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shirley84100 shirley84100

Vitamin E. Oil Capsules

Hi everyone, I got my capsules this afternoon so watch this space. I'm just a bit worried that it will be sore pushing one up inside me, though having said that, it won't go up as far as the Vagifem tablet of course. I'm am hoping that I will feel better after several days. :-)

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  • sandra70591 sandra70591 shirley84100

    Hi Shirley

    Please let me know how you get on. Still a little worried what happens to the outer coating as when swallowing the stomach acid would break this down . Not sure  how this will disolve iniside the vagina.

    Will await your comments and then off to Boots for me.



    • shirley84100 shirley84100 sandra70591

      Hi Sandra, I must admit I am a bit worried about this too if I'm honest. Maybe Gwen will see our posts about it and comment. I am due at docs a week tomorrow too and I wouldn't want her to see bits of capsules up inside me!! So for the moment I have just used my first capsule on the outside. Not doing good today. So sore and uncomfortable with it I could cry buckets sad Will keep you posted. Shirley

    • joan93691 joan93691 shirley84100

      HI Shirley,   I live in .France and was prescribed capsules about 18 months ago.   I was told to use them about twice a week but, I have learned over time that I have to use my own judgement.   Everything does dissolve inside, I use them at night, but they are very messy so extra underwear beneath your nightwear is advisable.  They have worked for me although I have to us a special cream on my boobs, from time to time, due to the use of these hormone capsules.   The other problem is that I do also get cystitis occasionally, apparently linked with this treatment.   All in all. Though, the capsules have worked for me and do control the VA.   good luck.

    • KKay KKay joan93691

      Hello Joan,

      I'm at my wit's end with burning inside and out, so am desperate to try anything. Have just started vagifem (day 4) and the burning actually seems to be worse. Are the vit E capsules just the regular ones that other people take orally ? Or is it a special vit E capsule that is inserted vaginally?

      Thanks for your help

    • janet23864 janet23864 KKay

      I buy the vitamin e for women and insert with fingers and break the coating and squeeze capsule.I was told to use vagifem 5 times a week as the dose is so low.The feelings of atrophy come and go.Had posterior prolapse repair in September but getting fed up wiith anterior symptons but I am only stage 1 so will not operate.

    • shirley84100 shirley84100 janet23864

      It's a coincidence that you say the feelings of atrophy come and go Janet because I was really sore with Vaginal Atrophy for long enough. Had all the symptoms and soreness. Was on and off Vagifem, Estriol etc. Mostly none of it helped . So in the end I stopped the HRT cream a couple of months ago and things have actually been a lot better. Not complaining but I don't understand either as the Doc said I would probably be on HRT permanently because my Estrogen levels would never get back to normal. Was in a lot of pain with the atrophy too, even thought it wasn't atrophy at one point. Wondered if it was Interstitial Cystitis. It just makes me wonder if my problem wasn't vaginal Atrophy after all.

    • catherine39 catherine39 janet23864

      How are you getting on with the vitamin e capsules? And where do you buy them? I'm 14 weeks post repair op and scar tissue pain very sore. Vagifem made it much worse. Am wondering now if I may have prolapsed again. Burning pain is so bad. 

  • gwen76896 gwen76896 shirley84100

    I do hope it works for you Shirley.  I found it took about 5 days before I started to feel the benefit.  I still have a slight stinging sensation just after passing urine but it settles down after about 10 minutes.  I insert a capsule once a day and then smear the Vitamin E oil from a pierced capsule around my vaginal opening every time I use the loo.  Good luck!

    • shirley84100 shirley84100 gwen76896

      Hi Gwen, Thanks for tonights replies to my message. I have now smeared a couple of capsules worth of oil round the opening of my vagina tonight. And now you have told me about the shell of the capsules, I will insert one in the morning. God knows I've got enough on with my recent hip replacement and bad hip, without this on top. I, like everyone on here, am desperate for relief. So I will see how things are by next Monday/Tuesday. Many thanks again. Shirley

  • gwen76896 gwen76896 shirley84100

    Just spotted your concern and Sandra's about the outer coating of the capsule and whether or not it dissolves inside the Vagina.  I have been assured by my Pharmacist that it will.    I certainly haven't had any evidence since I started inserting them that they don't dissolve.

  • gwen76896 gwen76896 shirley84100

    This is an extract from a Health website I have been looking at:

    How to Use Vitamin E Oil in the Vaginal Area

    Vitamin E oil can be used to lubricate the vagina. Vaginal dryness is the inability of the vagina to moisturize itself. This can cause pain during sexual intercourse and general discomfort while walking and performing other physical activity. It can be caused by menopause, use of birth control pills or recent child birth. Vitamin E capsules contain vitamin E oil which can be used to moisturize the vagina, which relieves symptoms of vaginal dryness.

    Step 1

    Examine a vitamin E capsule to ensure there are no scratches. If there are scratches on the capsule, it might be a cause irritation in your vagina.

    Step 2

    Insert the capsule into your vagina while lying down or standing with one leg elevated. Slowly push the capsule into your vaginal opening. Your vagina will effectively absorb the casing of the capsule, releasing the oil slowly over time.

    Step 3

    Pierce one vitamin E capsule with a safety pin, allowing the oil to leak from the hole.

    Step 4

    Collect some of the oil from the capsule on your hands and fingers.

    Rub the oil on the outside of your vaginal wall to lubricate your labia.


    Because vitamin E is an oil, it may cause condoms to break down during sexual intercourse.

    • shirley84100 shirley84100 gwen76896

      Brilliant Gwen :-) Thank you for posting that. I wonder if it would help to pierce a capsule before it goes into the vagina too? Anyway I will be inserting one capsule into my vagina when I get up in the morning. I've just put a Vagifem up there not long ago. Thanks again for the info. Much appreciated. Shirley

    • susan556 susan556 shirley84100

      Hi Shirley just read this about using vit E  capsules, wonder if this would help me as i had to stop using the vagifem due to starting to bleed again.

      Im wondering though if you are already using the vagifem why you feel the need to use the vit E as well.


    • shirley84100 shirley84100 susan556

      Hi Sue, Sorry to hear about your problems and having to stop using Vagifem.

      As for using Vit E as well, if I'm honest, the Vagifem haven't really helped me. I started using GINEST cream but on a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being useless and 10 being great, I would say the GINEST was about 1 on that scale. Vagifem rates at about 3 on the scale, so only slightly better.

      Interestingly, I used the Vit E for the first time last night, and I feel some improvement all ready. I don't know if that's just coincidence or what as I do have the odd day when the atrophy isn't as bad. But 9 days out of 10, its awful. Had it since about July last year. I am really hoping against hope that the Vit E will help as this has really got me down.

      So yes they may help you too Sue. Fingers crossed they help us both, and anyone else who uses them. :-)

    • shirley84100 shirley84100 gwen76896

      Hi Gwen, Thanks for your message. I've not heard of Ovestin cream. Perhaps that would be a better option for me too, along with the Vitamin E oil. Have to see the Doc a week today anyway. So by then I should know if the capsules are helping me or not and I could mention the Ovestin to my doc and see what she says. :-)

  • deb27931 deb27931 shirley84100

    Really interested to hear how you ladies go on this, it would be great to have a natural alternative. I agree about the gynest, I only survive by using it every other day. The GP says use it once a week but that simply is not enough.

  • rosemary82613 rosemary82613 shirley84100

    LDid the capsules make any difference

    Going to get some tomorrow

    I was not sore all the time untill last 6/8 weeks it's

    driving me mad it hurts to wee as well.

    I'm waiting to see gynea cons not sure

    If they have.aMagic cure.

    It's so depressing you can't actually tell

    People what's wrong

    • shirley84100 shirley84100 rosemary82613

      Hi Rosemary, It is depressing isn't it. Very difficult to tell people what's wrong. Its been driving me mad too. Though it doesn't hurt to wee. I feel like I want to we when I have just been though. That's irritating to say the least. Some days are a bit better though and thankfully today's not been as bad. As for the Vit E, Yes its definitely helped me. Been on it since last Wednesday night now.

  • cool4cats cool4cats shirley84100

    Hi Shirley,

    I've been reading your post about using vitamin e capsules as an answer to the awful vaginal discomfort which goes with the menopause.

    I've had an awful burning inside for several weeks, my GP prescribed Vagifem but I won't use them as my mum had breast cancer so I'm scared to use them, I also much prefer a natural option.

    Did you find the vitamin e successful in relieving your discomfort? I'm at my wits end with it, it's making me feel very down now.

    How often did you insert a capsule?



  • eileen26169 eileen26169 shirley84100

    Hi, My homeopathic doctor tells me the correct way to lubricate with Vitamin E capsules is to 'pierce' the capsule with a pin and squirt contents internally.   

    Having checked a few sites about this many suggest 'piercing' the capsule too.

    None suggest inserting the capsule whole.    I think it may irritate linings more.  

    Hope this helps. 


    • eileen26169 eileen26169

      .....and yes, they are the same normal  Vitamin E capsules or oil you can buy in chemist and health stores.  

      From what i read, Vit E, being pure and a natural product, supercedes all  Vagifem and other pharmaceutical based products which have been known to irritate linings more.  

      Only one capsule a day was suggested for me.

      Vitamin E comes in different strengths from 200iu, 400iu, 1000iu.    Even the lowest would help. i use 400iu.    

      Purest form is  Vitamin E with   D-alpha Tocopherols and Mixed Tocopherols.  More absorbability.

      Foods you can eat daily which gives a good dose of Vit E  are Almonds (almond milk) and Sunflower kernals.   

    • claire40191 claire40191 eileen26169

      Hi Eileen,

      I've been doing some research on using vitamin E. I'm just wondering if anyone has had any side effects such as: nausea, headaches, blurred vision or a mild rash. Frankly I can't see why there would be side effects. I take it orally, 400 iu daily without a problem. I'm 59 and was diagnosed 2 years ago with VA. Would love to find a better alternative than what my Gnyo prescribed, I should add I never filled the script. Side effects are scary. She told me the effects would be mild but there was still a chance I could get cervical cancer. Two years ago I had a LEEP procedure because it was believed I had cervical cancer and would need this procedure for testing. Test was negative, but after that I was having major dryness and discomfort. I have a sensitivity to many ingredients in other products so was thinking Vit. E might be my answer. Are the suppositories different than the capsules that are taken orally? Thanks

  • beverly52803 beverly52803 shirley84100

    I have not checked in on this site for at least 2 years as I stopped getting notifications. The format seems to have  changed and many of the old comments are gone. I suspect when my notifications stopped the same happened to others. Anyone still active???

    • beverly52803 beverly52803 susan556

      Hi Susan. I looked back and see you were starting to use the Vit E capsules a few years ago. Are you still using them? Has it made much of an improvement? I am just starting to use them now on a somewhat regular basis as I did not have severe symptoms. The coconut oil sufficed. But now I am feeling a much greater discomfort that comes and goes. Can't tell if the E is working or just coincidental as my body is actually controlling what is happening.

      Haven't seen my GYN in a few years. When I last did she wanted me to use Premarin and I passed.

  • charlotte82948 charlotte82948 shirley84100

    How often is everyone using the vit e on their vagina? 

    I’m concerned I May overdo it, I only started last night. 

    • beverly52803 beverly52803 charlotte82948

      Charlotte, I'm not sure if you can overdo it. There really isn't much oil in a capsule. I recently bought a less expensive store brand and the outer part of the capsule seems thicker than what I used before. I just pierce it with a knife. put some coconut oil on it and insert it. Without the coconut oil it can feel like a shard of glass. The skin's sensitivity is amazing. I use it according to how much discomfort I am having. Most of the  itching has subsided. Not sure if that's due to the Vit E or not. Am just grateful it appears to be going away somewhat.

      I won't be able to see my doctor till at least May (my HMO  restricts me to the state I am in half the year). If I see a doctor here it will be out of pocket and I will be starting from scratch. I think all doctors want to start you off on hormone cream, but as my sister died of estrogen receptive breast cancer last year I would rather avoid it (plus she begged me not to use it). I have no doubt her cancer was caused by HRT.

      I will continue using the Vit E according to how uncomfortable I get as I haven't much choice. Have assumed for a few years now that I will have to get the Mona Lisa treatment eventually. As that will be totally out of pocket I am not rushing to get it (assuming I can find a nearby doctor who does  it).

      Let us know how you make out with the E. Good luck!

      Let us know how you make out with the E.

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