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I'm pretty sure that today is the day. I've always drank since my younger days but never realized I abused it until recently. Even when I did think about it before it was an afterthought. Until now. I notice myself not necessarily deteriotating, but being a shell of the man that I used to be. No progress. I've beeen consistently drinking 40 ounces of beer or cheap liquor. Basically whatever's wet. Along with cigarettes, I'm a mess. My wife is a beautiful,strong, independent woman. It kind of crushed me to hear her say she loves me but has no respect for me. You see when I drink, I guess like anyone,I don't make the best choices. So at times,well all the free time I have,I drink out of boredom. And now I'm here. My willpower is low, if I have any at all. I want to find me again. And the drinking is clogging my vision. And those urges ain't no joke. But I want my soul back. I definitely have noticed that've I've had my soul stolen. I'm tired of fighting demons. So I'm going to go cold turkey and do what I have to do to overcome my trials and tribulations. Thanks for lending me an ear or in this case your eyes.. I'm curious to meet who I used to be before all the spiraling out of control or that great person I'm destined to become. I don't even know what it's like to be by myself. I'm scared of my own company. But this is something that needs to be done. So as I start my mission, thanks for for this outlet everyone

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    Good luck troy83653. Best decision is admission. Working it out...takes longer ! You are on a journey, now. If the cold turkey is too freezing... there are meds to help. Have you discussed prob with Doc?
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      No I haven't . Not as of yet. And thank u for your humble words
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    40 fl oz of beer is equivalent to two British pints or two and a half American pints.

    If that is your daily intake, that does not seem to be that much in the grand scale of things. Have I got that right?

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      Hi RHGB,

      Depends what Troy was drinking. I agree with your assessment if it is indeed beer. That's only around 4-6 units per day, depending on the type of beer. However, his post says "beer or cheap liquor". I understand - perhaps wrongly - that liquor is the US word for spirits. If a significant part of the 40 fl oz is made up of spirits, that puts an entirely different spin on things. Even if it's "only" wine, that amount would still contain around 13 units.

      Also, he says his drinking is basically wrecking his life. It's my understanding that a person is considered to have an alcohol problem if their drinking is interfering with normal life, regardless of how much they drink (though again, I might be wrong).

      Troy, I wish you all the best with your courageous decision. But I still think you should consider getting help, either from your doctor or a support group like AA.

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      Hence my question for clarification of exactly what, as it is a bit vague.
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      Thank You So Much Lily. Like You Said It's Not The Amount That I'm Drinking that I'm worried about. It's the fact that it's interfering with my day to day functioning. And my willpower is very low so I have to take a stand or else, I'll be done forever. I'll keep you up to speed, but it starts today.
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      I thought I responded to u earlier, but what I did say is that it is not necessarily the intake but the control factor. I have to get a grip because I'm realizing I'm definitely an alchoholic. And this is something that I've struggled with for years but never took ownership of the problem. I can't just act like it isn't there anymore or decide not to do anything about it. I can't just put it off so I'm going to handle it now. Thanks for your concern. You guys are real good people
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      I agree. Take medical advice since this is a long runnig problem and stopping completely can be dangerous. He is on the right path! Robin
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      Hi lily,

      You're right; if Troy's drinking is 'interfering' with his life or making it 'unmanageable' then he has a problem (this is for you especially Troy - I'm not talking about you as if you're not there).

      However, I read in his reply that it's not the amount he's drinking. He should be.

      Troy; It seems that there are many options available these days which wasn't the case when I began my recovery (not anything I was aware of anyway). A.A. did it for me and i haven't looked for any other support groups since. I guess there are different support groups to join these days.

      I think you should consider seeing the doctor first and then consider your options. 

      RHBG is right when he questions exactly how much you're drinking. In the old days, however much you tell the doc' you drink, they doubled it. It doesn't matter, just tell the truth to yourself and the doc'. You'll be glad you did.

      You know your willpower will increase the less you drink and the more help you seek.

      Good luck   


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      Hi Lily, I missed out that Troy should be worried about how much he's drinking.
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    I hope you find the strength to fight this demon.

    ​Treat yourself well....yes, it will be annoying to the family in the begining that you have to focus on YOURSELF again so much.  But to me it is important in early get enough rest.  And simulate what they do in the hospital.

    Which is:

    ​Many fluids...and vitamins...small meals....The important vitamins which they give in the morning everyday at the hospital...are Vitamin Complex....Thiamine...Folic Acid.

    ​If you have access to a Xanax...Lorazepam, Diazapam...these drugs help alot with withdrawl symptoms.

    ​The times I was able to recover "at home" vs. going to the hospital...I followed these rules...for 3 days...i was unable to do anything (felt like I was still a loser laying around)...but I was NOT drinking.  I was napping...drinking fluids...eating when I could and taking the vitamins.  After about day 3...I was able to shower....and started feeling human again.

    ​It is TORTURE the first few days....but even getting thru 1 day you will feel an accomplishment and hope.  You can do this....You are WORTH it.....don't give up.

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      Wow that means alot to me Missy. Thank you for your concern. I definitely will look into all of this. I'm just going to see how it goes first with the mind over matter approach. If I get those feelings then I'll look into it. Agaian I appreciate you
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    Me, again.  I just want to say that if you do discuss alc prob with Doc... that is a big step on the way to control.
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      I know I probably need to. Like I said I'm going to look into this even further and just take it a day a time at first. You guys are giving me so much encouragementbiggrin
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    Wishing you all the very best on your journey, Troy. You've had some very good advice from those who've gone before you. I would, however, take issue with just one point in Misssy2's wonderful post.

    Please steer clear of benzos (diazepam etc.) unless it's for a very short period indeed - max two weeks - and under strict medical supervision.

    This group of drugs does indeed help with alcohol withdrawal symptoms, but if taken for too long benzos can be even more addictive than alcohol.

    Ever since retiring six years ago I've volunteered in a mental health centre. Obviously, substance abuse plays a large part in mental illness, whether as cause or effect. A story I often hear when talking to clients is that withdrawal from long-term benzo use is even harder than alcohol withdrawal. This is especially true of clients my own age, who have been on benzos since the 1960s and 70s, before withdrawal problems were recognised, and they were prescribed to all and sundry.

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      Thank You So Much. I feel like this is something that can be conquered and I'm glad you guys are around and I found this site. I feel like I can just let it go on here. The weight definitely feels a little lighter. As far as the medication goes I'll try with the B1 Thyamine but I'm not into the other stuff. I know my addictive personality is out of control. So I'm basically gonna try and take it a day at atime


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