Urge to breathe deep and shortness of breath. Please help.

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My name is PARTHO DEY.

I am 23 years old.

I am a football player. Till june 7, I was totally fit and fine , and I still remember that I played football on that day with no issues. I use to play football  3-4 hours continuously and even did gymnasium but never had any breathing problems. But in the childhood  I suffered from poor digestion associated with chronic diarrhoea which took 10 years to cure with homeopathic medicines. I also had nasal polyp surgery done in 2012 when I was in 10th grade.

Suddenly some breathing problem started from 8 June ,2015 morning 7.00 am.

The problem started with swollen turbinate  and adenoids and deviated septum and at the same time changes in my breathing pattern.  There's a constant urge to deep breath with a satisfactory sensation.

Sometimes when that urge comes and I  breath deeply , i dont feel satisfied  and again i have to breath  deep until I reach that sensation. Sometimes I have to wait for the yawn to get full deep breath. This is going on the whole day after every 4-5 mins.

On july 6, 2016  i had a surgery for swollen turbinates, deviated septum and adenoids. But still the problem is there.

This problem is there everytime whether i am engaged into something or when i am ideally sitting or watching videos or even while playing computer games.

I am also having shortness of breath while talking, walking , climbing up the stairs or whether i am sitting ideal at a place. I cannot move out of house due to breathlessness. Have problem while eating food. As soon as i start swallowing, there is shortness of breath. Sometimes i cannot sleep due to this thing. I stay awake till late night and try to normalise. Also there is tinnitus in right ear. Have difficulty sleeping at night due to continuous noise in silence.

I am also having digestive issue like gas and bleching even after having home normal meals. My digestion is very poor.

This all problems has made my life difficult, i cannot attend college for lectures, i had missed my exams, i cannot spend time with friends, cannot start up with a job ,etc.

I have consulted many doctors including MD, pulmonologist,  gastroenterologist,  homeopathic physicians , psychiatrist etc and have done all my blood test, CT chest, PFT, Sonography, but all came normal. I took Psychiatrist medicines too but none helped. They just made me sleep and then i had side effects.

Doctors tell me that it is due to my anxiety. They tell that i think too much , i have something going in my mind, but the question is why would i do that? To be very honest,  there's  nothing wrong, i dont have any  fear or anxiety. I have completed my graduation with the same breathing condition. I didnt had any stress neither got panic during my exams too. I am regularly doing deep breathing exercises according to my comfort.

If anybody’s suffering from this similar type of  issues and have got cured by consulting some doctor or taking some medicines, then please give me the details. Please help!

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    I have the same issue and still havnt found a reason either
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    In the absence of any medical reason why this is happening, I think you might be hyperventilating.

    It's horrible and it's a life spoiler. I also suffered with it and it made me throroughly miserable.

    And it's a vicious circle too, because the more you try and get that deep satisfying breath you crave, the worse it seems to get.

    In a nutshell, you have too much oxygen in your lungs, and not enough CO2. You have to learn to breath properly again in order to re-adjust the balance ..so try Buteko breathing, there's loads of Youtube videos showing you how to do it.

    The problem is easily managed once you know how.

    Incidentally, there's a huge thread on this issue here


    With almost 650 comments, it's clear that you're not on your own.

    Most importantly, try not to get anxious about it .. that just makes things worse

    Good luck!



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      Actually the shortness of breath problem has so much increased, that i rarely get some relief. During the attack i only get some relief with steam inhalation and by having warm water. I have tried butyeko breathing but couldn't do it properly. Right now, there is an accupressure doctor who is treating me. Today is the 2nd day. I have decided to continue it for a month or 2 if required. Hope this helps.

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    I too have similar issue and all my blood tests , scans came normal. This breathlessness lasts for 2 days sometimes and I can't talk more than a word without taking deep breath. This has become very frequent now. Please help.

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      Have you found anything? My breathing issues have now started to affect my sleep as I feel short of breath if I lie down. Also, when I vend down to pick up something.

      Also I have developed some apnea due to this

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    I remember my breathing issues started a week after playing football. That was after a long time that I played.
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    any relief n could you update us

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      breathing doesnt feel satisfactory! i try deep breathing but it wont cause that goood end point feeling everytime! only yawns help to get that good feeling! sometimes it makes me to panic coz i feel m not getting enough air! all of my medical tests are normal

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    why not you try prednisone. it works for me. ask your doctor. may be you have silent asthama.

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    if you're going through this and cant find an answer, try this! I experienced this for about two yrs straight. Started out of nowhere, felt like I couldn't take a satisfying deep breath, so I just kept taking deep breaths until it felt satisfying then it would just continue- it was the worst health problem I had ever experienced, so uncomfortable and annoying! I even went to the er once- they found nothing and said it was "probably anxiety." Yeah right, I'm the least stressed out person I know... Then I went to my primary doc & she ran labs and nothing. She sent me to a bunch of specialists: GI- everything normal including swallow test & endoscopy, cardiologist- all tests perfect, pulmonologist- ordered every test he knows and.... all normal. Not only was this issue annoying but now I was annoyed that no one could find out what was wrong with me. This thing was affecting my life everyday, I thought about my breaths all day everyday with the urge to take a deep breath every 5 seconds at times. I couldnt even yawn normally. 2 miserable yrs later, I took myself to the chiropractor & went for a few months- he cracked my spine & neck and used a muscle therapy machine on my back. Shortly after that treatment, I finally saw improvements, but the breathing issue would still come back sometimes. THEN, I started massaging my back muscles with tennis balls (something I learned at a fitness class). Once I started massaging my iliocostalis muscles, I found pain I never knew I had! Now my breathing is back to normal & every time it tries to come back, I release the muscle knots and it goes away! I guess the chiropractic treatment helped relax the muscles a little but i needed to target the muscles directly more.

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