Warfarin and cbd oil

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i would like to know if it is possible to take cbd oil for anxiety and depression whilst having been prescribed warfarin

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    Why do you want to start taking cannabidiol.

    It is a CYP Inhibitor - so may reduce warfarin breakdown and increase therapeutic effect (increase your INR).

    I wouldn’t do this without talking to the person who manages your INR/warfarin.


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      Thats what i needed to know, thanks.

      it was suggested as a help for anxiety and depression (not by doc)

      i suppose thats one more door closed for help.

      i wonder if i asked to come off warfarin it would make life so much easier.

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      Have you only ever had one PE?

      If so you could ask your Gp whether you could come off warfarin.

      If you’ve had multiple PEs - you need to stay on it for life.

      Alternatively if you have a thrombophilia - again you need to stay on it for life.


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      I have only had one p.e. Four years ago after surgery.

      i had a dvt on a plane 12 years ago. Six weeks of clexane then off.

      i dont understand why the anticoagulent consult says its because these were unprovoked i need to stay on.

      basically, I think they were provoked, one by flight, one by surgery.

      its a question of who is right

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      I hope you got good answers to your question. If you’re still in doubt ask PCP to refer you to a hematologist.   I had two PEs about two months after a hip replacement, about 45 days apart.

      I needed to have a revision done on that hip, so the orthopaedic dr referred me to a hematologist. After her tests were back it was “Yes, not only do you have to stay on it for life, you can’t take any medications that either interfere with the warfarin, such as NSAIDS, you can not ever take estrogen period”.

      I’m a retired ER RN. I have degenerative joint and disc disease. I also have kidney damage. Because I take warfarin and the kidney problem I can’t take the only thing that actually helps the pain.....ibuprofen. 

      Cbd oil deactivates the enzyme in your liver responsible for metabolizing many drugs, including warfarin.  You could have a high INR and a high chance of internal bleeding.   If I was in your place, and I kinda am, I’d say forget the oral cbd and stay on warfarin.  

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      Thanks for all that information, yes it looks like we are on this for life and that just makes so much more of a nuisance for other things.  My dentist wanted tomgive me flagyl for infection and its not a good one for warfarin either, much monitoring needed.

      i have suffered from chronic anxiety since all this and i wanted to try the oil as they have tried anti deps with me and i just cant tolerate them so left inlimbo.  If it was only warfarin i could cope but this is a problem as natural anti deps not allowed and some others too.  I dont want to takemthem but am told they would help anxiety, well they havent if anything its worse. Dont know who to ask next as tried cbt, hypnosis, mindfulness etc. Changed diet for warfarin and having digestive issues since gallbladder out soma lot in the mix for me.

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      Hello gailleatha,

      I had a hip replacement 10 weeks ago and between week 7/8 I developed blood clots in the lungs. I have been put on apixaban for 3 months. Your post that says you had a second P.E 45 days later. That has shocked me that they can return so quickly.

      I am 61 and normally healthy, I do not take any medication from the doctor. It was the worst decsion ever to have the hip replacement, I would have preferred managing the pain than having P.E and ruining my health.

      I could not take these tablets for life, have the doctors not given you any idea as to why you got another so soon. I am planning on taking bromelain in september when I am finished with the apixaban, it may stop the platelets clotting, certainly worth me trying.

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    As a user of warfarin in the past, I am a passionate advocate of the NOACS - Apixaban being the one that I am taking (lifelong).

    Although warfarin is a tried and tested anticoagulant (an old friend of mine), far too many dietary and medicine interactions, together with the inconvenience of regular checking of INR, makes it a rather inconvenient method of Anticoagulation. Particularly for those, like me, taking Anticoagulation medication lifelong.

    Apixaban certainly does not react to the many food groups that warfarin does and does not require testing other than twice yearly liver function blood tests - mine have been absolutely fine over the past two years.

    CBD oil does appear to react with warfarin  - the jury is out with regard to its reaction with Apixaban. Mixed opinions and advice. 

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      I keep checking the OACs to see if there’s a reversal agent. I did not want to switch over until there was. I see Prodaxa has a reversal agent now. Eliquis probably will have before too long. 

      I’m going to check out the reversal agents to make sure they don’t have bad side effects and are compatible with the other damn meds I take. Sheesh. I really hate getting old. 

      Thank you so much for the heads up.

      I like the OACs because they only interfere with one process in the blood clotting cascade, whereas warfarin interferes with five. 

      I’ll let you know what finally works out for me. 

      Thanks so much again. 

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