Total knee replacement surgey

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it's 3 months since my Tkr it's been a gruelling time and harder than I expected ive been back at work for the past 2 weeks , but I am always tired I don't want to do anything or go anywhere even the shops I find it tiring , I can't do the stairs yet but working on it , Think today has hit me hard and I feel so depressed and have been crying , I know it takes time by reading other people's posts but I think it's because I'm mainly on my own I'm feeling this way , it's like my life has come to a stop. Walking isn't so bad although I need a stick , I don't use it in the house . So it's May bank holiday Monday im sitting in too tired to get ready to go out and hope to find comfort in others going through the same 

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    At least we're in the driving again stage, which helps a great deal.

    If you haven't got a partner or brothers and sisters(like I haven't), you are so reliant on good friends (and I hate having to ask anyone).  My Dad is local, but 87 and only drives very locally (and not very confidently), so he couldn't take me backwards and forwards to the hospital.

    It all adds to the stress we've been you're allowed to feel down.

    Everything has to be thought about so much more, and people at work don't always realise what you've been through either...or why it still hurts!

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    Hello Angela,  I can relate very much so to your problems.  I had double knee replacement several years ago and I am still not doing great.  I do have other problems to deal with besides the knees that are making walking painful for me.  TKR is not an easy surgery , very painful and long recovery.  I think maybe I had mine at a age older than most,  but still experinece problems with the knees.  I am wondering if one can get arthrits in the knees again even if they are replaced?  I do have Neuropathy, which causes my knees to burn horribly.  Angela,  I just wanted to say I know how you feel and pray it will get better for you.   Keep doing your exercises and maybe for you things will look up!!  Thinking of you.  Shirley
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    Im sure the drs didn't explain the intensity of this surgery and how it can affect not day and mind. Generallyvdocs are consumed with the technical aspects and not the byproducts. If today is a holiday do what holidays were meant to do, rest and let your body get caught up a much as one day will do. Review how you are treating yourself. Nutrition, hydration, rest. A tired, undernourished, thirsty body takes much longer to heal than one that is being cared for. Talk to you medical concerning these issue. They can give you something to help you sleep and lack of sleep is one of the most prevelant, least discussed issues by the tkr crowd but one that is hitvon reguarally discussed on this for. Its easy for sleep patterns to be broken but extremely difficult to repair. Its a shame you don't have someone, s support group, to talk to. This is a great spot but still doesn't match eye robeye contact. Discuss this with a Dr or a coworker. Possibly you make a contact through them. My problems started with a rare tumor. Even with 8 surgeons in the practice, none had ever heard of it much less treated it. I turned out to be there hands in study. A few years back lit came back and crested havoc. I decided to see a doc in a teaching university medical center. There I started seeing a young, very knowledgeable surgeon and we have gone through 5 surgeries with one more to come. A few months ago, with my permission, he introduced me to a young lady nearly 40 years my junior. She is plaugedwith the same tumor that changed my life at age 65. She is scared to death and faces an early tkr. She has called med several times, often rather late at night as I'm the only one she knows that carries this mutual demon. My main contribution is to listen. Her home and family is 2000 mi. away and even they have no idea what's she is talking about or going through and wouldn't be much help if they were next door. The reason I mention this, maybe your Dr can find a shoulder for you to lean on. In tge meantime, hang in here. You have a legion of understanding friends who will use their experiences to offer common sense answers and let you know you are part of a very select group, all looking for the same things, relief from pain and getting back to a normal life.
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      That 1st sentence should read body and mind
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      Sounds like you have really been through it ! I really hope your next surgery is a success . And yes it's nice to find a forum of people all going through the pain and depression together , you are right about nutrition , most nights Im too tired to cook something ŵhich must be having an effect on my body , it's great that the young lady you mention has you to turn to as I can't imagine what it's like for the both of you ,
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    Hi Angela, you may be younger than me (I'm 65) but I know there was no way I could have gone to work at 3 months post op. I was still getting very tired and feeling reluctant to socialise. This op really takes it out of your whole body. 

    I just wanted to reassure you that things do get better. I am 9 months post op now and can tackle things like looking after my young grandchildren 2/3 days a week, going for long walks, shopping and I enjoy days and evenings out again. 

    Maybe you returned to work too soon. Any chance of more time off? 

    If not, get all the rest you can ( but try to keep exercises up) and things will improve I'm sure.


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      Hi Jen I'm 53 , and yes I did return to work too soon 11 weeks after the op mainly because they don't pay sick pay and mine is the only income , like you say I don't want to socialise , things can only get better I keep telling myself that , Thankyou 
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    Hi Angela

    I'm 5 weeks and have a mix bag of results my walking with crutches and weight bearing is very good, my pain levels are very good only having to take strong pain relief as needed which is mostly at night to assist me sleep as I'm only getting average 2hr blocks of good sleep since the operation similar to you I'm guessing, actually writing this from Melbourne Australia as its middle of the night here in between my blocks of

    My main issue is the knee movement I only have 63degrees after 5 weeks, the reason being is bad tissue scarring around my quads they are very, very tight and I am working on losening this with massaging, hydro pool, spa and certain exercises..

    I feel your pain it's become more of a mental challenge from my experience to date which has been frustrating I to am on my own I have my kkids Thur -Sun which makes it tough also like last week my knee locked up there was pain but I was mostly upset because it was the morning of my sons soccer game and I couldn't go to his soccer game and he saw me in tears that it was frustrating not being able to do normal everyday things 5 weeks later, like watching him play. 

    So my main issue recently has been around mentally than physically and getting frustrated and at times doing things I shouldn't ie walking/limping with no crutches, pushing things around a bit heavy and thinking I can do everything normally....I soon learnt whilst that particular time it seemed ok well later it hurt like hell and I was tired and wasting unnecessary energy levels.

    I have to accept it will take time, I will be tired some days more than others but that's ok and I need to listen to the professionals advice, it's  mind of matter and getting that right and accept that it will be a long process that's reality..but I've started...

    I have heard things on this forum that has been great as I can visualise those things in my journey and that I'm not alone in what I'm experiencing.. I have no doubt things will work out for you Angela it will take time as I've read it here, I have spoken to people who have had it done and said it's the best thing they did it took time to fully recover but should have done it earlier so the success rate is high and you should think we'll atleast I'm 3 months ahead in the healing process..

    I can share with you from my experience to date Angela and that is, talk to the professionals your GP they will tell everyone heals different,  don't make comparisons I have read here where people are way ahead of me after 5 weeks with movement but can't straighten there leg and I am complete opposite can straighten my leg and get around but poor bend, can just get in a car but can't drive...

    Celebrate small successes your trying to work on stairs so look at from a different point of you, yesterday you may have done none out of 10 but today you did 1 out of 10 that's one more than previous you haven't conquered it but your succeeding  it's very important to acknowledge this ie....I maybe at 63degrees right now but a week ago I was only 55degrees so a plus 8degree improvement, great! Think of your achievements to date, your back at work that's a milestone.

    Expect some bad days it's going to happen but you will get there, stay positive Angela if talking on this site helps great, letting your emotions out is part of the healing I've done my share of that because I'm use to helping others not the other way around but I've had to except help or asked for it.

    I have loved reading comments in this forum as I can visualise exactly those things happening to me at different stages and it's all normal and it's not just happening to me. It's also great reading the successes and know it will come...

    I sure am wiser for the experience and know what to expect when doing the left one which is next.



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      Absolutely right Tony , I do think we compare ourselves to others and if they are doing better we get worried, The physio has told me not to compare as you say we are all different , Think today for me brought a different emotion I hadn't felt before , which made me look to forums for reassurance , think today was my lowest  but just receiving these responses has lifted my spirit . As well as the physical it's an emotional operation which I wasn't prepared for , The bend can be a worry Tony but it's suprising that even a few degrees can make a difference , the surgeon told me it takes about a year to start to feel normal ,

      hope you manage to get some sleep, I dread the night times as I know what I am in for ,, a night of tossing and turning , burning leg and swollen ankle ,,, worst of it is people say I look great but it's not the way I feel , they don't know what's really going on so they don't really have any sympathy and just say oh you will be fine ,,,thank god for forums like this eh. Can relate to the kids thing as well my daughter ( who's 21) is always wanting me to go out for a meal but she doesn't understand that I feel so tired and uncomfortable which makes you feel guilty,  probably worse for you with yours being younger , 

      hopefully in a few months we will all have brighter news to report smile 

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      Then there is that person who tells you about how GREAT some neighbor, friend etc that is the absolute healing miracle. Like someh
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      Like someone on here said, they'll tell you about a guy that ran a marathon 2 weeks after surgery. You want to scream BS right in their face but you just have to sat, that's nice, did they win and then smile and go on about their business. I have a coffee club friend, a retired university physics professor, that had a cancerous bone in his leg. An orthopedic oncologist that did a synovectomy on me 11 yrs ogo has been doing bone grafting, titanium rod insertions etc had to cut a large hunk of bone and put in a piece of titanium rod from near the hip to close to the knee. The anticipated results, the bone regrowing around the rod, sort of the way the bone grows around the stem of the new knee. This fellow was in absolute agony and scared to death when he went in. Obviously, it took weeks to go through the healing process to get him on his feet. He started coming back to coffee, walking the close to a mile each way. You would have been amazed at some of the stupid insensitive remarks I heard people make regarding his progress. He is a very kind, gentle, soft spoken guy and was very polite. Had it been me, they might have had that crutch inserted so that they looked like an ice cream bar with the crutch being the ice cream bar stick.
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    Just like to say chin up and keep smiling. I only had knee keyhole surgery 5 days ago and feel like crying all the time. It is such a minor op compared to yours and only imagine how you feel. Hope you feel better soon. My knee was locked for 3 months until I had the op just feel fed up and tearful. Regards Bev😎
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    Angela, I'm sorry that I'm only just reading this. I know exactly how you feel. I am 36 years old, almost 11 weeks post op and living with my mum as I haven't been able to cope for about a year on my own.

    My knee became so bad following a fall as a student. My entire leg suffered but I pinned all my hopes on a knee replacement, totally forgetting that I had other problems.

    The TKR has went well for me but the rest of my leg is still bad. I can't straighten or bend it. I've been given 3 weeks to straighten it otherwise they're going to operate on the muscles.

    I am sorry that the above has turned into my story, I just wanted to show that I know how you feel.

    I too feel the pressure for a return to work as I don't get paid for being off. I am so lucky that my bosses have allowed me to work from home. I am not capable of sitting for longer than 30 mins without crippling pain and I have such a heavy physio regime to follow that I can't risk working more than a few hours a day. I, like us all on here, still have a good cry sometimes.

    But I've come to realise this is just temporary for us all.

    Yes it's been the most difficult thing I have ever faced but I know that I'll get there. You will too.

    I know you don't get paid when you don't work but I would suggest speaking to your GP. I think reduced hours would benefit you for now, at least you'll have some money coming in.

    You've been through something incredibly tough, don't under estimate that. Others don't understand but everyone on here does xx

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      As you continue working on knee rehab you may find some things correcting themselves. I sure like most with leg pain, you walked with a limp. As you heal, your body Is being thrown forcefully in a different walk pattern which is causing a new set of angst. One thing leads to another including hip, back, opposite leg etc. Possible solutions you might as about, muscle relaxants, especially at night. Let's hope surgery isn't the only solution. I have to wait 7 weeks for my 11th surgery on this leg and that's not something I care to wear as a badge of courage.

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      Hi Kathryn sorry to hear about what you are going through  it sounds horrendous and you still have a positive outlook .glad you have your mum there it's makes a big difference , With my family, as soon as I was able to drive they don't bother because they think I am ok now but don't realise I'm not as I don't say anything anymore, it's as though they have had enough of hearing about my knee , sad really cos I really need their support still , And poor you at such a young age having to go through the pain . Like you say the people on here understand and I didn't realise I would receive any responses from my post today which have been lovely, it's good how we can support each other and share stories ,,,, funny isn't it,,all complete strangers but come together with one thing in common xx
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      This site has been a lifesaver for me Angela. I found it on a particularly desperate day googling for any sort of ideas that would help.

      My mum has been amazing, I'd be lost without her.

      I stopped talking about my leg ages ago, I was on crutches for about 3 months before surgery. It became all anyone would talk to me about. It used to frustrate me but then I realised they were concerned about how much I was struggling and how my life had come to a halt.

      I'm the last one to talk but you need to confide in someone about how you are. We all have different struggles and for some it goes on much longer (I am on stronger meds now than 2 months ago as my physio regime is crippling). You need someone to know that you need support now more than ever.

      I would also get the reassurance from your GP by having the cover of a return to work note that says you might benefit from shorter days sometimes. You are entitled to this and it will help, even if just taking off the pressure.

      Message me anytime you need to chat xx

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      I found the only positive........I would have an attracti young lady a third my age open doors for me and give me a sympathetic look. Without the walker, the same lady would have outrun me to the door and gave me one of those, why don't you get the hell out of the way before I push you out of the way looks. I even had a local female attorney offer to open a door. Of course, with her I checked to see if my wallet, watch and ring was still where they should be.

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