Thyroid Labs are back can i get some help?

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Hello guys, 

?I've suffered with Chronic fatigue for close to 6 years or more now and cannot for the life of me figure out why. I have had Saliva cortisol labs to look for adrenal issues and they were ok. Along with my Dr. running various labs that all end up ok. 

?I just had a complete thyroid test done that I paid for by myself and wanted to get some help from people that know about this stuff. 

?It shows high Reverse t3 and my normal t3 in my opinion is on the low normal?

?Any help would be appreciated. 

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    Cant see a thing on that picture.

    What was your FT4 and TSH?


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    Your problem may not be thyroid at all. People get so hung up  on thyroid and me saying this angers so many people, but start with basic nutrition. Just like an automobile won't run with out a proper mix of fuels neither will our bodies. We are just like giant test tubes who require a balance and our food in this country is just not high quality. Our cereals, pasta sauce, pasta, bread, ect is loaded with sugar! Most of our cooking oils  except for olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil ( any thing not cold pressed) is deadly.  Common table salt is deadly, but organic meaning naturally occurring salt is necessary and essential for healthy function both in our blood level and cellular level. and I am not even discussing pesticides and chemicals used in growing and protecting fruits and vegetables that are deadly. If you eat meat and fish which is OK with me you have to consider  what have these sources been fed  Read about nutrition, do a dietary log for a month or more and you just might come up with some ideas of your own. When you add prescription medications you also add side effects side effects doctors don't always acknowledge. The only honest source of side effects you will find of prescriptions drugs is on class action sites not for purposes of suing, but people's honest and dire experiences. Chronic Fatigue symptoms can have a number of causes. I don't put a lot of stock in a lot of theses labs. I don't believe them to be definitive and are only one piece of the puzzle. My opinion is only one and take it as only one. Think, read, and read and talk to the many others who offer their experiences. Good luck

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    Hi, could you key-in your TSH, T4 and T3? The pic of your results is unreadable.
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    Thanks for the replies, here is a better picture I think. 

    ?As far as my diet this is one thing I have been anal about for years. I am 41 years old now and sit around 10% body fat and my diet is mostly comprised of healthy fats, organic veggies and grass fed beef organic beef as well as other lean meats. Diet is not an issues I log everything that goes in my mouth and don't touch anything processed. I have been an avid gym goer and health freak forever, I am in better shape than most 20 year olds. This is why it bothers me so much with the fatigue because of how healthy I am.

    ?      Its sad seeing obese people work with having more energy than me while slugging down fast food and big gulps from 7/11. 

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      EndGame, that's important information you've just added. 

      A gluten free, Organic paleo style diet is the preferred diet for thyroid. Absolutely no cheating in the gluten, as it triggers the immune system. Salad dressing is loaded with preservatives, so make your own if you aren't already.

      Also, consider where you live, as toxicity plays a huge role. If you live in a highly populated industrial area, chances are there are tons of contaminants in the environment. Mercury and bromine exposure as well as radiation can cause thyroid disease. Detoxing is very helpful for these. 

       I'm not in any way suggesting you don't have a thyroid problem, just that you pretty much want to do everything you can before resorting to thyroid medications.

      Also, you say you show high reverse T3? Good job getting that checked! High rT3 can be caused by mercury.  Super green and chlorophyll can help with this.

      It's likely you have more than one thing going on, which is why it's so difficult to pinpoint. Try looking for multiple causes. I'd start by looking at mercury and neck injury.

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    Hi EndGame, Cathy makes an important point about nutrition. I will tell you, if your problem is thyroid disease, nutrition is extremely important and can go a long way towards curbing thyroid disease. And nutritional deficiencies can mimicking thyroid disease. So a good quality multivitamin and multimineral are important. 

    I couldn't see your labs, but I can tell you that, yes, you can have thyroid disease even if your labs show normal. Most people feel best when TSH is near 1 and T3, T4 are above midrange. TSH above 2 can indicate thyroid disease.

    But don't get all excited that you have a solution, because I'll also tell you that there is no bioidentical thyroid treatment. There isn't an exact human thyroxin available and the oral delivery system, of course isn't the same as your body's and many people don't do well on thyroid medication or can't tolerate it. It basically treats high TSH, so if your TSH isn't elevated much, medications don't work optimally. I say this from experience. I have advanced thyroid disease and went through the whole thing with the meds and had to find a different solution.

    Thyroid disease is autoimmune. Auyoimmune disease is caused by exposure to foreign substances: radiation, chemicals, microbes. Treat the source of the autoimmune disease and your thyroid is much healthier. There are many herbs and supplements that help. Turmeric for pain, chlorophyll for energy, DHEA and vitex for adrenal burnout, essential amino acids in particular can give you relief from thyroid symptoms. Getting enough protein is also extremely important, as a vegetarian is not advised fir thyroid disease.

    Neck injury, whiplash can result in chronic fatigue symptoms, and is suspected to contribute to thyroid disease. From your post, I'd say there's a high likelihood of this as a contributing factor to your malaise.

    Here's the thing, thyroid disease is extremely difficult to diagnose and treat, and is very complex, affecting every body function.  Because of this, thyroid patients often have multiple health problems by the time they're dyagnused, the autoimmune disease makes it extremely difficult to tolerate any sort of chemicals including medications. So must thyroid patients troubleshoot their entire health, diet and lifestyle whether they get meds or not. So you may as well start there. 

    Please do read through the many posts on this site from others who've been through it. You will save yourself a lot of frustration  and it will help you avoid the many pitfalls thyroid patients encounter. 

    Good luck  and do keep us posted.

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    OK so here are the labs for those that cant pull up the pic.

    TSH - 0.850   " Ref range " - 0.450-4.5

    t4 - 6.9                 "ref Range' - 4.5-12

    t3 - 91                      Range of 71 - 180

    Free t4 - 1.63            Range of 0.82 - 1.77

     reverse t3 serum - 24.7      "Range of 9.2 - 24.1"

    Free t3 - 3.7     Range 2.0 -4.4

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      Thanks for posting your labs. You seem to have plenty Free T4 and free T3, but lower totals.  This could indicate a conversion issue which is dependent on large part on liver and gut health.  The other factor here is the immune system. If you have antibodies, this could be a factor. 

      Your TSH is on the low end. When TSH is high, it indicates a problem.  When pituitary gland is not sensing low thyroxin, it is not producing  high TSH. This is good for you, but not for diagnoses.

      You may have to shop around for a good endocrinologist, possibly an immunologist or infectious disease specialist. Since these are costly and time consuming, as well as difficult to get a referral, you'll want to do more research. I can tell you from experience that forking out tons of money to practitioners is a dead end unless you have endless funds. 

      I'm hoping you're at least starting to get a sense for a direction to proceed.

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    This is more of a question than an offering help. That conversion things almost seems to be an issue with a lot of thyroid problems. Two things identified on this thread is gut issues and immune.  Magnesium seems to be a good supplement to correct this issue along with a healthy diet. I use a combo of Sundown Brand Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc. Now the immune thing  I read somewhere not sure where there is a connection with Fluoride and autoimmune disorders. Still trying to get a better understanding but Fluoride has been added to everything: water, toothpaste, mouth washes, children given Fluoride tablets in child hood. Does anyone have any information about this?
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      Hi Cathy, the questions you pose can be answered by applying some basic biology and chemistry principles. 

      Flouride, a compound of fluorine... frlourine, chlorine, bromine, iodine are all in the same class of elements on the periodic table, meaning the all have the same reaction capability with different electromagnetic strengths. That means they basically will all result in the same types of reactions, but their bonding strength varies.  So all of these elements of ingested could potentially form the same thyroxin structure as with iodine, but they don't work the same. We know that bromine exposure can cause thyroid disease. Fluorine though less harmful in the forms we encounter, is just as likely a culprit. Chlorine is used throughout the body for many different reaction in the form of table salt, NaCl, which is harmless because the body needs thus substance for everyday functioning. That means the body has mechanisms of transforming clroeone from table salt very easily.

      Now, when you get into manufactured/ industrial chemicals, these differ from naturally occurring compounds and while table salt is harmless, chlorine, or bleach, is not. Bromine is highly toxic in any forms we encounter. Fluorine is debatable with the argument that we need it for teeth strengthening, while it was used in Nazi Germany to sedate prisoners.

      Because all three have the same reaction capability, they can all interfere with the reactions of the others on the body. For example, it's possible that they could interfere with sodium channel function, for example, which would be. Huge problem since every cell in the body has sodium ion channels. The idea is that a small amount if interferance can be tolerated, but a large variation from natural amounts would result in health problems. This is why industrially produced chemicals are so fangeroys: they contain much higher amounts of certain elements  than what occurs in nature. And even when naturally occurring, they can be toxic.

      I personally have experience with exposure to industrial bromine compounds. I can tell you without a doubt that exposure causes thyroid disease. 

      I was also a swimmer for many years and can tell you that the girls on my swim team seemed to have an unusually high rate of excess fat, given the amount of exercise.  And also, many had thyroid disease later in life. One girl on my swim team developed severe thyroid disease at 15 years old, that I know of. I always suspected the chlorine exposure may have contributed, as back then, it was nearly unheard of for kids to develop thyroid disease. So I've always been a little suspicious of chlorine as a contributing factor to thyroid disease. Because of my experience with both bromine and chlorine, I certainly limit my exposure to fluorine as well, given my advanced thyroid disease.

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      Hi Cathy, you mention the repeated link between thyroid health, gut and immune. 

      This is easily explained by basic biology.

      We have our main lymph drainage points located in the neck, and below the thyroid. We have the highest concentration of lymph gland located in the beck area, basically surrounding the thyroid. Basic biology theory of structure and function would indicate that the proximity of the thyroid to the main points in the immune system, define them as intimately related. I would even guess that the thyroid gland regulates the immune system and vice versa. So not a stretch for immune and thyroid health to be intertwined.

      Gut health is also very related, given the proximity of the thyroid, and the fact the the gut lining is mucus membrane. All mucosal tissues are part of the immune system, as they function to encapsulate foreign substances so they can be surrounded and disposed of by the body. 

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      Catherine... yes, you are correct that there is a large cluster of lymph nodes in the neck area, but that does not indicate that the thyroid controls the immune system.. Actually, only a few of those lymph nodes actually drain the thyroid.  They are the prelaryngeal lymph nodes (located just above the isthmus), the pretracheal and paratracheal lymph nodes.  Then those lymph nodes drain into the superior deep and the inferior deep lymph nodes, where every other lymph node in the neck drains to too.  All the parts of the head.. ears, mouth, nose, scalp, ext.  Actually the mouth has more lymph nodes that it drains into then the thyroid. That doesn't mean that it controls our immune system.  Just because a picture shows a lot of lymph nodes in the neck area, doesn't mean they all drain the thyroid..  because they don't.  I actually agree with Cathy.. It is already known and proven that the gut microbs that reside in the gastrointestinal tract, provides essential health benefits to its host, particularly by regulating immune homeostasis. Moreover, it has recently become obvious that alterations of these gut microb communities, can cause immune dysregulation, leading to autoimmune disorders...  So.. eating healthy, perhaps taking a good probiotic, getting the right vitamins and minerals, and keeping the gut healthy, will make for a stronger immune system.  Yes.. a thyroid disorder can help contribute to a lowered immune system, through it's actions and effects on the body, but just not directly...

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