What's due to Mirtazapine WD and what's not? ...So very confused :(

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Hi all..

I've been feeling terrible; still do. (Thoughts go out to others that are struggling too).

I hope the following makes sense ...just wanted to share my thoughts

I read an old posting of David's (fellow member many will know), this one: [.."I kept tapering to 7.5, and when I stopped, within three days I was in pure misery. That was 18 days ago, and I am still suffering. Abdominal pain, cramps, bloating, insomnia, anxiety, stress, weak, nausea, dry mouth, and others. This is my second attempt, and I am determined to stay off this horrible mess. I now understand why those who abuse drugs sometimes have to admit themselves to special hospitals to detox. The emotional support alone is worth it. My advice to anyone getting off this stuff, or any of the others, if possible, find you a buddy as support that will be there for you 24/7 until you are over the hump, and do it before you start. I hope that this will help someone"...]

The parts in BOLD really really resonate with me!

Thing is, I've become so so very confused now (nothing seems ceratin except my sufferring/pain). I find myself questioning what of my symptoms are related to Mirtazapine/Remeron withdrawal? and what are related to my historical poor mental health/Depression? and what are related to my Thyroid condition (initially Overactive>>made Underative)? and/or my Digenerative Disc Disease (chronic lower back pain)? and what MIGHT be connected to some other undiagnosed 'new' health issue?

The whole situation is complex and confusing.

It seems to me that whereas say a motor car is taken to the carage and goes through a lenghty diagnostic check ..I (many of us) have but a short chat with our GP/Doctor who then prescribes whatever is the med of the moment before being sent home to analyse myself/ourselves. 

SURELY thorough and correct diagnosis with close monitoring and evaluation by extremely capable and knowlegeable clinical practioners is key? (the type of support that a celebrity drug addict might get after going into rehab or a therapeutic clinic/retreat etc).

The recession, economic cuts here in the UK have resulted in many sufferers of poor menta health just not getting the care/support/resources they are so much in need of.

I feel so alone and in the dark ..and helpless  [sad]

Kind regards, Karl

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    hey karl just saying hi..you sound so down so sending you a big hug from wales.....these drugs are just awful seem to suck the life out of you...im experiencing the same but not coming off them at mo.........feel very in the dark and sad...but here wooping you up...just got dressed for first time in days whats that about....stay strong here anytime ok xx
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      So kind Lesley ...who would believe just getting dressed or leaving the house was an impossible task sometimes. I think the cruelist of all ailments/disabilities is poor mental health ...whether linked to withdrawal or not.

      Thanks for the concern and hug ..really Thankyou Lesley ...try and be extra kind to yourself today!

      Peace to all...

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      agreed Karl who whold have thought that doing normal things would be a huge effort...i havent left the house since saturday but i guess we have to keep plodding on says she...lol..........you be kind to yourself too ..hear me!!......peace at ya  
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      the closest i can describe it is frozen unable to do anything except think shame the brain isnt frozen thats the wierd thing i think...its a ..was gonna swear but im sure you know where i am coming from too!!!
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      I hear ..I understand ...and of course empathise with you (as I know you and others do)... Gotta experience it to know it!

      God do I feel lousy ..wish I could do something normal and super exciting ...like wash up or fold some clothes or step outside my house! sad

      Those that NEVER suffer with their mind ...are truly lucky!

      Peace ..love and best wishes Lesley

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      yes Karl those people are truly lucky..im with you on wanting to fold clothes come on do it i will fold mine teamwork!!!!
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      gwann u can do it  if i can you can...even if you aint done it for a while...ive decided to try and do something every day after doing nothing at all for 4 days except hiding under a blanket wishing the world would go away........mite go and stare at the dishes now.......i thought giving up was an option but after 4 days of going crazy i am going to attempt something.....or my muscles will fade away...good luck try and fold those clothes or something even though its hard....im with you mate..peace and love
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      I hear u Lesley ...and I respect the efforts you're making after 4days..

      I didn't do the clothes ..but I did try and have some late breakfast ( Inspite of not eating properly and having zero appetite)...sadly after trying a small bowl of bran I felt nauseous and got sick. It just couldn't stay in my stomach. Now I'm back in my bedroom feeling sickly on top of my general lousyness.

      If money was no object, I would much prefer to be in a mental heal clinic being looked after properly and monitored ...the comfort alone of being around other sufferers would be worth it I think.

      Gonna try and meditate now ..TRY

      Karl x

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      oh no Karl sickness a withdrawal symptom ive read it all hence  bit worried bout coming off them but really want myself back...so youre not able to eat either...thats madness after you seem to eat so much when you taking them ...horrible drug.........hope you can chill in yer bedroom without too much horribleness...agreed it would be beter to be in a clinic sometimes...hang in there buddy.....still no dishes here...hugs from us all on here as you know 
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      go meditate do it.......whats to lose it might help...positive vibes at ya
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      how are doing Karl..did you meditate did it help you......not being personal but do you live alone.....its harder with no support is there anyone around supporting you physically like a good mate or someone.....worrying for you now take care and keep positing.......ok 
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      Yes tried meditating a little ..it temporarily calmed my mind a little...

      I have been a single dad for over 12yrs with zero support from their mother. The youngest of my 3 sons (18yrs) has left home and become estranged from me and his brothers (21, 23yrs). With both parents and my only sister gone ...my sons are my only family left.


      Unless someone has experience of suffering/depression etc OR unless they have the gift of compassion etc ...then they won't appreciate how bad I ( and others like me) are feeling. My sons are focussed on their own lives, what to have a carefree life and don't understand or know how to help me.

      Am I alone? Yes ..very much so

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      hi lesley, how are you doing?  it's so awful what karl and david are going through with withdrawal.  i took 15 last night as instructed by psychiatrist over the phone.  i still have to take somethingin order to sleep.  and yes, as karl says, we should all be able to be staying at a mental health clinic.what amount r u takingnow?
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      hey suzie..bloody hell i think we are all going nuts here...agreed thoughts are with karl and david and all of us doing this living bloody hell...yes im swearing now...is angry good ..im not sure...well i took 15 the night before last...didnt want it to mess with my head ha ha so took 30 today...sat in same trance on sofa unable to move..but got dressed showered and made it out.....the thing is when you are out you dont feel like you are out if you get what i mean...think it sh*t or bust situation for a minute...u ok hun ??


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      I realise on here its not just about one person ( although we all feel its about me, myself, I when we're struggling) ...With that in mind, Lesley can I say thanks, and that I read about your experiences and feel for you. Positive of you to have showered, dressed and went out ...keep fighting ..keep posting ...and be careful with Mirtazapine; esp. when the time comes for you to come off. NEVER EVER underestimate its power like I did ..like David and others have.

      Peace, love and best wishes along with thanks!


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      hey Karl we all think its about us sometimes thats why we are all on here and no way do u appear like its about you at all........thanks for the positive  re me motivation which has left me today....still frozen on sofa and yesterday was so positive we just all have to keep fighting so wish you and us all the best.....peace and love at ya...and respect for being a single dad..thats an achievement in itself
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      and yes will take note about coming off them reading yours and everyones post feel so for you and David hope he is ok...hes going through the mill bless him
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      hi lesley,

      i went down to 15 as instructed by dr.  i only slept 3 hours and that is with the help of a sleep aid.  i really think i am goingto goto a rehab clinic, i can't do this anymore .. at least if there were some improvement

      how areyou doing

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      ohh nasty no sleep that make you feel crazy in itself...maybe rehab might be the answer you cant go on struggling lovely......im doing rubbish very anxious not able to get dressed or communicate with anyone today hiding away avoiding things ....flipping lord help
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      Lesley oh Lesley ...hmmm its like a double whammy when we ourselves feel lousy and then we hear others who we have never met but feel for are also feeling lousy.

      I sometimes wish there was a great big tropical island for just lousy feeling people ...atleast wed be around others that REALLY know what anxiety/depression/WD fallout is.

      Wishing you the very best Lesley.

      Regards Karl - writing from prison (aka my bedroom)!

      p.s. ever get the feeling each of us are able to give good advice but we can't follow it ourselves? ...I've realised that about myself. Lesley, try some GUIDED MEDITATION, PRIOBOTIC ACTIMEL, VITAMINS, PLENTY OF WATER ...and any other little tiny positive thing you and others can think of. Me? As soon as I can get out of my prison. Much peace!

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      Suzie hiya

      I should have addressed my last post to Lesley to you also...

      Feeling it for you ...

      Think of any (ANY) tiny thing you can do to bring even 1% relief ...e.g. even doing some deep breathing exercises IS POSITIVE! or 10mins of guided meditation (YouTube) IS POSITIVE! or reading Encouraging/Motivational Quotes IS POSITIVE!

      Any TINY thing YOU and others can think of ...Promise me you'll try?

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      agreed Karl double whammy...agreed great at the advicenot so good at the practise.....well strange today..imin my prisonliving room..thanksfor thoughts..hope you get outta priso bedroom soon mr
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      that's kind of you karl with all that you are going through.  i do try to do things, but it is difficult.  it's the sleep thing for me ...due to anxiety.   i will go for a short walk today ... will see family dr.first.  you?
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      thanks mr feeling very alone and frightened today so sound advice..even scared to speak to my best friend whos arriving in an hour whats that about...ahhhh help us all
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      i watched a very interesting program. last night on mental health and how it is part of the brain that does not work correctly.  anxiety, depression, bipolar ... ver interesting.  even the talk show host named dr. drew had suffered from it.  let's all try and send out some positive energy
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      sounds interesting glad to know we are not alone..sure the brain isnt working correctly right now...so yes positive energy coming to all  xxx

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