Tinnitus - one ear only - TERRIFIED

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I've suddenly developed a high pitched ringing in my right ear.

it began on Monday, was less on Tuesday and seemed to disappear on Wednesday.

However, it is now Thursday and it's back again as bad as ever. I did a little research online and have read that if it's in one ear only it could be a tumour.

i am now terrified.

Can anyone help please??

i am a 44 year old female.

Thank you.

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    My name is Steve, I'm 40 years old and have been suffering with chronic tinnitus for about 6 months. Before this I had never had tinnitus.

    Like you, my tinnitus started in my right ear only, and was accompanied by loss of balance. The doctor sent me for an MRI scan, in order to discount the possibility of an acoustic neuroma, which is what it sounds like you have read about on the internet. An acoustic neuroma is a very rare unexplained growth on the inner ear, which is generally harmless and totally benign (non-cancerous). Even if it is deemed necessary to remove it, the success rate is close to 100%.

    The first thing to know about tinnitus is that it has so many causes that trying to self-diagnose online is simply not going to work. I did that and spent most of my time worrying about something which in the end turned out to be nothing serious at all. The vast majority of tinnitus causes are not serious. The best thing to do is go to your GP and see if he/she can send you to an ENT clinic at your local hospital, where they will try to find the cause of your tinnitus.

    As for coping with the tinnitus itself day-to-day, it can be very upsetting to have constant hissing or ringing in your head, and in the worst case it can affect your sleep, which in turn makes you tired, stressed and more worried, which actually makes the tinnitus worse. I have developed coping strategies like always having the radio on in the house, in order to take my mind off the tinnitus. At night I have the radio on low, with an automatic 'off' timer. Diet too is a factor, so I've cut out caffiene and high sugar drinks/foods. Exposure to loud noise can make it worse, so protect your ears when you can. Learning to relax was something I had to force myself to do, but it has certainly helped.

    There is some excellent advice and links for further support on the Tinnitus Clinic website.

    Good luck, and try not to let it dominate your life. Millions of people have tinnitus, and although it is sometimes upsetting and maddening, it is usually nothing to do with serious conditions. Most areas also have tinnitus support groups, where sufferers can meet up and help each other.

    Best wishes



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      Thank you Steve. That's a great help. Especially knowing you had it in just the one ear too!

      I will make a GP appointment. As I have had other ongoing health issues this last year, I'm reluctant to go in again - I don't want them to think I'm a raging hypochondriac!!

      I'll keep you updated.

      Many thanks again xx

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      All there ,in a nut shell. well done  I'm a hisser  rather than a dinger at the moment, but, as you well know, that could change overnight

      Radio 4 is good for sending me off to sleep,,  zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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      just noticed i'm a tad late with my comments Ah well, brain and eyes

      must be out of gear as well now  redface

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      Hi Steve I've had it in the right ear for over six month I get light headed dizziness and unbalanced its so scarey sometimes I can't make it outside i have to lie down .The doctor is sending me to ent I'm just waiting on word been waiting five weeks now don't know how much more I can take .Mags x

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      Hi, my name is Fiona, im on the site because of another health issue, but I too have suddenly got loud high pitch hum in righr ear only. started about 3wks ago, so far my Dr. said theres nothing he can do. Its worse when I Yawn, that was the first time it happened, but unfortionatly it keeps me awake, I liked reading your we article.
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      Hi  Steve,

      I too suffer from tinnitus. People don't understand when you tell them you have it and they say just ignore it and go on with your life. It makes me

      upset when they say that because if you have never had anything like it how can you give advice about it.

      Mine is hissing all the time. I have hope hat it may one day just go away but then I think it could be worse so I am just trying to live with it.

      I have an appointment with an ENT doctor in a few weeks. I hope he can find out what it is, etc. Good suggestions you have. Thank you


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    Hi it's the most annoying thing to have,I've had it over 8years now,and my husband over 30 years.having that said it can just go as quick as it came.

       My husband ignores his for most of the time except when really high,me it bothers big time.i get it both ears,hissing. I did have an MRI after an ENT appointment and a hearing test all clear,so don't go worrying.Think that's done automatic by ENT.

      I believe air pressure is part of it,as I can go from indoors to outdoors and it will change  my aunt says the same with hers,

       Go get it checked,lots have tinnitus I joined the British Tinnitus Ass they do have a phone number you can ask someone regarding tinnitus what concerns you have .

       Their use to any questions you have.so do give them a call .Stress I will say aggravates it,to do with blood flow ,so learn to relax ,put music on ,don't concentrate on the tinnitus ,it's the brain not understanding this strange noise.Its a condition that's what it is.not an illness,got to tell yourself that and believe it .

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      Thank you for taking the time to reply Marlene.

      It's driving me a bit crazy sad

      I'll have to make an appointment to see my GP - a bit reluctant (see my reply to Stevie) but I know I need to get checked out.

      I was very worried when I read about the one ear thing sad

      Thank you for your advice xxx

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      Hi mine began with a head virus,my husbands began with a heavy head could .you mentioned you had been unwell ,maybe that's the link to the noise,mine began with a feeling of deafness but felt I could still hear people talking normal ,a weird feeling,( this was after that virus of a 4months duration ) at the beginning it was in my left ear ,then the other few weeks later. Now it's always both .

         I've noticed over time a hair dryer,hoovering will drop the tinnitus down.

        I'm lucky I do sleep,sometimes if to loud it may take a while but I do sleep 7 to 8 hrs.What I will say is if you can't sleep,get up ,as it will stress you trying to sleep with the noise,then go back and try sleep again after a while.

         Do go see dr to get referred to an ENT dept ,sooner than later. They deal with this daily. It just maybe due to your having been ill,and it will just go.

          Good luck get back with outcome.xx

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    Hi, Did you go see anyone about this yet?  I am a 57 year old female and my high pitched ringing started about 3 weeks ago in ONE ear and just won't go a way.  I have been to a hearing specialist and there is nothing wrong with my hearing, but he said there was a difference in both ears with high pitched noise.  He then got me worried as he said that this is NOT common in one ear and he would send the report to my GP.  I am waiting to see an ENT but by that time I will self diagnose myself with everything under the sun.  I too read about the tumour!!!  I am also freaking out a bit!!!  too much info on internet.
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      Hi Denise

      I still have it too - my right ear only.

      I saw the GP yesterday and have been referred straight to ENT as it's gone on so long - 5 weeks now.

      I'm sure it's getting worse too. At first I could zone out but now it's keeping me awake and I can hear it in the day sad

      I'm worried too.

      Are you hypothyroid at all?

      Please keep in touch. It's nice to have someone going through the same xxx

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      Do you think that hyponizing could help I have hear also that accupuncture could help
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    Ps - it's a 60 day wait until the ENT appointment sad xx
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      Hi to you and Denise,read your post,most who develope tinnitus goes through the same procedure your about to go on,mine it predominant in my left ear,with the right one jumping in for short measure.So don't let any of those weird off the wall feelings jump in,it stresses you all the more,been there done that.Mine of late have been high,I believe air pressure ,plays a good fair part in its behavior.and stress,so you both wait till you been seen by ENT,then go from there.wish you both good wishes,your not out there on your own,millions have this condition. xx
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      Really? I had to wait for 24 weeks! Recently (Two days ago) had an MRI but have to wait up to 15 days for the result. I feel almost paralysed with the trepidation as anything is possible for the outcome. I initially was diagnosed with Labyrithitis 3 weeks after a bad flu and ear infection. I woke one day with my balance gone so could hardly stand . Good news is that much of my balance has come back but not sure if that is my brain compensating or the Vistibular nerve recovering, time will tell. Some sufferers it lasts many months and more rarely years. However I have regained my concentration and coordination again with improved cognitive skills. My head is a lot clearer and only have some unsteadiness and slight dizziness with the condition. This has probably been the lowest point in my life this year and it is not over yet but I try to remain optomistic but it is hard as it is always at the back of my mind, the causal effect is it kills my motavation to do things that need done as I cannot relax until a more definite diagnosis is offered.

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