twisted my whole leg/ hip pops

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Both my legs bends outwads went its extended and a fat lump on the insides when in a sitting position. And indented when the leg is fully extended. Email me so I can send u pictures. I telly need help and both leg, /hip pops on both sides when doing leg raises

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    Leave a email so I can send u a video

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    Two indented lines on the thighs right above the kneesc
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    Can only cat nap and I'm worn out from not getting a proper nights sleep.

    Stretched my leg so much this morning that the pain was unbearable and I feel sure I've cracked the cement.

    Also went to the loo and there has been blood come out the back

    I had a terrible pain in my right side lower back yesterday which I think is from all the medication and maybe I've damaged my kidneys now - will this recovery ever end??


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      Oh dear - I remember thinking Id cracked the cement but hadnt - just shifted scar tissue - the NSAID have side effects so get checked and maybe try a herbal alternative - blood out back needs to be checked - could be nothing but could equally be something - get it investigated - we have this forum but it is no subsitute for medical advice and we have to take responsibility for looking after ourselves and getting help when needed. 
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      Hi Caroline 

      I think the blood is from  Iall the medication. I have only just stopped the morphine. Now I am on codeine and paracetemol.

      But its not enough especially at night.  I went to Mass this Easter Sunday and felt about 102! I felt so poorly as thought somebody had really booted me in the leg. Half of it is lack of proper sleep which i cant seem to get because of leg pain.

      I really didnt know it would be this painful.

      I was ok after the op but i seem to be going backwards. It was exactly six weeks yesterday.


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      Whilst codeine is an opiate, it, with paracetemal,is not strong enough to kee your pain at bay. Until you see your doctor, please stay on the morphine. Are you using a cane when you walk.  6 weeks is too soon to start walking as "normal as possible".  At this stage the bone is just about healing. Your tendons and muscles still have a long way to go. On top of that your nerves, which would have been cut, will be trying to reconnect, that could be the pain you are suffering.  If your stitches are bleeding, you could have a slight infection (have you kept it dry, not put any creams on etc).  After the operation you felt fine because of the medication, go back on it.  You still have quite a way to go, please dont be in a rush, this is one pocedure that take its time in healing and everyone heals differently
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      I thought I'd be back to normal in six weeks. The blood came from my back passage. I really think it's all the drugs destroying my kidneys - I haven't looked today. To be quite honest - I'm so worn out from not being able to sleep and now my feet are tingling- I can't stand it

      The district nurse came Friday and she told me to stop the morphine and take codeine and paracetmol.

      I'm a Catholic so Christ's suffering on the cross is helping me bear it and he didn't have any drugs!

      Thankyou for your interest anyway. I do have a cane which I use but I am also driving - it is an automatic - do you think that is slowing the healing process??xx

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      No - you are just expecting too much too soon ! You will not recover in 6 weeks - and even when you think you are going forwards there will be blips as we tend to overdo it once we start feeling a bit better. The healing process is different for all of us. The physio and building the muscles plus pain control is important. Keep icing regularly it really helps and even if it doesnt at least you are trying to do something about it. 
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      Thank you Caroline -

      The only other op I had was the removal of my appendix when I was about 17

      And I remember that was painful

      And my dear old dad making me straighten up!

      Now I'm 68

      And it didn't dawn on me that this was major surgery

      None of them referred to it in those terms

      Until you have it done

      My dad God rest his soul who died in September aged 90 kept telling me not to have it done and I did listen to him and tried all sorts of alternatives to avoid surgery such as having blood taken out of my arm and injected back into my knee, also acupuncture and of course the washout and injections. I went all the way to Chatham (two trains, buses and cabs) to see a Professor Shetty in the hope of stem cell but he advised me to see one of his pupils at Little Aston which I did on NHS but I got Mr Kundra who implied he knew Shetty so I thought that would be it but according to Kundra they don't do stem cell on NHS - so then he gave me the blood injections- didn't work so he said is have to have a new knee


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      Sweetie, you need to see your GP as soon as possible.  It may or may not have anything to do with your medication, but it is serious.  If it was the drugs, your liver would be affected as well.  There are blood tests that your surgery can do that see what is going on in your vitals and scans that allow the doctors to see what is happening. All non invasive, a 30 minute procedure.  For the meds to have affected you so much that your kidneys are bleeding, you would have to have been on them formany, many years and even then, you would  have to have been taking a huge amount.  What is happening to you is completely separate from your knee.

      The district nurse is there to change your dressings, she has no medical right to change your medication.  That is downright cruel and unethical.

      I am not going to get involved in any religious debate, but whilst your religion will help you cope with the pain, medication will go one better and deal with the pain.

      Use your cane, as much as you want, just remember to hold the cane on the opposite side to your healing leg.  Driving is ok, automatic is great but, from the sounds of things you may be struggling a bit.  Can you not give yourself a little more time.  If you have to drive, then drive only for essentials or emergencies, like getting yourself to A&E.

      Get back on your meds, get something prescribed to help you get through the night and do your exercises.  If you don't the scar tissue will build up and your ability to bend will become harder, you need to work on your muscles as well, this will aid you walking and pain factors.

      But please. Most importantly, please go to the hospital as soon as possible regarding your bleeding as it really may not have anything to do with your medication.  It is going to take a long time for everything to heal properly. On here you are not alone, but try and get someone to help you out

      I wish you well

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      There's been no further show of blood so hopefully it was piles. I will see the doctor tomorrow when they open after the Bank Holiday.

      I am taking on board your advise such as not doing too much.

      It's so boring because I love being out shopping etc.

      Also doing up my apartment. It's all gone to pot.


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      That sounds like good news, but it won't hurt the check it out. Any loss of blood from your body is very unsettling and scary.  There is a lot of things you can do whilst sitting. The shops will always be there, and as for your apartment; it is your place, if it's a mess, it's your mess, if it's gone to pot, why worry?  If your friends and family are so upset, get them to lend a hand.

      what I'm trying to say, it really does not matter.  Your health is most important and top of the list of priorities.  Comfort and patience are your two best friends.  If you are in the middle of decorating, take your time.  I find cling film is great for paint brushes; paint, wrap brushes in cling film (Saran wrap) then rest.

      I may come across as being flippant, but have been there.  I feel like my house is like the Forth Bridge, always being painted.  One room at time, you'll get there.  Your health and well being is most important.

      Make your appointment, even if you are blood free.  It's called peace of mind.  The motto of the school my children went to is "Be strong in understanding". Whilst is sounds trite, it does make sense x

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