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lynn41704 lynn41704

Vagifem and vaginal tingling

I was diagnosed with a significant degrees of vaginal atrophy when I went to see gynaecologist in February last year complaining of vulval soreness, dryness and continual need to pass urine. I was prescribed Vagifem for three months and then all was well.  In August last year my symptoms returned, I had another course of Vagifem and was prescribed Betovate RD cream to use at night for one month to help the soreness and then all was well again. However for the last two weeks I have had a really sore vulva and burning vulva,  I have started the Vagifem again 5 days ago but I am really worried it is doing something awful to my insides as I have a tingling sensation inside my vaginal and my vulva is really sore and burning despite using the Betnovate cream. Has anyone else had tingling after using Vagifem, it is really worrying and driving me mad.  Thanks for you help.


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  • wendy62425 wendy62425 lynn41704

    Hi Lynn

    i too have Atrophic Vaginitis.  I have been on Vagifem for a couple of years now and has been a blessing as my symptoms were like yours.  I think your problem is that once you go off the Vagifem your discomfort starts again.  Whenever I am late in taking my Vagifem I start to feel the discomfort GYN doctors said that I will have to stay with using the Vagifem for life.  I am 66 now.  I use the Vagifem 2x per week.  I don't know if you may have to continue on the Vagifem as well or maybe you can try more natural way to help the vagina area.  Sometimes on rare occasions I may use Estrace cream on the outside.  Are you menapausal? Vagifem has given me quality of life.  Please keep us posted.  We are all here for each other.


    • lynn41704 lynn41704 wendy62425

      Hi Wendy

      Many thanks for your reply.  I forgot to say I am 64 and menopausal. I didn't realise you could stay on Vagifem for long periods.  Have you experienced any tingling or other worrying symptoms?

  • angie45980 angie45980 lynn41704

    Hi Lynn I was diagnosed with VA a couple of weeks ago I had such pain and discomfort I really thought life as I new it was over . I did yoga zumba weights but suddenly could do none of it. My Dr has put me on astriol cream 11 days ago and I feel so much better but I still get shooting pains down my Virginia on and off but it's very early days and so far very pleased with results. I think the cream is also for life I don't think coming off it all the time is doing you any good . I hope you get it sorted us poor women get it all don't we. After I had got through the menopause I thought that was it worst is over now enjoy life with my lovely hubby and for a few years great then almost overnight I got this . I had me at heard of it but this site has really helped and the ladies are lovely. Good luck

    • lynn41704 lynn41704 angie45980

      Many thanks for your reply Angie. Like you I was looking forward to life after the menopause and was fine for several years before I got VA and then things went downhill.  I really hope the cream is helpful. Take care.

    • angie45980 angie45980 lynn41704

      Hi Lynn it isn't nice I am 65 the kids left home and all was great till last oct got one uti after the other my Dr is very good and have started to feel a little better or dry or flappy excuse that please it's the only way to describe it. I just wish the stabbing would stop now . I am impatient

    • angie45980 angie45980 lynn41704

      I have to say my do for has been really good and understanding but all in all I think it is a very scary thing to have. I have seen people saying the more sex you have either with partner or yourself the better as it makes the blood flow which is fine as long as your not crying with pain it tends to put my lovely hubby off.

    • arlee arlee lynn41704

      My urogyno is younger than my daughters.  She may have some knowledge of the burning and pain from atrophy, but feeling it? - I highly doubt it.  My former gyno who retired understood exactly 

  • wendy62425 wendy62425 lynn41704

    Yes Lynn...I agree with Angie.  I think going off and on is not good.  Your Vaginal area is needing some estrogen and gets it from the Vagifem so when you go off it the vaginal walls starve and will dry causing discomfort.  May we ask how old are you? Years ago my doctor told me I had Atrophic Vaginitis and prescribed Vagifem......since I had no discomfort I did not use the Vagifem until I started to get UTI's then sometimes it felt like UTI but wasn't....turned out it was beginning discomfort fro


  • wendy62425 wendy62425 lynn41704

    Sorry.....i could not finish.  I then realized The discomfort was due to AV.....needless to say I have been with Vagifem ever since then.  I don't like to use meds but the is has given me quality of life back!!

    • lynn41704 lynn41704 wendy62425

      Thanks for your reply Wendy. I also had recurrent symptoms of UTI's, sometimes there was an infection and sometimes non visible blood in my urine. I had a cystoscopy last year to rule out a bladder problem and was put on a low dose antibiotic to take long-term and since then my urine tests have been crystal clear. Long term antiobiotics and probably long term Vagifem - this getting old (64) is very trying and no fun! Take care.

    • wendy62425 wendy62425 lynn41704

      Hi Lynn

      after the bladder test did the doctors find any issues? Did they say why you have to take antibiotics long term??  After I was on Vagifem for couple of months the UTIs stopped.  I don't know if that will be the same for you but thought I would mention that.  Drink lots of water and empty your bladder more often.  Concerning poor husband as we have not had intercourse in a very long time.  Due to the pain and discomfort that has been missing from our intimacy........and yes, I


    • wendy62425 wendy62425 lynn41704

      Hi Lynn........sorry I did not finish as my computer keeps freezing up so I can't finish so I just had to send.  My doctor did mention that intercourse may be good to build up tissue in vagina.....however I'm afraid as the pain was awful. ....I may try again in the future.  I am greatful for an understanding patient husband

  • arlee arlee lynn41704

    I’ve been suffering from vaginal atrophy for 7 years off and on. I’ve had months and months of nothing - and then this past June it started again - really bad. 

    I was using vagufem  then tried 2 different compound hormone creams. Nothing helped. I now use estrogyn which is estrone 3x week. Doesn’t help 

    My Gyno said I have LS because of architecture changes and I used clobetasol for 6 weeks. Didn’t help either. I tested positive for yeast last week now dr says she’s not convinced it’s LS. So now I know why my head is spinning. I can’t get a proper answer 

    I’m going back Thursday to see her one last chance 

    I dudnt get tingling from vagifem. But I noticed sometimes the tablet fell out. Don’t ask me how!  

    • wendy62425 wendy62425 arlee


      Did you give Vagifem a chance....enough time?  It took me weeks for the Vagifem to really work......then I have been able to have quality of life.  Some ladies don't give it enough time for it to start working and stop too soon.


    • wendy62425 wendy62425

      As mentioned....most of us have to stay on Vagifem for life....we cannot go off it or discomfort will start all over again.  We cannot stop and start back and forth.

      sure wish we did not have to go through AV!!

    • lynn41704 lynn41704 wendy62425

      On long-term antiobiotics to prevent recurrent UTI's also on Mirabegron for overactive bladder,  Gynaecologist knows I am taking these but still prescribed Vagifem although he did say only for three months. Going to see GP on Wednesday to discuss long term Vagifem. Take care and keep in touch.

    • arlee arlee wendy62425

      Wendy. I was using vagifem religiously  but there were days that I noticed the tablet had fallen out!  I thought I inserted it high enough but obviously I didn’t. Now I’m using a cream that I insert. Not helping   I’ve tried so many creams including compounded ones 

    • angie45980 angie45980 arlee

      Hi I have been using astriol for 13 days now things seem yo be getting a little better the cramps have stopped the stabbing pains are only now and then and not so cringing powerful still have a it of urge incontinence. But on the whole I feel hopeful I have heard a lot of ladies say that vagifem helps much more for the urge and the cream for the outside. But I will wait and see how it goes. I hope you all start to feel on top of it soon

    • wendy62425 wendy62425 arlee

      Hi Arlee

      are you inserting the Vagifem tablets at night before you go to bed?  That is when I do....yes make sure you get it up there so it won't fall out...just be gentle going in.  Estrace cream works best for me.  I started with Estrace cream first for 14 days then stopped and started the Vagifem.  Only need to use the Estrace cream if I feel some discomfort down there but that is rare now.

    • wendy62425 wendy62425 arlee

      Arlee......hi again I just sent a blog to you but needed to share that the only time I need to use Estrace cream now is on the outside if I feel any discomfort but the Vagifem works so well for me.  

      I wish you the best!

    • wendy62425 wendy62425 angie45980

      Yes Angie

      vagifem works the best for me too inside for the discomfort with Atrophic Vaginitis.  After I used Estrace cream internally for the 14 days I still had some discomfort then my GYN had me start the Vagifem and stop the Estrace.  I would say it took a few weeks of the Vagifem to really feel normal again and to get quality of life back.  No more discomfort and no more feeling like I was getting UTI.  Some ladies require 3x weekly or more


    • angie45980 angie45980 wendy62425

      Thanks Wendy I am seeing the Dr next week I will get him to prescribe the vagifem too . Looking forward to feeling normal again . The astriol has helped a lot but I think the vagifem will really sort it .

    • lynn41704 lynn41704 wendy62425

      Sorry to trouble you Wendy.

      I had a course of Vagifem in September - 1 each night for two weeks which helped and no side effects. The symptoms have now returned and my doctor has prescribed Vagifem again, 1 each night for two weeks and then twice a week, she was very vague on how long it can carry on with Vagifem.

      I told the doctor that I am getting some tummy pain and vaginal tingling but she didn't seem bothered - she said all medication has side effects.  Have you had any side effects WENDY and what did your check-up entail as I have not been asked to gave a check-up.

      Sorry for all the questions.

      Take care of yourself.

    • wendy62425 wendy62425 lynn41704

      Hi Lynn

      i have had no side effects on Vagifem.  I do know from experience that if I stop with Vagifem I will feel the discomfort again....that is when I realized that the doctor was right that I will have to be on it for life.  Each doctor treats AV differently.  All I know for me is that the 14 days of Estrace cream then stopping it and then starting the Vagifem 2x weekly has given me quality of life.  I have a dear friend in the U.K. That  needs to take Vagifem 5x week......we are all different, but I would start at 2x week to see how you may take a couple to few weeks for you to feel normal again.  All I know is that for me the Vagifem has been a blessing...otherwise I would feel like I had a UTI each day as I felt before I started Vagifem. I think using the Estrace cream internally  for the 14 days before the Vagifem was a help.

      i hope this helps...we are all here for each other.  I am 66.

      Have a nice day Lynn!


    • lynn41704 lynn41704 wendy62425

      Think you are probably right WENDY - Vagifem for life but I do stress about serious the side effects it can have.

      Sounds like you have got a good doctor as mine has not mentioned having any check-ups which also concerns me.

      I am 64 and live in England.

      Thanks for your advice and take care.


    • wendy62425 wendy62425 lynn41704

      Hi Lynn

      My appointment was just a yearly checkup..once a year.  If I have issues then I can make another appointment.  Yes, he is a very good doctor here in the states I feel very fortunate.  Unfortunately us ladies do not have any other options for AV.  There is Mona Lisa Treatments but too new and mixed reviews..also it is not covered by insurance and is extremely expensive.  Some ladies still need the Vagifem as well as the ML treatments.  I'm just going to wait and see the long term effects of t.he Mona Lisa treatments and hopefully by that time the insurance companies will cover it.

      have a nice day!🌷

  • kim04130 kim04130 lynn41704

    I was also diagnosed with Atrophic Vaginitis. My gynecologist put me on half a Gram of Estrace cream nightly for 1 week, then twice weekly. When I first started it a week ago, it seemed to be giving me some relief. Now that I'm using it twice a week the burning is back with a vengeance. Is it suppose to take time for it to work?

    • marilee43089 marilee43089 kim04130

      I think it takes a while using Estrace for it to replenish the tissue.  I've heard as long as 6 months.  I do my application 3x a week.

      I would like to ask why the majority of people here are using Vagifem instead of Estrace.   I use Estrace using the fingertip application method.  I insert some inside and some outside with the finger (not plunger).  This was recommended to me by my Urologist.  I certainly believe the Estrace was the primary reason my UTI's stopped.

      I get the burning off and on still.  There is no rhyme or reason for it that I can see.

      Does (or did) anyone here have a slight pale yellow discharge as a result of the AV?

    • angie45980 angie45980 marilee43089

      Hi maralee I have been on astriol which has made a world of difference I use the plunger and put some on my vulva I do get a yellow discharge. I am due to see the Dr on Fri in reference to what I think is a prolapse and I am going to ask him if I can have the vagifem instead as there is less leakage and keep the cream for the outside . Apart from that I don't think there is much difference between the two.

    • wendy62425 wendy62425 angie45980

      Hi Angie

      Yes with Vagifem it is easier as it is with a tablet that is inserted at bedtime and there is no mess.  I am just so relieved that it gives me quality of life and able to feel "normal" again.  Just every now and then I may use the Estrace on the outside.

  • Chris1230 Chris1230 lynn41704

    I used Vagifem many years ago when I was having some issues.  I don't remember how I reacted, but it is my next step for where I am now.

    I have been using the Premarin and/or Estrace cream.  Both of these products are causing weird sensitivity in the vulva area for me.  Not overly pleasant. I wouldn't call it tingling but it borders on itching and then when I'm using the cream, I find that wearing jeans is uncomfortable (and I've never had that problem before).  I am not using the creams in the vagina, like you can do, but I am putting them in the vulval area.  

    There is some concern that I may be reacting to the base and not the estrogen.  So I've visited a compounding pharmacy and they've given me some of their base cream to try.  Then I will have some estrogen cream made with it.  If that doesn't work, I am on to the Vagifem.

    There have been some people who have had swelling and irritation with it.  I'm just not sure if it's the body's reaction to having hormones there all of a sudden or if it's just a sensitivity to ingredients.

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