what antibiotic treats bleph?

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I have been using erythromycin ointment for a long time. If it were right for bleph I think I would have relief. Not so.

I do 2 compresses a day followed by cleaning with the solution of baby shampoo and tto. Then I apply erythromycin both on the eyeball and the lash line. I've been taking doxycyclin for about a week then I dropped it because of discomfort in the colon.I use TranquilEyes goggles every single night that reduces dryness. And I  useGenTeel gel also for dryness. Systaine tear drops.

Yet the relief is minimal. TTOil is antibacterial.ANTI what bacterea?

 Now we need to find TOPICAL ointment or pills that will exterminate Stafilococes or other bandits . ANYBODY KNOWS THE NAMES OF OTHER BACTEREA THAT BOTHER US? ANY SUGGESTIONS?

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    Some times we do too much,now i only clean my lids,my eyes arent great,but they are more normal then when i did the cimpresses etc
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      Thank you , Lee. But without compresses /I hate them/ I feel much worse
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    Hi Rita!

    The only anti biotic I have used is the Doxycline 20mg twice daily at first for 1 week, then dropped to

    20mg once daily. The higher dose acts as antibiotic (which you don't want to take for very long). The lower dose merely

    acts as an anti inflammatory. I think it helped bring a smal/certainl portion of this

    disorder under control. This disease is multifaceted and different for everyone. The symptoms can be many or a few.

    I have a lot of different symptoms. The doxy helped 1 symptom a little.

    The tear duct plugs had a huge positive effect for another symptom. But I was still left really miserable and my bleph

    controls almost everything I can or can't do daily. I can't soak my eyes in warm or hot water or use the baby shampoo because I instantly become

    super inflamed so I just do the daily cleansing with ocusoft wipes and foam.

    In Feb. I got the serum drops that they make fro the protein from your own blood.

    This is hoped to improve /repair the damage that bleph has done. They have helped, but I'm still miserable.

    After months of research, viewing blogs, monthly Dr. appts., I finally joined this blog for more personal input. I have been so hesitant and scared to try the wet ones,

    but I pulled up my boot straps after receiving more details from the generous people on this blog...I started using them

    3 days ago! Too early to tell but I really feel it is starting to help, and it's much easier than I thought. I got facial rosacea

    When I got bleph w/ocular rosacea. The wet ones are definitely helping my facial rosacea. I will continue to use on my face even if it doesn't cure my eyes.

    I will post when/if I get significant results with my eyes. I have never used the TTO. I will post any significant improvents

    over time.

    Best of luck to you!

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      Dear JoJo,

      The first person to kill Blepharitis with Benzethonium Chloride used it on her face too. She used an Avon Facial Scrub with that ingredient in it. Her problem was moving up on her eylids. Facial products were allowed to use .5% Benzethonium Chloride. She killed it in about 3-4 days she said. She is my daughter's mother-in-law.

      I could not find that product any longer so I ended up using Wet Ones with Benzethonium Chloride in them.

      Your problem could be Staph moving up from the eye too, like her problem. 

      Hope this helps,



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      I am very hopeful, and very grateful to YOU. It was months ago that I saw

      your post . I really couldn't imagine using them on my eyes. They definitely have helped

      My facial rosacea, and things are looking better and hopeful for my eyes. I am so desperate

      especially cause i have other challenging issues. I will post final results in a couple of months.

      Thank you for being so tenacious and gently persuasive in sharing your daughters mother-in-law experience.

      You don't even have this condition, right? How generous of you to ppersistently

      share this info!

      Peace be with you💜

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      Dear JoJo,

      I had Blepharitis but killed it with the antibacterial wipes. The skin problem was what my daughter's mother-in-law had. My problem was constant itching on my eyelashes.

      I started posting after it was gone for about 6 months. I was hoping someone else might benefit from the information. So glad i did as many have killed it too.

      Wish you success.


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    Sorry for the typos... I have the hardest time typing on this site. Also the blood serum drops are supposed

    to heal the damage that bleph has done to my corneas, only.

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    Sorry, I also use heavily Vaseline around and in my eyes b4 bed which is helpful vs. not using it.
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    I found relief by using capasal shampoo every morning in a warm/hot shower, this stuff is for treatment of sebborheic dermatitis but worked on the bleph and keeps it at bay.  Only problem is that it is a bit smelly being coal tar based, there are probably ways round it.
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    Hi, Rita - I went through basically the same regimen as you for about 8 months after my cataract/glaucoma surgery on right eye, suddenly developing bleph. Nothing really worked, so I began searching online for home remedies and this is what I do now - I am happy to tell you that it is definitely working. I no longer have to wipe/clean my eyes (seemingly constantly):

    Using a small bottle (4 ounces / 113.398 grams), add water, 1 tsp baking soda, 2 drops tea tree oil. Shake. Apply with a Q-tip. (if you find the tea tree oil feels too strong, simply dilute the solution with more water).

    I use this before going to sleep and then again when I wake up. At first I was also applying it a couple of times during the day, but now only in morning and night. I would have never believed that such a simple and natural solution worked so well - at least it is working for me.

    Additionally, I dab a bit of 100% organic castor oil to my eyelashes (with eyelids closed) before going to sleep - and after applying tear drops because I also have dry eyes).

    I was prescribed erythromycin and hated it because it felt like pure gook, and it also glued my eyes shut during the night. The castor oil is not only natural (no additives or preservatives, simply pure castor oil), and it really feels good. As a bonus, I dab a bit of the castor oil on my face and hands - amazing how soft the skin feels.

    Anyway, let me know if you decide to try this simpler method. I am delighted to have found it.

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      Dear Conniegal,

      Sometimes when I read this kind of advice when people spend time to help somebody they had never seen before I want to hug these advisors.... lol

      Thank you a lot Connie. Your advice is so different from others. I will definitely try yours.

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      Rita - thank you!  Immediately after a retina specialist told me that I probably needed laser surgery to close a small tear on my eye, I started searching the net and found this wonderful forum. I was also amazed at the amount of heartfelt stories and honesty by all the participants, sharing their own experiences. It truly helped me a lot, so that now when I go to see him in another week, I will inquire as to whether I really need it now or can wait to see if it heals by itself (like others have mentioned). 

      So I am "paying it forward" sort of speak, by sharing what has worked for me with the bleph. Do let me know how it works for you - it may take a couple of weeks for you to see some results.

      Thanks again, Rita.

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    Me again,the teatree oil is basically if the bleph is caused by Demodex mites. If it works,you probably have them. Also,I would not put Vaseline in my eyes,its a petrolium product. Please check with your doc on that. Xx
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      Hi again Lee,

      I don't use TTO. The Vaseline was approved BT opthalmologist. It really does bring

      me relief for my chronic dry eye symptom and sore skin around eyes while I'm sleeping.

      What is the objection to using it?


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      Well the peteolium part,such as in gaseline. Might be a good idea to google it, i have a jar here,it specfically says DO NOT get in eyes. For external use only. Just telling you what the label says. Xx
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      Wow! You are absolutely correct. I can't believe my opthalmologist

      approved it. Thanks very much!!!

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      I have seen mites only once in 8 months. no discharge at all.
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      Without a high powered microscope doctors cant even see them,im shocked you have.
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      I understand mites are small particles that nest on the eyelashes. Their  color is white or a little yellow. If we see them that means bleph is really agressive. If we don't see them mites still are present but only doctor can see them with a  microscope.

      Please, everybody, correct me if I am wrong.

      AndI thank you all.

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      Hi Rita🌞

      I am not yet an expert on this condition, but I have learned a few things that are for certain:

      1: Condition has many different levels of symptoms (like me) for each individual.

      2: Many opthalmologists HATE treating this condition because of all the variables ; no cure, miserable and desperate patients

      that have so many levels of the disorder that they rarely get any really satisfactory results.

      3. Many eye Docs don't have the proper equipment to detect all of the levels of damage, particularly the mite infestation and clogged glands.

      4. Many eye Docs think of this disorder as simply dry eye syndrome. 'Eye Love', are you kidding me???

      5. Many Docs, people and friends don't have a clue how miserable this disorder can effect your life. There is no way I could possibly work my previous job with

      this even though my current Doc has helped it improve probably 50 %

      I don't mean to sound hopeless, but rather, it is REALLY bad, if it is as bad as mine. What might cure one might not cue another.

      I don't want to bring this up again for sympathy, but I have MS to a significant disabling point. The reason I bring this up again, is because this eye disorder

      for me is another significant disability. Another disability limiting my life.

      I am validating anyone suffering from this.

      Keep searching, keep researching, find a great Doc, and keep your faith, experiment without out hurting yourself, and don't lose hope.

      Peace, love, healing and joy to all of you💜

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      Excellant comment and true on all counts,hugs to you!
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      I think you are seeing the dryed oil from your meiobiam glands. It leaves a crust.
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      you are such a strong personality. With  all the troubles you have you still encourage others to fight all problems not only bleph.

      Thank you.

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      Rita, That is the sweetest thing to say and you made my week! I needed to hear that because

      I often struggle to stay positive, grateful and joyful! Which is always my intention, but difficult at times.

      Thank you so very much for sharing your kindness. You have a beautiful heart that just touched mine💜

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      Dear JoJo,

      With our limitations we forget that life still offers small pleasures if big ones are not attainable. Schedule small pleasure today. cheesygrinexclaimrazz

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      Thanks for this very important reminder...have a beautiful Day, Rita!

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