Urethra Pain while urinating [NO STD : MRI & CT SCAN NORMAL] Lasting over 2 months

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Hi there,

I am a 24 year old, rather healthy male , experiencing extreme pain while urinating. More specifically, Its painful to start the flow of urination, after I get started , pain persists during urination, but is most painful upon initiating. I can still gets erections & ejaculate with minimal pain, but Urinary pain is amplified after sexual activity.

In late February I was tested for all STD's (HIV, gonnoreah, clamydia, trich ect) , I also gave multiple urine samples to my doctor which came up as normal. All blood work and urine samples showed normal. with urgent care and urologists.

In March I started a 4-5 week course of doxycycline & also adding Bactrim in later weeks, with ZERO signs of getting better.

		Also in March (I had a flare up) I went to a urologist who perscribed me "Uribel" which amplified my pain to an instant 10/10 , in which i almost went to the emergency room. i feared I wouldnt be able to use the restrrom anymore. The pain was devastating & I still have pain in my bladder from that medication
 I also had a CT scan (w contrast) & an MRI (with & without contrast) All showing normal , with nothing wrong.
 At this point Im frusterated & begining to lose hope. My doctor would like me to visit a urologist & nurogologist for possible "Nerve response or damage" issues.  My dr. also recomended a cycstoscopy (which im terrified of doing, since my urthra is in constant pain)


-My testicles have begun to feel pain the past 2-3 weeks, hanging lower than normal

  • All symptoms seem to feel worse at night, 3- 5 hours before bed, it worsens
  • Lasted roughly 9-10 weeks so far,


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    Did you had any incident you could remember preceding this?

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      The only things that come to mind are:

      • I had a pretty rough snowboard accident , hurting my tailbone around 30 days prior

        (it was a pretty good spine tingler) I went and got adjusted at the chiropractor immediatley)

      • During sexual activity prior to this extreme pain, I noticed almost a very dull (no-painful) popping sensation when ejaculating, near the head /mid shaft ... now thats the primary problem area that hurts during urination. (more pain towards the end of the day) This leads me to believe its possible stricture or obstruction

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      1. Looks like a nerve problem you got there.

      2. So far you did not mention any urinating obstruction. Just pain. I don't believe it is a stricture.

      3. I believe there is an inflammation in there somewhere around either in your urethra, prostate, or something around it that is connected to the nerves in the urethra.

      4. You said the incident or pain started 2 months ago. Soft tissue such as the urethra, prostate, non-muscle tissues recover in 1 to 2 years.

      5. You mentioned on your comments that you are thinking of cystoscopy. I have read stories where people think their stricture worsened after cystoscopy.

      You may need to consider thinking about it first.

      [I am not a doctor. Just sharing something what I know]

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      In my case., I didn't have it scooped. The scoop is quite considerably large for the urethra that it itself could cause scarring (or more scarring).

      I do still have some pain urinating but way much better than 2 years ago prior to an incident. When anxiety subsides, urinating improves. Flow varies because I know my urethra is still inflamed.

      I don't believe I have strictures nor thinking I would develop one. But if it does, I take other options first before I let any invasive procedures to take place. But if all options get exhausted and conditions get worse, that's when I'll do surgeries.

      Like some doctors says, save surgery for last until all possible options lost. I have seen some stories where their strictures improved without medical treatment. I have seen some reports where it just disappears on its own. At least that gives hope for me.

      You're still 2 months in that condition. Muscle damage takes 12 weeks to heal. Soft tissues takes 12-24 months to heal. Maybe give it some time... and I am glad you are not urinating blood.

      [I am not a doctor. I am just sharing you what I know]

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    Symptoms sound similar to my past situation. How is your flow once you get started? Are you able to empty your bladder completely? Frequent urination during the night?

    I had a bicycle accident when I was young and it damaged my

    urethra in the “tween” area. Over the years that area in my urethra grew closed from scar tissue or build up. I had a europlasty surgery and all is well. Such a pleasure to be “normal” again.

    Start, flow, and totally empty bladder! No pain.

    I might add that orgasms are so much better as well.

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      At the end of my day: The flow is very painful to start (8/10) on pain, but manageable once the flow is going (about a 5/10 on pain). I am able to empty my bladder compeltely , I do have to be conscious though, and give an extra push to get everything out of my bladder.

      I dont have frequent urination , but I will say I do wake up about 1-2 hours earlier than my alarm to urinate in the mornings.

      Man I hope I can find similar results as you , for better quality of life !

      Sidenote (urine is clean / no blood or cloudy) and physcally ,my gential area is normal.

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    you had it scoped? sounds like stricture to me.

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    I was like 12 when that happened. I don’t recall blood but could have. I know that I was damn sore for a while. That was 50 years ago.

    If you have had any sort of similar incident, my guess is that you have a structure (blockage) in your urethra. They attempted to scope me but just the thought of inserting it into my penis was more than I could stand, and they didn’t get far. Had to put me under. They found the structure between my prostate and my bladder. Surgery removes the stricture and they sew the two ends of the urethra back together. Sounds fun? Nope? Worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!

    Pee full stream and make bubbles again? Yes! Cum like a teenager again? Yes!

    Sleep all night? Yes!

    No pain? Yes!

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      hmmm, I definatley think that they will have to put me under . I have the same feelings as you hahaha.

      But I also think that a cystoscopy is my next step , to rule out anything

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      At your age especially I think you should have it taken care of. You are missing out on a lot I'm guessing. Not sure why exactly that a stricture up in your urethra would make it so that you couldn't possibly insert something in your penis but they only got it in like an inch and I was cussing them out.

      After the surgery I could run a catheter up to my bladder, blast a stream, and back out in seconds. I still do occasionally to keep the stricture site from closing any. Doesn’t bother me in the last now

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    Hey guys current update.

    After my general doctors were stumped with my situation, I was left with 2 ideas from them .

    1.) Go get a cystoscopy (via Urologist)

    2.)start seeing a neurologist (for possible nerve issues)

    Yesterday the neurologist took an MRI of my spine, and everything showed normal.

    Today I got a cystoscopy, urologist said everything looked normal inside.

    Im left at a frustrating brick wall..... I feel this may be a nerve issue

    After the cystoscopy I'm now in the most pain of my entire journey with this urethral pain..

    Again all tests have showed normal (CT SCANS, MRI, BLOOD, URINE)

    Side notes:

    I saw a holistic healer who gave me a "Metatron NLS Scan" and she cam to the conclusion that I have heavy metals in my blood and system (LEAD, IRON, ECT) which is breaking down my body in many ways.... Her scan also detected that I have urethritis & bronchitis(im a cannabis user). showing me that she's is pretty accurate. Im now making massive lifestyle diet changes, except im still in massive pain.

    The urologist wants me to do pelvic stretches...I'm going to give it a shot lol .. they basically offended me after the cystoscopy, planning my next appointment in 3 months.... What a joke, after all the pain and unkown variables in my case, they just brush me off 3 months away, instead of helping me ASAP.

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