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I am now around 1 year post meno give or take. I just would like ladies to know there is light at the end of the tunnel, although you may not feel like that at the moment. Just remember that an unlucky few continue symptoms for eternity, and as time passes they become less bothersome and mild in comparison for the rest gradually disappearing for good. From my research this is normally 2-3 years post meno, fingers crossed.

The symptoms I remember are as follows as far as I can recall. 1 year ago/present day

No appetite – Eat nothing for weeks on end, just sipped water and ice chips. / Eating normally again

Weight loss- lost nearly 2 stone/Back to pre existing weight

Nausea- constant day & night for about 10 months/Now none

Belching- awful indigestion despite not eating/ As before

Insomnia- totally unable to fall or stay asleep got maybe 3 hours a night if lucky/ Sleep well most of the time waking mainly to pee, usually fall back to sleep but awake for a couple of hours occasionally

Night sweats- OMG drenched need I say more/ Still get these but sleep through most of them certainly not as bad or as many.

Heat Intolerance- This was weird I felt warm all the time 24/7normally cold because of my thyroid, couldn’t bear even a warm shower it had to be cold, the hair-dryer was an absolute no no./ Showering and using hair dyrer as before still get some feelings of warmth but in between feel normal again

Flushes- Lasted forever just finish one then start another, either with or without the sweats. No triggers only very sensitive to temperature to surroundings /Gone from around 40-50 to maybe 3-4.

Difficulty Swallowing/Eating- Like a lump stuck in throat even taking meds was hard because of gagging but was only actually sick a couple of times/No problems now

Tiredness/Exhaustion- probably mainly due to lack of sleep/This has passed

Emotional/Depressive- moods were down and very weepy. If I didn’t have such wonderful kids not sure I would bothered trying probably just ended it all ( hate to admit that now)/Still have a few down days but overall much better

Confusion/difficulty focusing- very light headed and dazed feeling/ Dizzy now and again memory still poor

IBS like symptoms- obsessed with keeping diary of BM/Odd episodes nothing serious

Palpitations- happened a lot/ Still get 1 or 2 but not as often

Chest tightness- very uncomfortable of course I had angina and heart disease, this was definitely anxiety/ Only get this now and again

Pounding heart – I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and hear it in my ears/ All gone

tremors/shakes- Shaking externally and internally. The external was like a constant shiver, internal was like an inner bouncing very hard to explain/Completely gone

restlessness- couldn’t relax or sit still very jittery/ Can now relax

anxiety- WOW never been an anxious person but this was just awful I was googling every little symptom, this made every other symptom worse and lots of crossover symptoms of anxiety itself./ This has gone thank goodness

Panic Attacks- Again never had one before very scary, got so I was afraid to go out, talk to anyone or make or receive telephone calls/ None at all now

tachycardia (100-140)- due to anxiety/ Back to normal.

headaches- terrible pounding every day and night/ Just an odd one now and then

head zaps- would happen day and night like a shock in head/ Get one now and again

feeling something wrong- convinced I had something terminal, Feeling detached from reality/Feel ok now do not worry about health anymore

Dry mouth-couldn’t quench thirst no matter how much I drank/Still get dry some days

Feeling of insects crawling over skin/ an odd tickle now and then

Muscle tension mainly neck, shoulders & backache, and joints aching especially hips, knees and legs/ Now all fine

Skin and hair changes dryer and older looking/ hmm just age!!

Hope this helps someone


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    Oh my you have no idea how much I needed to read this today! Just came from doctor visit because I've been so tired, blood pressure low and my heart racing. Heat intolerance is so bad right now ....I live I Georgia so that doesn't help. My whole body feels like it's 20 degrees above normal for days at a time and the I feel like I'm freezing....yikes!You give me hope! Bless you!

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    Thank you sooooo much ! Your story is my story too including thyroid . I have hyperthyroid in addition to my perimenopause . I have all 66 symptoms and skin burnings . Had to exclude peripheral neuropathy and many more . I went through a divorce (extremely sad story ) was in stress because of that . Then shortly started burnings that started in my groin area and then extended to all body . Was diagnosed with Graves' disease . Do not want to take any hormones but in thyroid medicines . Walking and exercising a lot and taking a very low dose of ZOloft . My GYN first adviced to take it only 10 days before my period to alleviate PMS but since I have my periods at different times 20 to 28 days apart it was hard to calculate . So I ended up taking 50 mg a day . It helped me with panic attacks and changed my attitude towards my burnings . Also I finally found very nice GYN who cares . That made sense too. Thank you so much for your support and sharing .

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    bumblebee, I'm in tears. Literally. My mom has been gone for 12 years now. I've had no-one to talk to. Just knowing that someone has been through what I'm feeling now and is starting to actually feel better gives me so much hope! Thank you

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    Thank you. This does help me. I have had mild symptoms for a few years but 3 months ago...BAM.... Very bad symptoms hit me almost over night. I have many of the ones you had. The anxiety and panic attacks and the detachment are the worst symptoms for me.

    I am glad that you are feeling better.

    It is a relief to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Take care.

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    This is very good to hear.  I also have anxiety, difficulty swallowing, stiff bones and muscle aches, zaps tingles in my head and tingles in my body.   Did you just tough it out or did you take and type of hrt?   I am taking hrt for about 4 months now.  My anxiety is better but my stiff bones and muscles aches are horrible.  I did start taking many supplements also.  I just wonder if years from now if I wanted to go off the hrt if my body starts from square one again and I have to go through all the symptoms.  Is hrt just holding the symptoms off while on it?
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      Rather naively I didn't realise my symptoms were due to menopause I had a hysterectomy aged 29 now 51. I was so busy going back and forth to A& E convinced I had some disease, I just sensed something wasn't right When I finally clocked on and saw my gp Hrt was not an option due to medical issues. I have rode it out it's been hard at times. Yes you are quite right when you come off Her even if you are then postmenopausal you will get menopause symptons as you wean off. To minimize this come off very very slowly and gradually. I had hrt after my hysterectomy for 3 years when my remaining quarter of an ovary went into shock,my Dr took a year to wean me off and all was fine my ovary had kicked in. Then I hit natural menopause and got to do it all again! Hope you are soon better

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      Thank you for that, I suffered moat of them two, I'm two years post meno and things did get better but I am getting the odd symtoms still popping up, so I'm not sure if it's finally over quite yet!

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      Hello there..was just wondering how you re faring with this swallowing issue..I am feeling miserable atm with the same issue..cant think of eating as I feel scared that I might choke..have you found any relief? Please could you kindly share.( btw I do have terrible reflux)

      Thank you so much

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      Hello, Amanda.

      Sorry to hear you are experiencing this swallowing problem too.

      I have been having acupuncture and taking a supplement for adrenal support and herbs for sleep and anxiety. This has helped me immensely!

      I try to avoid certain foods like sugar, bread, pasta, caffeine, franchise restaurant food, processed foods. I try to pay attention when I eat if a food bothers me. Then I eliminate that food from my diet. But sometimes it doesn't matter, the digestive system problems just act up.

      I am going for treatment once this week, going to try once a week for a while and see how it goes.

      I have refux too. I have stomach pain, nausea, intestinal pain and BLOATING.

      Oh the joys of womanhood.

      Take care. I hope this helps.

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      Hi Amanda ,

      My all symptoms started first with the burning in my body . The type of the burning is hard to explain. Then I had tingling and severe pain and stiffness in my neck . One day I was having breakfast and realize that it is hard for me to swallow . Again very strange feeling . In order to be able to swallow I had to seat really straight. The worst feeeling ever . Also  pain in the neck and stiffness was the way that it was really hard to describe. It was like someone was pushing it from the back and I had a band around it . Not to mention that I went through all possible scanning and blood test . OMG I was checked for multiple sclerosis, blood cancers . All possible things . All tests exept for my thyroid came back normal . But my thyroid is under control now still I have these symptoms. My doctors gave up saying that they do not know what is going on . I went to acupuncture and it helped me a lot . My GYN suggested that I take 50 mg of Zoloft and it helped me a lot at least to stop worrying about it too much . He also told me that I must exercise.  I do exercise and it helps but what really helps are long walks . Once I am walking outside I do not have any symptoms at all . I do not want to take hormones as I really want to go through menopause as naturally as possible . I take supplements  such as calcium , vitamin D, B, magnesium and prenatal vitamins as my iron was low due to heavy and often periods . I guess that my body burnings are my hot flush . I also read that sage leafs tea is helping with hot flash and I am drinking it every day . It is not tasty but if it helps I will take it . Also hot and cold showers or hot and cold packs around neck area help a lot. I made rice pillow for myself and put it in the microvave and put it on my neck for about 5 min then ice pack for about 5 min and repeat it for about 10 times . Really helps . I hope that you feel better . Always remember that you are not alone ! Regards 

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      Hi gema...thank you so much for taking the time..atm my most annoying symptom is the throaty thing(like something stuck, constricting kind of feeling) which ofcourse came out of the blue. Before this was the shortness of breath, which I must say has calmed down a bit. I really dont know what to do.

      petrified of the doctors. Literally dragged myself last year to a gp who ofcourse awarded me with the anxiety disorder. However did find out was very low on Vit D. I am taking Vit B complex and Vit D/Calcium supplements.

      Thank you so much for your time and effort.

      God Bless!!!

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      Hi Gema,

      I have had all your symptoms too!  Especially, the burning and tingling and stiffness throughout my whole body.  The doctors have scared me to death with all their tests.  They told me for months that I might have multiple sclerosis too.  But all their tests were inconclusive.  I also have had thyroid problems (hyperthyroidism) and have had my thyroid gland removed many years ago.  I feel so bad that I had to stop working.  I can barely walk because of the pain and stiffness.  And the anxiety is off the charts!

      How long did you all have these symptoms before they finally stopped or got a little better?  I am skipping periods now but haven't stopped completely.  I so long to be back to my old self.


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      Hi Amanda . I know that it is hard but it will pass . My doctors scared me so much that one night I woke up with the panic attack . I never had it before and was so scared . Again  doctors excluded everything that they could think of and did not find anything . There is one discussion at this site where lady described 66 peri symptoms. I used to read them over and over again telling myself that I am not alone . My aunt also remembered that my grandmother was complaining that her skin is burning and that she had insects crawling sensation in her head . She lived a good health life after she passed her meno. Unfortunately no one will be able to tell you how long it will last . But it will get better . I had my first flare a year ago severe burnings, and difficulties swallowing , stiff neck .

      OMG . Then it got better for a few month then I had another flare a few months ago. Same symptoms plus strange feeling in my eye and burning even in my ears . It even feels that my heart is burning in my chest . I hear heart beats in my left ear. Then it gets better again . Someone told me that it is getting worse around summer time when it is hot .  I sleep with ice packs when needed . But I truly believe that it all will pass . Our bodies are going through big hormonal changes and it takes time . But we have each other and these forums that are very helpful. With best regards to all of us .

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      I have to respond to your post..Some of your symptoms are sooo similar to mine.

      I never have mentioned my other symptoms because my main challenge is the depression for sure,

      but....I have had the 'burning' sensation JUST like you described with neck pain!


      My burning seems to be just my whole body, but around mainly my shoulders and neck and arms.

      It is definitely not a hot flash sensation, its more like my body is burning and uncomfortable, and sensitive and irritated to certain materials, its just a bothered hot sort of sensation and HIGHLY annoying...never comes and goes though.

      I have a lot of degenerative issues with my neck,and so with the peri menopause its all hurting more;

      neck, hands... basicallly all joints flare up and ache. Its like in the morning sometimes i wake up and i've been run over by a mac truck..just beat up achy feeling. 

      I also tried Zoloft, but I took them at night, and it was dreadful. I was completely insomniac for the duration of the 3 days that i took them. Do you take yours at night? omg it was scary. Also music playing in my ears endlessly if i would hear a song, it would just linger insecessantly. Maybe it wasn the zolof, but thats when it happened

      I am not giving up however on trying one until i get the right one if it continues. Anything not to have anxiety and depression.

      I was going to ask you though, why are you not trying HRT? Would you consider bioidenticals?

      If our bodies are not doing well because of the lack of hormones then to me it makes sense to start with rebuilding them? I dont know yet if its working, im giving it more time.

      I hope you are doing well and Amanda too. biggrin



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      I wanted to add:

      I am actually thinking of getting tested for heavy metal toxicity and oxidative stress. Maybe this is what it is???

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      Dear Kauailblue 

      I really really appreciate you taking your time and sharing your story . As I appreciate each and every lady at this site who is trying to help the others .

      First of all I was always against HRTs . But it is really just me . Women in my family all went through that without HRTs . By no means I say that it is a right thing to do it is just what I believe in . I understand that we are lack of hormones but I also want to think that it is normal physiology and in time body should adapt to it . I tried birth control pills but they always give me depression and this time was not exception again . Once I start taking them OMG my mood went down . My aches double increased . So I decided that it is not for me . I know that it helps lots of people though . 

      Regarding Zoloft . When I took my first dose I developed panic attack at night and  thought that it is because of that . But thank to my friends they explained to me that one day really won't do anything and the fact that I developed panic attack tells that I need Zoloft . It took really one month before I started taking Zoloft and I read that to see it's effects I need to take it at lest 2 to 3 months . I am taking 50 mg at noon every day and it helped me a lot . My attitude towards my burnings changed . I started to eat and enjoy the way I enjoyed it before . I also have stiffness in my face from times to times and not to mention that all this doubles before my periods. I am 51 but still have my periods every month . They are just more often now . Every 20 to 18 days . My GYN told me to take prenatal vitamins . They have just a right amount of iron in them to keep my hemoglobin up to normal . I also take calcium and vitamin d as I read in Pubmed that there was research done and it alleviate menopausal symptoms and PMS . I try to eat healthy and walk a lot . As I mentioned in one of my previous posts when I am walking outside I am free of almost all of my symptoms.  Please let me know if you have any other questions . I am always glad to share my story and knowledge.  Kind regards .

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      Thank you Gema for your great response.

      Im glad that the Zoloft is helping. Yes it isnt' for everybody and maybe I should have waited longer or taken it in the morning. Either way it felt terrible.

      I had regular periods up until 52 1/2 yrs, now its stopped and its almost 6 months no cycle. Yeah!

      HRT is not for everybody. Im in the medical field however and I see a LOT of women patients and what it does for them. (im speaking of bioidentical hormones not synthetic)

      It greatly improves their well being, their appearance, skin etc.

      Exercise is verrry important too. I feel very lazy to get out there but this morning i finally went out for a job 22 minutes only but better than nothing smile

      Thank you for sharing, hope to talk soon, 




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      Hi Rachel ,

      Sorry somehow I missed your comment . My symptoms started  last October . First with burnings in my groin and vaginal area . then in my lower right leg . Then almost all my body was burning especially in my neck . Stiffness in the neck was horrible . It all lasted several month and then started to get better . Then around end of April they started again this time with stiffness in my face , tingling, numbness in my arms body and face . I was almost sure that my thyroid is acting up but all my lab values was normal . This is when my endocrinologist suggested that I see neurologist and all this nightmare started . But the good thing is that all my scans and labs came. Ack normal . I was thinking that  may be I have fibromyalgia? Well may be I do who knows ? This disease is hard to diagnose and is diagnosed when everything else is excluded . I fell better now . Still have burnings but my attitude towards them changed . I keep myself very active and busy . I have noticed that after eating sugar I start to shake so I am trying to eliminate it from my diet . I drink water . Cold water helps to cool down my body and take ice packs with me to bed . Very important  and very helpful to me long walks . I am trying to stay very positive . I am sure that we all are gonna be just fine . This is just a hard time that all of us need to survive . But nothing lasts forever even bad and hard times 😊 My best regards . 

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