Went back to the doctors got a sick note

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Read https://patient.info/forums/discuss/went-to-the-doctors-left-feeling-more-hopeless--511148 to learn a little more about me and my first interaction with my doctor about my depression.

So, two weeks have past since I went to the doctors and saw the doctor and told them that I was suffering from depression and need some help. I was given Citalopram and I've been taking that for two weeks now. 

I haven't really experienced any problems on it except for the first few days my breathing was very funny after taking it but that went away. 

I haven't seen any improvement in my mood though. Still as down as ever. My mother however who takes it herself said I might have to wait at least a month for it to start working. I do hope it eventually works and I see some improvement.

Anyway so I went to the doctors today which is the first time I had been out since my last appointment. After the first appointment I was stressing myself out about the next one for a few days and then stopped somewhat and then that stressing picked up a few days before. I hate that I just stress stress stress. It drives me crazy to the point where I'm like I can't take this anymore.


So yeah I went along the doctors with my Mum. Waiting to be called in. Was pretty much shaking, felt sick and just nervous as hell. I honestly wanted to just run out and go home. 

We get called in and me and my Mum walk in and the doctor goes to me is this your Mum? 

Straight away knew that meant she didn't know who I was because she asked the same thing last time. I understand that doctors can see many people so it's hard for them to remember each one but when you go to your doctors and tell them that you're feel like taking your own life and they don't even remember who you are the next time you go there it doesn't make you feel really good. Heck, she could have looked up about my previous visit before I was called in instead of doing it after I sat down. Honestly doesn't leave you with much confidence in them.

Anyways I told her that I'm still feeling the same. 

That's pretty much all I said during the appointment as my Mum spoke up for me and told her that I need a sick note and can't work. She told her how she hardly has any money herself and can't keep keeping me and that I was on job seekers for a bit any I couldn't keep doing that as it was just too much for me.

I think my mum got through to her the fact that I don't live like a king which I think is the impression the doctor had of me. That I'm just lazy or something and just happily have my Mum give me everything which isn't the case. 

So she said to me like what's the plan. Like how do I plan on moving forward and getting better and I said that what I plan to do is just slowly get myself going out more and interacting with people. I said that I'd start just once a week maybe go out down the shops or something or take the dogs for a walk and then once I'm comfortable with that go out for two days and so on. 

I think that's a good plan and one that I'm going to implement but she said to me what are you going to do for the other six days?

That annoyed me as it just shows a complete lack of understanding. Before I attended my first appointment I hadn't left the house for a year. Going outside is a big deal for me. It's not easy. 

She agreed to give me a sick note though and I'm glad that I got one as I can now get some benefit and be able to get some food, pay towards the bills and get my pills without my Mum having to pay for them with money she doesn't really have.

When it came to giving me the sick note though she asked how long did I want it for? And I said I'm not sure and my Mum said 3 months and she goes can't do that. So my Mum says a month then and she said No the best she can do is two weeks.

I don't even understand why she asked us how long we want it for if she was only going to give me two weeks anyway. 

So I'm glad that I've got a sick note and able to get some benefit and get my next lot of pills. 

I've also been referred to the mental health team and I think they are going to call me and talk to me. Already stressing about that thinking that each call might be them. 

Oh yeah on my sick note she just put low mood but I thought she should have put anxiety down on there as well. As that's a problem for me as well and I've expressed to her about my nervousness but she just seems to have ignored that.

I really don't like this doctor and I'm going to express that when the mental health them ring. I'm hoping that they will actually have some understanding and be able to help me.

So yeah just wanted to share.

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    Why are you getting so stressed about a sick note???!!!!

    Doctors have rules about these kind of things plus you have a mental illness they want to see you on regular basis to check your progress.

    Stop stressing about stupid things and concentrate on getting yourself better

    The world is not out to get you its the depression

    If you dont like your doctor switch to another

    Stay Strongcool

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    if i could give you a million votes, i certainly would! i have fire and smoke coming out of my ears. and nose. hearing what you went through and the negligence of that woman. i've gone through that and much more. one woman doctor showed me this huge diamond ring on her finger, and told me if i found a guy, then get married i'd be okay!??! "wouldn't you feel better with a special man in your life to make you feel happy, and complete?" what the f*ck was that witch talking about?! i simply can't tell you all the horror stories right now. i really don't need an anxiety attack. i think the top of my head blew off just being reminded of all the ridiculous things doctors have told me. i can SO understand what you are going though. a note for 2 weeks??! what!!??? and, she really asked you,"is this your mum?" jesus christ, i have to stop now before i speak of the most horrible expiriences that i've had to endure. my goodness, i've NEVER expressed any of this before, in this manner, thinking oh , these things just happen to me. it's happened to me, you, and many others! even though right as my head is spinning around at this moment, i need to back away from this. i am so sorry that i couldn't help you in any way. but i  thank you for letting me know i'm not the only one. i feel helpless in giving you advice. i can only say a few hail marys to bring you, and myself some comfort. thanks for your comment, and i hope you get some great advice here. maybe i'll follow along and hear something that could help me also. oh daniel,my thoughts are with you. good luck, you dear thing.    xo  truly laura 
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      Why are you all focusing on bad doctors and who said who to what.?

      If You dont like your doctor you change.

      Why are you questioning a sick note for 2 weeks?

      He has a mental illness doctors have to see you on a regular basis.

      You would probably complain if the doctor sent you off with a 3 month sicknote and didnt want to see you for 3 months.

      You really cant win with some people

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      I agree with you Lynne.  It sounds this doctor is doing her job well and abiding by the duty of care towards Daniel.  

      You would have cause to complain if you had had my experience.  When I first went with depression,  the doctor not only didn't diagnose me but just flung some leaflets on sleeping at me,  He then told me he thought I was an 'uptight person' and sent me away with flea in my ear.  I was very upset and it took an overdose and 4 months to return but made sure I saw a different doctor who is great.  

      Now that's what I call negligence!  x

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      thank you for your interest in wanting to understand eachother a little better. you know, different opinions can be quite enlightening. i am all for that. but, for now i am feeling attacked by you. you know, you can get the same idea across to someone in many different ways. your choice of words has left me feeling defensive. i know you are thick skinned. i am not worried that i'll hurt your feelings. my concern is that i may say stuff to you in anger, and i dont want to be that person. once my heart and head clear up a bit, i will answer your questions and comments. okay?
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      Me too Lynne!   I came in on this not to support you so much but because I thought you gave an excellant reponse with sound common sense.  I agree totally with what you said.

       Others can disagree but as long as it's done politely I can't see a problem with it.  Everyone has the right to say what they think.  I may not agree with it but I will defend to the death your right to say it.  

      Hope you are ok love Bev x


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    I think you should thank this Dr for helping you. Because they have referred you on for further assessment and help with your illness.  They can't be expected to remember everyone as they have thousands on their patient lists to deal with each day so dont take it personally when you are not recognised.  You may well be agraphobic but the team will help you to overcome this.  I hope you get some good help and wish you all the best.
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