UPDATE: Vestibular Neuritis/Labyrinthitis Question

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Pls see my prior entry for a full overview from 20+ days ago.


Also I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who reached out in my prior post with special nod to @eleftherio33095 for the private messaging follow ups here @ patient.info

So, I am now about 35 days in to Vestibular Neuritis. I've seen my ENT twice within the period, he doesn't see any fluid behind my ear(s) and from my first visit November 30th to December 19th, including a ER doctor a few days in followed by a GP I am about 55-60% better.

No caloric reflex test, or MRI as the ENT thinks it is uneeded. I did take two hearing tests, no change in the 20 day span of ENT appointments. No hearing loss sans a slight dip where most musicians lose hearing + I have always had low-level *minor* tinnitus.

No vertigo ever, or hard-core diziness. Just a slight unsteady feeling and eye tracking issues between the screen and keyboard as a I type this + eye floaters on a white screen or in bright daylight recently.

My memory is somewhat better, I could always drive, handle moderate physical activity. However I get tired faster, started getting headaches (left upper side of brain) recently, low lighting is hard to navigate, focusing my eyes and brain takes extra effort at times. Feels like my eyes went from 1080p HD to 720p with a minor 'staggering' frame rate as my eyes scan a room - also I have become sensitive to sharp/loud noises at times, other times it's no bother at all.

I've managed to get out projects, meet with clients and even interview for jobs - however each of those actvities took a lot more effort then I usually apply to anything - basically prior to this it took 75% of my effort to *appear* to be 100% - now it takes 100% of my effort to function at 75% - make any sense?

Depth perception, crowds and fluorescent lighting (or rapid flashing lights) have gotten better- however I have been taking 2mg of Valium daily with a few days peaking @ 6mg early on - I even had a few days off.

I always start by breaking a 2mg in two, test how I'm reacting then proceed with the other half within an hour. Admittedly, I have had a about 12-14 beers in this 35 day time span, with meals and spaced out from my Valium intake to try and feel normal/relax. Prior to this issue I drank fairly heavily, 3-4 evenings a week, usually hard liquor and beer.  I'd say my drinking has reduced by about 95%.

Which gets to the core of this update, am I stablizing or is there just a steady amount of Valium (diazepam) in my system? Granted, I only take when needed and have kept a journal of my ingestion amounts/time. I just don't want it to impede my recovery, or create a dependancy as I am under a month of useage.

Also - how much longer? Ugh. The anxiety and headfog is a killer. I feel like there is a restraint clasped to my head, losing my feeling day/time/spacial awarness is the most worrisome - never needed a watch or to glance at my smartphone prior to this - I had a *feel* for everyting - now I'm muted.

Thanks all - and have a great holiday!

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    Sry everyone - my hyperlink messed up and made the whole post a giant link. Maybe a mod can fix?


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    I take the 2mg diazepam as well. can't drink and I get randomly tested to make sure I don't. State law. Alcohol and valium don't mix well. Lol. Alcohol can cause dizziness as it dehydrates you.

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      Wow! which state? I'm in Georgia.

      How are you fairing lately? Any better? 

      35 days in - imy spirits are up, but I have this foggy/vise-grip hangover and low stamina. Good news is the tinnitus has leveled off and is more situational, like low blood sugar or after a long day.

      I keep a 2mg in my pocket, but I just hate taking anything for this as I don't want to hinder compensation - also, I'm wondering- has the viral portion passed and I am dealing with damage - or am I still fighting this off?

      I tried the VRT 'Home Vestibular Exercises' from the 'House Ear Institute'

      on YouTube with the nice Asian doctor- a few hours later I was woozy.

      However everything was easy for me sans the parts with my eyes closed- I can't for the life of me maintain balance on one leg with my eyes shut.



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      Upstate New York. Mandatory drug and alcohol testing for any controlled substance script. Can't take the valium when doing VRT. It's a vestibular suppressant. They fight each other. Should feel wierd after doing the exercises. They are supposed to make you a little dizzy as they retrain your brain to deal with it. If your getting real dizzy your doing to much. Back it down a bit. I have a loss of vestibular response in my left ear. Have to go up north to see a neurotologist end of January.

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      I had no idea NY was so strict. 

      So should I obstain from/slowly reduce the Valium after 30+days of mild useage?

      I just tried the Romberg Test -and a few other balance tests- the 'stand on one leg and hold the opposite foot up 6" eyes closed' is the only one I can't do without becoming unsteady after 12-15 seconds.

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      Doing the VRT while on valium won't work. Even the testing they give you , the VNG/ENG tests they instruct no valium/diazepam , meclazine, Dramamine, anything that supresses vestibular system 3 days before the tests. Plus cause it's such a low dose, it won't take long to build a tolerance. I was told the low dose works. High dose won't. So they wouldn't increase my dosage. They pasted that law a couple years ago to combat drug abuse and the sale of controlled substances. They say the testing stops ppl from taking drugs not prescribed to them. Illegal drug use. and tests to make sure your taking the meds, not selling them. If you fail the drug test you get kicked out of the docs office. Get put on a list so other doc's won't take you. They notify insurance company so you lose coverage. Plus have to pay the full shot for the test. It's $1300.00.

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    so- am I stablizing or is there just a steady amount of Valium (diazepam) in my system? Granted, I only take when needed and have kept a journal of my ingestion amounts/time.

    I just don't want it to impede my recovery, or create a dependancy as I am under a month of useage. It's weird, I'm not 100% on Valium, but I stop worrying so much about the symptoms- that's what scares me.

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