Weight Gain After Embolization

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I am hoping for any information on this. I had an embolization done almost a year ago on a fibroid that was the size of a cantelope. I was 145 lbs, 5-8, and had started gaining abdominal weight. Once I had the procedure, weight never came off and only added to. I am now 175. I eat healthy, allergic to many things, so I have a strict diet. I eat anywhere from 800-1800 calories a day depending on my work day. I was anemic for almost a year, couldn't work out. Ferritin was really low, had 2 sets of infusions for that. I now have Hashimotos as well. I was even put on a weight loss drug adipex and didn't lose a pound. I feel helpless at this point. I want it to go away, I am not used to this body and I don't have clothes that fit and I refuse to by anything bigger. 

Any thoughts? 

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    I am also experiencing major weigh gain since I had UAE.

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    I am in the exact same predicament..excessive weight gain still full abdominal bloat, no libido..has anyone gotten any medical advice? I am ready to reverse and just get the partial. has anyone found a way to loose weight? I am beyond depressed. 5'7 150lbs my whole life..even after child birth..since the UFE in 2017..180lbs..I cry alot

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      Hello VEE73,

      Any update? Did you decide to reverse and get the partial?

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    hi, has anyone been able to find some answers or get relief? i had a myomectmy in 2015 and fibroids came back. my myomectmy lasted 4 hours more than expected and i lost a lot of blood so when fibroids came back i opted for UFE in late 2019. i don't gain weight easily and have been the same size/weight for 20+ years, in the last 4 months i have gained 8lbs! i am exercising and have ramped it up, to contain the weight gain but it is not helping. instead the lbs just keep adding on. my diet has not changed, i am not eating any more than before. i was told that UFE would help with the bloating and blown up belly, but it hasn't - feel like it has gotten worse. i basically have a permanent pregnant looking abdomen. i am wondering if it has something to do with the particles they put in to block the blood supply to the fibroids? i told my OBGYN about the weight gain, she did not comment to it . I told her about the distended looking belly and she is suggesting an IUD. this is extremely frustrating!

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      Hello s24230,

      What did you end up doing, and did it help?

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    I had the UFE surgery in May 08,2020 I had been bleeding so much to where I could not stand up I could feel the fibroids falling out of me. I don't want to gross you out but they huge tumors falling in the toilet. I took pictures to show my obgyn but he did not want to look. I was bleeding before surgery as I had bled for just at 2 months. Surgery went fine had to stay overnight at hospital. Came home bled another week it stopped finally. Later in that month I bled 2 days and it shut off. I have not had a cycle since except the other day there was a surprisingly spot of red but it went away. I have become a very fat ass and believe it or not I don't eat a lot and I don't feel pretty anymore. I've gained over 25 lbs and I barely eat. I'm so happy to hear and read I'm not alone.

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      Hi KC10,

      Please, can you share your experience post UFE? You posted on here about 8 months ago....how are you doing now? I have also gained lots of weight, and my knees hurt when I walk. I still do not have periods. My UFE was in February 2020. I had only one period in September/2020, and now is May 2021, and no periods....I am so stressed.

      Hope you are doing better and can share a good news.

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    i am sorry sorry to hear your story. Mine is all to familiar! i had UFE done in 2018 on a grapefruit size fibroid with Dr. John Lipman. i ended up passing the entire fibroid 3 mos after UFE. Dr Lipman said he's never had a patient pass a whole fibroid that size. about 6 weeks after that i gained 20 pounds with constant bloating and water retention. I have always been 130 pounds for prob close to 15-18 years. i worked out 3-4 times a week as well and felt good about my body. i eat healthy and did nothing to warrant the weight gain. i cannot shed any of this weight. I feel trapped in a body thats not my own, and i cant do anything about it. I look 6 months pregnant from the bloating. i feel like i got rid of the fibroid which always caused me to bloat now only to have this problem! i feel helpless and hopeless and im becoming depressed! i really wish there was a doctor somewhere that could help figure out what happened after this UFE procedure!

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    i had my ufe done December 2019. if i knew what i know now i never would have had it.

    i also gained so much weight and so much abdominal fat to the point that i dont even recognize myself. i gym i eat well but cant seem to lose it. i also noticed my skin has sagged added wrinkles and i just look bad overall. worst is one cannot detox or a strict detox because of those implants. i also aged allmost overnight. i feel and look terrible. i used to weigh between 60-65kg, i now weigh allmost 100 kg.

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    Have anyone come up with an alternative for weight loss? I to am in the same predicament 1 year post op, and have gained 20 pounds 🤦🏾‍♀️

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    This thread confirms im not crazy or over eating etc! I had the UFE June 2022 and have gained nearly 30 lbs since my procedure! i actually work out more and eat better than i every have and scale is climbing versus losing weight. Im depressed and regret getting the procedure. Sure I dont have crazy bleeding but i bleed less but more often. My periods used to be heavy but went away in 4-5 days. Now bleeding can last up to 10-12 days and effecting my libido! i have an appointment to get bllod work done on Dec 22. i hope i can get some answers

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