Waiting For The Operation And Need It Now !!

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I'm now at the stage  where  even  the smallest amount of food 

gives me pain all over,  from  my chest , ribs back and front , stomach, 

feel sick,  start sweating. .  Does anyone know the best way to get the 

operation  moved forward  to ASAP.   

I'm on the waiting list but it could be months!   Don't know whether 

to see my GP or go to A&E  .


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    I would go to your GP (if better than mine) then turn up at A&E they can't do much but it gets it on your records which may help getting your operation moved forward.  Reading many posts here i'm not sure i would hold out much hope though. Sorry.

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    How long have you been waiting now?

    When did you get diagnosed?

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      I  went to A&E   in May,   got put on the list but didn't get an appointment 

      for  surgery  until  the  end  of  September  and  that was with the help of my  GP. 

      I saw my GP for  another problem  and got  a telephone  call  with a date 3 days later. 

      Unfortunately   the day before surgery  I  was  ambulanced  to A&E for  a different 

      problem  and  had no choice  but  to  cancel  my  surgery. 

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      So that's a four month wait for your first opp that you had to cancel, so if this one is the same timescale it could be January!

      Christmas is off for me, you and many others around the UK then!

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    Hi Linda, I remember the feeling well. You could ring up the surgeon's secretary and see if she knows or can point you in the right direction. I've found they are quite helpful as long as you keep calm.

    Definately see your gp but  go to a&e if the pain gets unbearable as they'll be able to monitor your bloods and check that you haven't got an infection as they'll do it sooner if that happens.

    Its a horrid waiting game I know, I had to wait an extra month for mine as my surgeon wasn't around for a month so it put me back. I found it easier to cope with once I'd got a date.

    Let me know how you get on. Take care x

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    I can't say I agree with Katherine.as much as I should be able to I can't.

    but I agree with Matt whole heartedly.

    as I went to a & e many many times in agony and they took bloods every time my white blood cell count was elevated from 13 then 15 then 19 the 23 but because I never had a temp all the done was offer me morphine every time of which I declined every time.

    they wouldn't even give me a poxy ultrasound even when I was begging them the useless arseholes of the n no h hope s services

    of a 3rd world health service we've all like fools succumbed to and payed our national insurance and their mortgages.

    then I paid for an ultrasound well many in fact only £100 privately so around £20 cost to the NHS I should imagine,

    but your life Linda is ant worth spending £20 pound on as far as they are concerned on no that's money better spent on some bleach so the NHS staff can nick it.

    anyway then when I went and showed them at a & e my ultrasound report of chronic choletistis excuse spelling of the big medical world names they give things just to confuse us of course.

    with significant inflammation and a 2.3cm stone blocking the cystic duct indicating gallbladder infection they just reply yr very organised!!

    indeed I am.

    its a shame our crappy NHS is not.

    they still sent me away every time refusing to ct scan or ultrasound me .

    why ? 

    'Well as far as I'm concerned ,and I'm entitled to my opinion so I'll have it here .

    becouse their are doing the same as sadam Husain ethnic cleansing and committing manslaugter.

    nice guidelines indicate that with the condition I had and produced my evidence along with high white blood cell count ,that I should have been in on intravenous antibiotics and intravenous fluids and this happened to many times over the 3 years.

    same at my go surgery also .

    and these are the very people we pay to look after us !!

    im not a doctor , 

    'why should I be telling them what they should be doing and telling them nice guidelines etc 

    thats what they get paid for not me.

    anyway I ended up hours from death with an infected and full of puss gangrenous gallbladder thanks to the unskilled uncaring Heath service we have .

    and I couldn't even pay my gp to give me a referral for a private ct scan that I was paying for as she refused me !

    so drove around Harley street for 2 days near dead in agony like a nutcase begged every private gp their to give me a referral for a ct scan managed to find one who liked cash ,got it had the ct scan an hour later in opp privately 3 hours later as the surgeon I took the ct scan report to told me I was hours to days from death 💀 

    'and he will operate now. He even had to hold up off a liver transplant he was about to do as I was more urgent!

    thats my experience of the NHS !

    they don't mind killing you I'm afraid to say.

    so clearly yr being treated like a fool as was I Linda.

    so I suggest you get a private ct scan done right away then  ct done and pay to save your own life as they don't look like they want to Linda,

    sorry it's so scary I know.

    im now recovering I hope !

    and if I do fully recover , I have a new mission in life to sue them and take it as very far as I can and make it the Bain of my life and I will be if I live.

    if it's got that bad and they will not help you ,I suggest you do something about it yourself.

    where are you anyway ?

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    The GP can’t really hurry things along. I would suggest you ring the Consultant’s Secretary to explain your symptoms and see where you are on the list, and also to ask if you can go on a cancellation list. Then just keep ringing and asking , therenwill be an Appointments number you can get. If you are in extreme pain the I would go to A&E. The waiting game is awful, but there will be light at the end of the tunnel! Your symptoms sound very much like mine were. I couldn’t eat anything without pain, nausea, and ridiculous bloating (I looked about six-eight months pregnant!), and this just got increasingly worse. 

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      I rang the appointment  phone number  and was told I'm on the list

      but no date yet  !!       Looks like I've got a long wait  if I  can  last  out that long  !!!

      It's beyond  a joke  ,   no one cares  !

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      It really is pathetic!

      On top of everything else i was ambulanced into hospital for a completely different matter and was told by A&E that i need to see a vascular consultant on an urgent referral and i've had to phone and phone and phone and phone! I got my appt letter last week for tomorrow exactly 10 weeks. Total joke! I looked it up lastnight and if i lived in London it would be within 24/48 hours!

      I dont think i have a vascular problem i'm sure my body is going into shutdown as i cant eat prooerly!

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      I had to keep ringing for weeks telling them how bad my symptoms were before they agreed to put me in a cancellation list. And then we kept ringing to see what was happening. I ended up having my operation at a different hospital with a different consultant, but it was all for the best in the end. 

      I am so sorry for your struggles. I do know how you are feeling xx

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      I can't understand why I have to wait so long after being given a date for surgery 

      but unfortunately  I  had to cancel  as I  was in A&E with a different problem .

      Surely if you've been given one appointment  they should  realise  that  your 

      in a bad way !    I  was hoping to get it done  soon  so I can eat  something  on

      Christmas Day.   At this rate  i'll  be  lucky to  eat  a packet  of  crisps !!

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      It is really hard. I know how awful it is. I struggled for so many years without knowing what the problem was. I was told to keep food diaries to try to eliminate food items, but almost anything I ate caused me trouble. 

      I really hope you can get sorted sooner rather than later. All I can suggest is to keep ringing and almost becoming a nuisance! 

      Maybe try your GP as well all mine did was say he couldn’t do anything to speed it up and he suggested I go private, but there’s no way I could afford it. 

      Hoping you get some good news soon x 

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      That’s not helpful. And no-one wants anyone to die. 

      What happened to you was dreadful and shouldn’t have happened. But to suggest the NHS would rather people died than treat them to save them money is outrageous. 

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      No - one  wants anyone to die,   it's  just the NHS hasn't got the funds .

      I  have  a  gripe with all the  foreign people  coming into  the  country, 

      that doesn't help the waiting lists.   Every time I've been in hospital,  which is a lot,

      other nationalities  always  outnumber  the British white's !!

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      i respect your opinion.

      however !

      please try to respect mine !

      yes it it outrageous, but no more outrageous than my gp sending me away and refusing to give me a referral for a private ct scan !

      no more outrageous, than a & e being presented with evidence of my condition,which nice guidelines says a patient with such a condition needs to be in hospital on Iv antibiotics and iv fluids,yet the hospital refuses to acknowledge this ?

      theirfore knowingly sending a patient away to probably die !

      so you see I have to disagree with you on account of my findings.

      of which I'm sorry to say.

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      When I was in this lady had come back home from the Middle East to get treatment for free on the NHS. She’d waited with the same condition for 2 years and kept putting it off until she was back here, when it just appeared to flare up 🙄🙄. She was treating the place like a hotel - asking for the WiFi password and being very demanding. She actually asked me how to use a sterile bowl for them to collect a urine sample 😂😂. But there were definitely quite a few foreign people and I get quite a lot where I work as well xx

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      Last time I was in hospital  there was one lady who was very demanding,

      she wanted her meals before anyone else and she couldn't speak a word of english !!   Plus another lady came  in , she'd just arrived in the country that day,

      plus she couldn't speak any english either.  Marvellous  how  she was found  a

      bed right  away ??

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      Did you watch The Hospital that was on recently? One episode was about people who were on holiday when they fell ill whilst in Britain. Of all the people they showed not one of them paid anything towards their treatment!! Not like if we visit say the US - if we don’t have insurance we don’t get treatment! No wonder no-one born and actually contribute towards our NHS get the treatment they deserve! Gives me the rage as well xx
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