Vasectomy Pain is very common- be informed.

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I only know 4 people that have had the snip and two of us have had big problems. I had the snip two months ago and am only just beginning to get over it. I immediately had an infection which caused my bollocks to swell like a melon- this burst the stitches and i got a secondary infection in the wound which no amount of antibiotics would get rid of so the doc had to put Silver nitrate on it to burn it shut. This let to a kidney infection and the pain is only just beginning to subside. I was seriously worried that i would never return to normal life but there is now light at the end of the tunnel for me. Some of the other poor bastards whose stories ive read make me so sad. Men are not imformed of the potential pain or risks. If i had known how much it would damage me i would never have had it done- whats so bad about condoms anyway?

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    You are dead right, whats wrong with using condoms? I never had problems using the great Johnny!!

    I was pushed into having a vasectomy and have had more trouble than I could possibly say hear!!!

    Pain and discomfort ever since and have been taking pain reducing medicine for years.

    The NHS now admit 10% of all men get long term pain, let alone other problems.


    This opperation should be discontinued.

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    With the stat figures showing an incidence rate of between 3% and 14% of men getting Post Vasectomy Pain in the Uk and upto 33% of men outside of UK figures then this procedure should be stopped until there is some very serious research in to the long term effects on both the man and the family.

    As PVP can begin from immediate after the vasectomy to 10 years after there is obviously going to be a huge swathe who have PVP who fall through the figures net because they may have moved surgery, or changed GP - this means the rates of PVP could actually be much HIGHER!

    Also if you figure on many of us men do not like talking baout our sex life and genitalia to Dr's and friends then low rate / grade PVP may also not be reported and thus missed off.

    When you combine both factors above the amount of men who have Post Vasectomy Pain inflicted on them could be horrendously high...and all because the NHS / medical sector does not believe in doing proper research rather they only do research which backs up their point it is safe and simple with low risks!

    A Dr's oath includes the words...first I shall do no harm....that is until it comes to vasectomy where they are happy to inflict harm and deny proper ability to make an informed decision with informed consent by withholding salient information and figures for elective surgery!

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    Really wish I'd have read this last week as I think it would have tipped the balance for me to not have it done.

    I was driving to the hospital a week ago today seriously considering turning the car around and jibbing out. I hadn't really done any research because I didn't want to hear any 'horror stories'. I'm gutted that I didn't look into it now as the last week has been horrific since I got into the theatre.

    I was in pain when they were examining me pre op. Apparently the one tube was a bit short, so difficult to get hold of. I was in agony while they operated on the right testicle despite 5 shots of anesthetic. The left wasn't so bad, but still painful.

    I have suffered with pain and swelling all week, and 5 days after my operation my stitches burst too. I went straight to my GP who prescribed me antibiotics for the infection, but said there's not much that can be done about the stitching at the moment.

    I am starting to see signs of the swelling going down now, but I've still got a gash in the side of my sack that splits open with the slightest movement. I done well yesterday to do virtually nothing but lay on the sofa to try and give it a chance to heal so I'm hoping I can do the same today.

    As I write this, I'm laying in bed at 5am after another sleepless night trying not to turn over too quick and trying to find a comfortable position, so my advice to anyone reading this is to think carefully about other options, because for me, this has been horrific 

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      HI Steve

      Hope you did manage to get some sleep last night. Lack of sleep can really affect the level of pain...if you're tired you will notice pain a lot more type of thing.

      So sorry to read it has been such a nightmare so far far you.

      Swelling to varying degrees post op is always there really, it is just sad and bad for you that yours is at the worst end of the scale.

      Hopefully though once the swelling has settled and the stitches heal up you'll be fine and be able to hopefully put this painful period out of your mind and just get on with life without the worry of having the sounds of little feet running about the house.

      I didn't have stitched, they left an open wound, and for quite some time the wound did split open with movement, although the size of the split got smaller and smaller each time.

      It sounds like over the counter pain relief isn't going to do the trick so I would strongly suggest you get back to GP's for some stronger ones. If you drive for a living or use machinary then mention this when asking for stronger pain killers though.

      Really hope it settles down soon for you


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      Cheers, I did manage to get some sleep, it's difficult to find a position that isn't painful though. The best I can manage is on my side with a folded pillow between my legs to keep them apart.

      I'm not taking any pain killers as it's not so bad if I can keep still during the day, and in a strange sort of way I'd prefer know when it's hurting during the night because I don't want to do further damage by laying on them awkward or something.

      My GP signed me off for another week so I'm hoping I'll be fully mobile again by next week. 

      My main concern now is that the operation was unsuccessful. According to the surgeon, there is a 1 in 200 chance of it failing. Small odds I know, but I thought that in this day and age it should be virtually guaranteed.

      If it does fail, there is no way in the world I am going back under that knife, so this whole experience would have been pointless 

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      Glad you got some sleep. Pillow is a good idea.

      The body is pretty good at managing pain and even though you might not feel it with pain killers the body will still adjust sleeping position. I can understand your thoughts re needing to feel pain to be able to move etc but good sleep is very helps in all sorts of ways.

      The thought of failure is a concern to everyone who has this but try not to worry too much about it. The odds of failure are 1 in 2000 not 1 in 200. These are really really good odds! In %age terms it makes a failure rate of just 0.0005% - it is so very very rare for it to fail so please don't let your mind dwell on that one. In medical terms 0.0005% is about the equivalent of the virtual guarantee.

      Glad GP has signed you off, but you have to keep activity to the barest of minimums to help as well as the usual gambits of supporting underwear - briefs instead of boxers etc. Don't know if you bath or shower but I found soaking in a warm to hot bath actually triggered (and still does) a bout of I stick to showers.


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      1/2000 = 0.0005 = 0.05/100 =  0.05 %

      Anyway I'll second that, I've seen similar figures, return to fertility is highly unlikely

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      I know you were keen to get snipped as you didn't have kids nor were in a long term partnership.

      Ive recently found out my Testosterone levels are less than a third of where they should be following complications from the snip.  I am now on testosterone replacement. 

      I was never told this could happen. Ive had a hell of a fight to get onto therapy.  The moral of the story is not to let anyone near your bits thats not very experienced.  I got a GP training. I had no choice nor was I informed he hadn't done many.

      The local vet could do a better job with castration. I went in for a vasectomy not a castration. 

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    I had a v-sect 2 weeks ago today. I regret it. I am swollen, i had a UTI, both kidneys hurt and I am on antibiotics. I am also very scared.

    I am wondering if you or anyone knows what the effects of having a reversal are? I am tired of being in pain and having to sit on ice all day. 

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      HI Will78083

      Two weeks can still be early days yet for the initial pain to settle down, although I really appreciate every day in pain seems like a life time!

      It is quite common for infections to be picked up, which you've obviously had a double wammy of with the UTI and kidneys. I'd imagine they've prescribed Co-Amoxyclav,Ciproflaxcin or Doxycyclin as the antibiotic. Heavy duty but do the trick quickly with infections.

      Just give it time to settle down a little while longer as some infections create merry hell with regards pain, and the scrotum a usually tender area anyway after a vesectomy is going ot be even more tender and sore and on top of that you have an infection. It is going to be painful mate with an infection, but if it is an infection then the AB's should begin to work and you'll notice the pain drop right off hopefully.

      I've been doing a lot of research into reversal as I'm now at the stage of surgery after 2.5yrs of hell. The odds quoted are it has upto a 70% success rate of reducing pain, not eliminating with around 50% stating some form of pain relief.

      The reversal can help with pain but you'll be exceptionally lucky to get it done on the NHS - I've had my funding request turned down on 27th March - took them 8months to make that decision. So you'd be looking at forking out £2.5k to £3.5k for an operation that can safely be said has a 50% success rate.

      I'm really stuck at the minute as I have to decide between reversal or epidectomy and to some degreeboth offer pro's but sadly both offer cons as well which is making the decision exceptionally difficult. Hope to get a better idea when I pay to see the private consultant next Weds.

      As for being scared I know that feeling only too well sadly, it is a horrible horrible feeling...reading forums like these aren't going to help allay those fears as they're around PVP which will fit the symptoms you have probably....which is going to put a bucket load of worry in your head. But it is a right crappy feeling though :-(

      Give it time for the anitbiotics to run their course. If you're still in pain then then ask the GP for some prescription strength pain killers.

      Really hope it works out for you mate.

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      Thank you PVP-ouch. 

      Yes, I'm taking Doxycyclin. 

      I really appreciate your candid response. It helped me greatly. 

      You are right about reading these type of forums--it does put some fright and worry in a person. Thank you for that.

      I hope things work out for you. When you had this done originally the intent was right on and a good decision. Unfortunately things haven't gone as planned for you. I really hope it all works out for you and I appreciate you sharing with me and putting me more at ease. 

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      It's a bit early yet. I hope you don't get PVPS. I've had it 2.5 years and also had an epdidymectomy on my worse side. That didn't help then I discovered ED issues and my Testosterone levels were rock bottom. My GP refused to treat me for months so I eventually left, had more tests and my new GP put me on Testogel immediately. I am now on injections every three weeks. Pain hasn't gone and I am back again to two more consultants to see what can be done. It's near on impossible to treat.

      Two weeks is too soon. It took me a good month for my wound to heal but I was left with permanent pain.

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      Thank you Ouchy. You're right 2 weeks is too early. I kept hearing how people were fine by Monday after surgery on Friday. I unfortunately was not due to underestimating the surgical trauma as well as not resting as needed. 

      I am doing much better now with still some pain, but I'm able to walk and sleep now. 

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    I had the snip over 2 weeks ago now, it was ok for the first few days, but after that they started swelling and getting more and more painful, like I would never of imagined, then after a week and a half one side burst through the incision, which was disgusting. At this time they were massive and Rick hard. 2 days later the other side swelled again and burst.

    I am now on 2 types of antibiotics, a strong painkiller with anti inflammatory, and paracetamol, I was on cocodamol but as the pain eased I changed. I seem to be getting better but the infection did knock me for six. The testicals are still in pain, and the incisions are still open, and leaking.

    I am signed off work for another week, which will be 4 weeks in total, out of action. I would never recommend getting it done to anyone, it has turned out worse than I could have imagined. I thought I would just have a couple of days resting!!

    I'm not happy about the comments of long term problems.

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    Just wondering if Buster 2 & will78083 are on the road to full recovery now and the pain has settled down? Any news guys?

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