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Did anyone get ear pressure pain that is constant or have a jaw infection due to a tooth that started this

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    I have ear pressure which is off and on 😭

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      Mine is constant my theory is that my jaw infection got my nerve in my jaw and travelled up or damaged it some how? Has any one heard of this

      Its my left side only

      I've been to a maxilifacial surgeon GPS dentist I'm so dizzy

      They ear and head pressure came at the time if tooth infection which spread to my jaw

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    YES...I got all these started 3 years ago in between my back top molar teeth left side...and then spread to other side,my jaw feels like infected.and I can hardly hear out of my right ear.

    Iv seen everbody doctors, dentists. been on meds.and nothing helps

    The only thing that brings the super pain down from a 10 to 6 is if I'm relaxed and not on my feet

    When I work is the worst.

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    Hello Lauren,

    It is best to not self-diagnose yourself. Go see an Oral and Facial Pain Doctor. They are trained in this area of expertise. I hope you find the right answer,

    God Bless,


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      Hi Greg ; I had a bad tooth infection which spread down into my jaw and I felt it go up to my ear

      There is noting wrong with my ear

      I took 7 lots of antibiotics had the tooth removed ,and still this ear pressure and dizziness I can't handle the anxiety of it all

      I'm a single mum with 4 kids and only 30

      I have like hit and cold type sensations in the head on the left side the pressure never goes away its constant

      Some old forums on tn had patients describing my sane symptoms

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      Hello Lauren Again,

      First, my apologies on my first post. Too abrupt. I am blaming it on the med is almost as bad as Keppra when it comes to attitude.

      Anyway, I had multiple root canals done on both sides. Pain started on right side only(sharp, sharp pain). Went back and ask if needed to be re-done. X-Ray showed he knew what he was doing. Another pain started on right side, another trip, another no go. He then started the neuropathy theory. So I went to an Oral and Facial specialist, and she sorted it out, I was chasing classical TN pain. Oh, I have it bi-lateral. Bottom line for me, it was TN, no teeth pulled, and put on Tegretol for a while.

      My theory is the dental work on the right. On the left, it was a constant pain on lower jaw. Found out blood vessel was wrapped around the nerve. Another chapter in the life of the 'monster"...TN.

      My prayers go out to you to find the right answer.

      God Bless,



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      Thankyou Greg

      I go to a neurologist on Thursday for my first app I have already had ct and MRI one by a maxifacial surgon

      No answers

      Everything I read indicates the onset discriptions on tn I NEVER knew this could exist its like from a nightmare I honestly feel so sad for everyone I hope a cure is found

      I need to try find away to stay calm for my kids but the stress and worry is killing me

      It all most like wed be better off with a tumor than tn

      Then it could be removed it is defenetly a monster

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      My tooth never bothered me until after I had to surgeries.

      I never had a CT scan or MRI,

      my neurologist sent me to a neurosurgeon.

      MY surgeon sent me in for an chest X Ray a blood test, and an electrocardiogram.

      All of this was after he had asked me questions and told me yes that's what I had and I do believe that's what I had.

      I do believe that diagnosis was correct.

      I just wish that my surgeon had told me about the double vision and cutting of the muscle in the back of my neck.

      I only learned of this incident afterward from his P.A.

      I also, would like have been told that I had a stroke while I was in the hospital.

      I feel.that he would have at least did something about the

      NumbnesdI I kept telling his personal assistant about. She was the one that kept asking me if I was ready to ho home. While I kept asking her y my thight on opposite side of surgery was numb on top of my leg.

      When I have the follow up with him he never even mentioned it. He should have said, "I cut a muscle in the back of your neck", I would not have known of this had his Personal Assistant not told me.

      I didn't know of stroke until the doctor who recommended me to him found out after, I had an MRI in the emergency room after falling.

      I was in the hospital from the 27th of July to the 8th of August 2016, and I only saw my doctor twice. My husband also saw him twice. My hubby kept asking to talk with but my doctor was always in surgery. Finally about two days before I went home he got to talk to him.

      The doctor said nothing about a stroke no reason why I have numbness in my right thigh and nothing about cutting a muscle in back of my neck.

      I will sau it again, I am sorry for Rambling on and on.

      I believe TN, is caused my prescription meds.

      God bless,

      Everyone who suffers from this miserable condition

      We all need to find out what makes TN happen and I believe that by sharing stories we may be able to find an answer.

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      Hello Lauren,

      If you have a moment to read this. I am not preaching, I am just...I don't know what I am doing anymore. I read all these stories of peoples lives changing right before their eyes, and it saddens me that most of us are going through hell.

      Remember, I am not preaching. In the Bible it says that God will not give us more than we can handle, and all trials and tribulations are gone through for a reason...I am really paraphrasing what it says. If you have any wisdom on this, could you share it.

      I don't even know if it belongs here on as a post, but I wrote it anyway.

      I pray that you and all of us find an answer to taming this "monster".

      God Bless,



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      All I know so far is this forum has validated my illness and pain. Also, I have been most of all these types of meds.

      I get the feeling that you have to have a Very Good Nuero Surgeon. Do any body know about Surgeon in the USA that is the Best?

      I realize these are just suggestions.

      Thank you!

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      Hello Deb,

      I need to get a life and stay away from this site. I am on here too much!

      Ayway, Get a hold of Mayo Clinic and Hospitals if you choose too, at the following locations: Scottsdale- Arizona, Jacksonville- Florida, and Rochester-Minnesota. They will stear you in the right direction. Mayo is world wide renown for their expertise. They took care of me many years ago for a different situation. I should have gone there, but the place I was going too said the Doctor there was an outstanding Neurosurgeon in Trigeminal procedures. Wrong.

      I hope this helps.

      God Bless,



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    First sign of TN for me was in this order

    I had an endoscopy

    Then I had ovaries remove while still on meds had ovaries roved

    I started having a toothache went to dentist

    sent me to dental surgeon had my teeth removed against dentistal surgeon orders

    Had TN surgery and now I have double vision have double vision

    I think it was medication that I was on for Endoscopy( found I had H.pilori ) and then my ovarian removal surgery

    I was on medication for h pylori at same time at that I have my ovaries removed

    I believe that TN is caused from taking prescription drugs in combinations

    My doctor told me it was ok to take my H pylori medication while I was taking pain meds for ovaries removal surgery

    I begin to get the tooth ache after I had my ovaries removed and I went to my OBGYN who did my surgery follow up

    I told OBgyn surgen tht my back was iching and that I was getting a toothache, I asked if the itching was from the meds being combined, she said no

    And yes it was the dentist and dental surgeon who discovered the TN, I made the dental surgeon remove my tooth

    I was my shocks /gum pain with shocks

    I am using my voice text because my eyes are to blurry to see what I am typing

    I hope everyone who suffers from TN get help

    I was not told anything about having double vision after MVD surgery

    And now I hear many people talking about having to have some kind of surgery to fix their eyes

    I will keep everyone in my prayets

    God has a reason for our suffering we just need to find out what it is

    God bless you guys

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    Hi Lauren. I've had a very hard 10 days with my pain. It started up due to having dental work, root canal, at the same time. I thought it was TN, but according to my doctor who specializes in acupuncture, it's not TN, but pain due to having my mouth open for ages and a jaw that isn't alined properly. He said it can't be TN becasue TN is a constant, never lets up. Mine settles down and I only get it every couple of months. He gave me acupunture and I'm now on Magnesium chelate and the pain is gone. I get sharp stabbing electric shock pain on the right side of my head, which seems like TN, but isn't. My sister and mother had this too. My sister was diagnosed with TN. After much investigation and other treatments, she had a huge op on the TN nerve. The doctor cut right around her hear near her ear, was horrible. Sadly, the op was unsuccessful, she still gets the pain. My doctor said her issues, like mine, is not TN as the op would have helped, it's her jaw alinment and root canal that is the issue. 

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    Keep in mind that the most common cause of Trigeminal Neuralgia is compression of the Trigeminal nerve by a tumor, artery, or vein. Based on the location of the nerve, it is highly unlikely that a dental issue can contribute to TN. Use Google Images or Youtube to see what I'm talking about.

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      Hello Clint72.

      So far the electrical shocks r gone, but I still am on Gabby and Oxcarbazepin, I still have lite pain in my gums sometimes. Oh, I take these meds @ bedtime.

      If pain gets a bit bad in my gums, I take pills right then, and don't need @ bedtime.

      At bed x's the meds r just like a sleeping pill.

      I always had insomnia but these pills knock me out.

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