TKR was 12 days ago, just need support and cheering up

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hello everyone

i was expecting it to be very painful afterwards and it certainly is, what i didnt expect was the pain in other parts of my leg, i think its sciatica pain, and also the back of my knee feels like theres a big lump which makes lying down very uncomfortable. (there isnt a lump just feels like it)

yesterday the district nurse came to take my staples out, i told her i was worried as it was only 11 days, but she said it would be fine, it wasnt, apart from the excruciating pain which ended up making me feel sick and light headed, the wound opened up...she has put sticky tape over it and will come back tomorrow for another go. im dreading it, my knee feels worse than before and theres not as much movement, but im also frightened to bend it incase i open the wound more...oh the joys of TkR ..

i had to come off my HRT before the op which has caused my hot flushes , night sweats, to come back, my emotions are all over the place, im crying like a baby, its just ridiculous how sorry i am feeling for myself.

i came out of hospital feeling great, i got out on day 4, came home and could even mange the stairs no problem, ive been out on a very short walk, and really felt i was making great progress, everyone commented on how well i looked, now i feel like ive taken a step backwards...i saw a chart someone on here had posted and its so true its peaks and troughs..

can i ask how you all managed to get to so sleep deprived, id giveanything for a good nights sleep.

i do know in time it will get better, im 60 and my 86 year old mother has had both her knees replaced and she was an inspiration to me as she coped so well, her second one was just last year,

is there anything i can do tomorrow to make the staples coming out any less painful?

thank you for taking the time to read this, i was looking for a support group and hopefully i have found one xx

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    hello Deb, I read with envy how the hospital kept you 4 days and a public health nurse visits. what a great plan. Here is USA you literally get thrown out of hospital 24 hrs after surg. too many other harsh things take place. i have Medicare Advantage through United hlth care and they don't allow too much. I'm just past 3 weeks and haven't slept well. my best rest comes during day when I fall asleep while icing. the healing process does bring on many weird pain and discomfort sensations. I'm not one to cry but its proven a great release. trust you have someone to help out a bit. God always leaves a ram in the bush.

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      hi Roberta

      yes, we are lucky to have our Nhs service here in the UK, but it does depend where you live on how soon you will get seen for an operation.. i was told 5 years ago i needed a TKR, but until i turned 60 they wouldnt do it..last year i asked to be on the waiting list as i was told it can take up to 2 years , i waited 18 months, other parts of the country can be seen within 3 months.

      i hope your recovery goes well and that you get a good nights sleep soon too...we can face anything when our bodies get some sleep. x

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    This is still very early days and I think you already know that.

    I had staples out on 12th day and it was fine.

    That was 7 years ago.

    Hopefully you will be having some physiotherapy which will help.

    Hang in there the pain will not last for ever.

    Take care and keep in touch


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    Hi, I'm so sorry your having such a hard time! I'm 4 months out on a tkr and just now getting around pretty good, pains come and go but it will get better! I lived in my recliner for 2 months with my ice man on all the time!. Getting sleep is so hard at first, but walking , pain meds and ice helped DC me sleep in the recliner. I don't know where you live but here in Idaho the glue your incision so mine healed really fast. Maybe just take your pain meds before she comes to remove your staples.

    All my best to you.

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      thank you for your reply Denise, i live in the UK! I wish my wound had been glued, 3 other ladies in my ward had theirs glued, but they had a different surgeon from me...oh how i envy them now.

      Ice is my friend, and does help,

      i will definately be taking my pain meds before she comes today...

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    Hi Deb...Im 15 days post TKR. This one is a revision one my left leg replacing the knee put in last November. Every knee is different. This time i am relatively pain free. Nights are bad as i wear a brace to keep the leg straight as my surgeon had to do a lot of work on the muscles beside the knee and he wants these to heal. I have found taking 2 Benadryl before bed helps. i cheated last night and once i took the brace off i could sleep. if i cant get to sleep i have my ipad with ear phones and i listen to a tv show or steam something from you tube or NETFLIX .

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      hello Jean

      im so sorry to hear you had to go through this again, how awful, and how uncomfortable to have to wear a brace, i hope you heal quickly and succesfully.

      i just saw an advert for Benadryl and was thinking i will try that..

      i usually leave the tv on and end up drifting off for a bit, ive found some very strange programmes on in the wee small hours staying well away from the shopping channels lol..

      good luck with your recovery

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    Lack of sleep and pain in various parts are all very common. I managed only a couple of hours the first couple of weeks, then graduated to 4 hours with a 2 hour break in the middle. I had that feeling at the back of my knee and put it down to fluid collecting. I had hip, thigh, back and shin pains. My staples were taken out on Day 14 with no problem. I'd have thought the nurse would have sent you to have the wound looked at if she was concerned. Tell her your concerns and ask her advice or call the hospital where you had surgery. I was given a number to call and an email for the discharge team if I had any concerns.

    It must be hard coping with coming off HRT at the same time, but try not to worry about not sleeping. Sleep and nap when you can. If you're awake find something to occupy your mind and catch up later if you need to. I made sure I had a drink, something to nibble if I was hungry, a book, the ipad to play senseless games and quizzes on plus some free on-line courses (nothing too taxing) and kept a diary of my recovery. I found it helped to write it down and then I could look back and see what progress I'd made. Make sure you take your pain meds at regular intervals throughout the day and if your keg us uncomfortable at night, try putting a flattish pillow or two, depending on how long your legs are, under the whole leg from just under your bottom to your toes, not just your knee. I found that really helped. I have fairly long legs so an upside down T worked for me.

    Don't compare yourself to your mother or anyone else. We're all different and so are our knees. It's a long recovery and not a linear progression. Expect setbacks along the way and be kind to yourself and your knees. Good luck.

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      hi Lynda

      thank you for the reply, the nurse is coming back today with another more senior nurse, so hopefully it will all go well..

      i do everything you have mentioned above..i play lots of senseless games, love my online scrabble games, i fill my days quite well.

      i slept for 4 hours last night, i decided to sleep on top of my duvet with just a sheet over me, was more comfortable for my leg, and cooler for my hot flushes too..

      i do have a pillow under my whole leg, not all night, it starts off there then gets kicked off out the way. lol

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    i had sciatic problems too. I do simple stretches - sit in straight back chair with legs. LEAN forward and grab the front legs if the chair and stretch! HOLD FoR 5-8 seconds, then release -do this 5x. Youll be surprized how it helps! Best of luck

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    Totally normal. Check these out...

    The TKR Experience

    Post-Op Depression

    ROM At Home

    Click on my name, Discussions and then View All. Got about 30 out there on all sorts of topics. I hope they help.

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      thank you, i certainly will check them feeling quite upbeat this morning, all because i slept for 4 hours ...what a difference sleep makes to our well being

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