Vomiting after eating or drinking

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For 16 weeks now I've been vomiting after eating and/or drinking I have been to the Drs 6 times and hospital 11 but they say nothing's coming up so the just ignore it . I am beginning to get depressed at. I have missed  9 weeks of school what could it be ? 

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    Hi; sounds like you have been havng a tough time.

    when yo say vomiting; do you mean the whole meal and food ; and is it solids and how long after eating? Is it just food/ liquid you have drunk; any blood, discoloration etc?  Also - is it EVERY time you eat or drink or 'more or less'??

    Do have any other symptoms; like stomach or chest pain prior o vomiting?

    Also ; what is yr diet (may or may not be the cause).. just wanted to ask.

    Finally; how, are your stools as well?

    Thx ; just wanted some extra info to assist in this


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      It's whatever I have eaten, it gome back up (as solids) about 10-20 minutes later and it's EVERY time I drink , even water it is most of what I have eaten or drank but some must be staying down as the Dr says I'm only slightly dehydrated. No I feel fine , a bit week and tired but that's it . Also I'm a little bit constipated but only slightly. My diet is quite balanced I don't like fatty or fried foods , I always have home cooked meals and nothing prosesed. 
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      have you looked up rumination?  that involves some bringing up solids; and it sounds as if it is contraction issues; so a relaxant might help??? have a look and let me know your thoughts (it could also be other things; gastro symptoms; and it may resolve on its own)...
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      I loked it loked it up and it sounds a bit similar to what the dr said but I'm not worried abou anything  (apart from this) I have a good relationship with my mum so I tell her everything that worries me big or small. I'll be sure to read some more about it , thanks 
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      relaxants may help to stop any contractions whilst consuming foods?!... your GP might be able to recommend some.

      Hope you get better soon - mind over matter can overcome things ; not everythin that is written is completely correct and there are things that aren't known medically; so it is good to remember all the info can only ever be guidance and not definitive diagnosis. smile xxx

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    Hi liv,

    You need to keep a food and drink diary to see what food or drink is causing the vomitting.  It may be something your digestive system is not happy with. Start the food and drink diary with day, date, time, food, drink...and see what emerges. best wishes....

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    I hope you are doing well. My daughter is experiencing this very same thing for weeks now and no doctors can get a handle on it. Can you tell me if you were diagnosed? If so, what was the diagnosis and the treatment? I am grasping at straws to figure this out for her... Thank you for any help you can provide. 

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      Did the Doctors ever find out what was going on with your

      daughter? My 15 year old daughter has been sick like this for

      over 130 days. The Dr. Still hasn't found anything. Thanks for

      any help.

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      Update on my daughter. It took 10 months for the Dr. to find out it was her gallbladder.  They did a HIDA scan and found out that her gallbladder was only working 12%. An hour after her surgery she was eating and holding it down. 
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      I am so glad that your daughter is feeling better!  Was there a certain test result that caused your doctor to do the HIDA scan on the gall bladder?  What specifically were your daughter's symptoms?  My daughter just turned 17 and has been dealing with a feeling of fullness, nausea and vomiting for 7 weeks now.  She's had ultrasounds of her liver, gall bladder, appendix, ovaries and spleen, an endoscopy, a gastric emptying study and labs on blood, urine and stool, but everything has come back normal so far.  I GREATLY appreciate your help!

      Thanks - Tara

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      Such wonderful news!!!! I'm so very happy for both of you. Good times ahead. Thanks for the update!!! God bless😘😘😘

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        Her symptoms were -Heartburn ,nausea ,headaches , flatulence ,and regurgitation in which she couldn’t hold anything down (food or water).  As soon as she would eat or drink it would come right back up within five minutes .

      First they done an ultrasound of her gallbladder which didn’t show gallstones. She had many test done after that such as a gastric emptying test, MRE, MRI brain scan, endoscopy, colonoscopy and many more test. They then sent her  to a therapist for eating disorders. We knew she didn’t have an eating disorder but we just done everything the doctor told us to do.

      No certain test was done. I told them to do the Hida scan . 

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    Hi there do you find what is going on? I hope you are well. I am 22 years old and I have 2 months of vomiting in 10-20 minutes  after eating  . Especially when I drink liquids. Also vomiting without drinking liquids.

     does not make me nauseous and I have no control of vomiting almost all the solid I ate and large amounts of liquid that I had not ingested. I do not feel sick. Only sometimes something with severe headaches and my body like Weak . I still do not take medical tests cuz i don have enough money. My social insurance takes a long time for can  get my medical exams for about 6 months. Here in Costa Rica.E dropped only 1 kilogram in these two months.

    Take care.

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    My business partner was recently diagnosed with acalasia (spelling may not be correct). Apparently it was a pretty rare disease, but according to his doctors (at Chris O'Brien lifehouse in Sydney), more and more people seem to be getting this disease.

    May not be the answer but testing may help

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    A friend of mine is having the same issue for 6 weeks now.  Can anyone help? 

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