Tinnitus - one ear only - TERRIFIED

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I've suddenly developed a high pitched ringing in my right ear.

it began on Monday, was less on Tuesday and seemed to disappear on Wednesday.

However, it is now Thursday and it's back again as bad as ever. I did a little research online and have read that if it's in one ear only it could be a tumour.

i am now terrified.

Can anyone help please??

i am a 44 year old female.

Thank you.

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    Hi to both pinkrat and marlene.

    Marlene, yes I know we shouldn't jump to conclusions, and I wouldn't if the stupid Hearing guy didn't say "it is not common in one ear", but as you say we will have to wait until all tests are done and it seems that maybe it is more common than he said.

    I am not sure where you guys are from, but 60 days will probably be what I will be told as well.  I am canadian and I know getting into any type of specialist takes a while.

    Pinkrat I do not have hypothyroidism, and I did get blood work done and nothing came back.  

    I have added an app to my phone "whitenoise" and sleep with the sound of an "airplane" at night, it definitely helps. During the day I know it is there, but I can tune it out with other sounds so doesn't bother me.

    Have a good day


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      Hello again

      I'm in the UK

      I will have a look at the app - it sounds like a good idea though I'm not sure my partner will agree.

      For years I've slept with earplugs but last night I tried to sleep without them and focus on the ticking clock, my partners snoring and road noise. Although it was far from perfect it was better than blocking out all other noises apart from the ringing in my head!

      Have any of you been on any kind of vitamins?

      About 2 days before this started I began taking Vitamin D and B12 - both in quite high doses due to other health issues. Is this pure coincidence? I've stopped both now (only a day or so ago) so will see if that makes a difference. 

      Speak soon xxx

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      Hi I'm in the UK to,tinnitus is the worsest of a condition to have.i also have a balance problem ,not easy balancing daily,Write down what you need to say at ENT,I did.ive had 3 hearing test ,1 MRI,and a CT scan ,as I've had neck ache since the tinnitus,So when at ENT ask about every scan they provide.I had camera down throat ,XRay up nose as I've got rhinitis as well,as you can see I've got fair bit to contend with since mine all began from a head virus.is it hormones doing a lot of it ?im no further ahead than when all this began,can only tell you what's been my story to date,but it may help you speed your outcome.Write it down,anything worrying you,then wait for there answers ,wish now I had.they deal with this day in day out.Wish I could wave a magic wand and have all this gone for everyone with this condition I truly do X
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      We who have this condition know more to its behavior than any one believe me,and why we look hard to making our days better,that don't stop the ringing / hissing etc,but you will get advice on how different people cope with it,why oh why did a dr put the wind up you,unforgivable I call that ,Everyone I know with this says one ear is far higher in volume,it cancels out the low one,that's why you only think it's in one ear..Don't google is my advice I've never ever done that for anything period,get better advice on site from ones with any condition you may have ,walk in my shoes springs to mind.x
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      Well after 7 months, finally got results from MRI, all clear.  I have had ringing in ONE year for this long now and they suggest a hearing test. For god's sakes I have had a hearing test.  So guess now I just live with tinnitus!!!!


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    Hi Mrs Pinkrat

    for the app, I actually put the phone under my pillow.  I also have a partner that snores and he didn't like the sound of the fan, so hain my own noise under my pillow works great smile

    Thanks for the tip about the Vitamin D, I googled and did find out htat it can cause Tinnitus. Over the past few months I started taking Vitamin D.  Not that I am stupid, but most vitamins tell you to tkae 2 and I have been doing that.  I came hoe today and read the label and it said to only take 1!!  I am going to quit taking vit d tomorrow and see what happens.

    Wish me luck

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    I've been using an app on my iPhone which helps.

    but I keep having moments of absolute panic that I'm stuck with this forever.

    i don't think I can cope sad

    its all I can think about.

    please help someone!

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    Hi all

    Just wanted to update you on developments since my first post a couple of months ago.....

    The main thing I want to say - especially to new sufferers- is that you do learn to live with it! I've rads through my old posts and was in utter diapause, could focus on nothing else etc.....

    Well, initially I used the apps of white noise etc but basically just kept myself busy!! Too much time sitting worrying about it does not help!! A few minutes of being able to forget about it turns into a few hours which turn in to days....

    Don't get me wrong - it's still there, but it is defintely NOT all consuming any more. So please, have faith, keep busy and give it time. Eventually, you can 'tune out' smile

    Secondly, I've just had my first ENT appointment. Ear drums are fine and hearing is perfect. I've been referred for an MRI scan so will report back again after that.

    Take care everyone and thank you to all on here for your support xxx

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      Did they give you any indication of what they thought the cause would be?  I had an ENT appointment scheduled last week, but some "NICE person" from my GP office cancelled my appointment by accident.  I was none too happy when I showed up for appt and told I did NOT have one and they were not booking until January!!!!   They managed to get me into another ENT in September.  

      I have gone for the hearing test and all is good, but ringing is NOT going away, I think i am on week 13 or 14 now.  As you say  you get used to it, but I still find nights difficult sad

      Good luck with MRI, how long before that appt?

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    Don't let anyone tell you it's a tumor,I've had tinnitus since 1996,you need to get an ENT appointment,hearing test.I can tell you this as far as tumours are concerned they are always benign.Ive sent you a pm. Let's know how it goes,so don't worry. It can stop as quick as it began.Maybe an ear infection simple as that.
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    I want share my experience with you guys.  Few month back I have started  feeling tinnitus then gone through many article   that it is untreatable , no medice available etc etc.

    I was afaraid that my carrier is going to finish but then I went to a good allopathic doctor , what he said let me tell you.

    1)  Itnernet is full of lie statement

    2)  people write and search on internet only when they are going through the problem but when problem get resolve then never write  that experience

    3)  Tinnitus is treatable in Alopathic and Homepathic both.

    And result is today I am good . no Tinnitus.

    So please please please do not read bougus statment on internet and do not frustate .

    just go with right doctor.

    you will get relief.

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      Can you let me know what you did for this?

      3)  Tinnitus is treatable in Alopathic and Homepathic both.

      What kind of home treaments did you do to cure yours? Please share as I am a suffering with two ears now, extremly aggrivating.

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    I found relief maybe it works for you too...I discoveted the by doing an inverted position...head lower feet higher and held that position for a moment to a minute tinnitus is gone...for several beatiful hours...this is how I do it...I lean over the arm rest of my sofa and carefully bring my head to the floor...allow my ear to feel full...or feel the pressure for a minute and when I bring my self back up again...I equalize a little and tinnitus is gone!! I do this seversl times during the day...see if it works for you too!
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    Hi, I just saw your post. I certainly hope you are ok. I've been having tinnitus for about a month now and I thought it was in both ears but now think it is only in my left ear. I, too, am terrified now because I read that it is more likely with one ear that a tumor could be the cause. Very scary stuff. I'm seeing my general doctor this week but will need to go to an ent and also get a scan of the head / brain.

    If you are reading my post, please respond and let me know how you are doing and whether or not you have discovered the cause of your tinnitus.

    Take care and I wish you the best.

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      I hope I don't have this I'm reading everybody comments and I already have insomnia. So now it's hell for me to get any sleep no matter how hard I try smh. 😩😩😩. I had a brain surgery that lasted 8 hrs in 2012 but I just started experiencing this high pitch ringing in my ears 2 months ago. 8-30 years my ass! I don't see how peop can live dat long with it! Did yours go away? Because it's driving me nuts. MRI's or Cats cans show anything. I get a MRI every 6 months since I had a brain surgery in 2012

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