Total knee replacement after 3 months

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Hi everyone, just want to ask for some little advise and opinion. I did my total knee replacement 3 months ago, until now my outer wound has been heal. And i did a aggressive physio ..but i do still feel very feel at night. Is it normal? The knee and bending part still very stiff at night, especiallly after woke up from my slip and some part of the leg still feel numb?thank you for thr help, cheers

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    Hi Julia’s,

    everyone who has had a tkr will agree, that the pain and stiffness is worse at night.   It can also be stiff and sore first thing in the morning until you get moving.  It’s all pretty much text book for you.  It will get better.  Just have to do everything and anything to help with the pain.  I am 29 months on from bilateral tkr’s and the outside of both knees and below the knee areas are still numb.  It will never go away I’m told.  It’s a really funny feeling when I bang my knee.  I’m never sure if it hurt or not🙄. Hart to explain lol.

    best wishes

    Sue xx

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      Hi Sue, thanks for the feedback.. yes the numb make me annoyed all the times. And the stiffness of the leg..sometimes i did feel am i doing a correct dicision by doin the TKR surgery.. i was in physio yesterday..everytime they did tge massage ..i feel good as the leg become so loose. And after a while it comes back..
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    Yeah...the numbness will last a while longer.  Total felling along the incision line will probably never return.  Stiffness is completely normal.  Helps to ice and elevate to keep the swelling down.  Need PT to get your ROM back and then the exercise program to rebuild your atrophied quads, glutes and core.  This will also help with the stiffness.  By your one year anniversary, you'll hardly feel it, although the docs say it can last 1-18 months.  Gotta keep that joint moving every day.  I'm 2 years post-op and barely notice it.  Some people who gave up on the exercise after a few years have noted stiffness coming back.  Lesson?  The recovery never ends...gotta stay in shape.

    For your consideration...

    STAY STRONG!!!!  Post this on your fridge...


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      Thanks Chico,.. its been hard..until i did doubt myself if i did a right decision to hv my knee done. But i will never give up after saw yr post..for the bending part is a big challange...and the gravity part... i havent got enough strenght to do it..
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    Hi Julia,

    My dad had knee replacement surgery 2 mounth ago. Of course, at first this procedure makes life far from simple, but sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference.

    My dad's physiotherapist recommended him to sleep with a knee cushion, so I looked for quality pillows and bought him one. Since he started using the pillow, he has been sleeping better and the pain that would often bother him, lessened, even during the day. I am happy to see him more peaceful and comfortable. 

    Highly recommended for significant pain relief:

    I wish you a fast recovery!

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    Yes it is normal. I am 9 months post op and still have numbness in some areas. Try looking for some replies from Chico Marx, he really outlines the recovery which can take up to a year and still have numbness. Everything will get better but it takes time, time and more time. Do the exercises, take your meds and you will be fine. Speedy recovery 


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    I'm12 weeks my PT explained its inflammation that makes the knee stiff. Before I go to bed I massage an anti inflammatory gel into my knee avoiding the scar itself and behind my knee. It certainly helps me. The outer knee there is a numb spot no feeling at all. The PT said this is normal since its where most of the nerves etc have been interfered with could last up to 1 Yr so don't worry about it. With me the knee operated also meant my foot had pins in due to a toe fusion so it's taken a little longer than normal.

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      All totally normal.  At 3 months, you're past the worst of the pain.  The stiffness will take a looooong time to go away...some docs say a bit might be noticeable even at 18 months.  So, you have to keep the knee active.  The muscle rebuild is mandatory.  Strengthening your quads, glutes and core will take pressure off the knee and put it back on the supporting musculature where it belongs...

      You will walk correctly, get your balance back and be able to do stairs again like a normal person.  Just remember that this is a lifelong recovery.  TKR veterans say that years down the road you can have stiffness issues if you don't keep the knee active and the muscles strong.

      PS: Voltaren Gel (RX in the US) is the best topical anti-inflammatory out there.  Hope that's what you've got.  At 3 months and with a fully healed incision, I don't think you have to avoid that area.

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    I had knee surgery on April 3.  I don’t have much pain when I’m walking, however, I have excruciating pain when I get up from seated position. Both knees hurt terribly. Any thoughts or ideas?
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      "...I have excruciating pain when I get up from seated position..."  Where's the pain?  Knee?  Thigh?  Hips?  Lower back?  Some or all of the above?

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      Hi, I had my tkr 28 April (Right Knee) with quite a bit of straightening work done too, I'm feeling that I'm taking a step back. When I stand up after sitting for a while, my knee is painful at the left side and back of knee. I struggle to straighten it, feels like it's stuck (pops at the Left front) I can see, hear and feel it, it's uncomfortable.

      I'm also struggling with my walking because my bend is not brilliant; 90% assisted. When I try to lift my leg backwards, I can literally only get it up about 2"/ 3" (either from standing or lying on my front. My knee is still swollen, which I expect, but, it feels like a heavy brick and really tight. June

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      First, you're only 3 months into a one year recovery.  Whatever you're expectations were...get rid of them.  The knee controls the recovery and it doesn't happen in three months.  At that point I was just finishing PT and got my ROM from -14 / +84 to -1 / +123.  Lots of pain at PT plus the extra work at home.  These may help...

      Once you do the ROM work, a lot of your issues will gradually go away.  Having trouble walking and standing after sitting? Very common...even up to a year.  To me, those first few steps were always "an adventure".  It gets better over time.  At 2 1/2 years post-op, I only feel it if I don't keep the knee active enough.  That's a long-term tip.  This is NEVER over.  You have to do the muscle rebuild and then keep the knee exercised and active...else stiffness will reoccur.  You can start the rebuild any time...

      This will fix your dead quads, glutes and core.  Right now, your body is putting all the pressure on the new knee adding to your pain.  You have to rebuild the musculature to re-take all that stress like a normal body would.  This enables you to walk correctly again, regain your balance and enable you to do stairs normally.  Gotta do the rebuild which is done very gradually and consumes most of the rest of your first year.  Marathon, not sprint.

      Any clicking, popping, clunking sounds are normal...can last 18 months.  Mine are virtually gone now.  Heaviness, tightness, "band-like" feeling, "cement-like" feeling...all normal and described by virtually every patient.  All of these go away gradually.  Even the swelling subsides, of which there are two types: 1. from the operation - the knee will look "larger" for about a year...then it's all gone...normal; 2. from being stupid - we all push the knee too far occasionally and get "balloon knee" for a few days...totally understandable,,,know your limit!!!

      For the latter, I suggest a fit bit or other pedometer.  Tracks your STEPS...distance and time are irrelevant...count, track and chart your step progress.  Balloon knee?  Note the steps that day, back off, recover and resume gradually.  For all swelling, try some Voltaren Gel (RX in the US)...GREAT topical anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

      Post this on your fridge...

      ...look at it multiple times a day.  At 90 days, you are past the worst of it.  Time, work and patience...those are your tools...

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      Thank you so much for your reply. It is very informative, covering every problem I mentioned. I feel better knowing that my problems are no different from any body else, who's had the tkr. June

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      Thanks for your advise, I am at 3 months had no idea what to expect from this surgery so I was quite shocked. Probably I was a bit silly not paying g attention to my Dr but I thought anything would be better than the way I was. I see my physiotherapist once a week and keep myself very busy , and some days I pay for it. I am still on medication which my Dr is trying to get me off , some days I really need it but others I seem to manage .

      Thank you for your input


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