We are NOT

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We are always in pain,

sick, afraid, exhausted, sad

and one more symptom

We are HEARTBROKEN Because of your Reluctance to BELIEVE AND SUPPORT US.sad 

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    Oh kaz, how true this is. It shouldn't be this way, because with this amount of pain and discomfort I always think it must show somehow. It's very sad for us all, and kind hugs to you. I only hope that as awareness of fibromyalgia increases, people will start to see how things are for us. It is no fun!!!!! Why would we be behaving like this if there was nothing there!
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      Hi Boqer I hope that fibro will 1 day have the same recognition as ME MS and other conditions. It is certainly no fun in having this condition far from it. Just wish their was better understandiing of it and health proffessionals better educated in it.we havnt asked for this condition, we certainly dont want it. you dont ask to be ill.you would think with the condition being around for such along time. That it would be more out their. Their is a petition going to David Cameron about fibromyalgia trying to make awareness of it and how it affects us. we need as many people as possible to sign it. I cant say what you have to go on to sign it as the moderator would stop my message. but if your living in the uk and want to sign the petition private message me. I will tell you what to go on. take care gentle hugs  
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      My heart goes out to everyone with fibromyalgia. Not treated fairly. Just had a dose of things to come. At a loss wot to do. Hope to God there is more awareness cos so sorry for anyone going through wot I am now.
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      we arnt treated fairly at all, fibro needs to be put on the same footing as me and ms only when it is will we get the treatment and repect that we deserve. gentle hugs xx battle on onwards upwards smile
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      Well, I have lived with it all for a while now, but was diagnosed the end of last year. When the Dr told me, I didn't think he was right, I mean how could you have all these physical symptoms and come clear on every test? But now, after being on this forum, and hearing of all the non-physical problems that I share with so many others here, I think he's probably right rolleyes

      I went out for my ESA assessment yesterday, so I'm laid up in bed today with aches and pains, never mind, it happens

      I'm in the UK by the way 😊

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      My god up till this week I thought the same. No way it's deffo wrong. How can it be right. These people on here have got fibro I haven't . I haven't not that much pain I told myself that was until 3 days ago. I have pain like I have never known bowyer.As I said earlier my heart goes out to everyone with it. How long will your pain last? Are you having pain today because the stress of the assessment? Can't people with fibro get pip? Anyway bowyer hope your pain goes even for a couple days isn't it bliss wen you got a little bit of normality and the goes or dies down for couple days!! Anyway will say a prayer for you tonight. Coz of late I am doing a lot of praying and begging to God. Goodnight and God bless everyone. xx
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      It's ok Julia, don't worry about my name 😃 I have to add it to my dictionary lol

      It's tough when you are first diagnosed, accepting things in yourself takes time. Yes, I do seem to have fibro, but if the pain can come from nowhere then it can also go back there, never give up that hope!

      Take care, and one day at a time

      Gentle hugs

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      Btw, some people on here do get pip I think, but it seems to just depend, on what I'm not quite sure perhaps on how bad you are, or on how bad they think you are. And yes, I was in bed cos I had to go out and because of all the stress, physically and mentally it wears me out.

      Where did you get your pains?

      I hope they go down for you soon and you manage to sleep well.

      Take care, hugs

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    Hi Kaz

    I have posted tis today to a few sufferers, I don't think it is a lack of belief, people who have never suffered an illness can never understand and when doctors and ''specialists'' have only drugs to help because they dont support ''alternative treatments'' the community has to find something themselves.

    Fortunately for me I do not suffer with many ailments and is there a 'cure' probably not, but I can tell you of 2 people I have met who do suffer from 'Fibro' the first was a lady who was at a convention and I met her when she was sitting on the floor in a que and the second was a lady who attended a 'fit camp' in her wheelchair.

    The first lady was introduced to a nutritionist at the seminar and agreed to try a course of specific vitamin supplements and today has a much improved life, she no longer has long stays in bed, she is comfortable walking, she has less bad days of pain and has had a new baby and now has her own business.

    The second lady over 3-4 months attending her 'fit-camp' and being coached on changing her diet with the aid of meal replacements has also vastly improved her life.

    the only conclusion I can come to is our bodies lack the right nutrition, the vitamin supplements and meal replacements these ladies were on were obviously helping their bodies get the nutrition they needed.

    We all know that if obese people with type 2 diabetes lose weight their diabetes can improve, they will always be diabetics, but the symptoms will improve.

    Given help, the human body is capable of healing many conditions unfortunately Doctors only prescribe Drugs which in themselves cause other problems which means more drugs are prescribed to counter the effects of the first, and on it goes.

    Natural products are not even considered because drug companies cant patent them and doctors are not nutritionalists.

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      Hi Jim from what you have said about these ladies,is most encouraging. I am unable to take anything pain wise due to being alergic to opoids. so Im buisy researching to see what I can take in the way of natural products. I am eating as healthy as possible and do gentle exercise when I can. also what we have to remember is we are all different sometimes what works for one may not for another.But anything is worth a try especially if you get much improvement like those ladies. Thank you for sharing that with us 
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      Hi Jim  quote    Natural products are not even considered because drug companies cant patent them and doctors are not nutritionalists.

      unquote   and also they cant make any money out of none patent ones either, unlike chemotharapy which is nothing but a long lingering death warrant and of course they make millions out of this poison too.

      So true the human body is capable of healing given the right treatments and diets which of course but if one wants to go down that road then we are on our own to find the the right therapist to help us,not to mention the costs of course.


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