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Hi to all.

Here is my stori

About 6 months ago my daughter caught up threadworm from school, this is a not the issue however as she was treated and cleared within a fortnight.

I on the other hand took the medication mebendazole several times eventually taking it every day for a week, but to no relief.

After doing a lot of reading I upped the cleaning tenfold and took a papayaseed smoothie recipe that I found. This worked and for 2 weeks they were gone. But they came back in great numbers after that.they wouldn't bother so much but my children have been reinfected

So I tried taking the smoothie again and it killed some off but not all. So after a week I started taking de with a bulb of garlic every morning on an empty stomach. I got a lot of die off symptoms but that was 3 weeks ago and they are still laying eggs. They are in less numbers but still there. I put the de all over my bum at night which means I get a better night sleep.

I am currently eating a high fibre low sugar diet mostlyalkaline foods. I also take a papaya seed smoothie daily plus garlic and lots of de as well as cayenne pepper apple cider vinegar oregano vvitamins especially vitamin c.

The problem is they have moved. I can feel them in my legs and arms. I put tea tree oil all over my neck and nose at night to stop them going further than that. My question is should I stop the assault of and tempt them back only to kill them all of when they come back, or keep up the attack.

And don't even mention doctors to me they have been utterly useless saying just keep taking the mebendazole, or you will have to just learn to live with it. They think I'm delutional , they have sent me to a psychiatrist and they called social services saying that I was giving medication to my kids for no good reason and had ocd bollocks I could punch the doctor. If I am delusional then how come I've lost 3 stone was not big anyway bladder a lot weakerbloated stomach cramps I could go on, am I imagining that.


Rant over I have learnt a few things.

Garlic kills of the eggs and I think it works better than cloves

I tested the de on them and I think it works better on the younger ones, just hatched worms die as soon as they wriggle older worms can get further.

I also read about using a dust mask but I could still feel them in my hair and ears so now I wear a pair of tights over my head while doing the washing changing beds and hoovering.

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    Feel so alone with this now don't know what to do tried all the cures nothing works just want to cry.

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      READ THIS THREAD GUYS it mentions putting a foam earplug in the anus to prevent threadworms from coming out to lay eggs. I strongly believe that we are being reinfected by eggs which hatch around the anus and then new worms crawling back up the anus. It makes sense on why we improve our hygiene so much but are getting reinfected. The thread mentions using turpentine but i would recommend you do your own research before you blindly consume this as it is considered poisonous. I really hope this helps and we all overcome these nasty buggers!

      Moderator comment: I have removed the link(s) directing to site(s) as they were broken. If users want this information please use the Private Message service to request the details.

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    You're certainly not alone, there are loads of people trying to find solutions to situations similar to yours so don't get discouraged. 

    I think at this point, you need to try a different med. the mebendazole is obviously not working. I've found some success with with Pyrantel Pamoate, however I took the highest dose recommended every day for two weeks. I didn't pay any attention to the dosage by body weight at all. I did experience diarrhea but that was to be expected. 

    There are many ways to address issues like this. It just takes finding what is the one that works for you. I went through both Ivermectin and Albendazole trying find a cure and since the doctors here won't treat parasites, I had to do it on my own. You may have to also, but you don't have to "live with it". Chin up, you can find a cure!

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    I know they,re still in there but in smaller numbers, and before they seemed very long but they are certainly smaller now, its been well over a month since I started this diet, however I think there were a lot of them before.

    I have been taking a smoothie ever morning with papaya seeds pineapple Garlic pumpkin seeds oregano cloves coconut ginger a colon cleanse tablet a multivitamin plus a vitamin c and zinc tablet. I have this with my high fibre oats in the morning with 2 tablespoons of de.

    Also often make veg curry with cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar. Delicious. I live on veg soup and salad with lots of nuts pineapple high fibre apples and pears.

    I often but not daily have syrup of figs, quit addictive its yummy after breakfast.

    Have tried every chemist online and high street but cant find pripsen anywhere, and yes I agree the doctors are completely ignorant.

    Wish me luck

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      Hi Ceri11959,  I like the sound of your daily morning smoothie.  You've listed the ingredients above, but please could you give the recipe (i.e. quantities and instructions).  It sounds like its quite effective!
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    Not entirely sure whether to take this post seriously. Getting quite frustrated with the amount of nonsense I have read in online forums in regards to threadworm. Yes reinfection rates are high so I can fully sympathise with those suffering from repeated infection. In particular it can be difficult for those with small children as it can prove impossible to ensure they're following the strict hygiene measures. However there are a huge amount of discrepancies in your post..

    1. Threadworms cannot live in arms and legs. They are almost entirely restricted to the digestive tract although are often found around the vagina in females.

    2. Threadworms do not cause weight loss. It would take a much larger worm to result in such a massive fall in weight. They are incredibly irritating but harmless to health.

    3. If you feel an itch in your hair it is most definitely not threadworms. You may however have caught nits from your children. 

    4. I'm not sure how exactly you're testing the theory in regards to particular methods killing only hatched worms. Surely you cannot see what it going on internally.

    If your post is genuine I would like to ask how you know you are still infected? Unless you have seen a threadworm then I would imagine a lot of the annoying itching sensations are in your mind. After such an annoying irritation we are usually super sensitive and aware of any further symptoms. So much so that we may become paranoid. Try to relax and take your mind of the problem. It may also be possible that the itching is due to piles or dry skin which are easily treatable. If however you have definitely seen threadworms (and are sure they are threadworms) then I would continue with treatment and hygiene measures for all the family and insist on visiting another doctor. It is very likely that you are clearing the infection and becoming reinfected from yourself or family. With threadworm so common in schools your daughter may be unknowingly be carrying eggs back into the house.

    I do however feel this post is not useful to other suffers who have come across it in their search for further information. Worried mothers or children themselves may read this and get false information about the seriousness of the condition. The medication is extremely effective when followed up by the hygiene measures and the worms themselves will definitely not be as wide spread throughout the body at you have suggested! For more information I would recommend reading the forums on mumsnet etc as the advice shared there is much more realistic.

    P.S. I myself have a biology degree and have studied parasites in depth. If you are reading please do not stress over this post!

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      Hi ang22 I have to agree with 2ceri11959. Sorry. But until you've had them you read this stuff and think it's nonsense until yo have them. No offense the degrees don't match the actual experience. When I first got these from either daycare or a thrift store laundry basket then I'd probably wash ny hair after showering & thought I had tons of lice. Asked a co worker to check it was so alive in hair. Then I felt them& saw one. Good Lord, been to 3 doctors. Nothing worked. Id doctor didn't believe me like you- but you know what you feel. And it'd not being paranoid. Trust me. I've eaten garlic, pineapples; after those doctors looked online and got black walnut cleanse to no avail. Tried Dr Hulda parasite cleanse and since it worked. Plus intestinal support parasite cleanse. Stopped and they came back so did Dr Hulda 4 more times straight back yo back. Quit being them. Started having sharp pains(figured from the wormwood). So quit and took the once week program then they came back. So got on it another time and on the 7th time two more times too be exact started having something else affecting my body from the wormwood so stopped and using cloves still and black walnut tincture twice daily. Still don't feel then again. Just want to not feel them hoping praying they have all died. Good Lord it's awful.
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      Hi Prancer,

      The sharp pains could be from the worms trying to escape the meds. 

      When I took the second dose of papaya seeds.  After a few hours I could feel some die off effects then I had the most appalling pain in my stomach, was curled up in a ball on the kitchen fall screaming for pain relief, it was becuase they try to escape, normally through the appendix which can cause all sorts of problems. 

      I hear some people who take meds and they are gone for a few months but they come back.  At the moment that sounds like bliss compared to the constant itching, even during the day.  i bath every morning but never seem to get all the eggs, there are billions of them and they get into the cracks folds of skin where you cant reach. 

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      Hi. Ceri. I guess I assumed it was the wormwood. On the effects online it says could cause stomach pains. So I went to only cloves which is in the parasite cleanse. 3 3 times a day. I stock up to make sure I never run out. On the mornings I take 2 dropper ful of black tincture. Stocked up on that. Was taking morning& night until I got a migraine(die off?). For 2 days so only in mornings. Eat pineapple. Juice and don't actually feel them at least in the daytime since the numerous times on the parasite cleanse. That's why I stayed on it so long; quit feeling them. Shower in morning/night. Using gloves. Ocd decided off another post yo start cleaning shower with spray and toilet every morning. Clean floors/wash rugs once week laundromat. Sleep in pants but still use clean sheets everyday. Just in case. I've been buying new underwear for over 6 months in case throwing away any reinfection. This all seems to make them at least not be felt must off yr time but somehow I still feel a twitch once in awhile. At least I can sleep thank god. And I once in awhile cave in- eat sugar. Get so tired of always having none ever for what a year ridiculous. I wah pants sheets laundromat in hot water ; yet I have a washer dryer but afraid it's not hot enough. Anyway the wormwood the #7 time when I had period which is when I think you lose some- was clear blood which isn't normal and kept going. I usually go for 5 days and it wouldn't stop. Says wormwood causes vaginal bleeding so stopped the wormwood and bleeding stopped. Anyway using gloves when I go to bathroom maybe that'll help as being clean in totally ocd. And im gonna have nice nails whether these are here or not. Good Lord praying & going to doctor soon once more ugh. Ordered papaya seeds soon coming
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      try a feed store, but dont think they sell if its for people, unknw how that goes.. not sure if they sell it... i havent seen it since my friends brought it from out of state, but it worked amazing to heal stuff . The ivermectin I ordered online, delivered to my home, therenused to b a blig about it, nd rstio for.... i cant say do whst I did. All I knw is 1 ER.Doc did one time prescribe ivermentin pill, an gonna sound wierd... ok... it was like what Inam sure now was pinworms... couldnt tolerate medication. so, stuff had to be dying, it skin for hours I told derm about it, she refused a followup script... i think that would have helped. i just didnt knw what i had way back then
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      dont know if younsaw mynrepkys, dont know how long they were there befor being deleted by moderator. sorry if I answered hinestly any questiins in a way a moderstor felt it was erong. For that ai must apoligize. I a swered from experience.
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      i also use nail brush to clean nails everyday, if people come over, i make sure to disinfect bathroom,lightly spray w bleach solution everything, i vacumm couch and then rugs everyday, dust as well.
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