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I've been looking at different treatments for Vitiligo and have come across a herbal product called "Vitiligo Green" which appears to have a credible website and product......they clearly believe they have a product that can positively treat vitiligo....

Does anyone have any knowledge or view on these "herbal" products and are they at all effective in treating vitiligo or are they more like a "scam"?

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    I just came across this website last night and want to try out their product. I am also wondering if it is a scam, but feel comfortable with the fact that they have a 90-day money back guarantee (just pay for return shipping) and that the products are made in the U.S. (or so they claim). The only thing I don't really like is that there are numerous spelling errors on their website and in their direct message sent to me (I sent a message with some inquiries about their product) which, to me, indicates a lack of professionalism. However, I am desperate to try anything right now as people are beginning to point out my white patch on my face and ask about it. I tan extremely well in the summer and the patch is right in the middle of my face, making it super noticeablesad

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      I actually purchased the product about 6 weeks ago and have been applying it daily since that time. I have noticed a slight improvement in my vitiligo patch where a pinkish tone has developed, however this does fluctuate and sometimes it appears to fall back to a more whitish tone.

      I have also emailed them directly with a number of queries where I have found their responses prompt, informative and appear credible with the information they provide.....they do also offer the option of calling them directly, perhaps this is something worth doing. They stated that the time frame to see real improvement is upwards of 3 months but typically expect some level of pink tone to develop in that timeframe.

      The other point I'd make is that the product was shipped from the US and they also cite the USDA Organic "seal" which appears genuine from the investigation I did.

      Keep me posted on what you decide to do and any further information you obtain.


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      I just bought some last night, but still remained very skeptical about it so I called them a little while ago. A woman named Angela answered my call and really put me at ease about the product. She spoke very well and told me what to expect / in what time frame to expect it. It seems like the information you were given lines up with the information she gave me.

      She recommended that I apply 3 times per day if I want to see quicker results, and that the white patch should start to take on a pink tone within a month. She then said that "freckles" or brown spots should begin to appear after that which indicates the patch is beginning to repigment. She explained what the body is doing during these stages and it all sounded legitimate. I'm really hoping this works.

      I also know that everyone's body reacts differently to things, and every vitiligo case is different, so another thing that made me feel better about the company is that they don't claim to have a 100% success rate. This makes me feel like they are being honest, but only time will tell right? I will update my progress as time goes on. I have determined that if it works, I will post a YouTube video to help spread the word about their product since I can't seem to find much information about it outside of their website. That's IF it works. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with your progress and I hope this works for you! Let's hope it is just taking a bit longer than normal and not a scam.

      Fingers crossed for you. Keep me updated smile

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      That's interesting in terms of the conversation you had with their terms of their success rate, in my email exchange with them, they claim a 98% success rate, is this in line with what you was told on the phone?

      My patch definitely shows a pinker tone but does fluctuate back to a whiter shade....when you spoke with them, did they say anyhting in that regard?

      Good luck!

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      Yes, she told me their success rate is 95-98% and didn't seem like my specific type of Vitiligo would be an issue. She said they have been treating people with 30-40+ years of history with Vitiligo with success.

      In regards to the pink turning white again, she didn't mention anything like that, just that the pink would eventually give way to little freckle spots (second stage of repigmentation) in as little as a month. I also didn't ask her about that though, so maybe that happens occasionally? I've noticed if my patch gets irritated or itchy, it gets a bit pink but I think that's just the inflammation, because it will go back to being white once the irritation stops.

      The only thing that doesn't add up to me is that they claim so many people have been treated successfully, yet I can't find any information about their product anywhere on the internet, any testimonials nor any reviews besides what is on their website. There are maybe 10 testimonials with before/after pictures but that's the extent of it. Doesn't that seem odd to you?

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      I'm also intrigued at the lack of wider positive coverage the product gets based on it's apparent success....and longevity of it's success....+30 years...

      Interesting that you was told "freckling" could occur in as little as a month...that seems a very short area seems to be getting back to working back to a pinker tone and their feedback on this is that this is the production of fresh new blood cells and when the immune system has been built up, it will trigger the brain to start producing melanocytes.

      Sometimes, I feel as thought they tell you the things you want to hear but they do seem very knowledgeable on the topic.....

      The product itself is professionally presented and packaged along with the website.....they also have genuine US organic accreditations, etc....which cannot be inexpensive to obtain....going against the scam thoughts?

      Have you received the product yet?


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      its a scam i used this product for about 7 months and nothing it even got worst
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      this product its the biggest scam ever some women calls u tells u what u want to hear that u start to get pink color whatever u apply vitiligo green after couple weeks starts getting grey little thoths lmao. i used this product for about 7 months and only got worst!!
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      Hello friend, u may take some traditional Chinese medicine and it has no side effect. It can make your white splotch reduce slowly.
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      Hello dear friend, sorry to reply u late. Can I have your email? Because here our communication is not  convenient. I took some traditional Chinese medicine from a professional vitiligo hospital. If u want to take this medicine, u can contact me.
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    Hello dear friend, I had ever been a vitiligo patient, too. But now I was cured in a hospital of China by taking traditional Chinese medicine. So I think maybe u can have a try. This medicine has no side effect. I hope your vitiligo can be cured one day. Good luck.
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    Hi I have suffered from this skin deseas and I have a cure for this when my grampa was dying he left a cure for this he was a dermitalogist for over 20 years he studied vitiligo so I can sell the medicine message me

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    this product its the biggest scam ever some women calls u tells u what u want to hear that u start to get pink color whatever u apply vitiligo green after couple weeks starts getting grey little thoths lmao. i used this product for about 7 months and only got worst!!
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    Hi, actually I didn’t try this method,

     but I used vitilemna pills for 6 month and my skin is cured. I had vitiligo on 30% of my body. If you need more info, check eBay. I found it there. 

    Best wishes

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