Travel with large ovarian cyst!!!

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Im due to fly overseas, backpacking and train transportation in 2 weeks. I just found out 2 days ago ive got a large 6x6cm ovarian cyst! After having been misdiagnosed for a UTI.

So far, I've had 2 gyne tell me i can go. However, rupture is always a possibility. They told me to "be careful" and "take medical insurance in case you end up in an ER there." sad

So now, im worrying about it that happening on the plane, and on my trip. Ia it worth the risk?? Im already a nervous flier. I hate being this uncomfortable too. It pushes on my bladder and rectum, Making it difficult to pee and poop.

To fly, trek with a backback, or not? Anyone have advise?

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    Sorry for your diagnoses. I just found out last Friday I had an ovarian cyst at a general check up.

    If it makes you feel any better, I have a very active job, and I have apparently been living day-to-day with a extremely large 26cm long cyst (13.5cm wide/29cm tall) that has been taking up my entire abdomen. I just thought I gained weight in my stomach. Mine is very large and has not ruptured, but I think it also depends on what kind of cyst you have, do you know? 

    How long is your trip? If your gynos say you can go, then they must not feel like you have a lot to worry about at the size it is at currently. However, if it's making you uncomfortable, you may not enjoy your trip either.

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      It is a backpacking across Europe type trip, and may have to be cancelled. The cyst grew and became hemorrhagic within 8 days of its first finding. So, im not sure what to do. Ive been told by 2 gynes it could rupture, or worse, twist on itself, in which case id need emergency surgery to undo the torsion and save my ovary.

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      I think if you'd rather play it safe, that's totally at your discretion. I wouldn't start panicking about torsions or rupturest. Like I said, I have a cyst the size of a soccer ball in my abdomen right now (3x the size of yours) and have not had any complications other than some discomfort.

      I think you'll likely need it surgically removed regardless but if you're in that much discomfort, you probably won't have a fun time on your trip.

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    Rami, 6x6 cm is not a large cyst, they can get waaaay larger.

    But of course a cyst to monitor if simple (no growth) or take out if complex.

    Simple cysts bigger than 6cm tend not to rupture anymore, hence need actually surgical removal. 

    I thought you had posted your question almost 2 weeks ago and it was the same size?

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      Hi there,

      Just an update as of August 18:

      It grew another 2cm and became hemorrhagic since the 1st ultrasound (within 8 days). I have had constant bloati g, am peeing every 20- 30 mins, constipated, and just overall uncomfortable.

      I saw a gynecologist who said it was perhaps safer if I did not go, as the cyst "appears to have undergone changes in a short period of time." I had a 2nd opinion just 2 days ago, and that gynecologist did not specify if I ahould go or not.

      Treatment plan consists of waitful qatching, to see if it resolves on its own within 2-3 menstrual cycles. If not, then laparoscopic surgery will be performed in NNovember. sad

      Anyone fly with a large cyst before?

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      Hi Ram, sorry to read that you're going through this.

      I've a good size cyst that will be operated on in 9 days. I didn't know I had it until 2 months ago!Though I had pain and spotting between very irregular periods.

      A few days before I got diagnosed I went on a Roller coaster!!I wouldn't recommend it once you know you have one.It luckily didn't cause me any pain.Ive also flown 4 times(since diagnosis),longest flight 4 hours and again was fine.But I assume with you back packing you're doing long haul flights? And if you're travelling around you won't be always near medical help and toilets to hand if you're having to pee often.

      If the Gyn suggest cancelling then you can get money back and plan a trip for when you're recovered.

      Trust your instincts.Would you he able to relax and enjoy your trip having the possible consequences of pain etc and the worry.

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      Hi Dobb, 

      It's been well over a month since my last update. 

      I did not travel on the suggestion of my Gynecologist. I would rather be safe than sorry. The points you made were valid: Emergency medical assistance would not be available to me at 36,000 ft in the air over the Atlantic ocean (if it were to rupture or twist) and backpacking between one town to the next would have been exhausting with this thing. Not to mention not having immediate access to a washroom every 15-20 minutes due to urinary frequency. 

      With the exception of 1 or 2 days, I've had very little to no discomfort. Sometimes, depending on how I move, I can feel pressure on the left side. I'm not sure if it has grown since August 8th, but my next ultrasound will reveal that next week. *FINGERS CROSSED*

      My concern now is if after 2 menstrual cycles (Sept/Oct) it has NOT shrunk, then I'll need a Laparoscopic Cystectomy (aka keyhole surgery as I've read some folks use). 

      That being said, I'M SCARED! I've never had any kind of surgery in my life and I don't know what to expect. I've been told it's a 45min procedure, roughly, and the recovery period is no more than 1 week. 

      How did your surgery go? Were there any post-op complications? How was the recovery? Did they cyst come back? 

      Any insight will help. 

      Thanks so much, 

      - Rami 


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      Hi Rami,

      Sorry to hear you had to cancel your trip but you have to put your health first.

      Also I'm glad to hear that you're not in pain at the moment.I found that pain comes and goes depending on ovulation.

      I am 5 weeks post laparascopic surgery today.I had to have the Tumour (cyst) removed along with the Ovary as it was badly damaged.I will add that I am 45 and long completed my family so although they said they could try and save my Ovary,I said Not to.I had a large Dermoid on my other Ovary in 2012 that was also completely removed at the time .I can never grow one again!

      The surgery itself took less than an hour.The hospital staff are so nice these days and I was treated well.You will expect to be in discomfort and pain for the first week.The hospital will give you good pain med's and I would recommend using them.

      I don't want to be scaring you and everyone's journey is different.I had no complications or infection and healed well.It took 2 weeks for most of the swelling and bruising to go down so comfortable clothing is a must.

      I'm assuming you are young so please don't think they will remove your Ovaries without discussing it first. Surgeons do everything they can to preserve fertility in younger patients.

      Feel free to ask me anything.I'm happy to help.

      Take Care


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