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Hi everyone, just thought i would drop a line and ask how you are all doing????? I am doing ok i think,, i have my ups and downs but doesnt everyone.. :D

I have just finished my fourth week on orlistat, startin a new box today..

Hope everyone is well..

Would be nice to know how you are all doing... :P

Take care.... lola...

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    Hi Lola

    I am starting my eighth week today and doing ok, i cant exercise as much as i want to but am hoping to change that soon but so far have lost 1 stone two and a half pounds which is ok but i was hoping to be at the one and a half stone mark by now so am abit dissapointed. I am getting on well with the blues and suffer no side effects so am doing pretty well regarding that but i do at times find it frustrating and recently been tempted to binge but havent.

    Well done on your progress so far, keep it up xx


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    I'm hoping to go back to the gym tomorrow night, ezcema has cleared (fingers crossed) from my hands so I'm able to get back into my exercise routine, walking was only doing so much for me.

    I'm a little worried about the effect orlistat is having on me as my period is late. It's pretty irregular at the best of times but this would be my 1st period since I started taking the orlistat and it's nowhere to be seen. I'm not pregnant by the way.

    Everything else seems to be going ok, I have bad days if I forget or misjudge my fat content but I now know which foods I can eat and which ones I can't.

    I go back to my nurse on Monday for my checkup to see how the tablets are going and to check my blood pressure so I'm hoping I've lost enough to keep her happy and to give me some motivation to do better.

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    Well, having had a couple of months with no loss at all the tabs seem to be working again (with a vengeance). I have lost another 3 kg which takes me to 12.5 kg so far (27 lbs in old money) so i am well chuffed. Can't keep me jeans up though.

    Mind you, one warning, the blueys don't like danish pastries!!!!!!!

    Lelly xx

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    I have just started my 6th week on the blueys, am starting to get really bored of eating the same things so often but its a small sacrifice! Am starting to notice some lost inches now and clothes are a little less snug than before smile I've now lost 1st 1lb
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    Hi all, keep going everyone all the blood sweat and tears are worth every pound, Ive lost 4 stone now and have been stuck for the last three weeks, but Im looking at it as now my body is trying to shift the real hardcore adipose that has been hanging around for years and its proving stubborn as it likes to be where it shouldnt, Ive dropped aroung 3 to 4 dress sizes and people are really noticing, even though one of my dear friends asked if I was ill? lol I did inform I was losing weight by choice, which is what its all about, we need to be in the right fram eof mind and want to do it for ourselves no one else and we can succeed, so keep going everyone and good luck to you all

    Minniemouse x x :D

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    Hi All

    Had a real revelation today! I work in a school as a Business Manager and this week we were updating group photos in the main corridor and the Caretaker came to see me with last year’s Year 11 group photo. As Senior Leadership, I am part of the picture and the one being taken down was taken last October. The Caretaker was laughing and pointing at me in the picture and asked did I know who the bloke in the front was as he didn’t recognise him. He was pulling my leg and I was shocked at what I saw – me six and half stone heavier. The difference was shocking and I couldn’t believe what I saw. It’s inspired me to carry on. I hope others have these eureka moments as they really help keep you going.

    Good luck everyone. I love this website, it’s so supportive. Thank you


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    Hi all,

    I have now lost three stone in three months! Went to M and S sale at the weekend and got size 16 clothes!

    Have really plateaued at three stone but will hang in there and keep going. Hopefully burned something at aerobics tonight.

    Keep losing all!


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    Well done each one of you....you have been so successful...my weight loss is much slower but still pleasing nonetheless.

    Keep going!

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    Hi everyone, thanks for all your replys.... Its really nice to hear from everyone and how you are all getting on,,, you are all doing great... Keep the updates coming...

    I have lost 13lb in 4 weeks, just that one more pound to shift and i will have hit the first stone mark... :D I think i have come to a stand sill the last week or so, but will keep going... We can do this :lol:

    Take care everyone ... and keep up the good work... :P lola..

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    hi everyone, just thought i would let you know how i have got on using Orlistat.

    i am a 47 year old bloke, fond of a few beers and the odd madras!

    i went to the docs out of sheer desperation to try and help me lose some weight.

    a few months previous i had joined slimming world, and was shocked to see i tippped the scales at over 22 stone. for the first five weeks the weight fell off, i won slimmer of the week on 3 consecutive occasions, but then wham, it stopped, and nothing i could do would start it shifting again.

    Down and despondent i gave up, and the weight piled back on.

    after reading in the newspapers about the availabilty of orlistat, i booked an appointment with my GP. she prescribed the treatment and i was off and running with one months supply

    lots of fruit and fresh veg, if i ate no fat, then i would not take a tablet, one month lasted well over two.

    there were some uncomfortable moments in the first couple of weeks, and i made sure that i was never too far from the loo. one thing it does help you stick too, is keep to low fat meals, because if you dont, boy do you pay for it the next day, i found chinese takeaways the worst!

    the other major change in life, was to cut drasically down on my alcohol intake. not a drop passes my lips in the week, but on the weekend, i do allow myself to partake (all work and no play etc, etc).

    how have i done.....well nearly four months have passed, and i have shed about 4 1/2 stone. my clothes no longer fit, and i feel a million dollars.

    Believe me, if i can do it, anyone can!

    you just have to get your mindset right first.

    good luck and feel free to get in touch, my name is my email.

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    [color=indigo:36efaf3e58]Hey I just started taking Xenical Orlistat this week, was pescribed by my old GP but thought it best to wait till after I moved house across two counties!!!

    Things seem to be going ok but I am also determined not to weigh myself daily (although tempting). :wink:

    All of your stories are so positive and make me determined that this will work for me too, I am fed up of always being the biggest one of my friends, at 6ft1 I will still always be the biggest in one way but hopefully not the other for much longer. smile

    Does anyone else take steroids as well? Just wondered if there is any extra advice or knowledge out there.

    Well not sure how things are going to go but am determined that by the time I am 30 I will not have a BMI to match!!

    Take care


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    On my third Box of Orlistat. No weight loss but inch loss as my jeans feel bigger (and that is after they have come out of the washing machine). My wrist is smaller as I can put my watch on a different hole.

    It would be nice to control the places I would like to see the weight come off - exactly.

    No orange oil just pale coloured stools. I'll hang in there.

    Don't you have to give up after 6 months anyway?

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    Hi everyone

    I have been on Orlistat for almost one year now. My start weight was 18st 1 lb - 5ft 5ins. I am proud to say that I have lost 3st 9lbs (24 kg) and my bust, waist and hips are disappearing too ! I've gone down from a 26 to an 18. It was a bit scary to begin with, but I found keeping a record of EVERYTHING that I ate/drank daily was a huge help. I also kept a log on my computer (bit geeky I know) but once I saw a graph of my progress it spurred me on !!

    All I can say is, it is well worth the effort - I used to get breathless walking and the weight made my back problem even worse - I'm 58 this month but feel like I've been given another chance at life.

    My husband and I bought a Wii the other week - what a laugh - but if you combine exercise with the tablets and change of food - who knows what you can achieve !!! I'm very grateful to my lovely doctor who suggested it for me last year and am looking forward to my son's wedding next month - I WON'T be hiding from the cameraman like I usually do !

    Keep it up everyone - sorry to go on - but this will probably be my last posting for a while.

    Galaxy (the one in the solar system not the choccie bar !)

    :D :D :D :D :D

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    Well done Galaxy.....that's a great year's work.
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    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Hey all,

    Your stories about how well you are all doing are fantastic.

    I only started taking my little blue gems on Monday night and promised myself that I wouldn't weigh myself for atleast a week but just couldn't help myself today (Saturday). So glad I did though as the scales say I have lost 5lbs, I know this may fluctuate a bit but was actually so chuffed and with noone else home to share it with thought I would tell everyone!!!!!

    Still seems like I have one heck of a slog but atleast it is actually seeming achievable now, Yippeeeeeeeeee!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

    And haven't even had to give up the pinot!

    Positive thoughts to you all


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