Vaginal burning, tested for everything all negative! Help!

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Hi ladies. I'm here to explain my story and maybe get some help and advice.

This started off like a regular UTI for me, I had sex multiple times one day with my boyfriend and of course the UTI came not long after. I took trimethoprim and drank water etc etc.

The UTI pain E.g that burning/glass feeling at the end of urinating etc had gone but I was left with a constant 24/7 burning around my urethra.

I went to the docs explained , he gave me more antibiotics and we waited 2 weeks for the urine sample to come back. The pain completely debilitated me, I couldn't leave the house I spend most of my time in baths crying not getting any relief no matter what I did. I cut out alcohol, coffee, smoking (one positive thing from all this?) fragrances, only cotton underwear, different toilet paper, no sex of course everything I could think of - no help.

Finally the urin came back NO INFECTION.

I was actually devasted.

The next few weeks we desperately tested for thrush, std's including herpes, trichinosis , urine PH, vagina PH. All negative, meanwhile the burning stayed and is always worse AFTER urination. No pain during wee-ing.

We had an MRI , it just shows multiple cysts on ovaries but I've been told that's normal.

My vagina is bright red, and constantly feels like it's been scorched. I'm 21, no medications and desperately out of money and will.

My doctor has said it could be vulvodynia which sadly is a different way of saying 'unexplained vulva pain' and often treated with strong meds, I just can't believe there is no reason for my pain?!

Has any one suffered with similar? Or have any advice? Thank you in advance!!

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    How were you prescribed trimethoprin ? 

    Vaginal burning can be from viral infections. 

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      I have trimethoprim from doc to take after sex if I feel a flare up as I am quite a frequent UTI sufferer.

      I have had bloods and nothing viral showed up or signs my body was fighting anything. Not sure if there is other ways to see viral?

      Thanks for your reply

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    My GF had similar issues. I addition to all the stuff you have cut out she also cut out sugars (including most fruit), she takes a probiotic (2-3/day), she drinks water throughout the day (like some every hour), and she pees and showers immediately after sex. All of this combined has helped to keep the discomfort almost completely under control but it still can flare up under stress or not doing the above things. Doctors also couldn't find anything wrong which was really fustrating. Our guess would be some kind of fungal infection other than the ones they can test for. If you haven't already done so you could try an antifungal cream like Clatramazole or an oral anti-fungal like Diflucan, maybe that will clear things up. If a medicine is going to work you should feel the effects withing a few days.

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      Sorry to hear your girlfriend suffered the same, it's a nightmare. Thank you for the tips, I've found drinking ridiculous amounts of water helps .

      Sadly I've tried the anti fungal creams as instructed by doc incase, including ones with steroids in etc but no luck in solving the issue.

      I'm going to try cutting out the sugar too.

      They found StrepB in my urethra and slight amount in urine but the docs don't seem bothered by that?! Who knows.

      Many thanks for your advice both

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    I am having the same issue. I see this was 3 years ago. Did you ever figures it out? If so do you have any recommendations? Ive had a pelvic exam, vaginal swab test, uti test, std tests, blood work done. I have tried antifungal creams and anti itching creams to soothe it, nothing works. My doctor doesn't believe the discomfort/pain at this point. I spend my days in the bath (which doesnt necessarily help, but eases it a little).

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      I'm so glad there was a recent comment!!!

      So I experienced these exact symptoms for about a year and a half straight. Would go to the doctors every month and get tested for EVERYTHING but EVERY time the test results would come up negative. I was concerned the doctors/nurses weren't testing properly and I was super concerned about STDs because I had hooked up with someone for the first time before this all started happening. I was finally referred to a urologist and was told I had interstitial cystitis which creates all of these symptoms but cannot be detected by a urine sample or swabs. I had a cystoscopy done to find this out. It's basically an infection IN the bladder walls. I'm not sure if this could be what is happening to everyone above, but it's something to possibly look into! Hopefully this helped!!

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    I have been suffering from this type of vaginal problem for 5 years off and on. It started with a hot burning vagina with extra white milky discharge . ive seen 2 doctors and 2 gynecologists. They have done every test under the sun and everytime it comes back negative . Ive tried all the antifungal creams and pills and nothing. Ive tried all the right diets excercise etc. Sometimes the pain is there for weeks , sometimes only just a few days. The first three years were brutal. Ive tried to track everything i do, periods tampons , eating, etc. I cant seem to figure out why this keeps happening. In the last 2 years ive only had this problem 3 times which made me feel like maybe its easing off. Ive been like this for a week now straight and super irritated. My gynecologist said to me , do you think maybe its all in your head? Are you f*****g kidding me. I almost lost it on her and left the room. Being a women doctor you would think she would have some compassion. I dont know what to do anymore .

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    Hi, ive been having this same issue for a year now. Lots of discharge, burning and pain during intercourse. I currently have no sex life because of it. I've seen numerous doctors and have a bunch of tests done and everything is negative or "normal". But I know its not normal and it makes me so mad when doctors and even specialists brush me off. Ive been on tons of antibiotics and antifungals and nothing changes. I feel very hopeless but after doing some research Ive discovered doctors arent actually that educated here in Canada.

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