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Hi everyone! Thought we might have a weigh-in-thread, to post our weigh-ins every week. I`m always weighing fridays, but you can post whenever you`re weighing in - just to keep us all posted and motivate each other for weightloss smile I also find it exciting to see how much erevyone`s lost from week to week.

?This is how I thought we might do it: Write your date of starting with orlistat, your weight at the time and current weight....and so on.

Here we go:


?Starting my weightloss journey 21.2.17: 98 kg!! (approx 217 lbs)

?Weigh-in 28.2: 95,8 kg (2,2 down)

Started Xenical 1.1....

Weigh-in 3.3: 94.8 (1 kg down after 3 days on Xenical)

?Your turn! wink


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    Started Orlistat 9 Feb 2017 weighting 108.3 kg. 

    Three weeks in 2/3/2017 and still weight 108.3 kg. sad 

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      Hi leah19077, I know it's not what you want but could the doctor not give you something to help with the water retention, I take water tablets as some days I look like as sumo wrestler and other days I'm fine , the water tablet might help if they won't change your pill back,


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      Yes Loraine I am.

      The first 3 weeks I have focused on the eating plan they suggested, low fat (which my diet has naturally been pretty low fat anyway) and nothing has shifted. So I am migrating to lowering my carb intake. 

      I know from past success that it is always when my carbs go down so does my weight. 

      So this week I am gradually lowering it to 100g a day. It is tough since I have to keep fat down as well. But Last week I was about 220-250g carbs per day, Wed and Thur I dropped it to 200g, Friday to 150g. Today I am going to aim for 150g or less. And hopefully in the next few days be able to hold around 100g. I am hoping this will maybe start me losing some pounds. 

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      I might try that as my carbs are quite high , I will pay more attention to them and have. Look back my food diary and see as I'm keeping my fat low or on target my protein has been okay to but I will have a proper look over my meals and see what I can change, 

      are you having a set calorie count each day?

      thank you for your help 


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      Yeah 1600 calories at the moment but it depends on your weight, age, and how quickly you are wanting to lose weight. Get the free app Mynetdiary it lets you log your food, count calories, shows your fat/carb/protein ratios and offers suggestions like if you are eating to much sodium, or saturated fat etc
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      Hi im using lifesum app it similare the my fitness pal as I downloaded both of them, I am eating around 2000 calories a day eventhough slimming world doesn't count calories but the app counts them anyway but I think i have to look at my diary so far eventhough I have cut out the crisps and bread, I am still not sure if im losing weight, some days I am really swollen up and others when I am not in feel slimmer but it changes daily but I was like that before on orlistat and I take water tablets as well but have ibs as well as everything else. Lol

      I will keep going it might just take a while longer than normal for the weight loss.

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    Hi theNorwegian, 

    i think that is a good idea,

    i was just going to post about my weight as I get weight on a Wednesday afternoon, I was at the doctors on Wednesday to get more orlistat and I thought I was starting to get a chest infection, as I have asthma and another lung condition as well as fibromyalgia so if I don't catch a infection quickly I end up in hospital, I'm also on mega medication so my doctor agreed to allow me to try orlistat but wasn't very encouraging as thinks that my medications cause a lot of weight issues but I can't stop the medication but I am giving it a go anyway, I'm fallowing the SlimmingWorld eating plan as much as possible and using Lifesum app which is really good as you can put in your own recipes and add them in food diary, yesterday  I made slimming world sin free paprika pork , I added the recipe then I added it to my dinner it this gave me the correct calories and fat in the portion I had, I found it useful, 

     February the 15th 

    my my starting weight was 135 kilograms 

    february 22nd 

    weight  129.9 kilograms losses 3.1 kilograms 

    1st march 129 kilograms loosed 0.9 kilograms 

    your doing really well are you following a eating plan ,and are you exercising,

    im basically immobile trying to do little exercises while sitting as it difficult with the oxygen and all the rest, I do walk around the house as much as I can but that about it, 

    good of luck keep up the good work, 

    loraine x


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    Glad to see so many entering the thread. It`s interesting to see how we all are doing smile

    ?Next weigh-in for me will be friday. Seems to be losing slooooowly....How boring...but we`ll see.

    Keep up the good work everyone!!

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    Starting my weightloss journey 20.2.17: 98 kg!! (approx 217 lbs)sad

    ?Weigh-in 28.2: 95,8 kg (2,2 down)biggrin

    ?Started Xenical 1.3

    Weigh-in 3.3: 94.8 (1 kg down after 3 days on Xenical)biggrin

    ?Weigh-in 10.3: 94 (0.8 down after another week on Xenical)biggrin

    ?Happy so far. It`s going the right way, which has been almost impossible for me the last years....Probably going a little more slowly with me as I`m hypothyroid, but I`m so glad.

    Anyone else weiging in today?

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      Hi well done, your doing great , i weight in on a Wednesday but this week wad the first week that I have weighed at home my scales show loss of 2lbs 129 kilograms so a long way to go but im sticking with it , im just going to make slimming world chips , they are free foods in s/w

      You just peal potato and cut in to chips bolil them forcabout 5 min then draing and dry on clean tea towel or kitchen paper one they ate dry you put them back in tve pot and shake it around to give them a rustic look then place then on a baking tray on top of greased proof paper place them in rows and spray with fry light oil and putvin the oven gas mark 6 forcaround twenty minutes turning half way thought. I hope they are good i haven’t had chips for a while, i just saw them on the s/w site and thought that i would try them out.

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      Thank you Loraine!👍

      You are doing great too. I think 2 lbs is such a good achivement! Way to go!

      And yeah, sticking to it is a must cause we're fed up of being overweight,right?

      We don't have slimming world here in Norway...or is it online courses or what? Anyways, I make potatoes like that every week. Love them! Enjoy 😊

      Keep up the good work!

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      Hi you can get a week meal plan on line and an idea of what the eating plan is , you can subscribe to the online but it is a bit expensive, amazing hsve slimming world recipes books they are quite good if you get the basic idea of the eating plan online , it fairly easy to use and general just healthy eating.

      Thank you for your words of encouragement

      Im sticking with it even if it is in small amount at leadt its of and not on , and I am eating loafs of fruit and vegetables although I didn't realise the amount of sugar in some fruit it really high, I kept wonder why my app diary eas saying that I was high in sugar and it was the fruits somecworse thsn others.

      Good luck

      Loraine x

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