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kelly79051 kelly79051

vitamin d deficiency

Hi I have been having pain in my ribs and arms and shoulders for 4 months I don't seem to be getting anywhere with doctors I do have vitamin d deficiency and was Just wondering if it's anything to do with that doctors won't give straight answer please help

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  • trex trex

    Pain in the ribs, arms shoulders could be anything, best and first step would be to check if you've got hurt anywhere, next step would be to get some blood tests done, without a blood test you wouldn't know if you have vitamin D deficiency unless you know that you havent't been exposed to the sun for a good few years.

  • kelly79051 kelly79051

    I have had blood test I have vitamin d deficiency I am on Colecalciferol 40.000 units a month i was wondering if the pains could be coz of the deficiency

    • Evita Evita kelly79051

      I've been on 10,000 first for two weeks and now its 10,000 once a month. It's been six weeks and I can't feel any difference yet.

      My GP gave me an article but then pointed at the title and said, 'just ignore this' the title is Vitamin D deficiency, Rickets and Osteomalacia. So I don't know if I have Osteomalacia or not. Someone else on here advised me that doctors won't tell you as they can't do anything about it. They can cure your Vitamin D deficency. Eventually any Ostemalicia may be reversible. But it's likely to take 6 to 24 months. I've got my information from article on this site and from an article in BMJ by Pearce and Cheetham.

  • trex trex

    It depends how low it is, i think threshold is 80 anything below that is low. However, if it is very low like for example: 10 or something than yes, it is likely you would get pain, even if its something much below 80 like 30 could also be painful because the minimum your body must have 80+ . Anything above 80 is considered normal.

    Looking at your dosage of 40,000 units tells me your vitamin D is very low, because normally doctors prescribe

    1,000 to be taken once per day. My vitamin D level went down to about 30 and the doc gave me 10 oil based pills each 20,000 units and I had to take 5 each day for two days. So, taking 5 each day of 20,000 is like

    5 x 20,000 = 100,000 units in total a day for 2 days.

    On the leaflet inside the pack it says to take 1 every two weeks, wow! then vitamin D went up quickly back to its normally level of 80+ i checked with my doc.

    If you were taking 1000 units for 28 days that would be 28,000 units a month but you're on 40,000 units so, again you can see its pretty low.

    • florence florence trex

      Hi I have just been found to have vitamin D levels of 12 this, my Dr says

      is very low, says he has not seen it so low in anyone since he worked in the hospital. He has prescribed colecalciferol 800iu equivalent to 20 micrograms.1 per day I don't know if this is enough what do you think?


    • lucas18 lucas18 florence

      Hi, I have a vitamin D defiency with a level of 17. My doctor put me on colecalciferol 20000iu twice a week for 9 weeks so I have been prescribed a far higher dose. I would go back to your doctor and ask for another blood test to check your levels as it seems a very low dose compared to mine. let me know how you get on and good luck with your doctor.

    • abbie01147 abbie01147 trex

      Hi there, I'm 21 years old and have recently been very ill die to a recently diagnosed vitamin d deficiency of around 15-20.

      My doctor advised me to research this and prescribed me tablets strength 20.000 units 5 times a day for two days, then 800 units once daily for 3 months.

      Having looked online you are the only person I have come across to have taken this strength of tablets as everyone else seems to have them over a month or once weekly.

      I just wondered if you had many side effects and should I get a second opinion or just follow what my doctor has said??

      Thanks a lot x 

    • lucas18 lucas18 abbie01147

      Hi, I've taken 20,000 units twice a week for 9 weeks and then I waited a month for my blood test and my levels went up to 89. I'm now on 2200 once a week. . But yours is 100,000 units for 2 days which would equate to 5 weeks which I took 20000.I had no side effects at all. I think it's up to you as to whether to get a second opinion and If it will give you peace of mind.Theres seems to be no 1 size fits all attitude to what people should take by doctors.

      I hope this helps you,


    • lucas18 lucas18 caitlin39841

      Hi, I never actually had any physical symptoms but my doctor decided to take the blood test and my level was very low at 17. I took 20000 iu tablets twice a week for nine weeks and then had a follow up blood test and my level went up to 79 so the tablets worked. I now take 2200iu tablet once a week and will have a follow up blood test in March.I have physical aches anyway but don't put that down to Vit D but having anxiety which manifests itself in tension backaches etc but thats another story.I hope this reply has been of help to you.

    • caitlin39841 caitlin39841 lucas18

      thank u Lucas. yes, that's helpful. it seems that Vit. D deficiency does tend to have a rather subjective expression. have u felt any benefits at all from the treatment? in respect of the anxiety Vit B 3 Niacin in it's activated form known as NADH does tend to help with anxiety.

    • lucas18 lucas18 caitlin39841

      Hi, I can't say I have felt any physical benefits from the treatment but knowing that my levels are fine now and having read about the associated effects of low levels of Vit D has made me feel psychologically better.Thanks for the info on Vit B 3.

    • mandi01 mandi01 trex


      I am 52 and up until 4 years ago I waled a few miles a day, danced, did yoga, and all in all was a healthy fit person quite young for my age. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which was a remnant from treatment for Hep C which I contracted from the NHS. I went from the life and soul to a recluse who only goes on journeys in the car with my partner,

      I am in pain 24/7, and a few months ago my leg pain began to increase to such an extent that I am having trouble walking at all now.

      I had blood tests for my Parathyroid and then yesterday was diagnosed with a severe Vitamin D deficiency so low the level is only 18. The pain is excrutiating, my cognitive functions are terrible, my memory is very sketchy and I feel as if I have aged at least 20 years,

      I am now on FULTIUM-D3~800 IU 4 a day for 12 weeks as I am very ill. The pain IS CAUSED by the Deficiency. I had a very long chat with my GP yesterday and even though she is aware of how much I suffer from the Fibromyalgia, she is 100% certain that the increased pain is due to the severity of my Deficiency.

      I am now being monitored closely for hypercalcaemia and other problems, in fact my GP is not even sure that the 12 week treatment will be successful, because the deficiency has been obviously getting worse for years. Then I'll be referred back to Endocrinology for "Maintenance" (I am already showing the classic signs of Osteoporosis.

      Just wanted to set the record straight, as Obviously I am a sufferer and the previous lady you answered needed the truth.

      Kind regards.


    • debbie 68332 debbie 68332 mandi01

      I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 7 years ago and was told there was nothing they could do but in the last 6months the pains have become so bad and I was constantly tired so I went to my gp that done a blood test he also told me that I was vitamin d definance and gave me 20000u 3 times a week but I still can't seem to see how that can cause so much pain

    • Aluna Aluna abbie01147

      abbie you are the only one that comes close to what I am being presribed.  Replesta (a chewable wafter) is 50,000 units. 2x per week for a month.  I feel like I am having side affects.... 

    • taro93814 taro93814 mandi01

      Hi mandi,

      I wanted to ask you how are you doing with your vitamin d deficiency? I know it's been a few years but would be helpful to ask someone who has gone through it. As I am deficient and the symptoms are just nasty. I wonder how long will they eventually resolved.

    • taro93814 taro93814 tata92410

      My level was 13, I no longer take d3 supplements because they made me feel worse. Supplemental d3 can be more harmful than helpful to some individuals.

      My main source of vitamin d is from the sun. It's been 8 months and finally I can start to feel my body is beginning to rebalance itself. I don't feel great but better. Symptoms are getting milder and less intense.

      I will get my levels rechecked this week. I will keep you posted.

    • Loucarey Loucarey trex

      Hi  Iv just descorvered im low in vitamin D and have been prescribed 20.000 Iu a day for 2 weeks then 1 and month, Iv been suffering with pains in my legs arms back for a couple of years but have increased in pain over the past 6 months I call them my fibromyalgia  moments  Would this be a factor and how would my levels be so low ? I'm 41 being a mum of 3 so quite active !! Eat healthy and I'm outside most days !!

    • louise1812 louise1812 lucas18

      Hi this is all new to me. I had blood work done ans the pharmacy called me to say i have to urgently start meds. I have been prescribed the same as you but for 10 weeks. I cant get a gp appointment until next week so dont know what my levels are but jusy wondered if this is a higj dose

  • kelly79051 kelly79051

    Thanks for your help doctors never told be any of this or even how low it is but I'm back there next week so I will ask how low it is do u think I should get another blood test it was beginning of October 2013 when I was diagnosed and I never got any leaflet with my tablets it just says on box take 2 at beginning of every month I have been reading up online and nobody has mentioned talking it like that it's useley daily or weekly or fortnightly have u every heard of it being taken monthly

  • trex trex

    Doctors dont have time these days in consultation to tell anyone enough. They only have a 10 minute window; perhaps 5 minutes to see a patient, 3 minutes for some admin and 2 minutes for a breather, its all touch-&-go these days with the huge number of population growth.

    Patients are presented with printouts from the internet, stuff we could find ourselves online, this is my experience on several occasions. So, basically its just a matter of poking around and doing our own research and finding stuff out for ourselves. Then armed with enough information and knowledge you can intelligently push the doc for another blood test because if you request it often directly ask for another blood test they would refuse it. They would only order another test when 'they' feel the need to regardless how the patient feels or even if you been paying all your taxes whether working or not. I think the current gap is every 6 months but it could be more or less depending on the patient, how low the vitamin D is, if thers other medical problems or any other medication if you're on it, there are several factors that count.

    • Evita Evita trex

      This is very helpful to me, thank you!

      I was told to come back in 6 months. I think I'll go with my BMJ article and then also ask to get tested for low Vit B and Low Ferritin (Normal hemoglobin) as they were low before they discovered the D-Deficiency. It all points towards malabsoption, but then again, it could be anything and it would be nice if my GP could help me find out.

  • kelly79051 kelly79051

    U are right about them being to busy 3 weeks I had to wait for appointment I remember years ago U would get in same week oh and thanks for your help I will keep looking in to it also for this month I'm gonna try the tablets 1 a fortnight see how that goes

  • trex trex

    ..but you should take the tablets how your doctor has asked you to or according to what is written in the patient information leaflet in the box because everyone is different but not only that mine was 20,000 units per liquid capsule and you're taking 40,000 units a ***month*** NOT like me taking 5 of those in a day ?

  • weightloser1 weightloser1

    yes definitely doctors don't have much time. the internet is ideal step for the solution. you can easily get results for the problems. one more thing you should try some of the exercise for arms. and also take some remedial action for the vitamin d deficiency.

  • dambudzo dambudzo kelly79051

    so sorry to hear that you have vitamin D deficiency - it is extremely painful. do you get spasm-type pains in your bones? i did, and it felt as though my muscles were being 'torn' sometimes.

    i assume that your doctor has prescribed vitamin D supplements? it took about 3 months after starting supplementation before my pains started to decrease, and that seems to agree with the research. but i suppose it might depend how low your vitamin D level is to start off with. i was classed as 'insufficient' rather than 'deficient'. and , to reassure you, now my level is within the normal range once again those pains have gone......

    another very improtant thing is to work out the reason WHY you have low vitamin D. another chat with your GP perhaps? good luck and hope you start to feel relief soon. 


    • austin40571 austin40571 dambudzo

      Hi Dambudzo, I see you had bone pain also, I have a level of 5 and am treating, but my pain is increased more than when untreated - did you have any of this increased pain?  Is there any way around it?

      Thank you

    • taro93814 taro93814 dambudzo

      Hi dambudzo,

      I just wanted to know how long did it take for your symptoms of vitamin d deficiency to resolved and what level were you at when symptoms were gone.

      Did you ever get random blood pressure spikes? Especially in the mornings and sometimes at night?

  • florence florence kelly79051

    Hi thank you for your reply on vitD deficiency. I'm so happy for you now you have got rid of some of the pain.My doctor said it was because I have'nt had much sunshine as that is where you get vit d from.I have been going to him for 6yrs

    with muscle pain and muscle spasm in my legs and fingers (horrendous) the he sent me for a blood test says the test shows i am at 12 and the worse case he has seen since working in the hospital I'm on my 2nd month of capsules so am hoping it will get better soon (you too) I have to have another blood test in august

  • Cheetah Cheetah kelly79051

    I've got Vitamin D deficiency as well and my level is 22.2 n/mol.   My doctor has given me 10,000 units daily of Colecalciferol for 14 days.  A month after finishing the tablets, I will need a blood test to check my calcium levels and then a further blood test two months after that to check my Vitamin D levels again.  After that, if necessary, I will need to go onto a maintenance dose.  There is a lot of information about Vitamin D deficiency and the treatment needed on the National Osteoporosis Society website and their free helpline is excellent.  There doesn't appear to be any one general method of treatment and hospitals seem to work from their own criteria.  I've had bone pain and fatigue for some time, but never realised it may have been due to anything like a deficiency.  It was only picked up when I saw a consultant for the first time, for another problem, and he did a lot of different blood tests.  I hope you're soon feeling much better.

    • austin40571 austin40571 Cheetah

      Hi Rosia, I am deficient with a level of 5 ng/ml. From reading your post, you had bone pain and fatigue prior.

      I am having a increased amount of bone pain taking Vit D to correct the issue, did you have any increased pain during therapy?  Did it go away?  Did you add anything else other than Vit D to decrease pain during treatment?

      Thank you!

    • james64908 james64908 austin40571

      Hi Austin,

      It's unfortunate that you weren't able to get a reply as I have been experiencing the same as yourself. Since 9 months has passed, I was wondering if you could answer any questions?

      Firstly, could you confirm that your muscle/bone pain got worse AFTER your treatment? How long did it take before your symptoms got better? Also, how bad was the muscle pain? Since my treatment, the muscle pain has gone from being just in the morning to throughout the day.



    • taro93814 taro93814 Cheetah

      Hi Cheetah,

      I wanted to ask you how long before your fatigue resolved with vitamin d deficiency? I am going through the same thing as my doctor doesn't believe vitamin d deficiency could be causing all this pain and fatigue. So she is referring me to a rhuematologist.

    • Cheetah Cheetah taro93814

       I believe it was a few months before I began to feel a lot better, Taro.  I hope your appointment with the rheumatologist goes well.  At least, he/she will be able to look into everything.  Take care.

  • penny17 penny17 kelly79051

    Hi - I been low VitD for years and years Only diagnosed deficient early February. My Dr left me to research & decide on supplement dosage required. I gathered all the information I needed from

    I also paid for private Vitamin D blood test at this NHS lab _____ as I wanted to check I wasn't going to overdose on VitaminD - excellent service.

    I now know I am in the lower end of the ADEQUATE range. Intend to continue taking VitaminD at reduced dose of 1-2000iu as maintenance dose & re check blood levels in 5 months. 

    Aches & & pains not completely gone but my sleep improved & energy levels better. I think it takes a while for the body to repair itself.

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    • dambudzo dambudzo penny17

      well i'm somewhat shocked by the fact that your doctor left you to decide on your dosage. sounds a bit odd. anyhow i hope you are making the mostof the sunshine - not too much - just 30 mins for 3 times a week is apparently enough.

    • penny17 penny17 dambudzo

      I've known my family Dr for 15 yrs and he's aware I started my working life c1970 as  lab technician and I'm often told that I'm a sensible Woman!

      I research thoroughly . . . 

  • Aneeqa Aneeqa kelly79051

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  • Noon sheen Noon sheen kelly79051

    Hi Kelly79051

    My Vit D level is 7 and my GP has prescribed me 20000 units per day for 6 weeks . I hope there won't be any side effects at this high dose.

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