Vasectomy booked for June - Feeling Scared - Advice?

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I'm 34 and my wife is 36, we have 2 Children who are very healthy, my wife fell ill after our first child (10 years ago) our 2nd child was through emergency c-section nearly 4 years ago now, from my own point of view I'd love just one more child however my Wife at 36 definitely does not and I respect her wishes completely.

On top of this my wife has come off the birth control pill as it's messing with her hormones/sex drive plus it may have future health risks if she keeps on taking it.

We would like to resume a more normal sex life and eliminate the risks, I don't like having to use condoms (like having a bath with your socks on) it's just not the same.

We felt the best option would be that I have a Vasectomy, that way we can have no more children, no birth control pills involved and hopefully we can get back to 'normal'

I've recently had my consultation appointment and I'm booked in for the snip in early June.

My expectations were pain & discomfort to start with but that will soon go after a couple of weeks, after reading some post's on here I'm now in a panic, worried I’ll get horrible infections, Erectile dysfunction and other complications it may cause years down the line.

Some people are saying it's the worst thing they've ever done.

I'm totally aware that these type of things don’t come without risk but it appears this is more risky than I first feared, the doctor explained its 1/1000 thing.

Guess I'm just seeking some more positive experiences in general.

Thanks in Advance


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    I haven't had my vasectomy yet but definitely considering it and have read lots about it. At your consultation did they specify what kind of vasectomy technique they're going to use?

    If they didn't I would advise you to consider asking them or cancelling the appointment until you've done further research. This is because the most crude vasectomies have a significant chance of leaving you with long term pain (post-vasectomy pain syndrome, PVPS), whereas the most delicately performed vasectomies using the latest techniques make PVPS unlikely.

    Make sure you're familiar with male genital anatomy, there are plenty of useful diagrams and literature on the net. The first main option is whether they seal both ends of each vas deferens (closed-ended) or whether they leave one end open to continuously relieve the pressure that slowly builds up as sperm cells continue to be produced (open-ended). Since the most common cause of PVPS is backwards pressure on the epididymus, going open-ended could reduce the chances of getting PVPS by two thirds. If you get open ended make sure the ends get sealed off thoroughly and carefully, sheathed and/or put in different tissue planes, to ensure that fertility doesn't return unexpectedly.

    The other option is less defined but has to do with how brutal or delicate the surgeon is. It's not as simple as chopping a tube in half because there are a lot of other things in there like blood vessels and nerves which will be in slightly different positions in every person. I wouldn't recommend getting a general practitioner to do it unless they're highly experienced. Look for a specialist, a urologist experienced in open-ended vasectomies and a low-impact 'no scalpel' technique. Instead of slashing they will just puncture the skin and do it via keyhole surgery.

    I wrote more about this elsewhere in this forum where I point out some of the published research on this subject:

    I'm not at all qualified or experienced in this subject but when it comes to deciding who will mess with my crown jewels I'll be taking all this into account hoping to reduce to risk of PVPS from 10% down to 2% or less.

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    I had similar problems many years ago, and after seeking the advice of a friend who had a Vasectomy, decided to get it done.

    Like any other type of surgery yes there are risks of a slight infection, but that can easily be fixed by taking antibiotics.

    The actual incidence of major problems occurring as a result of this type ok keyhole surgery are miniscule.

    Weighing the advantages against the possible disadvantages, in my case I can unhesitatingly say that I benefitted and so did my wife, so it was well worthwhile.

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    I went into my vasectomy fairly naive, only listening to friends and family members who had, had it done...... They teased me with fake horror stories, but assured me they had all had good results......

    However, had I read some of the stories on here first, I don't think I would've had it done...... Generally, you only find negative experiences posted on the Internet, and I really feel for the poor people.

    That said, I had the snip, in a gp's surgery - not mine though, I think they must've specialised in vasectomies as I was referred to them, from the hospital...... I'm 34, 3 kids and we're done, mrs had 3 sections so I think she's done her bit lol........ Apart from the unpleasantness of the procedure, and the soreness for 1 - 2 weeks after, I have (touch wood) been ok..... Still play sport, everything still works and feels as it did before, sensations and everything...... The only thing I would advise, is to make sure you rest well afterwards, I think that is an important part of your recovery, and ongoing outcome.

    All the best and good luck.

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    Oh and I had mine done in October last year...... I think / hope, these procedures are better nowadays, hopefully with less complications
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    Thanks for your replys, it's being done through the NHS but I think it's still a private clinic doing the Job, a place called ALS Clinic in Battle East Sussex, the doctor seemed to know his stuff and has done it many many times before.

    When he examined me he described what he'll be doing but I can't remember word for word but  I'll be put under general anesthetic, I shouldn't feel any pain at the time but will feel lots of movements, he my left testicle will be cut first and they cut the tube, seal and move onto the right testicle, I knew I should of had someone else come in with me as I tend to forget the odd detail.

    I think I should call them up again and go through it one more time.

    My Job is office based, I hope I dont need too much time off work


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      I was told to book 2 days (inc the op) off (office)..... But not to exert myself or do any lifting for min 1 week to max 2 weeks.

      He did the same with me (start on the left etc)........ It's quite a shock when they give you the injection to numb the area....... But yes after that, there's no real pain..... The pulling feeling was weird, as it felt like things were moving in my stomach lol, this is common though, and not unpleasant - just weird.

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      I am surprised that they are giving you a general anesthetic as I was given only a local.

      Apart from the time off work and the very good advice to avoid lifting, a  general anesthetic will mean that you will not be out and about immediately as I was (after a cup of tea).

      In any event I feel you have nothing to worry about.

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      I had mine done in Battle, the same place 3 weeks ago, and it went horribly wrong, I got a massive infection and had a stay in hospital twice. They swelled up massively and in the end the sack burst out of the incisions, which was disgusting!! And extremely painful.

      Having said that i do think it was just pot luck. The Dr said it happens in 4% of operations.

      I would not reccomend you not to have it done, I would just understand what could go wrong.

      Having been through what I went through, and i had the chance again, i wouldn't have it done.

      Sorry to be negative.

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    Ah I think it may be local, not general lol, (see what I mean about missing details)
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      Just remember that after the Vasecomy there will still be sperm in your seminal fluid for quite a while.

      They may offer to test you, but in any event if I were you I would consider it necessary to take 'precautions' to avoid an unwanted pregnacy until you get the 'all clear'.

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    Yeah thanks, I'm not going to be stupid like that (my wife wouldn't allow it until I've got the all clear anyhow)

    Doesn't stop foreplay!

    The Dr did say to me that once op is done I need to ejaculate as much as possible to clear any living sperm.

    In my head i had the biggest grin going (never had that said to me before)

    "not a problem doc, me and my right hand man can sort that"

    Looks like I'll be stocking up with Kleenex for work wink

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    I used to wind my wife up, saying "the doc said its ok if their's a little saliva in the sample" hahaha, she never fell for it though sad
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    If you go to a new car showroom and ask if you should be buying a new car-!!!! Unfortunately going to a doctor doing vasectomies is just the same, they have a vested interest, which is why you never get the true facts on vasectomy problems.Only now with internet open for all, they ca`nt hide the ones that go wrong, which is I`m afraid  a lot of very upset men. With most contraception you can change to something else, with the snip you`ve cossed the line of no- return. I now have a life controlled by my awful opperation mistake.

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      Sorry to hear about this I really am, I guess your post highlights the reality of when things don't go to plan.

      I hope eventually things can Improve for you.

      Thank you everyone for all your feedback

      Best wishes to all

      Think I'll make a post after the op with daily feedback and hopefully it can help others, just touch wood it goes well.

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    There is much to worry about with this procedure.

    The op itself, under local, is nothing to worry about. You may feel some tugging and may feel a bit woozy immediately afterwards.

    Your choice boils down to how much of a risk you are willing to take really.

    Depending on which country's datasets you follow then you have between 10% (UK) and upto 30%(US) of being inflicted with PVP.

    That still leaves between 70% and 90% chance of a no problem vasectomy.

    Having had it and been in agony for 2.5years and now facing another op (epidectomy) to try and ease the problem then obviously I'm one of the ones who would recommend youi think very long and very hard about the choice you are about to make.

    I went for the snip because I didn't like or want to use condoms, my wife was suffering on the pill. Due to he pain levels we haven't had a sex life at all for 2 it could be said success...a perfect from of birth control.

    If your Dr hasn't mentioned PVP at this stage you should be asking yourself why, especially as GMC guidelines state they should highlight the risk. If your Dr gives you a figure of less than 10% risk then you should be asking yourself why as the DoH and NHS dataset is 10%. If your Dr seeks to downplay the risks saying it is minimal and can be treated with OTC meds then you should be asking yourself why as PVP requires heavy duty pain relief not OTC meds.

    Already your Dr has sought to hide the risk by saying it 1 in 1000 (0.1%) whereas it is actually 1 in 10 (10%)and that should be an alarm bell,  although are you sure he meant risk from PVP? Was he talking about risk of vasectomy failure and pregnancy? although that rate is usually 1 in 2000 I have heard of a few Dr's use 1 in 1000 as their example.

    Another slight risk across the board is some men who have the snip report that ejaculation does not feel the same or is not too noticable anymore, reducing the pleasure aspect. There is no dataset for this though but many men who go for a reversal do so to try and ease this. Dr's who do reversals have a term for this...SNOTS - sex not the same. However there is NO dataset to give an idea of how many suffer this.

    But everything in life is a risk. If your Dr has told you about PVP and your happy with the odds of 70% to 90% success rate then that's fine. It should be remembered that many do find the operation successful.

    If you do for it then make sure you fully rest for a few days, just sit your bum on the sofa and stay there. Tight fitting underwear for support will greatly help. Having a pack of max strength ibuprofen will help with the initial pain. When your back at work take it easy for the 1st week

    The choice as they all yours

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      I'm one of the 10% as PVPS Ouch.

      wasnt told asked specifically about chronic pain, GP denied any incidence. I've been in agony 2.5 years, crap sex life now. Had an epididymectomy on my worse side (the one that had a blood vessel snipped) and it's only helped slightly. That testicle is now nearly all scar tissue.

      to make matters worse, I have to have testosterone injections every three weeks as I found my levels dropped massively. I've been sleeping on the settee most of the week due to pain, I'm having a bad week. 

      I have aver run out of pain relief options as even cutting off both my non working testes won't guarantee pain free.  I've been popping pain killers like sweeties today.  It's crap. If it goes wrong you are royally stuffed as they can't stop the pain. 

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