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  • rizwan123 1

    Vitiligo on brown skin

    Hi I am 18years old and have vitilgo for about a year I am a Pakistani so I have brown skin and the vitilgo is very very visible. Any home remixes people have tried that have helped or any tips at all?

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  • anony76522 2

    Vitiligo- my experience

    I'm a 16 year old boy with vitiligo. I've had vitiligo since I was 11. It's been a difficult 5 years but my friends and family have pulled me through. I know vitiligo isn't a life threatening disease, it doesn't affect my health but in this day and age- where society puts a lot of importance on looks,...

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  • shahnawaz988 1

    Vitiligo on my 3 month son ?

    My son is very healthy boy and he is three months old .Its been almost ten days he started developing white patch's near his eyelids and it has covered the below and above eyelid ..I am worried now whether it is vitiligo ..I consulted my doctor he said it is not vitiligo he is very small to get vitiligo...

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  • mareen75536 1
  • walkerro 1

    Narrowband UVB - Genital Areas

    Hi, looking perhaps for some guidance/re-assurance regarding the use of the NB UVB phototherapy on the vitiligo in genital areas. I've been self-treating this area with (narrowband uvb hand-held) phototherapy 2/3 times a week for 10-20 seconds exposure (for 7 weeks or so) but have recently read a number...

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  • roland1941 1

    Methotrexate question

    I've had vitiligo for over 40 years and have lost pigmentation over all my body.  About a year and a half ago, I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis and was put on a weekly dose of Methotrexate.  Two or three weeks ago, I realized my forearms were seemingly repigmenting.  So I am wondering if this might be...

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  • john35862 2

    Vitiligo going away by itself?

    Hello! So I have had vitiligo for about 15 years now and to be honest it never really bothered me due to the fact that it is pretty mild. I have it on my nipples and on my leg. However for the last 2 years I've been noticing that some brown spots forming on my nipples. At first I thought they were moles...

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  • dips1948 1
  • Wildcat00444 1

    Vilitigo: hands and feet

    Hi,  I was recently diagnosed with vilitigo and was wondering, has anyone heard of an over the counter topical that works in restoring the pigmentation on the hands or other extremities? 

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  • tazbo 1


    Hi, I have been diagnosed with vitiligo from my GP and I am so scared, the pigment from my lips has gone, my pigment is now disappearing from my fingers and I am seeing new spots daily. It's suddenly just increased and nothing has changed in my life in terms of stress or diet. My work colleges have...

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  • maryann3101 2

    Vitiligo now brown spots?

    Hello I have had vitiligo since I was five. Spots everywhere. A few years ago my whole body turned completely white. In which I was so happy I had an even skin tone. Very fair but not spotty. Finally I wasn't embarrassed about my body. I started doing B12 shots a few months ago and now I am getting brown...

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  • rengasamy69475 2


    Two months ago,white patches appeared on my eyelids and below my lips. So stressing! I work as a cop and it's sometimes difficult to face the public!

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  • jmills66 1

    Last ditch effort

     I am a 50 year old male with Vitiligo. My symptoms did not become noticeable until approximately 6 to 8 years ago. It has gotten progressively worse and is now on my head (I shave my head) and neck. I am completely discouraged. If I didn't have a 16 year old son at home I would seriously contemplate...

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  • Guest M

    Vitiligo and hairloss

    Hello. I am 21 and earlier this year was diagnosed with vitiligo. It has continued to spread on my hands and around my hips and more recently at the corners of my mouth. I was wondering if any one has suffered from hairloss with vitiligo? I was given Lamisil at first as the doctor thought it could...

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  • Nessaa 1

    Dealing with the Questions

    Well i am 14 and have only recently been confirmed that I do have vitiligo. I have had my patches for about 2 years now I guess and they do fluxuate in size. But now there are developing patches all over me. I often get asked when I don't wear makeup to cover the patches on my face what they are. Or...

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  • vishnu46655 1

    I think I have vitiglo, but I don't know

    Hi I had a question regarding white spots on the face. I woke up one day and found two pale white spots on the left side of my face and on both my cheeks. These were not there the night before. I immediately thought that this could be the beginnings of vitiglo, but I do have a history of eczema and I...

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  • Guest M

    I had vitiligo as a child it went away of it's own accor...

    I had vitiligo as a child it went away of it's own accord when I was 17, but it came back with avengance when i was 21 ,sadly for me its always appeared on my face I have patches on my chin forhead a the left side of my face,I find new patches of late amost every few months they start of small and spread...

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  • jarry11952 2
  • kayleigh 32228 2

    How to cope on holiday with vitiligo

    Hi all, iv been reading some of your vitiligo posts & really didn't realise how many do have it. No one in my family does & they just don't seem to understand how I feel. I am 24 and am very self conscious. I hate that I can't feel comfortable with my body knowing people are looking at me. I started...

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  • unnamedweirdo 1

    I'm a 13 year old girl with Vitiligo.

    It started on my legs when I was around six or seven. I don't really remeber my reaction. For the longest time, I didn't even really notice. It spread slowly, and my family never thought to get me diagnosed, so I didn't actually find out what it was until recently. It frist really started to affect me...

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  • Gizmo24 1

    diagnosed with vitiligo 2 months ago, need help dealing with it

    I'm a 29 year old female and I recently found out I had vitiligo about 2 months ago. It first started as a small patch on my face, I didn't think anything of it since I'm always in the sun until it started to spread. I have a darker complexion and the white patches are starting to spread more and more....

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  • Marise12 2

    MY son has vitiligo

    Hi, i my son is 3 years old and 3 months ago i notice some white paths on his foot and back, since there i took him to see doctor 4 times and always they said is fungus, as the cream that they gave was not working i went to dermatologist and he said is vitiligo-. He gave a cream to pass (protopic).Im...

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  • oxalic16986 3

    Small white spots on arms legs

    Hi For a long time now small white patches have been developing on my body(especially arms and legs). Is this vitiligo or something else? I have not been to a dermatologist. They don't itch or anything just look ugly. Here is a picture-

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  • MrsCalaruk 1

    Strangers questions

    Does anyone have Vitiligo on their hands starting from the fingertips and gradually travelling toward the wrists?  If so, have strangers ever asked if you got burned or were in a fire??

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  • jeff42301 2

    psoralea Seeds

    Has anyone tried psoralea seed as a cure for vitiligo. I have read articals on it from google and some sware it worked to clear their vitiligo. The seads contain a chemical that along with uv light can produce pigment to cover spots, Its suppose to be perfectly safe to process the seeds into a powder...

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  • jeff42301 2

    HELP !!!!

    How can i get my life back and re pigment my skin. Vitiligo covers 90% of my body. What will reverse it that dosnt cost 1000s of dollars ? I have no health ins,

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  • chucktom 1
  • Nomadd 1

    Arthritis/vitiligo link

    I've noticed that my vitiligo appears every place I've had problems with arthritis as in Knuckles, ankles and knees. I've never heard of this before since arthritis doesn't affect the skin over it's locations.

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  • jeff42301 2

    How can I deal with this?

    I am so self-conscious about my skin and vitiligo that it is totally destroying my quality of life. I am so self-conscious about the white patches and uneven skin tone that I constantly think about it.

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  • jadewood 1

    Narrowband treatment

    Hi everyone, im a suffer of vitiligo ive had it since i was 14, i am now 18. i went to hospital and recieved narrowband uvb treatment however it was affecting my education to keep taking time out of school/college. i decided to buy a canopy sunbed and fit it with hospital grade narrowband tubes from...

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  • ashley44760 1

    Vitiligo on areoles

    I have discoloration on my areoles. What can I do to treat this or improve the appearance? I was thinking tattooing the whole nipple a light shade of brown or maybe using a bleaching cream the lighten the outside lines of the area. It just looks so odd. Any advice? The nipple is very white with a...

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  • holly1998 3

    vitiligo and dying my hair

    Hi, So I was diagnosed with vitiligo age 11, and I've been told in the past by people that dying your hair can make your hair lose all its colour altogether.. I've also been told by hairdressers when I asked that they do special hair dye for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions. I guess I just...

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  • kumar62021 1

    Vitiligo Discussion

    I have 4 to 5 white spots on my skin lower leg. I think its vitiligo? they were itchy and had dry black scalp. Once the dry black scalp shed white spots took over it and spread on the leg. What to do? How should i test and confirm that it's vitiligo??

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  • lookinganswers 1
  • yuliana21836 1

    Vitiligo linked to arthritis

    Hi there, I have Vitiligo since I was 7, now 25. I have read some new research which indicates that a drug used for rheumatoid arthritis may help patients with vitiligo, I find it very interesting as I was always wondering why Vitiligo occurs mainly on and around joints? I have been looking for an answer...

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