Threadworm - mostly during my period

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I am so embarrased about this issue.  Basically since I have been about 13 I have had worms.  I have had treatment for this so many times.  I am in my early twenties now.  They come when I am on my period.  Does this mean they have gone into my uterus?   I mean I am very clean to the point I am OCD. I clean everything with antibacterial, wash my bedding, use a different towel everyday. i boil wash my clothes.  I use anti bac before eating.  I don't get what I can do about this? Nobody in my family seems to have this issue.

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    Hi lilstar,

    Sounds like you are doing the right things to keep the worms at bay.  However, one thing you must do, is to have these worms properly identified.  Are they threadworms, or are they another altogether different creature, that you think are threadworms?

    Some mites have a white worm-like stage of development within their life cycle, and at stage 2 and stage 3 can have devastating damages to their host - like melting skin to injest the liquidfied substance into their bodies.

    These mites are fast changing while developing, and can cause multiple scars on the body during the two above life stages.

    I say what I am going to say to help you understand, possibly why you seem to have worms within your uterus.  Parasites (worms) can find their way into the head of the penis, and during sexual intercouse, at the right moment, leave the male and deposit themselves, their eggs, into the uterus.  So, I do believe you answered your own question about having worms in your uterus.  And, that is another reason why you seem to have constant and not getting rid of the worm problem you have, since the age of 13, of course not meaning any wrong doings by you.

    There are thousands of different kinds of parasitic worms, including bird mites, and scarcoptic scabies, which do have similar worm-like stages of development.

    There are over 30,000 different kinds of mites alone.  So, my question to you is, what kind of living organism do you have within your body?

    Have you ever taken a speciman to a lab, and the key to this, is when I say, "taken to a lab".  Mites are fast evolving creatures, going through different stages within a few days, to reach adulthood, where they can begin the life cycle all over again, by laying upwards to 24 eggs per day, when they reach maturity.

    Therein lies your problem as well, because what you tell us, is that your immune system is out of whack, caused by the constant stress placed upon your body by these worms.  Someone recently stated that worms do not kill.  I am here to inform you, this person that stated that, is so WRONG!  One of my distant family members died as a result of "worm infestation", a female.

    I suggest you go get a complete examination, and try to capture several of these things and properly store them in an inescapeable container and take them to the nearest scientific agricultural laboratory that is closest to you.  They should help you identify what the living organism is and what the chemical (medicine) is that will eradicate the organism from your body.

    Take my word for it, you will not find too many doctors willing to go the route of investigating what is causing your problem.  I have yet to find one doctor knowledgeable about mites, worms, etc, and to get rid of you, will tell you, "It's all in your head"!  In your case, your uterus.

    Are you married?  Do you have any children?  Are there strange scars on the head of the penis of your mate?  If you have children, I would strongly suggest that you have them examined by a qualifed doctor as well, because of your problem, they too are susceptable to the same condition, throughout their bodies. Some of these mites (worms) are so small that you just can see them with the naked eye, and they do cause scarring at stage two and three of their development.

    Good luck, and I strongly suggest that you be immediately examined, and just know you have at least one person in the world, that cares for you and your condition.  Me!  Contact me through messaging, if you so desire.

    Good luck.

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      Does this mean they are in my uterus if the come when I get my period?  

      Will this make me infertile?

      Can ovex cure this?!

      I am so worried and too embarrassed to see a doctor!!! 

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    Hello lilstar,

    Thank you for responding to my post.  I am not a qualified doctor by any stretch of the imagination, so I cannot answer your questions posted back to me.

    There is one thing I know.  And that is your concern to rid your body of the invading organism.  I also know you are shy, embarrassed to even public state what you have already stated.  You are young, and yet now faced with a very difficult problem, that needs to be addressed.

    And, since you are a young, vibrant female, I also know that if you have sexual intercourse, with the problem you have discussed, you could very well could pass whatever is within your uterus, your your mate.  Think about that, and what it will also do to the person.  In other words, you have a difficult problem that needs to be addressed by a medical doctor that is understanding, has concern for you and your partner's health, and will do whatever is necessary to assist you to rid yourself of your problem.  That should be the foremost thought you have.

    May I suggest you find a female doctor that may assist you to alleviate your problem with shyness and embarrassment.  That should help you in this area to get over your embarrassment.  When you have a problem of this magnitude, you have to do what you have to do, regardless of your shyness and/or embarrassment.

    And, allow me to expound.  If your problem is mites related, certain kinds of female mites are known to be able to lay upwards to 24 eggs a day, for almost one year.  For simplicity, multiply 24 eggs per day, times 365 days within a year. That very well could be part of your recurring problem within your uterus.

    Good luck!

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    My sister is having the same problem. Except theyve diagnosed her bipolar with psychosis at a mental hospital 4 months ago. She hears things n sees them only at sje says she sees the worms in her stool. No doctors want to help. We dont know what to do anymore.

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      i see this was posted four years ago. I hope your sister is doing better. I am currently suffering from parasites and no one believes me. They are often more apparent at night and i couldn't tell you why. Maybe its a defence mechanism of the organism. If they only expel at night its less likely for infected people to be able to show it to others and get the help they need.

      The biggest reason I felt like I needed to respond is because parasites can cause a host of problems. Some people have no symptoms. some people have bizarre symptoms that look like other things. My body seems like it has an autoimmune disorder with a "flare up" that has lasted four years. Flare ups don't last that long by the way. But another thing they can do is affect emotions and cause psychosis. If she is still ill, please keep looking for doctors and see if you can get to the bottom of it. Ask them for a fecal test. ask them for an open order on fecal tests with a lab. Parasites don't show up in every bowel movement so she would likely need to get several samples taken before they saw them. Insist. many doctors think you cant get parasites living in what they consider first world countries, unless you travel. This is not true. All it takes is a little bit of fecal matter that is infected, an infected piece of meat that wasnt cooked well done, or a vegetable that wasn't properly washed. There are even some that you can grt by walking barefoot in the wrong dirt or swimming in contaminated water. You can even get them from drinking contaminated water. well water isnt tested nearly regularly enough, even though i personally prefer the taste of it to city water. It's very easy to become infected and our health professionals are not taking it seriously enough.

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    I know you posted this a long time ago, and I hope you have resolved your problem. Just in case you haven' advice is that you find a homeopathic physician. Just goodbye that with the name of your area. They are probably the only type of doctors that will treat you rather than tell you you are crazy (they call it parasitosis), and they will also most likely be the only type of doctor that can even diagnose and treat your issue. Mainstream medicine does not even have proper testing for the wide array of parasites, nor do they know how to treat them. If you can not go to a homeopathic doctor then I suggest buying some herbal parasitic cleanses (Amazon has things that have black walnut, wormwood, and cloves) which will clear up intestinal parasites at all their stages and eggs if taken for at least 30 days. The issue is that the uterus is separate from the intestines, so I do not know if parasitic cleanses will even kill parasites in the uterus, though I have heard it will and has worked for other females with your issue. You will only know if it works when you don't see them anymore. If you are sexually active then you DEFINITELY need to tell your partner and have them taking the cleanse as well. Just like a yeast infection, you can keep passing it back and forth. I also suggest you get on a regime to prevent re infestation because you can pick up parasites from anywhere, no matter how clean you are. For the other girl who said your sister was diagnosed with psychosis, try helping you sister the same way that I have suggested with the other female, and once she has been treated for 30 days, see if she is still having the symptoms. She could be bipolar with psychosis, or maybe she has parasites and no one believes her. We treat our pets and our livestock for parasites. We are animals too, and we are not immune from organisms using us as hosts as well. It is common sense.

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    Haiii i hav the same thing happening to me n im 18 had it since 14 years old did u fine an answer as to why smile
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    I have read all your issues.i am facing same issue. My periods came at 9th march. From 5days i m facing same issue. I have seen worms in my period blood.. I ask to gynecologist but they laugh on me..even no one cn underatand whats happening with me..i m really disappointed and no one having ang solution.

    Please suggest

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      Hello. I’m new to this forum but I’ve been doing a lot of research since my daughter has contracted pinworms a couple of times (it’s different for her tho). 

      First I want to say that you are not the only one and you aren’t not alone and it is not hopeless. You may need to bring a sample of your period blood to your doctor especially if they don’t belief you. You’d be surprised how many doctors know little to nothing about the more unconventional or rare conditions such as parasites.

      Check this out and I hope it is helpful. Also I think many people on this thread that continue to get them back inspite of cleaning and disinfecting everything is because they have not treated the entire household and that is very important as it is super contagious. Other members of the family may have absolutely no symptoms and can be spreading it all over the house. 

      I really hope this is at least a bit helpful. 

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    Did you ever get help? Parasites can live in the body 30+ years. Its not exterior its interior cleaning that must occur. Freshwater snails carry parasites in water sources, unfiltered water, undercooked meats, door knobs pets...the key is the frequency you carry IN your body. There are specific foods, detox formulas, cleanses to help raise the internal frequency ao that parasites will rush to get out. Your mental state plays a huge part, as well, because unrest and stress are very depleting to the immune system. Parasites are very commin but doctors know very little about how to help, mostly because it doesn't benefit them to do so. I've been working in holistic health almost 3 decades and am happy for you to message me with questions. There is hope.

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      Im very clean eat healthy and always take those tablets for it but never seeked medical help im very embarrassed
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      Never be embarrassed. People are full of them, even myself. I farm though, so work with animals and dirt all day long. The secret is what your body environment is like inside. you want your health to be of such a high frequency that lower microbes can't tolerate it. You do this with diet and supplements on the physical level. That means getting rid of cheap, processed food. Very few sodas or sweet teas and processed drinks. You need lots of fiber to have healthy bowels and to keep parasites pushed out. close to 20g per day, but your organs must also be healthy and tonic. You keep the organs healthy by taking herbs that correlate to that organ. As for your period, it sounds more like uteran flukes. Google sheep fluke, uteran fluke Fasciola hepatica. It looks almost like ferns in the lining that is expelled during menses. This comes from food, beef undercooked, water supply, all sorts of places. being very 'clean' is relative and not the issue. What are 'those' tablets? you want to take something natural that is specifically designed for the frequency of the item you are treating. The first step is to identify what you are seeing expelled. Let me know if it looks like the fluke images I'm telling you to look up. then I can help you further. But, with any parasite, it is there due to diet and lifestyle. As someone else mentioned, sex is a very common way to get these things. When you say you eat healthy, what does that mean for you? Raw,fresh greens with lots of fiber, lots of clean, filtered water? Lean, grassfed meats? do you have pets in the house? Pets contaminate us more than our food, esp those that stay inside. The gateway parasite microbial is usually candida, a destructive yeast. Do you have any other conditions currently, or symptoms that keep you from feeling well and whole?

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      Please start taking food grade diatomaceous earth. It is organic and kills them naturally. Please google it. One tablespoon per day. Parasites are very serious and can cause lifelong problems. 

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      Listen to this womans reply. She us right on thr money.

      i have flukes myself though it tool an incredibly long time to figure that out....with no help from a medical doctor unfortunately. They diagnosed me as having Delusional Parasitosis. They pink slipped me and wouldnt let me leave, and after holding me for overnight, wouldnt let me leave until I said that I was mistaken. Another term was I had to eat something before i left. They claimed my bloodwork reflected that i hadnt eaten in a while, but i had. I guess the possibility that parasites had stolen my nutrients didnt occur to them.

      I was also experiancing weird symptoms thst alligned with what they call morgellons. ( either that or i have no heckin clue) By the i was leaving the hospital my room was FULL of this little black and red fibers... all over thr place, especially my bed. I was on my menstrul cycle and I had thr tadpole fluke larvae AND these fibers coming out. It was a nightmare of the Outer Limits kind. If it wasnt for my friend i would have Thought myself crazy.

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      (part two)

      The issues with the fibers have went dormant at least for now.

      I narrowed down the type of fluke to be what i think is Dicrocoelium Hospes. Through matching up the eggs, larva stages, and adult size. Sometimes i barely see them, sometimes my feces is littered with them ,Sometime I can see eggs, then sometimes for months at a time there are none.

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