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In the spring of 2013 I decided to try walking barefoot in my yard. It is called

Earthing on some health sites. After a few months I felt wiggling in my bottom. I knew right away what it was because my 3 children had pinworms as youngsters. Decided to just try eating garlic to get rid of them. In July 2013 I felt wiggling in my nose. That sent me to the Doctor

real fast.She gave me 200 MG tablets of Albenza. It did help, but not entirely. I told her I still felt the wiggling & she orderd a stool test.It did not show any worms. I've been told that these tests are not always accurate.

Doctors have not been taught how to deal with this problem.

I believe what I have is Threadworms.


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    Well that doesn't sound good!

    There are a lot of treatments you can try at home to see what helps for you...

    Thinks I've tried include ACV,  garlic , garlic capsules, wormwood, DE, Pin X, Reese's ...And I'm still trying things

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    Hi patricia

    If you have threadworms it is likely that you have the enterobius type which aren't caught by walking barefoot on soil.  Threadworms are hightly contagious and unsuspecting infected people may be asymtomatic and therefore you would possiby pick them up from door handles, eating unwashed salads, public seats and the list goes on.

    I have been taking clove capsules, horsetail capsules, horsetail grass capsules, white oak bark capsules and especially stinging nettle capsules with  a considerable amount of lessening of the symptoms and days when I hardly notice them at all, although for the present they are still about.

    I noticed a downturn in the irritation and the white flakes in my knickers when I started drinking nettle tea hence I added that to my daily regime of capsules.  I am continuing to improve but slowly, I am grateful for anything that eases the itchy/bitey sensation.

    If you try these hers please understand that YOU MUST TAKE THEM FOR APPROXIMATELY 13 WEEKS, don't give up or you will go back to the beginning, and if it takes longer than 13 weeks well who cares if you eventually get rid of the.

    Parasites are tenacious and have survived for thousands of years so give them some respect and keep up the battle but don't chop and change your routine.

    Everyone is looking for a quick fix and I'm afraid there isn't one.

    Good luck.

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         I'm a 86 year old widow lady. My health is not great & I live alone.

      Afraid to try most online medicine but I do eat one fourth cup of pumpkin seeds and they do seem to help. Also grated carrot & pineapple. I have never seen a live worm but do see white spots in my nose & when I put my finger in my ears I sometimes bring out a small white dot, also white dots from my eyes. I see tiny spots on the toilet seat after a bowel movement. I have read online that the bodies

      of healthy people can reject parasites.


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      Dear Patricia,

      not sure if anyone can reject parasites, I'm young and healthy, but am struggling to shift the infection. Have you ever seem them in your bowel movements? That's how I spotted them in my son, as he always denied itchiness. Yes I agree pumpkin seeds help reduce the symptoms but they will not get rid of worms completely. Try mebendazole and perhaps family could help you thoroughly clean the house a couple of times a week, should be easier to get rid of then since you live alone, much harder in a big family where it goes round and round in circles and everyone infects everyone.

      they insist strongyloides are rare in this country but enterobius should not be able to migrate and penetrate organs but I have them in my ears and a few weeks ago did have them in my eyes too... So jot one seems to have any answers

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      Hi Balmpot,

         It's been a long time since I've read your posts.

      Did you at one time say you could see eggs on your eye glasses?

      i'm seeing cell shaped spots on my glasses, also see them on my black velvet slippers.

      I use my vacuum sweeper on my slippers & the next few days they are back again.

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      Nice to hear from you again.

      Yes, I do see the white spots on my clothing & they do shine in the sunlight.

      I see small round cell shape spots on my black velvet slippers.

      I use the vacuum cleaner on them & the next day they are back.

      Also, see a few of them in my kitchen on my black electric grill.

      I'm eating grated carrots & pumpkin seeds.

      At my age of 87, I'm afraid to try the strong medicines.

      My gynocologist diagnosed me with Giardia last year.

      I believe it was a wrong diagnose because I never had any stomach pain. She gave me Flagyl but I still have them.

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      Hi,  I have tried most things and still have them but one thing I have tried relieves the itching a little on my scalp.  I was losing hair with scratching and load of white dots (hatchlings) would drop off (looks like dandruff) they appear to stick to your skin and scalp.  I thought I would give Dentinox shampoo for Cradle cap in babies and it helped quite a lot, £1.99 for small bottle but worth it.
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      What color were the hatchlings and how did you know that it wasn't dandruff? The reason why is because I'm having the same symptoms. I haven't been able to sleep and I'm only in my teens. How did this happen? I don't know what to do.
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      They are white and look like pieces of skin. 

      When the eggs hatch not all crawl into your urethra or vagina or back into your bum, the others migrate over the body and can end up in your ears, or in the sleep in your eyes or on your scalp , up your nose and occasionally I have felt (and found them) in my mouth.  If you have suffered for some time when you go outside into the sunshine you will find that there are sparkles on your clothing, what stage of the parasite this is I'm not sure.

      The best medication I have taken despite all of the herbal remedies (which I found an expensive waste of time) was pyrantel pamoate, the medication which cause paralysis of the worm. 

      I have fought these for over five years and still have bouts of extreme irritation and have not yet found any evidence on the net of a cure.

      Sorry to give you this negative news.

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