What can be causes of constant nausea?

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Hello, ever since Christmas, after eating a can of peas, my boyfriend has been experiencing nausea everyday! He has only ever vomited twice. The only relief he seems to get is sleep, before it all comes back again. 

In February, he got an endoscopy, blood test, and his esophagus was checked, all normal!! He is getting a colonoscopy soon since he has digestive problems since he was 17. But I'm afraid his results are gonna be normal and he's gonna be put back into the loop of not knowing what's wrong with his body. sad 

His only real symptom is nausea.. everyday. People have told me gallbladder problems, but he doesn't get the other symptoms??  I'm sad for him, he can't do much with his condition. He got acid reflux medication and it didn't help at all, he said. sad 

I have been researching everything I can find, I am worried sick. Please if anyone has any ideas on what he might have, tests he should get done, similar experiences, pleaseeee let me know. sad He is only 20.. He shouldn't have to deal with this horrible pain so much. sad Thank you.

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    Hi, did he get any medication for nausea if so is it helping? Have you started a food diary for him? 
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      Not for nausea, but for acid reflux bc that's what the doctor thought he had. Didn't work. He has honestly stopped eating tbh, having too much food gets him even more nauceous. sad But I will try, thank you for your reply. 

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    Hi Emily. I suffer from the same thing, i have been feeling constantly sick ever since i was a teenager, i am 26 now and feel no better, i have anxiety and acid reflux but i still feel that there is something else to it. It is very difficult to live a normal life when you're feeling so horrible everyday. Has he tried any herbal treatment? Ginger and peppermint is a good relief for nausea. I hope your boyfriend finds out whats wrong with him soon and gets the help thats needed.

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      That sounds awful, I am so sorry you have to live like that. sad I will ask him to try that, thank you for your reply. 
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    Hi sorry to hear that. I too have nausea every day and I've been diagnosed with liver disease ten years ago my only symptoms were weight loss n nausea has he had his liver checked 

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    I too have gastritis and I'm on omperazole or I should say I was, but took myself off as did nothing to help, I'm eating very bland diet and have been for several months the pain is not as bad but the pressure is still there under and around left rib

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      I am asking him to get his liver checked if nothing is found in his colonoscopy. I am very sorry you have to live like that. sad Thank you for your reply. 
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    Maybe he has a food intolerance since it was triggered after eating a can of peas.  He should start a food diary.  Maybe it is related to his previous digestive problems.  Does he experience abdominal,pain or change of bowel habit?  Don’t be afraid of more normal results from the colonoscopy.  This would be good news for him because it would mean causes are being ruled out. 
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      He doesn't like to each much anymore since eating too much causes more nausea, would a food diary still be recommended? And all he says is he has feeling of nausea, no real pain. He told me when he was 17 he stopped feeling the urge to go to the bathroom, but he never got it checked out so that's why I encouraged him to get an endoscopy. Haha yes, I would be very happy if his colonoscopy came back normal, though sometimes I wish they would find something so everything could be resolved asap lol. smile Thank you for your reply. 

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      A food diary would be worth doing in case the nausea is being caused by food intolerance.  An abdominal ultrasound would also be a useful test to have done.
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    Does he remember when his problem started ? like after having heavy meals or having fatty foods in the restaurants,etc apart from eating peas?

    Apart from nausea, does he get any pain and which side is the pain ? 

    Please do Hida scan for gallbladder function and Ultrasound for gallstones. 

    while doing endoscopy  did the doctor check for Lower espohagus spinchter tighness and did they do biopsies to rule out H .Pylori ,ulcer ,etc ?

    when  doing colonoscopy , they can rule out celiac diesease,etc .

    if all the above tests are normal. Then the only option is to have a food diary and see which triggers the digestive problems  and avoid those foods. 

    also like to share my story, may  be useful .When i  was in 20's i used to get lot of acid reflux, i use to take antiacid and things will resolve quickly, then around 26 years was having digestion issues,burping  and bloating and left side gastric pain ,  endoscopy results got  gastritis, ultrasound for gallbladder was normal.  took omeperzole, around 29 i started getting discomfort and dull ache on right side which is gallbladder,did Hida scan  and my gallbladder was working at 0%. Surgeon asked to remove, but did not remove and was on strict diet avoiding junk/fatty/oily/protein foods but still was suffering with bloating and fullness , but somewhat under control and things started to improve , then ended up eating in restaurants every week which ended up in gallstones.Did not remove my gb yet.I'm 37 male right now.I have severe bloating,fullness and dizzy with whatever i eat. This is my current situation.My surgeon feels i may still have issues after gb removal as  i also have gastirits, so still in sidelines.

    so hida scan was the game changer for me  , but i never know if PPI like omeperzole made my gallbladder to not function or not.I highly suggest to do ultrasound and hida scan and avoid taking omperzole until the tests are completed.

    if you see only gallbladder is the issue, then please  remove it .I cannot put in details the sufferings i have gone through from 2011 to 2017 with the non working gb.

    Hope your boyfriend gets better and he is really lucky to have girlfriend like you who really cares about him, bcoz many dont  really or understand how it feels. 

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      Wow thank you so much for the detailed reply!! I appreciate it a lot. smile I will be sure to ask him these questions and encourage him to get these tests done!! I am so very sorry you have to live like that, I hope you will be relieved of pain one day. sad 
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    Hi ,  

    I have gastroparesis and I am nauseous all the time.  I also throw up all the time along with the severe  pain and diarrhea.   So I understand and am truly sorry, no one should ever have to live like this.  So I hope you guys can figure it out, but I will tell you, you have to be your own advocate. Make your doctor listen because no one knows your body like you.  Just a suggestion, did they do an endoscopy and if so did he have food still in his stomach.   Have the doctor order a gastric dumping test.  That is how they find gastroparesis.

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      Thank you very much, we will do that if the colonoscopy comes up clear. smile 
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    I started having nausea around Sept. 2017 - lasted a good month continuous - been on and off since - I hurt in my right side area under rib - have had gallbladder ultrasound in Jan - showed no gallstones - with the nausea it has been on and off for months - starting waking up with it again a couple of weeks ago - I take Zofran - hand an endoscopy Tuesday the doctor said everything looked good - but wants me to take Bentyl for a couple of weeks he says it may be stomach spasms - well I may be wrong  - but I don't think it is - I am so tired of the nausea and area in my right side hurting - don't know where to go from here.

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      Thank you for your reply.. Hope the HIDA Scan finds something that can be resolved, or you find ways to cope with your condition in the future. sad 

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