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Good luck for tomorrow with your CT scan, hope it isn't as bad as you think, my 11 yr old daughter had a CT scan last year on her head and she said it wasn't too scary, i couldn't stay in with her.

Have you gone bk to work yet ?

Hope you don't have to wait long for your result's etc.

Kim xx

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    Hi Kim - I've been trying to contact Tracey all week, and haven't had a reply - I'm beginning to think perhaps there has been some developments.

    I know she was having lots of pain - I'm hoping for her sake that they have already treated her cyst.

    Hoping that it's not that she feels so naff, that she hasn't been about.

    We're thinking of you Tracey and wishing you well.

    The Cysters x

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    Hi janice

    Ive just been through the posts and she's not been on since 16th sept, hope she's ok.

    How are you feeling ?

    My backache is constant now along with stomach ache, isn't it lovely being a woman lol.

    Kim xx

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    I've been ok ish this last week or so, apart from a really upset tum that is. I'm not sure if I've picked up a bug or if its all the fruit and veg I've been eating in a bid to lose the lbs!!

    The backache is horrible once it gets going - very tiring.

    Do you have any meds that help? If I can get to mine quick enough Neurofen helps.

    This wummin business is soooo rubbish - I'm deffo coming back as a guy next time.

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    Just had the worst ever sleep last night, it feels like my back is broke i'm in that much pain, ive co dradamol meds and paracetamols, i can't take nurofen etc i suffer with acid reflux, not much else they can give me.

    I'm bk at docs this morning was hoping to go bk to work but i'm dreading it in away cos ive been off so long and i do a lot of lifting cos i work in a shop.

    Kim xx

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    Thanks for that post Kim

    I didnt have my CT scan in the end I turned up for it and they had cancelled it and made an appointment for a MRI scan instead only they forgot to tell me so I got two appointments sent through :evil:

    I have an MRI scan today though at 5pm

    I havent gone back to work yet as last week I felt so low and seem to be crying all the time, but then that may be out of my hands soon as my lovely work have sent me an appointment for next tuesday for me to see their own Gp at occupational health as if I dont have enough on my mind eh?

    How is your back Kim?

    Mine hasnt been too bad but I am on tramadol but if I dotn take them quick enough it doesnt do the job as well. Last night I only woke up once with back ache so I ahd the best night sleep in ages.

    Jinty hows your stomach. I had a bit of an upset stomach too over the weekend and I didnt know weather mine was cyst related or a bug.

    Everything wrong with me I automatically blame on the cyst LOL

    Hope youa re feeling better

    Tracey xx

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    Hi Tracey

    I'm so pleased to hear from you, we were worried about you, i'm sorry to hear about your CT scan typical nhs as if you aren't stressed enough, good luck for your MRI scan that one is very noisey but they do give you head phones even i had to wear them when i went in with my daughter.

    I went to doc's yesterday she said my backache is all related to the cyst and gave me some more pains killers and another sick note for 3 wks ive been off 12 wks already, 8 of them with no pay, she said i tell all my ladies that there may not be a quick fix, charming i thought.I wouldn't be surprised if my works don't do the same with me.

    Good luck for later let us know how you get on.

    Kim xx

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    Hi Kim

    I hope your new painkillers work for you.

    I am just debating weather to go back to bed I can hardly keep my eyes open I am shattered. I dont have to pick the kids up until 4.15 tonight as they have clubs etc. But I do have to make some tea as they have swimming after my appointment

    I am going to get a repeat presription of my tramadol as then I can take them to the works doctor next week and show him what I am on because apparantly I am on the next ones down from morphine.

    I have been off work 11 weeks this week thankully I am on full pay until January though then I go onto half pay.

    In all the 5 years I have worked for the council I have never had a sick day and I am only off now because I feel so crap and yet I feel as though I am skiving and they are wanting to check up on me. I am dreading the appointment.

    Anyway take care and I will speak later

    Tracey x

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    Hi Tracey

    How are you today ? as the pain settled after your hoovering ?

    Ive been awake most of the night yet again with backache and stomach ache, i normally sleep on my stomach and i'm finding it hard to do that now with the cyst and pain, i was up at 3.35 am to take more meds, i'm keeping my hubby awake but he's not moaned but i feel bad cos he's up early, all day yesterday i had stomach ache like a really bad period pain but it felt like i was having a heavy bleed aswell, i even dashed to the loo, i know this isn't possible cos ive no bits, it was an awful feeling, don't know if anyone else has experienced that feeling ?

    Roll on next weds when i see the consultant.

    take care


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    Like you I was awake all night tossing and turning because of my back ache and I really dont see what going to see the occupational therapist is going to resolve. Surely they cant think its best for me to go back to work.

    Its S\"£$% I dont want to feel like this and I dont think I deserve the extra hassle from work. I am getting in a state thinking about it.

    I havent had any appointment through as of yet and am thinking of phoning the consultants secretary now as I am sat here crying as I am typing

    I am now at the stage where I dont even want to go back to work as not one person has been supportive.

    Sorry I didnt mean to go on

    I hope you feel better today

    Hugs Tracey xx

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    Have you had your medical at work ?

    My work is the same, only one person as phoned me, i use to work with her in a different store, i feel the same as you about not going bk cos they don't care and they aren't paying me anyway, i'm still waiting for my sick notes i asked for them bk over 2 wks ago because the social need them to keep my NI credits up to date but as yet my area manager asn't sent them.

    I definetly would phone your consultants sec up, you are worried and they should understand that and they can get them results straight away cos when Tiffany had hers done they emailed them straight to the doc, i know she was an inpatient but they should have them now.

    Good luck, let me know how you get on.

    big hug from me

    Kim xx

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    Hi Kim

    I cancelled the occupational health will probably get in trouble but I dont care. I asked for a home visit but they wont do it and I have to go to the centre. So I have to wait for them to arrange another appointment.

    I phoned my friend after phoning you and she said it wasnt worth getting stressed about.

    I phoned the consultants secretary but she wasnt in so I left a message and she should be phoning me back then I can phone my work.

    I have got a pounding head now as well as my back ache.

    Hopefully I will get an operation date very soon if not to shut work up.

    How long have you worked where you are?

    Ihave been with the council for over 5 years and have never been off sick before this so it must show I am not a skiver.

    Then the school at which I am based none of the management have bothered at all not even a card or a phione call if I had been a teacher I would have had a huge bunch of flowers by now but cos I am only a teaching assistant I am a nobody especially as not employed by school but am based at council and they hate anyone not from school.

    I think I will go and take some more painkillers then ring docs for a repeat prescription then try and get some sleep

    How are you feeling now?

    Hugs Tracey xxx

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    Hi Tracey

    Ive worked 11 mths for mini mode it's based in Boots but i don't work for Boots, it's actually Adam's children'swear that own it, i had a wk sick in april which was the start of all this cos they treated me for a water infection but the problem never went away, then they found my cyst.

    Stomach ache as settled down still there but not as bad, back ache never seems to settle though.

    If i was seen by a vet they'd put me down :lol:

    hope your day get's better for you, try and get some rest.

    Kim xx

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    Hi Tracy & Kim

    Gosh you two are really going through it sad

    I don't feel half as bad and I am still working, get a bit tired and I know what you mean about the back pain but codydromol does it for me :lol:

    Hope you get some releif soon, here have some flowers from me :rose: :rose:

    take care cysters

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