sent a email to my urologist and ask him what he thinks.  Years ago doctor neverto ld youev erything and when it happen they go I don't know  Just drink alot of water and juice  Take care  Ken

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 gino16935

      It's no problem  I like to help.  Men have to stick together and help each other.  I see no problem with you having fun at your age.  If your in the mood why not.  i would wait for at least 2 weeks but wait till I hear back from my doctor.  Has your doctors told you anything.  You ejaculatory duct may have healed or your bladder neck may be closing normal were you will have a regular ejaculation.  Would that be something after 30 years of dry orgasm.  Well good night my friend  Have a long day tomorrow  If I hear anything I will let you know when I get home ( 11PM ) God bless and happy healing  Ken       

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 gino16935

      Hey Gino.  Got a reply for my doctor.  This is what he said.  He said that there may be a discharge from the placements of the sutures.  He also said that it is a good idea to wait for 1 or 2 weeks to have sex or have a orgasm.  You want the sutures to a hear to the prostate before you contract it.  He also said that stranger things have happy.  He told me to let him know what happen.  Good luck had have fun  Ken

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 david38025

      Good morning David.  Yes I had the Urolift procedure.  It has been over 2 1/2 years.  I had 4 implants put in.  All has be great.  I would do it again.  that is the only procedure I would ever do.  No side effects.  Have a great day  Ken.  I'm 62 now

    • david38025 david38025 kenneth1955

      thanks for the quck reply, i had a TURP 3 yrs ago and its closing up again, it was good for me until recently.  new doc thinks its scar tissue, looking next week, after that i will check with local dr in tenn about the lift. at 69 it is enlarged but dont know how much,, during the day i have little or no probs unless i set for a long time. at night i feel inflamed sometimes but prob not prostatis.  i have had issues with FUNGUS however that casues a problem .  also i think lost of guys have that and dont know it.

      regards -david

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 paul96555

      Good evening Paul.  You can get a stricture from any surgery that they stick tubes in you.  I got a stricture from kidney stone surgery when I was 47  I did not even know I had one until 11 years later.  I think the Urolift surgery helped mine.  Because the tube they use for the gun is a little bigger so it opened up the stricture take care  Ken   

    • mitchell97639 mitchell97639 kenneth1955

      With Dr. Sujka at Orlando Urology. My daughter in law is a PA and a very smart woman and knows many physicians in Orlando. I have her recommend all the specialists I use and so far she has done very well for me. I also went to the Eurolift website and he is one of a very few they have listed is this area. I am a Medicare specialist and since I know all the plans, I have an "F" supplement which pays for everything. I was on tamulosin for quite a while but it did not seem to make a difference but it did make me dizzy. right now he has me trying Myrbetriq to see if it does anything. I go back in two weeks with a page of questions I got from this forum. I thank everyone who contributed and will add my experience when it happens.

    • kenneth1955 kenneth1955 mitchell97639

      Yes it is nice to have a doctor that you like they will all ways to the best for you.   I have had my doctor for almost 4 years.  I consider him a friend and my doctor.  He is very well likes in orlando and he has dome many speeches on Urolift.  Some things to ask him.  If he will do a catheter after for you.  I did.  It was much easier.  Sometime the prostate will be swollen and  you may not be able to pee and it's better to have the catheter put in while your asleep then have to rush to the hospital after you go home.  Take care  Ken


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