What animals do you have to help with depression ?

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I'm curious about the benefits of having a loving pet to reduce stress and for piece of mind.biggrin

I know some may be allergic to pets for one reason or another, but I would like to hear how members feel about how their pets help them on a daily basis.confused

Animal Lovers....show me your pets... Just a Hug from them brings peace, love , laughter and lifts my spirits every day.lol

Some may have horses,dogs, cats,birds, they all bring laughter & joy every day! 

Its easy to enlarge the pics.  Can't wait to see yours!!!! 

Each one of my animals cheesygrinhas a story how they have saved me from falling or just be my legs for a day. All my beautiful furry, feathered angels are here to help us grow and live with what ever our illness. They are always by my side & always add a giggle for the day! 


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    what a nice subject . . . beautiful collie and an upside down kitty!  YES indeed, we do KNOW who is in charge for sure!  my pet spider and her dog.   


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      HI Dee,

      cute pup what's the name and what kind of hard to tell? & charming spider just in time for Halloween ! I do love spiders . Outside that is. Hehe. Great in the garden.

      just the expression on your furry angel's face cracks me dog saying  ," I'm the boss." 

      My collie helps me get up from sitting, gardening or anything that requires bending or sitting .her name was Gracie when she was adopted and she comes running from no where to help me get up. She surly lives up to her name. She is my life savor and life line!

      Peace,Love & Laughter

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      Sequoia is a 14 pound, "deer"  chihuahua!  She was a gift to me from my husband, a few short weeks before he passed. She is special and yes, she is a confident, liberated woman; she takes no guff off of anyone.

      She will scream at you when she first meets you, but as soon as you squeeky talk to her and scratch her, she's your friend forever, as long as you always remember to pay attention to her when you first get home. If you walk away, she will nip at the back of your legs; never ignore the princess 🐶

      She is the best snuggler.  I love how furry critters just melt into our bodies.  Last nigth i woke to her schooching her self up in bed, she wanted her head on my pillow with me.  awwww.  She tuckes her little legs up close to her body, and presses herself against me. Just love it! 

      Thanks for the post, it is fun to talk about how much we love our animals. 


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    Kitties... smile

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      EHi the worldisalie not when it comes to our precious animals. They never lie ,judge us or hurt us physically or emotionally. 

      Beautiful kitties. You know what they say about cats & dogs?

      Cats have staff and dogs have friends.

      you have a tuxedo cat too. I have no idea why my tuxedo cat pic turned out inside down. What kind are your cats ?  mine is a Manx no tail. See pic below no tail.  He adopted me. He's the boss of the dogs.my other girl Roxie border collie the smartest dog I've ever had.

      This site gets a little kinky does its own thing sometimes.

      thanks for sharing your fur balls.

      Peace,Love, & Laughter

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      Your furry friends are just Adorable!!  I don't know what type of cat my tuxy is.  His mother brought him here from oout of nowhere.  She used to rough him up quite a bit.  Now he's spoiled!  I call him guard cat.  He literally growls like a dog when someone comes in my yard.  But if they come too close he runs up the back deck through his kitty door as fast as he can! 

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      He's sounds like my guard cat. He patrols the driveway chases everything off. Even the neighborhood dogs are scared of him. 

      Cats are so funny and Maxy like your has shown up from nowhere.

      ?hurray for our pets.

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    I guess I should say a few words about my sweet little fur baby. She was a gift from my husband 3 weeks before he passed. She has seen me through some very dark times.  She comes to me when I cry, she laughs when I laugh, and she hates taking walks in the rain, just like me smile my furfect companion. 

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      Ahh that's so beautiful to hear. She is your buddy!

      I am so sorry to hear about your loss. 

      Our fur angels are so comforting . They know what we feel and give us so much. Studies show they help us live a longer and happier lives.

      How long were you married? It's tough getting thru all the adjustments and grieving the loss of a loved one. Since Mr Dee gave you your fur ball then he/she is all that much more precious!

      Here's a pic of my pet spider.

      Actually it's actually it's a garden orchard.

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    The site is saying that my pictures are too large, so I'll just list them. (The only pic I could post is of my 2 dogs.)

    Bella -German Shepherd 

    Lil Man - Husky/Shepherd mix & Bella's son.

    I have 4 cats, but 2 of them were inherited. I couldn't see them going anywhere else, because they're used to the house, and people. I own a duplex, and my mom lived downstairs for 18 years. She passed away a little over a year ago, so I took in her cats because I know that's what she would have wanted. Anyhow, let's continue the list. lol

    Pickle - my cat that I paid  $25 for

    Echo - rescued kitten that was thrown out of moving truck while still in a box. She was about 5 weeks old, and is now 2 years old.

    Cali - Inherited cat, but is also a rescue. A little girl couldn't keep her, so my mom took her in, then I got her.

    Eastwood - Inherited cat, but another rescue. He was abandoned in a downtown parking structure as a kitten, and will have life long problems because of it.

    Bumble - Ball python. He was a Christmas gift, which  is how he got the name.

    Honeybuns - A bunny that was a gift from my daughter. I'm allergic to something on rabbits, guessing the urine, so my daughter has to care for her.

    This is actually the least amount of pets that I've had. I've bottle fed dumped kittens for years, keeping a warming lamp well above them, feeding every 2 hours, and everything else that's gets them healthy, and into a happy home. I haven't had to do that in a few years, so I kinda miss it.

    My daughter used to have many rabbits. There were 2 momma bunnies that didn't take are of their babies, so they had to be bottle fed as well. Some of the babies made, but some didn't. My favorite as a little guy I named Trooper. He weighed only a couple of ounces, was the smallest of the litter, and it was obvious that he wasn't going to make it. I'd coax him to eat, stimulate him to breathe, and held him constantly to keep him warm. He was smaller than a field mouse, and still naked from birth. There were times I thought he was going to die, but then he would start fighting and be better for a bit. He certainly wasn't going to give up easily. One day I was in the living room holding, and massaging him, and he stopped breathing. I tried to do what I could, but there was no coming back. I have never cried over the loss of a rabbit until that day. I'm not really a rabbit person due to the allergies, but being so young, Trooper didn't bother me in the least, but he did steal my heart. ?


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      Hi Kim, 

      That's an amazing story. Your a animal lover thru and thru. You have a kind and big heart. 

      I love bunnies I had a bunny named GIZMO he was a angora bunny. Looked more like a puppy. Years ago had to move and sold him to a mom of a little boy who was allergic to dogs and loved the bunny so I know he had a great home. Gizmo was potty trained to a cat box. The little boy loved him so much I knew he had a good home.

      You pic of your Bella is beautiful ! German shepherds are smart and loving pets. I had one years ago called Sarge. I will always remember all his antics. They leave us with so many wonderful memories.

      This site is quirky sometimes . It will stop off to reload the page in the middle of typing and sometimes I type a word or two and the page will drop off again and loose all my post and I start again. I started to write my posts on email and copy to the site then no frustrations . Sorry about your pics not posting. Sometimes you need to make them smaller to load. Maybe try to PM THEM. Some of mine did the same.

      Will try and post the horses again.

      My Manxy cat is best friends with them and sits on their backs and rides thru the pasture looking for field mice. Smart! A little co-dependence there. 

      It was lovely hearing about all your pets. You have a heart of gold. Your daughter is lucky!

      I offer my condolences for the loss of your mother. 

      Many blessings sent your way.


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      Awwww, thanks! You're so sweet!

      I grew up having pets, and really couldn't imagine life without them. I once bought a baby duck at a fair simply because he had a lame foot. They were meat ducks, so a whole bunch were shoved into a tiny box. Once I held the little one, there was no going back. lol I paid the man $4, took the baby home, and named him Sugar Booger. He got along well with my last Shepherd who was named Chaos for a reason. lol It was adorable to see those two together.

      My absolute favorite animal is a tiger, maybe because I'm a cat person. My profile pic is the only tiger I'll ever get to own, a tattooed one. lol

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