What 2 do 😢😢

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I'm suffering really bad from anixety & panic attacks, I can't sit n watch tv or anything as my mind is wondering 😢😢 

Im scared of dying n leaving my kids 😢😢 

Im healthy apart from the anixety n panic, What do u all do wen u feel 1 comin on ? 

I have been trying 2 ignore it & carry on what I was doing as hard as it is, is this the rite thing 2 do ??

i can't eat as it gets stuck in my throat but I forcin it down 😢😢

Sleeping is all mixed up been Up since 4.20 😢😢

Now I'm sat here worried about taking my little man 2 school at mo 

Please go away I dunno wot else 2 do x


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    Accepting a panic attack for what it is can help to lessen its effect. To start feeling in control of your anxiety, make an appointment with your doctor and get a full physical exam. This will help you focus your approach, as you’ll find out for certain that you’re coping with panic attacks and not some other ailment. A clean bill of health can also help alleviate irrational fears of dying and doom, which can surface during a panic attack.

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      I been in doctors everyday this week :-( not in today, I'm in 1st thing in morning, I feel like I never away from the place at moment,

      ​i wish  it wud just go away I'm really scared 😢

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      I feel so bad for you. I have suffered with panic attacks for about 30 years.  In the beginning people just think your nuts. Unless you've been through it yourself nobody gets it.  The only thing that helped me was trying to get control of my mind.  I finally said to myself when it happens OK HERE WE GO AGAIN! IT WILL PASS IN ABOUT 10 Minutes. IM NOT GOING TO DIE BECAUSE I HAVENT YET!  And just hold on.  The bad ones would happen to me in stores so I would hang on to the cart and just stand to the side. Before I would want to leave the cart and hoped I could just get out into the air.  I finally I think got determined that this is ENOUGH! I knew at this point it would pass and I wasn't dying. I wouldn't drive for years fearing this would come on while I was driving.  The more I thought that the worse I got.  So I just took baby steps driving Again.  I was so sick of me not functioning.  Once I got mad about it instead of scared and rode it out it got a lot better.  I finally realized that I what ever happens  is going to happen and I have no control over it.  Believe it or not that's how I got control back.  I hope these words help you.  Plus I am also on sertraline.


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    Ignoring is the wrong term. Understanding how your body responds to adrenaline and negative thoughts then accepting the symptoms as cause and effect would be more useful. I would guess strongly you have past emotional issues that you tried to ignore as well, they need to be examined and dealt with. Cbt is needed to understand the reality of how the body reacts to adrenaline and plays tricks on you. Then mindful meditation for five to ten minutes to clear your mind for a reset. They have tons of mediations to search and see what you like and feels right. Your symptoms are textbook panic attacks. This is a hard journey we are all on. You have young children so you are most likely also tired and not properly caring for yourself. Nutritional shakes, even the ones they give to kids that are tastey are much easier to drink and slide down a tight throat. I have used them many times through my life they have some good flavors and give you nutrition and help with energy and just feeling a bit better. Ignoring it is useless until you understand it because your mind is demanding you acknowledge your stresses or emotions. Anxiety is a bully.
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    At the beginning of the year I was having bad panic attacks sweating, fast breathing, choking sensation, headaches, dizziness, confusion, chills, chest pains, tingling I honest to God thought I was having a heart attack or stroke. I didn't have health insurance until July so,I couldn't even go to the doctor because I was worried about bills piling up with money I don't have. So I just let the panic attacks happen, I was basically preparing my mind to die because the panic attacks were so strong. I would call my sister everyday of every hour because I didnt want to be home alone with my disabled dad.

    The panic attacks do die down, mine are not completely gone but they have become less frequent, and less severe. I am very grateful for that. My last one was the middle of July when I was having chest pains (I'm guessing now that it's my GERD).

    When I feel one coming on or even when it comes at random, I like to "ground" myself. I go into a state of delirium with the panic attacks so I wanna bring myself back to reality. This is what I tell myself and do:

    Slow deep breathing 4 times

    Everything will be ok, nothing is going to happen, you're fine

    The date, day and time

    My name, age, weight

    Where I live

    Who I live with and their full names

    The full names of my parents and sister

    What I want my career to be

    What I'm gonna own/currently own (house, car)

    Repeat nonstop that everything will be ok, I'm fine

    Slow deep breathing 4 times

    Repeat if panic attacks is lasting longer


    Now this works for me and it doesn't hurt to try it, but it may not work for you and that's fine because you need to find something for you personally. I know some people have other grounding methods. I will also try to call someone and tell them hey this is what is happening to me right now, just stay on the phone with me for a few minutes until I can calm down.

    I am currently talking to a psychologist and it helps to know that someone other than a family member understand and knows what it happening to you. Maybe you should get referred by your doctor. Medication is another option if you feel that you can't control it in the moment, ask your doctor about it just for a short amount of time if you wish. I am not on any meds right now just because I have health anxiety and the meds give you heart palpitations, dizziness, drowsiness and my life is too busy right now to want to sleep. These are not all the side affects but the ones they prescribed to me (but didn't take) indicated these things.

    I also understand about you being scared for the kids. I have to take care of my dad whose disabled (needs someone to be with him 24/7)from a stroke last year so the whole thing is taking a toll on me. I now believe I will have a stroke or heart attack. Just last night I was thinking that. I sometimes think I don't wanna die, I can't die because of these responsibilities whose gonna take over if anything was to happen. All these thoughts run through my head, and it's hard to cope with the idea of death for me. I would just have a talk with you husband/partner about this. Talk about a what If situatuon and plan what's gonna happen in the future. Now this is scary to think about but anything can happen to anyone so it's easy to,have a plan than not. Talk about if you of you were to pass away what would the other one do, or if something happens to both of you what would happen with the children and the house and the car.

    Sorry this is so long, but I hope I've helped in someway. I'm still struggling with the anxiety and panic attacks too so it's kinda weird for me to give advice when I need it myself but I wish you well and hope you get out of this rut.

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      Thank u so much I'm just scared stiff it's my brain it feels like I can sence things n really scares me Luv, I'm gonna try what u ave sed wen one comes on, Thank u very much x
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      Remember, baby steps. It took me awhile doing that but gotta tell you that attitude did wonders for me.  I say OK ENOUGH when it happens.  JUST GET IT OVER WITH SO I CAN CONTINUE MY DAY.  I tell you it worked and the attack seemed to pass faster.  I wish you the best.  Please let me know if it starts to make a difference.
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