Vitamin D Deficiency and Bone Pain

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I was diagnosed with Vitamin D deficency 9 weeks ago. My level was 25. My dr prescribed 1 tablet twice a week of the D3 20,000 IU tablets. My symptoms were fatigue, bone pain and a mildly elevated ALP level (110-118).

My bone pain comes and goes but when it hurts it really hurts. At the moment it's effecting my shoulder tips, collar bone, Breast bone, wrists and hips. I am also suffering with a cramping pain in my calves.

I mentioned this to my dr and because of my suspected malabsorption he checked my vit d levels. As of yesterday they are 85. He is pleased with this and advised me that although it is normal if I stopped the pills it would probably drop straight back down.

If regards to my bone pain he said it probably still my vitamin d levels and I need to give it 6 months. I have another 2 weeks on high dose then I'm on maintenance vitamin d for 2-3 months.

I have been checked for rheumatoid arthritis, my calcium is back to normal (it was low in the begining) and so is my full blood count.

Has anyone else experienced this? The pains in my bones hurt so much!

What else could it be?

Thank you taking the time to read.

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    I had vit D deficiency and also agonising muscle pain in my shoulders, upper arms and thighs. I was actually diagnosed with PMR, although your pain sounds slightly different. You could look up PMR on Google to see if your symptoms fit it though. 
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    Some medications, particulary statins,  can also cause bone, joint, and muscle pains.  
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      Thank you for your reply. I am currently on no medication. I stopped omperazole 2 weeks ago and I take multi vitamins. I will check the side effects of the omperazole though.
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      Share ur experience pls if u have same or cme acros any similar case.:-

      Actually I am worrying about changes I am feeling in body. Could be side effects of multivitamin injections. I am taking multivitamin injections due to iron def and low b12. Have taken only 2 times so far and from yesterday noticing tiny shiny red spot. id noticed 4-5 such spots on my arms and two at my back. Is this a side effect of injection or what. Have u seen anyone getting such spot after taking multi vitamin injections.? And also after an hour of taking injection, caughing with chest pain and thick saliva kept coming out, thick sticky type. And then later same day tiny red spot.

      Past record.

      As per my physician, my problem was overweight 85kg and low b12 and iron def.

      Iron test result pending because bone cracking noises indicating that it would be low, weird cracking twisting sound was coming from Knee joint. Phyician said its due to iron, she knows better. And My thyroid test report all was all normal. And b12 was also not too low, it was 274. CBC was tested But RBC was hemoglobin marginally low with b12 at bottom line of 274. So instructed me to have multivitamin injections every 3rd day.


      I visited clinic due to following symptons:

      1. I was having neurological symptoms of tingling and pin and needle sensation numbness on part of limb. But no pain. Firat went to neurologist EMG test was cleared.

      2. High pulse rate 100 to 115 with no cause, foe that physician given me tablets. taking inderel tablet for that 40mg 2 times a day.

      3. Muscles Weakness, was feeling tired and mild headache. Anxiety.

      After injections I am more restless.

      Thanks reema

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      Hi Gem,

      I too have experienced this. My story is as follows:

      2010- Foot pain/burning legs and feet at night which kept me awake for hours which I was told was due to my age. I also had bad acid reflux and I was given lanzaprazole 30mg which i took for yearssad

      -I was not checked for vit d levels until i moved home and changed GP in 2014. My symptoms worsened suddenyly two years ago leading to me unable to walk for more than a few yards before being exhausted, I couldn't get out of the bath, push off from a seated position, had pains in my sternum and ribs and shins.  I gained weight too and didn't go out much in the sun as I couldn't walk well. I also had bad IBS and poor sleep and night sweats.

      -The new Gp was so helpful, prescribe doses of 40,000 units of vit d over 8 week, my levels went from 12 to 54 over 3 months. -Since then I have gradually recovered, but it's taken a year for me to feel better.

      I now have a dog who I can walk every day! I don't have any symptoms, but I do take 5000 units of vit d a day from Oct-April to keep my levels up. I am 20 pounds lighter too!, have no IBS symptoms and sleep well.

      I'm convinced that Lanzaprazole, not being in the sun enough as I was partially disabled lead to all of this and a GP who didn't care and thought I was making it up.

      I'm so relieved that I'm ok now and can do what I want again- keep the faith and the supplements going and you will get better, but when it's happening it is so scary and feels as if it goes on forever.

      I wish you good health



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    i also had agonising bone pains that came on suddenly and a blood test showed i had v low vitamin D. it does take a while for the pains to go but mine went eventually.

    good luck


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      Thank you for replying. It's good to know that im not the only one who is/has suffered with it. My gp doesn't seem overly concerned at the moment.
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    I was diagnosed yesterday with Vitamin D deficiency and Osteopenia. The GP has advised my to purchase Colecalciferol (Dekristol) at 20,000 iu tablets 1 a day for 3 months. Just waiting for thecpharmacy to call me to say they've arrived! How long does it take on average for people to start feeling the benefits of taking high level D3? 
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      Hi SLP37,

      I found benefit 3 weeks after I started taking them. My anxiety got better and my fatigue disappeared. I've been advised that bone/muscle and joint pain can take 6 months+ to get better. So I'll let you know when mine stops! Lol!

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    This post was a while ago but I recently was diagnosed with low D as well as hypothyroidism and after only nine days on a D supplement and levothyroxin I already feel a huge difference! My pain is almost gone and I feel so normal that it is scary! I'm hoping that it stays this way. 😄

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